Satellite C55-A-1R8 - lack of 64-bit Windows 7 drivers

Hi everyone, I need your help guys.
I just bought my new Satellite C55-A-1R8, computer PSCJEE laptop with windows that I hate windows preinstalled to 8.1 and intel cpu onboard, but because n3520 8 I decided to downgrade to the thought of 64-bit windows 7 I'll find all the drivers, but the problem is that there is no driver win 7 for this model of support and I think that I already tried all the others without success.
My usb ports does not work and I can't find the drivers, windows cannot do either.

My missing drivers:

Enthernet controller
PCI encryption/decryption controller
USB universal serial bus controller
unknown device (properties said on processor Intel (r) Pentium (r) N and J-series / processor Intel (r) Celeron (r) N - and)

also my bluetooth driver seems to be ok, but I'm not able to install any software of Toshiba bluetooth for win 7.

If somehow I could sort my usb ports would be perfect.

Guys you have ideas where good drivers?

Thanks in advance!


At first, I must say Hat I just hope that you have created recovery DVD or USB until you started with OS downgrade. Problem is that now after the new operating system installation you will not be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery image and one day if you want to have the factory settings you can have a big problem.

In any case, I m wondering really you have installed before Win7, check if this older OS is supported or not. You can try now is to install the Win7 drivers available for other models of laptops.
Try please install follow rivers:
Chipset Intel HM70 River (should help with USB ports)
I put t know for sure if this wll help but try to install please follow drivers LAN and BT:
Atheros LAN driver LAN
Driver package Bluetooth Filter filter BT
Bluetooth stack

Please test and send feedback.

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    I recommend the use of 64-bit Windows 8.1 system because 64-bit recognizes more than 3.2 GB of RAM

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    I'm sorry.


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    USB controller
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    SMbus: Installation and reboot.

    USB3: Install these two and restart.

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    Anyone had similar error?
    This occurs when you install Windows 7 as a first time start

    What model of laptop do you have?
    Send your model name and model number.

    You can find it on sticker Toshiba downstairs.

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    What exactly your boyfriend made or tried so far?

  • Satellite A500 overheating after upgrade to 64-bit windows


    I just upgraded to 64-bit and my GPU temperature was very high, around 60 degrees Celsius. When I start a game, it goes up to 107. When I had 32-bit running that I never had this problem, I could play a game without the laptop computer overheating. I thought at first it was a problem with the drivers, or that im missing something.
    I've updated the bios, every other driver that I could find for my laptop computer and repeatable reinstalled the drivers for video card without change.
    Now, I tried to find how to change the fan settings, I noticed the fan starts to run fast enough to hear at 55ish degrees and I want to decrease the aswells parameter to increase the speed of the fan.
    I tried Speedfan, and like 5 other programs where none of them worked.
    I'm also afraid if I just reinstall 32 bits that I'm having the same problem, because there might be some kind of driver or utility, that I lost in the format.

    Is there a way I can fix this? Is there a Toshiba utility or something that I might have missed?
    The A500 is not compatible with 64 bit? The settings of the fan can be changed?

    Thanks in advance

    It seems that you have created two similar posts using different accounts.
    Please follow the first thread to avoid some missunderstandings:

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    I have to wonder where you were looking for these drivers, on which page of m.

    Go to > support & downloads, choose your phone model and you will find drivers for Win7 64 bit.
    You need to install is the value-added Package version 1.2.25.

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    Thanks for the help!


    Hi, sailor:

    Try the third driver listed at the link below.

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    PCI Simple Communications controller
    3 unknown devices

    In system information, they appear as
    ACPI\TOS6205\2 & DABA3FF & 2
    ACPI\TOS6208\2 & DABA3FF & 2
    USB\VID_138A & PID_0010\BA110BEC1AB5
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DV_9C3D & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_04\...
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DV_9C3A & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_04\...


    Can you please tell us what model do you have exactly?
    I just want to check if Win7 64 bit drivers are available on the Toshiba download page.

    Anyway, how to identify the unknown device, you will find on this page.

  • Pavilion DV7 64 bit: Windows 10 drivers

    I bought my laptop Pavilion in May 2011 and have just upgraded to Windows 10. Is that what I did the wrong thing? I will have problems with drivers and understand that hp do not plan to upgrade the drivers for that old machines. I have it wrong?

    Maybe hp can tell me. It is their intention that if someone uses a laptop computer that old that they should buy a new one, because if that's the case I don't buy hp! A great pity because I was very happy with my laptop to date and do not want to lose him. Is there a solution to this? I have my facts wrong? Is there something I can do? Hp have to say?



    You can't blame HP.

    Microsoft supports upgrading to win 10. Notification of 'Get Win 10' of Microsoft, said you were good to go and you're not if HP is not to blame. Microsoft wants to install Win 10 on as many devices as possible. Installing a lot may not succeed.

    Your PC is four years old. Microsoft should provide all the necessary drivers for a good upgrade experience.

    Return to Win 7 if Microsoft cannot do its thing. It is not for lack of HP.

    Sweet if the upgrade works. Don't blame OEM failure!

    I have a PC two years have no Win 10 drivers offered by HP.

    I do not work for HP.


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    Please click here to download and install the driver, please let me know if this does not work

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