Satellite C55-C5241 - 10 Windows slow and weak WiFI signal


I bought this laptop about a month ago, and the mention of the above problem came from the box.
the signal is very low, even when the laptop is close to the router.
the router have no problem.
I've updated all the drivers broadcom 802.11n, realtek and intel LAN driver.
Nothing helps!
its really annoying to get the laptop like this new in box of...

Posted by tomerrr

I bought this laptop about a month ago, and the mention of the above problem came from the box.
the signal is very low, even when the laptop is close to the router.
the router have no problem.
I've updated all the drivers broadcom 802.11n, realtek and intel LAN driver.
Nothing helps!
its really annoying to get the laptop like this new in box of...

I wanted to ask you if you have a solution because I have the same problem with my C70-B-212
In the same place that my laptop, I have no problem WiFi with my apple tablet.
My dealer Toshiba says that it is a problem of W10...

Thanks in advance!

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  • Weak WIFI signal

    Hi, am currently using an HP Pavilion 2307tx g6 but get really weak wifi signal in my room. Only able to get about 2-3 bars every time while my other laptop can go up to full bars.

    Any help/solution would be greatly appreciated!

    Welcome to the HP Forum, Rascal.

    Discussion on the theme of the power of the Signal

    Buffaloes by themselves may be a little empty of meaning, UNLESS you can interpret the definition of what each 'bar' says.

    Signals are affected by the type of router you have - routers are NOT equal.

    • The cheapest router can not not the support required for the performance of your computer's wireless card.

    Example: An older router that only supports 802.11 g will not provide faster than 54Mbps - even if you have the best card you can buy in your computer.

    • The opposite can be true as well - a good router cannot provide a better service than the computer's wireless can support.

    Example: If the card in your computer is 802.11 g, so even if you have a router capable of speeds of more than 300 Mbps, you can get only 54 Mbps.

    Speed and autonomy are limited by the link in the chain.

    • 802.11n is faster than the 'g', but it can also be slowed by the walls, the furniture in metal and other obstructions.
    • Move your equipment, even a few inches, could make the difference to a router 802.11 g


    • The same might be true for a 802.11n router that has a small antenna (low power)
    • Antennas in routers are NOT equal.  Small antennas in routers fantasies can still match a whimpy router.  You want a router with a 5db antenna 7db (or better if they make these by the time you read this).

    Assuming you bought the biggest, baddest, best wireless available for your computer, then you may need to upgrade your router.

    Strength vs. Signal bars

    Bars can indicate how things are moving along, or they can cloud the issue - depends on the "bars": which generates the bars, the sensitivity are the bars and you can do a lot in a bar anyway?

    You can use another measure: the traction measured in percentages, detection and Signal type:

    WirelessNetView v1.50 - wireless network monitoring tool

    WirelessNetView works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 - there are a few problems with XP: read reviews of the author.


    You can try to update / reinstall your Wireless driver.  Help - can be a waste of time.  If you have already done, this new fact will not help - so I don't recommend it.


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    Description 802.11n 802. 11-802.11 g

    Date approvedJune 201020012003
    Frequency band2.4 GHz5.0 GHz2.4 GHz
    Speed100 - 200 Mbit/sUp to 54 Mbps *.Up to 54 Mbps
    Estimate 128MbpsEstimate 128Mbps27 Mbps20 to 25 Mbps
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    Modulation techniqueMultiple input multiple output (MIMO multiple) and channel-bonding/40 MHzOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)Spread Spectrum (DSSS/PBCC)
    Interference problemsLess interference than 802. 11 b or gIncreased interference (mobile phones, microwave ovens, ovens, etc.).
    Maturity of the productOfficial specification will be finalized in June 2010Official, final specification in June 2003
    Distance between Access PointsAbout every 50 ftDepends on configuration
    Biggest advantageMore high speed and battery lifeHigher speedTop speed coupled with 802. 11B compatibility

    Help, Suggestions and examples:

    Parameters to improve wireless connectivity

    Articles, various, including:

    • The power of WiFi management
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    Or you learn something new.

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    Fixed / responded? Click this post accept as Solution to help others find answers.

  • Satellite C55-A-1N2 - Windows is broken and without access to the repair option


    One of my friends had a Satellite C55-A-1N2 nine November 2013 with windows 8.1.
    The serial number is: yd344983s

    Initially, there was a problem with wifi.
    I found a lot of adware...

    I have uninstall most of them by hand and clean everything with adwcleaner.
    The laptop works very well, I cut the DNS client service and add anti-pupsadware in the hosts file to prevent any new installation of adware.

    Everything was ok and give again to a friend.
    But the new commissioning, windows was slow, unable to connect wifi, enter in the config panel, do anything actually.

    I tried according to manual, press F8 and power, but who turns just to log on windows.
    I also tried F12 and tried to use the CD of windows 7 without success.

    You have ideas of what I can do?
    This looks pretty bad.
    Thank you.


    If you want to restart the laptop and use the repair options or recovery, you must perform the complete closure. How to do that you can read on
    Reboot the laptop and if you want to use the repair options or recovery check it please the instructions on

    PLESE NOTE: do not do some experiences before you have created a recovery media. Use the preinstalled recovery media creator tool and create recovery DVDs or USB.
    If there is a problem, you can use this recovery media to reinstall the original version of Windows.

  • new hp pavilion g7 1318dx windows 7 64 bit weak wifi signal and slow speed internet

    I just bought my laptop rent to own the first thing I did to it was regester with hp then I went to the support of hp and updated the computer Wizard laptop, then update from windows to the low load of google chrome and flash player from adobe updated who was already installed the 32-bit version installed java script 32 bit recommeded why 32 bits on 64-bit system is beyond me. It doesn't matter which browser I use chrome or internet exploerer are long to load. my wifi signal status since I turned on the laptop for the first time and after the updates is 7.5 Mbps to 14.5mbps, he jumps back it's the highest I've seen the signal to go. impulling signal of motel, I live in the purchesed just owner a new router n wireless apple and he gave me all the info to set up my network wireless like hers. number of my comes from time to time with his laptop HP dv6t and pulls 65mbps and doesnthave problems with slow internet speed at all. I have a linksys usb flash drive, I tried to connect it to the laptop and it will not discover the devices & printers or say what plug the new found hardawre. I works great on laptops from friends and my office. I have read many reviews on laptops the g7 1318dx seen where few people have had similar problems and I have the same wifi card they had realtec 8188ce 802.1 b/g/n wifi adapter wireless lan network conn. My question is how can I solve this problem goes.  help or the solution of the appriciated grately forum thanks a lot. goldberg1960

    Hi goldberg1960,

    Take a look at this document and follow the steps in the section "connections wireless slow or abandoned." Please let me know if this helps solve your problem.

  • Satellite-C55-A-1N1-multi touch and download Toshiba living space

    Hello people,

    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1N1 and the multi-touch feature has stopped working. It's not to recognize all slides or pinches or turning movements.

    In addition, I would like to know how I can download Toshiba living space on this laptop please.

    I really appreciate your time and support in this case, if you please.

    Thank you very much!


    Check please settings (Synaptics properties) touchpad and touchpad features. Make sure that all the options you need are enabled.

    Living space of Toshiba
    I assume you want to use the Bulletin Board and real time, right? If I m remembering well, gave a few years ago and he has worked with the old machines and Windows 7. These applications can be downloaded from Toshiba support and download page, but I don't know if they will work with Win8.

  • Satellite C50d-A-138 is slow and crashes


    I've had my laptop for 2 weeks, but it crashes and is incredibly slow.
    Please help any advice would be great

    Can you please tell us what model phone you have and what you mean with portable guard crashing?

    Each laptop comes with the pre-installed operating system. All the drivers, tools and utilities installed and configured correctly. We do not know what exactly you're doing with your laptop and what software do you have installed also. Perhaps is there some conflict.

    If you are not happy, how your laptop works I recommend you to reinstall the operating system using HARD drive recovery facility. After that make this laptop will be new factory settings. Next step should be the optimization of the OS. Remove the preinstalled software that you don't like or you don't need. Check Windows updates and change the settings for it. Do not use the automatic update option. This can slow down the cell if some updates are downloading and running in the background.

    One last thing: you have created medi of recovery?

  • Toshiba Satellite C55-C1K1 - 10 Windows does not work

    Bought one for my mother and it has been a nightmare. The first was a problem with the keyboard that caused it typing random characters on the screen.

    The replacement worked very well for about two months, now the touchpad has stopped working. I use the touchpad in the BIOS, so I know that is not a hardware failure. Tried all the drivers available, including the MOMENTUM (which shows a CRC problem) on the Toshiba site and nothing would work. Tried reinstall of keeping my files didn't work. Then finally took an image of the disk and installed a full Windows 10 and it STILL does not work.

    So what am I, I wanted to now install Windows 8 on it and see which will work. Why Toshiba push 10 windows on people when they did not ensure that the software and hardware are compatible.


    I installed Windows 8 on the laptop, and STILL the touchpad does not work. Finally I found a thread on another site, that said that for another model of C55 - A (similar) of Toshiba, the solution has been updated to BIOS. So I downloaded the latest BIOS update and installed. Restarted after the update, and the touchpad started working again. Restarted a few times and it still worked.

    Finally imaged original return 10 Windows operating system on the hard drive, and the touchpad and F5 (activeent/desactiveent) both work now. Toshiba needs to have a note sent with these laptops or to have a reminder. Two days lost on this nonsense.

  • Satellite U500 - problem with Windows 7 and HSDPA USB modem

    My wife recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite U500, that came pre-installed with Windows 7 64-bit.

    A few days later, I bought a modem high-speed HSDPA USB by Alcatel. The problem started immediately that we plugged the modem, that drivers would not install.
    Then I went to the Web of Alcatel site and found the drivers for windows 7 for her. But then we hit another road block since now the drivers are installed and it does not detect the modem, but whenever we try to connect to the internet, screen flickers at the connection for a moment and then disconnects again.

    I found cela a lil strange so I tried to connect using my own pc which has a 32-bit Windows 7 and it works fine there.
    It is the same for a machine that still had Windows XP. Makes me think its something to do with 64-bit Windows 7 itself. Could someone help please?

    Thank you and best regards.

    I don't think that someone here can help you with this problem. You will be very happy if someone on this forum has exactly the same model of laptop including same USB modem.

    In my opinion, you have two options: either you can clarify this point with the support of Alcatel (they have enough experience with own products) or with people from the nearest Toshiba service provider service.

    Have you tried to test the features with the Win7 32-bit version?

  • Satellite U - crashes during windows startup and restore cannot fix

    Most of the time, but not whenever the laptop hangs when starting windows.
    I get a blue screen, a dump file is created and then it restarts and gives me the ability to start windows normally or by using windows recovery. The windows recovery can not solve the problem.

    When I select the option to open windows normally everything works fine without any problems.

    If I restart the laptop, it will never block.
    The problem happens about 90% of the time when he walks.

    The problem started shortly after the purchase of the laptop in October.
    Initially, it came with Windows Vista and I was wondering if the problem was with Vista so steeple I've upgraded to Windows 7, but it always freezes on most start-ups. Otherwise, the laptop works very well and I'm happy with it.

    I suspect that the problem might be with Realtek, but pilots seem to be up to date. My internet security is trend micro.

    I was wondering if it might be a hardware problem, when this happens on Vista and windows 7.

    Someone has any ideas on what could be causing the laptop to crash at startup?


    To be honest, if this problem occurs on the version of Vista and Windows 7 too that sounds like a hardware problem and it s time for an authorized service provider. Technicians can check your laptop fix it. It of fairly new, so I guess that it s still under warranty and the repair is free.

    Here, you can get the closest authorized service provider: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Goodbye :)

  • Satellite A40-151 started very slow and have hours to transfer a single file


    I've had my A40-151 more than two years now, and up to last month, I got no problems at all. However, last month, it began to be very slow and took hours to initialize. I'm worried that I would lose all the data that I didn't back up, and so I bought an external drive to transfer data.

    As I was doing this, my laptop started making grinding noises, and it took up to 12 hours to transfer a single file. I got to the place, I bought it, and they said it had crashed and that it was not something they could do other than get it back - and so I lost all my data.

    When I came back, it was OK for a few hours and then started grinding again! And I think it might be something to do with the CD/DVD drive. I uninstalled the drive, and the squeaking seems to have stopped as long as the "drawer" player is open! Help, please!

    How can I get the drive replaced? My laptop is no longer under warranty. No I lost everything this that data for nothing?

    Anyone have any ideas?


    No, the squeaking is probably from the reader of CD/DVD being dry, while optical rides on squeak track passing. But the long loading is certainly a hard drive problem. Looks like a head crash. The head is more or less what locates and reads/writes data from the HARD drive. When this plant it is unable to read/write/or locate the data on the surface taking more and more to save the data, transfer data and load the operating system. Two problems independent of each other. If your ASP cannot repair the cd that squeaks, then they can replace it one that works normally. I hope this has helped you.

  • Satellite L50-B-1N8 - weak wifi signal


    So two weeks ago, I bought a new laptop of Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1N8 of Argos.

    He never had too good a force wifi signal (bars never complete - even when sitting next to the wifi router) but I thought it was due to my wifi box and possibly the time of garbage that we had.

    However, I still have my old laptop, and when you check the WiFi side by side, my old portable Samsug picked up the signal full or almost full so this new Toshiba picked up a bar at a push.

    Since then, I took the laptop to my parents and he struggles to get the good WiFi, if no signal there too.

    It's super frustrating because it get wifi, it get just a very weak signal or nothing at all, and as soon as I move my laptop... literally a few centimetres, it will change the wifi signal or my wifi signal is cut and it will be impossible to connect.

    I did everything I can think of troubleshooting to actually factory reset my laptop that none has worked so far. The factory reset seems to have actually done worse, rather better!

    As I said, my router is not the problem here, I have my old laptop that connects very well, as well as two other laptops and mobile devices that all have connected to wifi very well and with full signal!

    I disabled all these wifi devices to see if this is the problem, but that did not help or the other. I also have a booster of wifi in the House, so all devices have full or almost full signal, but it seems of no use for this Toshiba.

    I lose my home, is there anything else I can do? I'm still in the warranty of 30 days of Argos if the laptop is down, but I just can't think of anything to try. I just hope that if the laptop is down Argos will help and either pay the phone or Exchange.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated. :)

    I think first of all you must check if the wireless performance question isn't related to energy saving settings.

    Go to the control panel? Windows power options.
    Choose the current power plan
    Now, you must click Advanced power settings.

    In Advanced Power settings you will find different options, search for LAN wireless (WiFi) and choose the Performance for both options (battery and power)
    After that, restart the device.

    I hope that this short change might help you.

  • Satellite L305D-S5895 - keys to functions and the wifi does not work with Win XP


    first sorry for my English

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite l305d s5895, with Windows XP, I need a software, but the function keys does not work.
    So I need a driver, but I can't, and wireless internet does not work.

    > Where could it find special XP BIOS?
    In my opinion, there is problem because most threads here are on the European laptop models. then come to question United States. Toshiba Europe and Toshiba U.S. do not work together and each of them is responsible for own models and provide support for specific country notebooks models.

    For most models, so here in Europe Toshiba has offered two BIOS. We were already on the delivered Vista laptops. The Toshiba page download available BIOS for Windows XP Home edition. in most cases, it was version 5. XX and this BIOS was designed to support public services and specific tools of Toshiba. For example, all the FN key features was only available with this BIOS WXP.

    So if any of you have laptop model US they would see how the solution with Toshiba U.S. or US forum under

    Bye and good luck!

  • Very weak WIFI signal on Satellite Pro L10


    I have a Sat Pro L10 delivered without a mini pci wireless card so I bought and installed an and is equipped with an internal antenna behind the screen. When I'm in the same room as the router I have a brilliant connection but as soon as I leave the room I lose all together. The router is fine as the other people have no problem connecting to this. The card I bought made by Agere but is marked as Toshiba, I updated the driver to the most recent I could find which is June 2002.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I'm tired of dragging this wire around with me.


    I think that there is not much to do. I think that the environment has a strong influence on the Wlan signal reception. It of the same question as yours.
    My brother uses the WiFi network at home and the signal is strong enough if it is in the same room but in other parts, the signal is very weak. But at home it can receive WiFi signals without any problem. The signal is strong, also if it is in different rooms

    I think that the walls of the room are the reason for the weakness of the signal.

    But you can see the Wlan card properties in Device Manager. There you can change some settings in the Advanced tab. For example, to disable energy saving, etc.

  • upgrade to windows 8 and now WiFi doesn't XPS 16

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 with my XPS 16.  I know that the Intel R 5150 does not work with Windows 8, just like everything the world I saw a post on various sites when they upgrade.  My concern is... when it's going to be a updated driver! Looks like if Windows would make it available to upgrade your operating system to 8 they would have all this mind on.  Now I have to get rid of 8 just so I can have WiFi!

    I got it working on my Studio XPS 16 as follows:

    Step 1.

    Download the drivers from intel for


    Product family: wireless network

    Range of products: Intel® Centrino® wireless products

    Product name: Intel® WiFi Link 5300 and Intel® WiFi Link 5100 products

    Result: Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and drivers for Windows 7 *.

    I chose Windows 7 64 bit drivers (no Win 8 are listed)

    Step 2:

    Click right file is downloaded and run click Properties > compatibility

    Run in compatibility mode windows 7 (see screenshot)

    Step 3:

    Installer racing driver, once installed it it worked for me for the first time - good luck

  • G4 HP 250: very weak wifi signal

    today I bought hp 250 g4 with no windows installed .i 10 operating system but I have a very low two meters from the router wifi and I do not get signal.i must get exacly near router to get 2-3 bars. I plugged a USB wifi adapter, I had and I have updated and acticated windows and then I rebooted the laptop and removed the usb adapter and internal wifi adapter has always weak signal


    If your laptop computer is the Broadcom wireless network adapter, see if the installation of the last driver W10 wireless for this model of card solves the problem.

    This package contains the Broadcom Wireless LAN drivers for the laptop models running a supported operating system. Broadcom wireless LAN drivers are required to activate the built-in Broadcom wireless LAN adapter.

    File name: sp75249.exe

Maybe you are looking for