Satellite C650 high slope CPU Whine

When you run certain applications (ie. itunes) there is a noticeable squeal coming from the laptop. I think it's because of the cpu (i3), move to a different State? Is there a way I can force them to stay at a particular frequency? as to the maximum power without limitation down at all? The bios doesn't seem to be a great help.

Thank you


You can also this noise in the BIOS setup?
If Yes, you can remove the HARD drive to verify if it s the origin of the problem or not.

And while we re about BIOS: is the latest version of the BIOS installed?
You can download new BIOS Toshiba official version page. Take a look at this:

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  • Satellite U500 - high slope noise


    I have a Toshiba Satellite U500 and the system itself seems to work perfectly. A month ago, my laptop started to make a noise, a constant noise from slope high unbearable. The only time where the noise stops is when the laptop is turned off and for a very short period of time when windows starts.

    The noise seems to come from the speakers, but it continues if I put mute the speakers or not *.


    Are you sure that the sound comes from train workers?
    Maybe the sound comes from a another part of material have you checked the HARD drive? You can try to disconnect the HARD drive and then start Notepad and go into the BIOS. You can hear the noise too?

    In my opinion, this looks like a hardware problem. Therefore, you should contact a service provider authorized in your country. Technicians can check your laptop.

  • Satellite L500 - high slope noise


    I'm new here and I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite L500 the other day. He has been to JB HiFi in Australia. He started doing a sharp wail of aeration. I am really annoyed at this because I don't want it to happen lol. It happens almost all the time and in any program with the a/c power pluggged in or not. Feel free to add me on msn if you vcan help out me. [email protected]

    I hope you can help, thank you very much :D

    Hi Tom

    It is not easy to say a lot of things about it, but if you really think it's hardware related issue contact your dealer and ask for Exchange.
    What else can you do? Nothing.

  • Satellite A660 - CPU Whine


    I recently bought a new Satellite A660. All right, except for two issues:
    1 - a keyboard problem: one key is extremely sensitive and is active on the slightest touch; I guess this isn't really a problem and can be solved by replacing the keyboard;
    2. the laptop makes a high-pitched noise, which tends to get very annoying when it's quiet in the room. I can say that it is not the fan, DVD/Bluray unit, HDD, or speakers. I noticed that he is present whenever the CPU is used only barely. As soon as I start a process-intensive task of CPU that the sound goes away just to come back as soon as the CPU is essentially inactive. The sound coming from somewhere under the keyboard around the center of the laptop.
    The sound is not present while I'm in the BIOS, but it starts after I boot the system into Windows 7 or Linux. After a short survey on the internet, I discovered that this problem is called "CPU whine" and is related to the use of CPU and inactive States power.

    So far I couldn't find any solution for this (second) issue, so I am here.
    I remember having a similar problem with an older Satellite M40, but it has been resolved by a BIOS upgrade. There are chances that it will be resolved in the same way? Should I get the laptop to a service center?
    Maybe someone from Toshiba can give me an answer too (?).

    Not related to this: If the laptop is replaced, can keep you the replaced appliance HARD drive? I have a lot of things copied on this one and I hate having to go through this whole process again, with a new unit.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    Hello Claudiu

    I don't think that someone from Toshiba will give you answer here because this is the forum of users only.
    In my opinion, you should contact Toshiba service nearest and ask for help. That's the big difference to discuss with other people of something that no one can see or hear. For this reason I can just say that maybe this will be addressed by the new BIOS but when no one can say with certainty.

    In my opinion you should visit service, take your laptop with you and show exactly what is happening.
    You have the new laptop with a valid warranty model then clarify this with the service as soon as possible.

  • Bug with high speaker on the Satellite C650-144 with Window 7

    I have a bug with my high speaker, so I download driver leatest and nothing has changed.
    But when I use the jack slot it works and when I put it and when I go to the speaker icon in the windows taskbar there is 'activity' because the level moves, but there is no probe on my high speakers.

    For windows everythings works fine, so I don't know what I have to do...
    I went on the Internet on the forum, but there is no solution for my problem!

    Please help me!

    My computer references are: Satellite C650-144 and PSC08E-01100DFR
    Please excuse me for my English...

    Thank you very much!


    Simply said; You can listen to the sound using headphones, but can not hear the sound on the speakers. Right?

    Have you noticed this early? Have you installed a few 3rd party applications may affect the functionality of speaker? Maybe some Windows updates can affect this?

    Please check the settings in the control panel-> sound-> the Read tab

    As a last resort, I recommend for recovering the device I want to say, it looks a bit because of speaker, but I strongly recommend to test the laptop with the factory settings.

  • Satellite C650-107 - CPU Upgrade


    I have the opportunity to acquire a new processor which should be compatible with the support of motherboard of the laptop, but I wonder if it will work even on the laptop. Computer laptop is Toshiba Satellite C650-107, it comes originally with i3 - 330 M, but I can develop i5 - 530 M. Intel story confirms that both processors use the same socket as have same TDP so cooling should not be a problem. Can someone tell me if the BIOS will load the upgrade or the laptop does not work even with the processor?

    BTW, material is out of warranty, so this isn't something to worry about.

    Well, since I had some free time, I disassembled the C650-107 and replaced the CPU. I made a mistake, it wasn't i5 - 560 M, 530 m. It works like a charm, if anyone is wondering if it still works, it does not, no problem what-so-ever. I just put a few stress tests to make sure that it works without overheating and maximum temperature, I noticed then was 80 degrees celsius it is within the Intel specification.

  • Satellite C650 - Question about cooling fan

    I recently bought the Toshiba Satellite C650 with processor i3 Intel and Windows 7 Home. When I see the bottom cover there are no holes for the cpu cooling fan intake air (there only the circle mark on the case under the cooling fan). Pls confirm me it is a manufacturing defect or not.

    I also ran a cpu + the base temperature software and find core temp goes up to 72 ° C in one step and I feel very hot blowing through the radiator.

    Hey Buddy,

    > When I see the bottom cover there are no holes for the cpu cooling fan intake air
    Who is normal and it s according to the laptop and the material. Different laptops have different cooling systems. This would mean that there are some laptops with no holes directly under the fan air intake. For fresh air holes are placed elsewhere to generate some air flow. If the other pieces of equipment can be cooled as well.

    There are already some threads here in the forum and as you can see it's really normal:𷣵𺘻

    > I also ran a cpu + basic temperature software and found core temp goes up to 72 ° C in one step, and I feel very hot blowing through the radiator.
    How did you check the temperature?
    Always it is if everything works well don t care about the temperature. In this case, that the laptop could overheat, it would off himself to protect the equipment. ;)

  • Satellite C650 - 1 CT does not recognize the CD/DVD


    I currently have a problem with my model Toshiba C650 - 1 CT (PSC08E-03M001EN) satellite. The laptop does not recognize the CD/DVD and a check in the "Device Manager", said a damaged device driver!

    Now, my problem is that I searched on the internet and also on the websites of Toshiba for the right driver, but no use. The device (DVD) opctical no not also appears in the list of devices 'removable '.

    System details:

    Satellite C650-1 CT PSC08E-03M001EN
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Place/country: United Kingdom

    Assistance in finding the right driver or advice how to solve the problem will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    As first step try please remove the optical disc drive from Device Manager and restart your laptop.
    After doing this review please the Device Manager and let us know if the problem persists.

  • Satellite C650-1CP - children have chewed the POWER OUT cable


    My companion has a Toshiba Satellite C650-1CP and her children have been tinkering with the supply cable and crunched the large connector - as you do :)

    He also thinks that they may have damaged the internal connector that plugs into the power supply.

    Couple of questions please.

    1. If the connections are faulty on the laptop - is all the same replace this? and if it can be done easily (by myself) or would I need to return the unit to Toshiba to be fixed?

    2. is there anyway to test on the laptop power connectors? -Is there no power to the laptop at all now.

    3. it has an old Toshiba Satellite Pro M50 - PSM55E-001001EN and tried to power the laptop with this power supply but no luck (does not connect properly) - on the rise

    4 would be this adapter old M50 is compatible with its new C650? or is it interesting to buy a new power supply for the C650 and try this 1st to see if it will power (seen for about £12). Think the best way to repair because I presume that if the power supply inside the laptop but then it would cost a quid to fix.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    > {Quote: title = MY wrote :} {quote}}
    > 1. If the connections are faulty on the laptop - is all the same replace this? and if it can be done easily (by myself) or would I need to return the unit to Toshiba to be fixed?

    The outlet is normally on the main Board in the computer, you might be able to fix (welding), but probably not.
    Too expensive to replace.

    > 2. Is all the same test on the laptop power connectors? -Is there no power to the laptop at all now.

    Yes, if the laptop is charging with a correct charger, it works.

    > 3. He's got an old Toshiba Satellite Pro M50 - PSM55E-001001EN and tried to power the laptop with this power supply but no luck (does not connect properly) - on the rise

    Not really a question but if the PSU outputs the same voltage and amperage similar or higher and a compatible, it should work.

    > 4. This old M50 adapter would be compatible with its new C650? or is it interesting to buy a new power supply for the C650 and try this 1st to see if it will power (seen for about £12). Think the best way to repair because I presume that if the power supply inside the laptop but then it would cost a quid to fix.

    If it is not compatible (read the answer #3), then you should try to see if you can get a universal.

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  • Satellite C650 - wouldn't boot via USB

    Long story, please bear with me

    A friend of a friend has a laptop Toshiba Satellite C650 she bought less new year with Windows 7 top and a few weeks ago, she had problems with a virus/spyware and paid somebody £40 who said they would sort it out with it. When it is revenue that he would just try to start XP and then the blue screen of death as XP tries to start. All attempts to communicate with the person who did this Fix has since then.

    Knowing that I have a Satellite and a reasonable knowledge of computers, my friend asked me if I could have a look and try and do a setup that would work for her and I agreed thinking along the lines of using my Vista Satellite, CD boot recovery disc, install Vista and then upgrade to Windows 7 by using the product key that she on his machine so enter the bios that I put it to start starting from the CD, insert the CD, turn on and off the drive, but he tried to load XP before the dreaded blue screen of death again :( Looks like that there is not drivers for the CD drive :(

    So I copy the files to an external hard drive that is empty I put the boot menu to boot from the USB key, plug the HD and turn on and instead of boot from the external drive, it still attempts to load XP before the blue screen again.

    I ve done the same with Hirems on the disk and once again the same thing, what it will do is try to load a version of XP from somewhere and then crush the dreaded :(blue screen

    Any ideas what can be the problem and how can I force it to load from my external hard drive so that I can do a format and reinstall?

    Which is higher


    A little confused your assignment, you used another disk of your Toshiba laptop recovery, right? Well, if it s not the same mode, it will not work because each laptop model has its own installation of recovery with different drivers and tools. There is therefore no recovery disk that works for each laptop model.

    Best way to restore a clean Windows installation is for this model of laptop recovery disk. If you n t have it can be ordered directly from Toshiba:

  • Satellite C650-14W - Linux does work on it?


    I tried to install ubuntu on my Toshiba Satellite C650-14W. I chose ubuntu - 10.04 - desktop-amd64. I have a processor intel, but didn t find a file name with intel.

    I started on a CD and started the installation but it stopped after a while with an error message like "ChildBuild" - something.

    Thank you!


    This laptop has the Intel i3 processor? In this case, it's a 64-bit processor, and you can install the "amd64" of Ubuntu Linux edition.
    Initially, AMD has managed to produce the first x 86 64-bit compatible CPU (before Intel!), so the "amd64" stuck under the ISO name.

    For custom installation help, you can also look at

    Toshiba does not officially support Linux and does not seem to recognize Linux for laptops.

  • Need new compatible battery for Satellite C650-129

    * URGENT *:

    Hello. Y at - there anyone out there who can give information me on replacing the battery for satellite C650. (model No.: PSC14E-002001AR), with the battery model number: PA3816U-1BRS, PABAS227?

    I can't find the battery exactly by this model number... is there a compatible battery? -what I got on amazon are the following: HOKKG... . If you have experience with this replacement, please advice me.

    Thank you in advance!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other compatible battery so I highly recommend you to use the original battery.

    What you can possibly check is compatible batteries for C650D:

    Google around a bit and see if you can use them with your C650. At least, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can help you with this.

  • White screen satellite C650 - no Boot Up

    Satellite C650 - no Boot Up - white screen

    This laptop is just over 1 year.

    Laptop screen suddenly went white, he is stopped even if the battery was half full.

    It will charge is no longer and the charging light does not illuminate.

    Does not respond when you press the power button, even using from the mains.

    Is it a common problem with this model?

    It is possible to address the question, what are the steps involved in the process?

    Laptop needs spare parts to fix this?

    Thank you.

    > Is it a common problem with this model?
    Certainly not and something like this can happen on every laptop.
    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what problem can be. All of a sudden switch OFF may be related to material high temperature and overheating.
    I put t know how I can you use your laptop on battery power, but I hope you don t use it in the lap or bed and the air vents are not blocked somehow.

    Place the laptop on the desktop and check if the same thing will happen again.

    When the laptop turns off and you leave it for a while, can you restart normally?

  • Satellite C650 only recover disk on Windows 7

    Satellite C650 would not begin kept giving error message "no devices startup - please insert disc press any key" so I did recovery back to out of the box state and it can create CRC files and returns with error message 10 - FA12 - 045 of

    Got clues how to fix or is the HARD drive?

    > Got clues how to fix or is the HARD drive?
    The HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS?
    Check it!

    If details of the HARD drive is not in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is dead and must be replaced.

  • Satellite C650 - face graphic without text


    4 laptops on the line. I recently bought my computer laptop replacement as my previous L300 toshiba had a hard drive failure within the warranty? It is a C650.

    its been settled up to my taste and work very well apart from a bit of slow speed... even with a faster processor.
    yesterday, I decided to set the brightness of the screen. This laptop has a different then my laptop L300 driver system. the graphics driver has settings, but you need to change the graphics Control Panel. Once again these slimming down of functions add the tedious nature of the newer machines have also no direct control over the audio either. overall, you can say im disappointed before even I have no problems.

    Back to the question. the graphic Panel. Well, I havnt messed with it since I made the very 1st installation. I have the brightness using a grayscale chart and left a light touch. the function of /control module allows me to turn down the brightness. F6 F7 Bright shining down upwards.
    as the hours of the day change... I opened the graphics Panel to adjust the setting. for some reason the text in the Panel has empty fonts displayed as oblong squares.
    Ive been looking for clues without a bit of luck.
    1. I uninstalled the driver and re-installed without change.
    2 ive cleaned the hard drive and empty manually the Temp folder... all except 1 file?
    3 ive searched the net also with no luck either.
    4 ive checked the Device Manager to search for the missing files. everything looks ok

    any idea? I know that the driver is an Intel and I know this isn't a STD pilot... as usual for this laptop. the system is XP SP3. I have this on my other computer toshiba laptop with no bother. all functions worked fine until recently... which i cannot say when this error occurred. I know that the graphic Panel worked as I used it. (you need to get the right screen using this Panel)... help

    Hi Russ

    After reading your ad I want to be close to you and see what it is exactly you do and what your issue/problems.
    I saw Satellite C650 at my dealer and it seems to be very nice machine so I m really surprised, you have problems with the brightness settings.

    >... for some reason the text in the Panel has empty fonts displayed as elongated seats
    Can you please make a screenshot? I would like to see what it looks like.

    Incidentally: in my view, by default settings, brightness, contrast, color, gamma, and all the other parameters are optimized and perfect level so I m asking you want to change anything.
    Only what we can do is to change the intensity of the brightness and it can be done with the FN + F6/F7 key combination.

    Is it not enough for you?

Maybe you are looking for