Satellite C660-15R motherboard replacement question

I C660-15r laptop and the motherboard no longer works, the reference is the - 6841p.
I saw one for sale.

My question is if I buy this record, it will be in being all problems if so what will be the questions please.

Someone did he do not any other compatible with this laptop motherboards also and if so what are the part numbers, thanks a lot,

Well, the laptop card mother replacement isn t easy. Its more complicated such as on desktop computers.
First of all its really difficult to disassemble the whole laptop and on the other hand; After the replacement of the motherboard the DMI string must be updated.

The DMI code is programmed in each motherboard and the DMI string contains information about the cell phone as; Serial number, model number, etc.

Without this update, some software requiring such information might not work properly. Also, the laptop recovery is not possible.

This is why this should be replaced by a mobile technician.

> As someone not of any other motherboards compatible with this laptop and if so what are the part numbers, thank you very much
You must use the motherboard published for series Satellite A660.
Don t think another motherboard is compatible.

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  • Where can I find parts for Satellite C660-15R?

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me.
    I got a Toshiba Satellite C660-15r, which took the screen broke and ripped off the base, so the hinges are broken; Anyone know where I might be able to find replacements?

    I tried to check eBay but can t find the ones for this laptop.
    Also, I noticed that some threads are running around the edge of the screen case I m guessing it is the son for Bluetooth and the wireless card while they were also torn.
    Is there anywhere I can get a replacement for this also?

    Thanks a lot for any help

    Best place where you can order is a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
    To find the individual hardware components for this new laptop model is quite problematic.

    Try to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.

  • Satellite C660-15r - restore Windows 7 without password

    I bought Toshiba Satellite C660-15r off someone, but the problem is that there is a password at startup upward.
    It's very well because I was about to restore it somehow but when I go to the restoration of windows you need a password to access.

    Is it possible to reinstall windows with using windows restore. I really hope that someone can help you.

    My advice is to follow:
    When you buy used laptop install OS again to have the own operating system preinstalled. Use the Toshiba recovery image, if possible.
    Just a question: do you mean password BIOS or Windows login password?

    If the previous user has put a password, you need and without that password, you can do nothing.
    If the pre-installed OS is locked with password login, you can install OS using recovery DVDs and you don't need any password for it. I just hope that the previous owner has created this recovery DVDs.

  • Satellite C660-15r stucks and without recovery possible


    I hope someone can help me or who knows what to do. I have the Satellite C660-15r it been shut down correctly, but when put back come with start windows normally, as if it was interrupted, I clicked ok for that but instead of loading, let's make some kind of recovery only he was not able to complete this and rather said there is nothing to recover.

    It is stuck at it and will go no further, says administration system to log in however its not allowing to connect or to do anything about this or off farm then restart, I tried factory reset, but it will not work at all I've tried several attempts with 0 and other options, told me it does not work , but I can get up f2 and f8 loading up all that works well but I find no option to factory reset. It gives me options to recover, but they take the same screen with no improvement and safe mode does not work.

    I hope someone can help me I will be very grateful.

    Thank you in advance.

    Shell :)

    At first, I must say that recovery option is available if the laptop to factory settings. After reading your ad I n don't know if you still use OS install of origin that you got with your laptop or maybe the OS preinstalled on your own.

    I assume that you did not create a media recovery (DVD) use pre-installed Toshiba recovery media creator, right?
    In the use of your disk recovery situation could be simpler to solve this problem and install original recovery image.

    Can you please post model mobile exact?

  • Where can I get drivers for my Satellite C660-15R?


    Can someone tell me where I can get the drivers for my Satellite C660-15R?

    I've been on the download page and do not know what is this computer series and how to get the correct drivers.

    Thank you, Andy.


    Check it please once more.
    You can find your laptop as follows:
    Type of product > Notebook
    Family > Satellite
    Product series > C series Satellite
    Model > Satellite C660
    Model short-term > PSC0LE

    Can find you it?

  • Keyboarrd on my Satellite C660-15r really unresponsive


    hopiing can anyone helop, it drives me crazy.
    I'm a pretty good typist but it's all the hll goone since I got my Satellite C660-15r.
    As you can se, the keyboard eiter ignores letters I typd or highlights twice.

    Please tell me the easy way theere n!

    Have you tried to update the BIOS?

  • Battery is dead and the Satellite C660-15r not turn on or charge

    I have a PC laptop toshiba Satellite C660-15r I've had for a year.
    For these last days, I had to move the charger a little when I insert it into the laptop so he could load.

    Now the battery is dead and the laptop will not turn on or charge.
    It's not happened before and there is no other problems with the laptop.

    Have you tried to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help first?
    I mean the guarantee must be valid in order to see whether they can help somehow.

    Please clarify this and send feedback.

    BTW: workbook correctly on the current doesn't provide not only (removed battery)?

  • Satellite C660-15R: how to lock the size of text to stop it to increase.

    Satellite C660-15R

    How to lock text size to prevent increase/decrease at will.
    I can use him reduce / increase the installation when it happens, but it cannot remain stable.

    Beginner as a whole!


    What text and what application do you mean exactly?
    For example, the content of the Web browser (internet explore) can be changed by pressing the CTRL key and moving the wheel of the mouse up and down.
    You can also go to display and set the Zoom to 100%

    To be honest, this can be locked

  • Satellite C660-10F motherboard

    I have a problem with my laptop, it just would not start, lights are here. I have reason to believe that there is a problem with the motherboard. I tried to find what model is the motherboard, all compatible models and how much a new.

    Can anyone help?

    I also think that there is a problem with the motherboard or BIOS. I presume that the BIOS is defective. In this case any motherboard will be exchanged.
    To be honest, it is not easy to help you with all your questions. Why? As you probably know mobile computers parts cannot be ordered so easily as hardware components for desktop computers and especially such repair or Exchange will be done by authorized service providers.
    For this reason, I think you contact the closest service provider in your country and ask for help.

    All you can do now is to look for the card mother Googling autour. It must be the motherboard for Satellite C660 with PSC0RE part number.

    Check and contact the closest service. They can help you with this.

  • Satellite 1100-Z6: battery replacement question


    I own a Satellite 1100-z6.
    My pa3210u-1brs battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
    It's NiMh, 4500mAh and 9.6.
    Is the compatible pa3209u-1brs? Is lithium-ion, 4400mAh and 14.8V.
    I can get it for a price much lower.
    My existing charger will be always adapted?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    see you soon


    The fact is that recommend Toshiba using the battery original and supported.
    It is a PA 3210U Ni-MH 9.6 V 4 500 mAh
    Another or different batteries may damage the laptop. In this case, you must use the recommended.

  • Satellite P25-S520: disc replacement question - who is compatible?

    I have a laptop computer P25-S520 and am looking for a dvd for her writer.

    I replaced the K12D (Pioneer) with the DW-P50A HP but now I'm looking for something else.
    However, I searched in MANY places, but I can't find another suitable writer (dvd).

    Please help me with this (I want to chose a 'list' of :).)

    Thank you very much.


    Sometimes you can find that information on the compatible readers in the user manual.
    Maybe you will find some info.
    But generally, all devices and compatible readers, you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    It is important that you go buy a car with a csel/slave/master settings right because if the disc has wrong settings of the BIOS will not recognize the device.
    I would recommend to contact the ASP and control player of these guys right here.

    On the Toshiba site, you will find the database with all of the ASP s worldwide

  • Satellite C660-15R - not to recognize the operating system

    My sons laptop has stopped working.
    Toshiba logo appears with choices after pressing F2 Setup or F12 boot device selection menu
    what I seem to try to end up with message telling me that "operating system not found '.

    I don't know whether or not this model came with a recovery disk, and my son is of little help
    can someone please advise.

    Thank you


    Please try to test if you have access to the HARD drive as a result of this instruction recovery image -

    Please send comments.

  • Satellite C660-15R: no applications will organize

    Hello, hoping you can help me.

    When I start my laptop, it starts as usual, connects to networks etc but when I try to run firefox, microsoft Word, or any other application, it won't.
    I discovered that I can restart in safe mode, and then restart the laptop from here and everything works well again, but it is tedious and complicated.
    I really hope you can help me!
    Running Windows 7 64 bit btw.


    Looks like the corruption of the system.
    You may need to reinstall the operating system in order to solve this problem, but try to clean the OS before doing so.

    Use CCleaner and clean and repair the registry.
    Then check it once more if it does not then execute the procedure of recovery, but note; This will format the HARD drive and will set the laptop to factory condition.

  • Satellite C660-15R - how to connect a TV


    In the specification I can read that this model can be connected to the TV, so I bought on eBay SCART 15-pin RGB S - VGA male HD LCD TV cable lead [e = STRK:MEWNX:IT].

    When I plug the cable (laptop is swiched off) then I am not able to turn on my Toshiba.
    I have tryied to plug the phone cable with computer runing but cannot figure out how to put in place.

    Any suggestions?


    Hi MusicInMe,

    If you have connected the cable to your laptop and the TV, press the key combination FN + F5 as indicated in your user manual to switch between monitors. You can choose between internal monitor, external monitor or the two (display clone).

    But I recommend you to choose the right channel of TV input first, before you press the FN + F5 key combination this laptop detects properly the external monitor.

  • Is it safe to upgrade Satellite C660 / 660D to 10 Windows

    I want to upgrade to Windows 10, my laptop is aproximidly 2 years.
    I have a toshiba satellite C660/660D. My question is; I can do it, I have to get new driverpack for it, where can I get those or Windows will find itself?
    Is anyone here who has the same laptop as mine and the upgrade? Will you tell me if this is satisfactory, but it works correctly?

    I did the upgrade on my own as soon as it became available. I found this worked OK but was a bit disappointed by the absence of perfprmance speedor. One of the options for you is to create a 10 disk DVD set windpws I did. Then I did a new install of windows 10 and reloaded all my programs. This has a portable work much better.
    According the information I read you need to do the first updated Microsoft then will issue a license that is kept on servers that is unique to your machine. When do you it a re - install it is not necessary to enter a license during the installation key, simply skip this step.

    Windows 10 rauns well on this laptop I have not had any problems with other than the card reader drivers, but googling found a driver that works now, unfortunately I don't remember where I found it sorry. I think the driver of Windows 8 was one I used.

    In November there was a big update, I had problems with. The installation of it was causing my laptop overheating and automatic stop before finishing. I have overheating problems on this machine despite disassemble and clean and replace the thermal paste on the processor.

    I had to make a new record to Win 10 installation updated on another PC and use it to update the Toshiba, but it was still close during the update and came near close.

    Win 10 works very well and starts quickly, although I have replace the hard drive under Win 7 for one SSD due to the failure of the hard drive, which will account for some of the performance...

    I, like others, do not like everything, about 10, but it does not work on the C660 - 1 7 I own

Maybe you are looking for