Satellite C660 - picruew webcam is quite low

I have a built-in webcam on my Toshiba Satellite C660 and when trying to to use, it does not work properly. I mean the result of the photo are dim.

What can I do? Please tell me.

Check it please avancΘs webcam. Night mode?
Also, try to change the offered profiles and change brightness settings manually.

Play with these settings to find the best mode for your cam.

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  • Satellite C660 C660D - Webcam color or black and white?


    I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is color or black and white?
    If its color, how can I change the color?

    Thank you.


    Of course he came s color.
    It s a common webcam you have just black and white webcam photo?
    In your case I would recommend you the webcam software options.
    Start the camera Assistant software, and in properties, you can find the option called backlight Compensation. Check this option.
    Also in the Image tab, you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play with these settings.

  • Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam does not work

    I recently got the Toshiba satellite c660/c660D laptop for my 21st birthday in July. It is said there is a built-in webcam, but I can't see it or find it. Also when I try to use videoconferencing on Skype, he said that it is not important which web camera connected.

    I was wondering how I can get the web camera work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    What operating system do you use?
    When you open Device Manager check please if webcam is in the list. You can find it under imaging devices.

    Also check the BIOS settings. I'm not sure but maybe webcam is disabled it. Check it out.

  • Satellite C660-1NW - Webcam does not work with the facebook chat


    My doughter recently bought a Satellite C660-1NW youcef.
    This laptop has a webcam on board.
    When you use Facebook, webcam chat, webcam does not work.
    The webcam indicator led is active come on, but the facebook app remains blue without screen webcam.
    Audio works.

    Skype using the webcam works.

    I have updated the drivers but when same no go :(

    Please help move facebook webcam


    If Facebook does not recognize your webcam right away when you want to share a video, click on the eye for cameras new button.

    Your Adobe Flash Player settings will be displayed.
    On the tab, make sure you only select the right type of camera you use with your computer.

    On the tab, you may also need to 'allow' Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

    If your settings does not work, try to uninstall Adobe Flash Player on your computer and download the latest Flash Player.

  • Satellite C660: webcam message - device is locked by another application

    I have a Satellite C660 notebook PC series. the webcam was working fine with the old driver installed...
    I work a little bit and use Skype to talk to my wife while he's stuck in a hotel room...

    I connected as normal but Skype could not find the camera, I opened the camera manually using the navigation on the desktop bar and got an error message "Device is locked by another application" I quit all other programs that can use it, but still got the same message.

    Still couldn't get it to work then looked in the Task Manager and the process tree to see if something was running (did not know really what I was looking for in the process.)

    I then updated and reinstalled the driver - this is the latest version of the driver and changed the appearance of the home screen of camera - still have the same error message.

    Tried several times to the installation of the driver, but nothing... and yet the face recognition screen lights up and uses the webcam... so I know that this product works, but he usually opened manually or with Skype

    Help, please


    I think that you can not use the cam as part of the Skype because the webcam is blocked by other software, I suppose that its face recognition.

    I recommend doing this:
    Uninstall the webcam software
    Uninstall the facial recognition
    Restart the device
    Install the webcam software
    Install face recognition
    and then test it with Skype.

    Welcome them

  • Webcam is blurry on the brand-new Satellite C660

    I just bought my Satellite C660 Saturday and have just opened the webcam for the first time.
    It is REALLY blurry. I can't seem to find an option in the settings to fix, and I gave him a towel to check that it was not just dirty.

    I read the posts about the different lights that can affect the quality of the image, but I just tested it out in the different lights and it did make a difference.

    Can someone give me advice! I'm not really a techno person and I really want the webcam to work so I can use Skype!
    Thank you

    Did you remove sticker protector of the cam?

  • Camera / Webcam quality on Satellite C660-155


    I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite C660-155 only 3 days back. However, on the first day, the quality of the built-in webcam is very very poor.
    The picture seems very noisy and only dorts and distortions appears even in full sun.

    Can what steps I take to solve this problem?

    Have you checked quality with preinstalled Web camera application or perhaps with Skype or MSN?

    By the way: did you remove sticker protection of the cam?

  • Satellite C660 - how to upgrade with the webcam internal?


    I just bought a satellite C660, however it did come with a webcam or a microphone, I need now.

    I note the slot above the screen that should accommodate a web cam - it is relatively easy to buy something to get into that and install it myself (I'm not very technical and is not a good range of tools)?

    Or, is it a reliable add-on camera / mic combination should I get?

    The camera lens is especially Skype videoconferencing. Might be interesting to make the recognition of faces too, but not absolutely necessary.

    Thank you!


    There are different models on the market with a different hardware configuration.
    Your laptop was released would accuse this cam.

    You can't pass this laptop with the internal webcam.

    I recommend that you buy a simple USB webcam, which can be connected to the USB port if necessary.

    Welcome them

  • Software Webcam on Satellite C660 - 1 M 2

    The webcam works correctly when you use Skype etc. But I have no access to it from Windows, so I can not change options, or take a photo without using Skype.

    On the first day all worked them very well, and now after a few months I can not even find an application (do not remember exactly the name, but pretty sure I tried everything and google any possibility). No, I'm not stupid - I did not remove the shortcut from the descopt.
    Windows cannot find any application, or there is no option in the Windows Control Panel (just an adnotation in Device Manager saying that I have a Chicony USB2.0 camera, it works, and there are some original installed installed drivers, I have not changed anything.)
    I tried reinstalling the drivers, no change at all (as it was easy to foreshadow).

    Then I googled some of the C series Toshiba laptops have a Camera Assistant Software, which I didn't think to install the first day (Yes, I bought "in white" laptop and installed Windows and the drivers manually). I thought that might be what I'm looking for, maybe I just deleted it accidentally.
    Too does not work, when I try to run it it says that the camera is turned off (it is active) or does not properly (oh, rly?).
    Maybe it's because the version of the software is not good for my model (which cannot get technical support, there no model like mine to choose in the list. It of funny, isn't it?).

    Thanks for any help.

    What you need is Web camera application and it can be downloaded from the Toshiba download page.

    Please visit and select your laptop model and the OS. Your laptop is Satellite C660 with PSCJ1E part number.

    You will find the driver for the Webcam. Install it and try to use preinstalled software. Before you start we sure Skype is turned off.

    It works for you?

  • Can I turn off webcam on my Satellite C660 - 1 7?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1 7 and I would like to disable or turn off my Webcam.

    Is this possible please?



    To be honest I don't understand your question. Webcam is on if use you it with an application like Skype or pre-installed Webcam application. When the cam is on the little blue light near the cam is activated.

    When the application is closed cam will be off.

    Please be so kind and explain your problem in more detail.

  • Satellite C660-1JH - missing Webcam

    I own a Satellite C660-1JH which has a webcam that doesn't seem to work.
    Any ideas please?

    Hey Buddy,

    And can you post more details please? This sentence says nothing. Is the black webcam photo or what exactly?

    Have you tried an update of the webcam driver? You can find it here:

  • Webcam/mic on Satellite C660-119 - how to make it work?

    Try to get this working integrated webcam. The laptop for a few years, but never used this function before. I have Skype which does not seem to detect it. Can't see anything in the Device Manager on webcam or image or whatever it is and in program files under Toshiba all there is "Indicator of wireless LAN", and nothing on a cam or a microphone, sound as if it does not exist. After searching around, I found I could use some some drivers, and so I downloaded this so-called TC30295700E (which I think is what I had), I installed and no difference seems to be made. Webcam completely without being detected by the laptop even if integrated its... been at this for a few hours now, I am missing something here?

    Edit: Sorry I should clarify, I am running Windows 7.

    Edit 2: Should also add that "Imaging Devices" is not found on Device Manager.

    Any help appreciated, thanks

    According to specification laptop Satellite C660-119 with PSC0LE-01100JEN part number does not have a cam so I m wondering not you can not get it work if cam doesn t exist.

  • The webcam image is reflected on my Satellite C660 - 15K


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite C660 - 15K. He joined the Chicony webcam. Webcam works in all programs, but the webcam image is reflected. If I run Application WebCam Toshiba I can adjust the settings and the problems of mirroring, but it works only in toshiba app while in Skype picture is always in the opposite direction. I tried to install other drivers for Chicony webcam and add registry keys

    CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F} / 000/settings Flip = 1
    but nothing has changed.

    Operating system is Windows 7 Home Basic Edition.
    What should I do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Check please an advanced time more settings in webcam application and don t use option Flip.
    I tested it with Skype. When the captain is reflected in webcam application that is reflected in Skype to. When disabled, that resulting from Skype OK also.

  • Webcam & microphone will not work on Satellite C660

    My webcam and microphone have recently stopped working. Satellite C660-1F1 model.

    If someone could help me sort what would be great.

    After reading this description of problem a single sentence, it is not easy to tell when he is the problem.
    We don t know what can be the reason for this.

    Have you done all that can be responsible for this problem?

    Try to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore option. Maybe this will help.

  • Satellite C660-1fv - no webcam

    Hi all

    I'm new here and don't know how to do a post on the site as I write here!

    I have a toshiba satellite c660-1fv and just do a format to the laptop
    I have install all drivers e webcams because I can't I try a lot of times a large number of pilots of webcams for my model, but nothing.
    It say no webcam detected, I check in the Device Manager and there is not the cameras one

    Help, please

    Before the start of the windows system, go to the BIOS and load the default settings.
    In addition, check if the webcam is enabled in the BIOS (some BIOSES contain this option)

    I assume you are using Win 7. Usually, if the webcam software/driver is not installed, the webcam should always appear in the device as an unknown device manager (or imagine device) marked with yellow exclamation point...

    If this isn't the case, then the webcam could not be found by Windows system and the reason for it might be a fault of webcam or connection lost between the motherboard and webcam module.

Maybe you are looking for

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