Satellite C660 will not restore, partition seems OK


I received a Satellite C660 difficulty that not recover. Can I use F8 (or 0) to enter "REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER", but the screen goes all black. I booted from a Linux disk and partition 'Data' seems OK though I have no way to check all the files. What are my options? Is it possible to create discs of restoration of this State?

Thank you


I guess that you have not created the recovery disc in the past. Fix?

Well, in that case try to access the recovery partition of HDD (using Linux?) and check if you can use the recovery image files to create recovery USB flash stick as described here:

Otherwise I think you have to order the recovery at Arvato disk in order to recover the laptop.
Of course if you have the Microsoft windows installation media, you can use it to install the system too pilots could be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page

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    I saw the previous post, but I don't know how to remove the ATI drivers in fact that I can't find them on the pc.

    Post edited by: znajda

    > I saw the previous post, but I do not know how to remove ATI drivers in fact I can not find them on the pc.
    If it is not listed in programs and features (Panel)?

  • Satellite C660 does not start on disc or USB

    My Toshiba Satellite C660-DSC0QE app, BIOS version 1.80, will not start Windows more - it just goes to the dreaded black screen with white cursor.

    I tried a system Win 7 recovery disk, a USB with software from Kaspersky on her recovery and even a full Win 7 installation disc, and it does not start at one of them.

    The boot order is set correctly, (optical drive or USB port) devices are read, but their initialization never actually in them - there is an obscure error message, or it acts like they weren't there at all.

    The obvious answer to these forums seems to be disable secure boot mode and then switch the to the CSM UEFI boot mode. Easier said than done - the menu options don't exist at all in my BIOS/CMOS screens.

    Finally, I see no way in the instructions to get a BIOS update occur without being already in Windows on the PC - I'm assuming that the BIOS version 2.00 would have these options.

    Any help gratefully accepted!


    I assumed that you have a white blinking cursor in the upper left corner.
    Is this correct?

    These symptoms appear where the system can not find a boot device (HARD drive) or memory problems (RAM module).

    First of all, you said that you have UEFI / CSM boot mode in the BIOS settings.
    So I m asking you what parameters of start mode appear in BIOS exactly?
    Find you these settings in the right area?
    Usually, you should have an area (tab) called security in the BIOS.
    In most cases, you will find a safe boot option, but the Satellite C660 does not support this option because it s too old.
    But the startup mode (UEFI /CSM) should be available in the BIOS. Check the settings in the BIOS of the system area

    Anyway, as I said above; It could also be a memory problem, so I recommend you to check if the memory is OK.

  • Satellite A100 - will not charge the battery


    I have ned to help. My Satellite A100 will not charge the battery. He works the power adaptor for the led indicates charging status, battery shows 1% of loading tatus information, but none does change - no loading any time. When disconnected everything just stops off like normal desktop.

    I've already put battery in and out, made upgrades to the antivir software, makes Toshiba controls, tests, but what ever he did did not any change. If there is no way for restoration of battery how to check what the problem is I have no second battery or AC I can always buy new batttery but I don't know if the old one is broken and weather new would work properly?

    Best regards

    Hi pawelg,

    I agree with the user above. The battery can be charged only up to 500 times, and after that, it must be replaced. I think it's the case now, I mean that everything works correctly on the AC adapter so I think that the battery must be the reason for this.

    By the way: you can buy a new battery to an authorized service provider. ;)

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    If your Apple TV fails to restore via iTunes...

    • Check that you have properly followed the instructions for your model of Apple TV.
    • If this is not the case, already, try using a powered USB port.
    • Repeat the process, but this time try to connect the cable while iTunes is closed.
    • Repeat the process with another cable.
    • Try to restore the Apple TV on another computer at another location.
  • Satellite L300 will not let me connect

    My Satellite L300 will not let me connect unless I'm in safe mode and when I go to advanced options it just comes up with a blue screen


    Who knows what's the problem here?
    Maybe you should install new OS. You can enter boot options using F8 at startup?

    Repair my computer option is available?

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    I think you should consult your user manual because this type of card is not supported:
    + Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo and Memory Stick adapter are not compatible with the multiple digital media card slot. Do not insert the Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo into the slot. Data lost or damaged if you use one card other than those supported. +

    Do you have more questions? ;)

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    Hello rghaynes_710, welcome.

    I would try to delete it and recreate it active desktop. If this does not work, perhaps the content on the site itself is having technical problems.
    Alternatively, you can try to reset Internet Explorer by default, see if that solves the problem.
    1. click on START
    2. click on "Control Panel."
    3. double click on 'Internet Options'
    4. click on the "Advanced" tab and select "Reset."... "at the bottom of the window
    5 restart your computer
    Let us know what happens
    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • You want to connect to Xbox Live 360 using labtop. Cannot use WMI. Windows says THAT WMI is damaged, use the system restore. System Restore will not restore to any point I use.

    I tried to connect to Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 to internet using Wi - Fi to my labtop. I want to enable sharing on this topic in the Advanced tab, but I get the message that says WMI is damaged and I need to use the system restore. However, the system restore will not restore the system at any time I choose. What is the solution?

    OK you have an ETHERNET cable? (cable for PC to the Modem)
    What OS do you have?

    Heres to help, you need to an ethernet cable, or adapter wireless XBOX 360.

    With the ethernet cable, connect one end on the XBOX and one end to your laptop.
    You go to control panel > network and Internet > network and sharing Center > change the adapter settings. Then you select your wireless network and your local network. Then you right click and press 'CONNECTION of BRIDGE' (requires administrator privileges). After that your DONE! Just check if it works on your XBOX 360!

  • My blackberry blackBerry smartphones will not restore my backup


    I have a BB Storm 2 and I save a lot.

    I also use google sync to synchronize my address book and calendar.

    Last night I synces again and it failed. So I tried a few times more. Disconnection, signed back in and after a while, it worked.

    But what I did not notice until this morning that it totally screwed up my address book. Some of the contacts I have had about 75 times. And I lost most of my contacts.

    So in my gmail I lost them.

    But not a problem. I supported two days ago. But now it will not restore. It does something to my BB, it changes everything, but doesn't I want to restore. So I tried a full restore, a partial restore a different backup, turn off the BB. Everything!

    First I tried with the former office and later by the new software. It does not work.

    So help me please!

    (If my English is strange, I'm from the Netherlands...)

    When you say a partial restore do you mean that you tried to restore all the address book? If this is the case, you can try clear the address book database, and then perform a hard reset on your device by removing the battery for a few seconds and replace, then try to restore the address book from the backup file

  • Now when I open my email in Outlook Express, it opens in full screen and will not restore down on a smaller size. How can I reset that?

    Already when I opened my email open in small size.  Now when I open my email in Outlook Express, it opens in full screen and will not restore down on a smaller size.  How can I reset that?

    Then, you need to ask in this forum I posted above. I have not used it myself and can be useful.

  • Rescue and recovery will not restore backup files it finds when starting

    I recently had a system problem on my Lenovo computer and had to recreate the image. When I try to restore my backup using rescue and recovery (R & R), they prove inaccessible. How to access these backups?

    Details of the options selected in R & R are attached, as an image on the screen of the settings dialog box.

    Running R & R, backups (on an external HDD USB) are visible and can be selected as expected. When the computer restarts in the space of restoration work, after a warning do not turn off the power, you get the error message "the restore has failed because the backup was not found at the specified location. Accept that the computer restarts in Windows. In this case regardless of the options selected at the start of R & R.  Where appropriate I select the USB external storage device in the Setup program and select a backup of those listed.

    I also tried updating all Lenovo utilities, including R & R. The option 'get new updates"errors when downloading the package information Lenovo Service Center (1 on 1) at the helm of the 30% with the error" Exception should not met!

    A lot of ongoing issues.  Many Lenovo post deal with each issue. Intel, system update, create a recovery to the USB media.

    For now, I'll address your problems of rescue and recovery. It seems that your system worked well, until a database had records in doubles in it, and you want to use RI to restore a backup on your USB.

    Then you have attempted a return to the factory, which show a lot of questions.

    If I understand your request, you want to restore your system to some time in the past, using a backup RNR. Either last week or 2 months ago. Something that works.


    RNR will save all partitions on the disk C DD.  It never saves another HARD disk.  2 readers warning has been around for a while. If C and D are on the C drive, HARD drive, it will run through RNR.

    Single file restore only runs on the windows RNR.  But there is no need to restart standalone RNR (pf11 during startup).

    It is ok. At least the RNR version on windows can find and restore your USB /rrbackups, of 5 min or 30 hours. This works.


    Factory restore installs a RNR version right here. This version probably does not match the version on your USB. If you started the RNR factory with the USB version version, you might expect not found messages.


    On your system windows today, please state the version installed.  Start using pf11 and indicate the version installed.

    You cannot create recovery media and rescue on the same device. Your luck if anything boots on the USB (other positions).

    Essentially, the RNR standaone version must match the /rrbackups on USB.


    How do restore you to the factory settings? pf11 through the work of rnr or external cd/dvd?

    You are the original owner of the machine?

  • Satellite C660-1GK - C HDD partition problem

    Hi all!

    I have the Toshiba Satellite C660-1GK for a year and a half. After 6 months, my hard drive is dead.

    First the laptop has been really slow, then started the famous clatter of the disc.
    I made backup and checked the disk with tools from Hirens. Toshiba diag will read even not she, Smart said that his State of health is bad bad sectors (30% or more), began to burst... I therefore took the laptop to my ASP.

    They replaced the disc and then 13 months later (a week ago) the same story! Disk health went even lower (was 11%) and bad sectors initially jumping like crazy.
    Once again, a trip to ASP.

    I have my laptop today with a new drive. After that reading posts on this forum, I'm afraid that there or card mother/problem of power or we're just all with no luck with readers.

    I just, I can't accept that the disks die randomly every 4-12 months to meet. My last drive on HP laptop lasted 4 years! I have about five more months of warranty and I'm really not satisfied with the situation. This laptop is on my desk, it has own station with nice, big fan so this isn't overheating - basically, I took out of the House in September.

    I'm careful with it! But if the disk dies before the end of the year, maybe it's time to get a new laptop.
    Toshiba no, this time :(

    Please, you have any ideas, advice... ?


    A few years ago, I bought a laptop from another manufacturer.
    My first HARD drive died after over 2 years of use. I bought another, has replaced the old HDD and the new HARD drive died after 4 months of use.

    No matter which HARD drive is going to die sooner or later because his part instrumentation it s a question of HARD drive use and the question of how you handle all.

    In my opinion it s a bad luck of course sound always pity if a HARD drive starts to malfunction but I m afraid there are not many options to prevent it.
    Of course, you can switch to a SSD drive which is stable in use. I did a few months ago, I bought the 250 GB SSD drive and replaced the internal HARD drive

  • Satellite L300D will not start


    I have a satellite L300D 11v. Power I have three lights green, power, suite and battery, DVD looking for some time nothing happens.

    Tried many things.
    Interchangeability and remove the ram with restarts
    Removing and replacing HD
    Remove the battery, hold the power button for a minute then power application and try to turn on,.
    As above with the battery.
    None of the above has worked, I suspect either of the BIOS chip lost his memory or it is fried.
    I will try to reinstall the BIOS memory, but without the work of the OS I'm not sure how do.
    And I'm not sure that the update of the BIOS I downloaded from Toshiba is correct because of the manual I downloaded was the L350, and yes I have enter the correct details to try three times. Neither seem to be able to know which is the BIOS. I would be grateful if someone could suggest what's wrong with the laptop or the update of the BIOS with the laptop in its current state. And if anyone knows what variant of the BIOS, is that I would also be grateful for this information.

    P.S. I noticed that the same problem was raised on August 12, 2012 with no resolution found.

    On this virtual path t is not easy to offer accurate diagnosis and to say with certainty what the problem is here, but somehow, I think that your BIOS chip is damaged. BIOS update will not help you with that.
    When you start your laptop is stays on or turns off after a certain period of time?

  • Satellite L750 will not open path

    I have a new L750 Satellite.
    I'm doing a course on my computer that I bought the drive for.

    The course is click paths that must connect with the downloaded files on the disk provided to a folder in WINDOWS (c :)) program (x 86).)

    The problem, I want to say is that the path will fail and a warning window appears indicating that the file path is not found, by looking at the file on the warning window information, it seems that the file was doubled to include an extra WINDOWS (c :)) program (x 86), while she reads: C:\Program Files (x 86) \C:\Program Files (x 86) \...)

    Then obviously, he will not find the file.
    Why it does this and how can I cure.

    It would make the course so much easier.
    I contacted the course provider and they will not know why this is happening.
    Also, what is the difference between the program files and program files (x 86).

    Someone has an idea.

    > Why it does this and how can I cure.

    Do you really think that there is a problem with a computer or a Windows system software?
    I have the doubt.

    First of all I would be copying the contents of the disc to the new created folder.
    Then, go to this folder and check if there is a file as autostart or index that must be started all first.

    > Also, what is the difference between the program files and program files (x 86).
    The difference is simply:
    I assume that you are working under Windows 64-bit for Program Files is program (x 86) and 64-bit programs folder corresponds to 32-bit applications.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Ensure the domain Redirection - exception 1 domain does not work, but others do.   I tried all the common browsers with the same result. The login screen opens with this single IP address.  We use the platform for our Intranet so outside our internal