Satellite C670D-19th - recovery procedure cannot be completed


I recently bought from recovery disc for my laptop.

However after the first disc ends it tells me to insert the second medium wich of recovery must contain the next part of the recovery (15535xsp9.swm).

To bad it does not work and I hope someone has a way to understand it.




Problem is that there is nothing you can do about it and it is not possible to force recovery to complete procedure correctly. Either it works or not.
I guess that something goes wrong with the creation of recovery disks and my opinion is that you should contact Arvato if you order it it and explain the situation. They should send you a new recovery disk.

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  • Satellite L500-19Z - recovery process is not complete properly?

    Trying to reinstall my system Windows 7 on a satellite L500-19Z. When I insert the recovery disk it ends and then restarts.

    When reboot it goes through the "system registry' and 'system settings' and then restarts. He said Athens 'set up for first use.
    Then it comes up with a white screen and the box saying "the finalization of installation - will take a few minutes" etc.

    However, after a while it just restarts and goes through the same sequence again - and again - and again etc.

    I can reboot into safe mode, but it will not make a system restore point.
    When I try to reboot normally it just goes back into the routine above.

    I tried a number of recovery disks, but they all do the same thing.

    > I tried a number of recovery disks, but they all do the same thing.
    This means that you have more for this model of laptop recovery disk?
    Did you use the right method?

    I'm not very well why the recovery procedure ends correctly, but it might be possible that your laptop s equipment is affected m.
    What was the purpose of a recovery? Something was wrong with the laptop?

  • F8 - HARD drive recovery procedure, cannot open a session

    Im trying to start the HARD drive retrieve using this tutorial:

    and uptill now ive never been able to take the selection of keyboard layout that my hard drive is not proeprly work but finally ive today managed to cross twice in a row, but instead of a log on screen as the tutorialshows, I get a box with a red and white circle X, he says something in sense of I need to log in before I can use this feature and communicate with my administration system Press ok to restart. So, how can I do so im automatically logged until I reached this point is there anything I can do in the bios I can access only no problems without it crashing.

    Thnx, Ross

    All the HARD drive recovery procedure has nothing to do with the BIOS.

    Your story is quite confusing and I don t understand this with red and white circle X.
    I made repeated several times and have never seen anything like it.
    I can imagine that recovery image is missing, and as a result, you get this message.

    Can you please tell me on which stage you have problems? Maybe you can take a picture?

    Just click NEXT in step 2.
    To step 3 remember your username is just a (the same as the Windows logon). If you use the password put it there but otherwise just leave it blank and click NEXT.

  • Satellite L300-217 - recovery disk cannot complete installation

    Blue screen appeared after having a few problems. I tried to reload the factory settings that did not work, so I ordered the Toshiba recovery media. After following the instructions that it seemed finally said to wait while windows was installed, after a few minutes this appaears:
    "Windows can complete the installation. Restart the installation '

    I tried this 6 or 7 times now and I do not get the case. I would be really grateful for assistance if possble.

    Thank you
    Kiki :)


    Before you start a lengthy discussion, can you install Windows from a normal disk of Microsoft? Just to test if it s a bad hardware work or not.

    See you soon

  • The BIOS on Satellite A500 - 18Q recovery procedure?


    I tried updating the BIOS to improve the performance of the laptop but the update was corrupted and now the laptop will not boot.
    Can you help me to recover the bios?

    Thank you much in advance.

    > I tried updating the BIOS to improve the performance of the laptop but the update was corrupted and now the laptop will not boot.

    In this case, you will need to contact a local ASP.
    The ASP technician will be able to refresh the BIOS with crisis BIOS disk.
    You can do this because this drives and trad-BIOS update is available only for the technicians of the ASP only :(

  • Satellite A30: HDD size after the recovery procedure and Defrag

    I have a Satellite A30 and just did a complete reinstall from the recovery of the product disks. My question relates to the amount of disk space hard should be resumed aftre reinstall it.
    My hard drive is 4.95 full GB according to the procedure that is much higher than I expected.

    Also, after reviewing the reader with Defragmenter I seem to have twice taken up training with Greens, unmovable files like Blue contiguous files. Unmovable files is there and if not how to I remove them?

    It's where I guess that extra hard disk space is lost when it is lost?

    Thank you


    It's not easy to say exactly how much space should be taken after the recovery procedure.
    I have so much that I know on the recovery CD, you will find the whole operating system Windows XP, driver Toshiba and utilities as well as additional software like OneNote, WinDVD, etc.
    This additional software could take as much space on the disk outside the OS.

    Blue not moveable files belong to the Windows operating system, and as a result, the files are placed together.

  • Satellite C670D-121 - problems with Win7 recovery

    I have a problem and I need your help.

    I have a laptop Satellite C670D-121 in the original hardware configuration.

    After a message on a process (my 10 year old son told me. "" But I have not seen this message), press the OK button and then the cell phone has rebooted. "
    But restarting didn't work no more.

    Also the recovery with the recoveryfunction of the laptop was not possible.
    Now, I ordered the UDF of recovery and the restoration of the laptop is possible.

    But in the moment where the UDF must be removed and the laptop should be repeated, I see the letters "Start window", the screen goes black and I can only see the cursor.

    After a short time, the cursor jumps into the upper left corner. And then comes the whith window an error message. (s. picture)

    I ordered a new UDF = the same error recovery!
    Support couldn't help me.
    Boot Linux from the CD, the laptop works very well.

    If a HARD disk error and memory can be excluded.
    [photo s |]

    Can someone help me please?
    Thank you.

    I m not quite about this error message, but it seems that s associated with memory issue I/O (input / output).

    You mentioned a cursor blinking in the upper left corner.
    This symptom is already known to me. I had such a problem blinking cursor also and in my case it was related to abnormal or bad memory and HARD drive.
    I had to replace the HARD drive after all firstly by the modules of memory in order to solve this problem.

    From my point of few your question may be linked to the faulty memory because the I/O message is linked to problems of memory too.

    You said that Linux works properly using the Live CD?
    I guess you booted the laptop using this live cd but did not install the system on the HARD disk.
    Well, I don t think that this could be a clear proof that the RAM or HARD drive is OK.

    In my opinion, these parts must be checked

  • Satellite A100 system goes to a black screen after the recovery procedure

    I tried running the recovery CD, I received on my cell phone. the process perfectly, (I have only one CD, I don't know if I need a second). At the end of the process, I have the option to insert the second CD, or jump.
    Because I don't have that one CD I have support on ignore.

    I tells me that the installation is complete and I can restart my system.
    Then I removed the disk and I tried to reboot the system. The system goes to a black screen (on which he indicates that Microsoft load) and then crashes. That was the problem I was facing before recovery.

    Basically, the recovery process has not worked. I don't think I did something very wrong, unless I need a second CD. What could be the problem?

    Help me please!


    The A100 is one of the new series of laptops and AFAIK the image of Toshiba was placed only on a CD (DVD) recovery.
    I think that the message and the possibility to insert the second CDconfuses a little.

    In my opinion the black screen and freeze has nothing to do with the recovery procedure and the new installation if Windows OS.
    Due to the fact that this problem has occurred until you have installed the OS from the recovery CD, I assume that there must be something wrong with the hardware.

    But it s very interesting to know if the same problem appears after the new installation of Windows from the original CD of Microsoft.

    It's worth a try.

  • Satellite C670D - 11K - Toshiba recovery disks does not work

    I tried to recover the Satellite C670D - 11K using new factory system recovery disks provided by Toshiba. Both drives do their thing until the end when I get these messages:

    Files\mcafee\virusscan/dat\000.0\ c/program Error (error = 1117)
    Error restoring image
    request could not be performed due to the i/o device error
    Error image x could not apply for win 7 V:\\HDDRecovery\SWIMG\15434XSP. Water rain Index 2 in c HARD drive management

    Only option after this point is to press a button any and I get the white screen Toshiba

    When I turn on the laptop I get message "boot mgr is missing." I tried the disc of recovery a couple of times since and things don't get any better. In fact I just get a black screen with cursor after

    Suggestions this is appreciated please? I was thinking of buying the recovery disks would be a solution simple but should I give in and go to a professional now?

    Thanks, Paul

    I assume you are using recovery discs that you created using Toshiba recovery disc creator tool, right?
    It seems silly now, but something went wrong and I m afraid recovery disks are now useless. It turns out that you can't change anything or force the cell to the recovery image installs successfully.

    The only thing you can try is -
    I don't think this will help, but you can test it in any case.

    Now, you have two options:
    -for the restore disc original order from Toshiba
    -install the clean version of the OS by using the Microsoft installation disc

  • Satellite M45-S269 - A:\GHOST output. ERR during the recovery procedure

    I am trying to perform a full system restore. I get to the part that says "exit A:\GHOST. MADE A MISTAKE? »

    If I do Y or N the message says "cannot read files. If the problem persists, contact TOSHIBA support center or contact symantec technical support.
    Then the recovery fails.



    Looks like it's not possible to read from the recovery disc.
    How did you perform the recovery procedure?

    You have inserted the right recovery disk and started from this disk. Right?
    Usually, recovery is expected to begin and the installation should run smoothly

    If this is not the case then recovery disks would be destruction, scratched, etc.

    Just a question; is it possible to start using other disk bootable CD original Win XP or Linux?
    Select this check box, because it would allow to discover exactly what s wrong

  • Cannot find bluetooth on my Satellite C670D

    I recently bought a Satellite C670d which I m very satisfied. The problem is despite all the technical specifications and a big sticker on the lap top saying it has Bluetooth 3.0 I put t seem to be able to find any Bluetooth on the computer.

    Can anyone help?

    I put t know how can you looking for BT but using the LV is so simply and it should be also described in manuals s user document.
    Have you checked it already?

    In any case, can activate you activate/BT using the FN + F8 key combination?

  • Satellite 1100 keyboard froze during the recovery procedure

    I want to restart my 1100 satellite using the recovery CD. Unfortunately, I put in the wrong CD and the keyboard froze. When I start I press F2 to "start-up" but can't do anything after that.
    Any ideas how I can unlock things and back to normal?


    Put the recovery CD in the CD/DVD player, turn on the laptop and immediately press the C button. keep it down for a few seconds and this will force to laptop to start select the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device.

  • Satellite A100 loads the operating system correctly after the recovery procedure


    I'm in trouble... I used the recovery CD last week after my laptop developed problems. After the recovery procedure, when I turn on the pc, it loads directly in mode 'Owner' - the pilot of the internet has no charge, Norton AV, supplied with the pc does not load. Basically, it's a shadow of his former self.

    And when I try and start the recovery process, that it doesn't... it does not read the disc.
    I know that the recovery process did not work properly cos when I look in C: it shows that 60 GB of data is present on the hard disk, so the recovery is not cleaned the hard drive at all.

    The only way I can describe it, is that the pc is in some sort of limbo. I can't access the original account I created.

    The recovery disk is still okay because I "explored" the drive on another computer and it contains all the data.

    Help, please.

    Looks a bit the problem I have with an A100 recovery disk. Mine formatted PC, unpack
    a load of stuff and then freezes.

    Like you, I can read the DVD in another PC. I wonder if there is a batch of duff of recovery DVD?

    I think I'll try to install XP from a different installation disk. It'll be a bit of a pain in the neck
    because it will not authenticate with MS, but at least he's going to prove whether or not the hardware of the laptop is duff.

    I'll post back here when (if) I get anywhere.

  • Satellite C670D - cannot install the ATI driver on Win7 installed costs

    I have a C670D and cams with Win7 Home Prem
    I have Win7 Enterprise edition and installed.

    It looks good, but the dosn´t graphics work. I have try´d the pilot in the Support section, but they didn t work.
    The site of ATI theres no driver for it.

    Maybe I just need a driver of the APU, but I can't find anything.
    Maybe someone here can help.


    What Satellite C670D-xxx you have exactly?
    Do you have an error during the installation of the driver?
    Have you installed a Win 7 Enterprise 32 bit OS?
    The European driver Toshiba page provides only a display driver ATI for Win 7 64 bit system.

    More information would be really appreciated!

  • The Satellite A100 created recovery, but DVD does not start

    I'm trying to reload a Satellite A100 with the DVD that was created when I started the laptop when he bought the news of recovery 11 months ago.

    I changed the boot order so that the DVD is first and when you restart, the drive runs at high speed, so it works

    No option is presented to be able to boot from this drive (as the usual "press a key to reboot from DVD")

    If I press F8 when booting I get a list of the options-led FIX YOUR COMPUTER that is highlighted.
    I then press ENTER and get a message "Windows is loading files".
    The system recovery options are then displayed, keyboard, layout, then the opening of the session, what I do using an administrator account.
    I am then presented with a screen with 6 system recovery options
    -Startup Repair
    -System restore - restore to an earlier point in time
    -Restoration of Windows complete PC (from backup)
    -Windows memory diagnostic
    -Command Promt
    -Restoriing the full Windows operating system

    There are 2 buttons {color: #000000} * low _S_hut * {color} and * _R_estart *.

    When I select the last option all I get is another screen with the message
    The complete oprtating of Windows System Restore *.

    If the pre-installed files are damaged you can use the product Recvoery DVD - Rom to restore (which is what I'm trying to do)
    A caveat against the loss of data is also included and then the OK button which, when clicked on resturns me to the previous screen without action
    If I select shutdown or restart it's there for that and boots from the hard drive.
    The disc is not damaged, I can copy him on system, then one more

    Can someone tell me how to start and recover from this drive?


    Sorry, but you have misunderstood something. I'll try to be clear now:

    -Via recovery CD/DVD, you CAN NOT repair already preinstalled the operating system. Using Recovery CD/DVDs, you can make clean OS install only. Please note that, prior to installation, the procedure begins old BONE is removed.
    -Reading your ad, I think that you try to use Microsoft Vista of origin and not the recovery image options because when you start the recovery procedure is no different 6 menus

    Can you please tell me what is the problem with your Satellite A100? What are the files that you are trying to fix? What happens at the start of your laptop?

Maybe you are looking for