Satellite C70D-A-11 t - sound does not work with HDMI


I buy a Satellite C70D-A-11 t and pass it on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.
I have install all drivers, and I have no problems.

When I want to connect it to my TV for the first time, I discovered that there is no sound on the TV.
I try to go on the speaker (near windows clock), right-click, sound, first tab (I think it's 'Read' in English... I have a french Windows) and my device (TV) does not appear.

I'll be back on the Web site of Support of Toshiba to download the latest driver "HDMI Audio driver" for my laptop, I connect the cable, and it appears in the sound properties. I select it as default device and the Øresund have just my TV.


But when I restart my laptop (with or without the HDMI cable), TV disappear from the list in the sound properties, the only solution to reinstall the Audio HDMI driver to retrieve the sound.
If I start the installation of the driver with the 'Advanced' option, I have the list of drivers to install and I see all the drivers are already installed, but the HDMI Audio Driver will be modernized... I have install and it works until the next reboot.

Could you explain to me why the version of the driver do not remain on the system, and how to do the work without reinstalling every day?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Someone here? :(

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  • Satellite P500-127: microphone or sound does not work with Skype

    Hello, team Toshiba,

    Recently bought a new laptop.
    However the microphone or the (pebble connexant high definition) sound driver does not work correctly when you use Skype. Also read about in various forums such as the Skype forum.
    People ran into similar problems such as:

    Usually, we can speak of a little more than 20 seconds, but the call will be at a random time between 1 and 15 minutes. The strange part is that sometimes the quality of the call is good, but more often my friend can't get along * half of what I say * while I don't usually have a problem to hear what was said. The video works so my friend can see talking me but can simply not really hear what I say.
    Before the fall of the call usually freezes for a few seconds and then Skype crashes sometimes. We tried to talk together without the video, but the problem remains.

    I also found a suggestion by the toshiba service, just to simply increase the volume under the Panel etc, but it does not work either...

    Can you please help me on this one?
    Cannot use Skype at all as she just to boring for everyone I talk... The quality is fair to poor.

    Thank you very much

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    I have the Skype m user too and to be honest, everything works fine!
    I can use my internal webcam as well!
    But I m using Win XP with Skype

    I assume you are using Win 7 and Skype

    To be honest, I doubt s number of Toshiba laptop
    If it would be a matter of (audio driver) laptop so you have seen the same problems recording and creating audio files... but I doubt that will happen...

    Therefore, it must be a software problem possibly a combination of Skype, Win 7 and driver Conexant
    Who knows

    But as I said above my Skype works well with Win XP!

  • Satellite A300 - built-in Chicony webcam does not work with Win Live Messenger


    I just bought a * Satellite A300-1MC * (works on Vista Home Premium) and downloaded Windows Live Mail and Live Messenger.
    The integrated webcam does not work with Live Messenger; and when you select the tool, Audi + Vieo Setup in Messenger I get thye following message: "we are unable to launch the Audi video installation.
    The webcam works fine with the Camera Assistant Software.

    I tried: 1) killing the AC software and from Messenger. (2) dowanloading one driver webcam Toshiba Web site; (3) update of Windows Vista
    None of the above works.
    Any suggestion received with joy...

    You can try to install the CAM such as ManyCams software -
    Basically, the program to access your webcam video and redistribute it as a video device ManyCam.

    Richard S.

  • Satellite Pro P100 (PSPAHE - 002001GR) - sound does not work on XP


    My harman/kardon boxes do not work with Windows XP prof?
    What can I do?
    What is the right driver?
    How to install it?

    Thanks a lot for the answers.



    No drivers are available for the speakers. I think you mean the audio drivers for the soundcard ;)

    I think you don t can here a noise because it s a problem running on XP. This means that you will install to audio patches from Microsoft or the SP3 first, then the audio driver.
    Then please install SP3, then the driver of his most recent Toshiba page: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Good luck!

  • Satellite P105 carpet * a dvd player does not work with Win 7


    I need an upgrade on my dvd to my vintage Satellite P105.
    I want the possible fastest dvd burner right now because I'm a fan of film and keep them in digital memory.

    (1) first should I get an external drive or can I get the best performance with an internal dvd replacement of a reseller of parts or Toshiba?

    The problem is when I've upgraded to windows 7 things have changed. I lost my sound, but that solved using a driver inherited Visa as apparently the sound 'Council' on the laptop is for Vista only. Then I found the dvd player which is a mitsu * an internal UJ-450 does not or is extremely slow in saving films, records or files. The available recording software seems also planned for Vista performance was acceptable. Even the dvd burning software does not work.

    (2) so my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?

    (3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or

    (4) to make the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?

    (5) given an internal dvd is preferable, because it's exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.

    (6) most importantly, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?

    Of course, if you could give me a model number and direct me to the sales it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    > 1) first of all I should go for an external drive or can I get optimal performance with a dvd replacement internal to a coin dealer or Toshiba?

    You should know that not all internal STRANGE machines are compatible. You will need to use a not compatible and supported and such device could be ordered in a local ASP.
    But it s more expensive as an external CD/DVD device so you could also choose an external that would be compatible with all computers and laptops available.

    (> 2) so, my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?
    As mentioned. Good option would be to buy an external burner drive ODD

    (> 3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or
    External device are compatible with all computers and are less expensive

    (> 4) go to the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?
    If you have the money for an internal device and want to use it with P105 only then you can also choose an internal burner.

    (> 5) because a dvd internal is preferable, because it is exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.
    As far as I know it s an IDE interface, but the device would support setting master or slave or c - salt. As mentioned, you can buy a Toshiba a recommended.

    (> 6) especially, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?
    Point 5 of the air)

  • Satellite L300-1 has 3 - Microphone does not work with Windows 7

    Hello, I have a problem with the microphone on my laptop.

    MIC comes with chicony web cam and Windows 7 camera works fine but the microphone does not work.
    Does anyone have the solution to this problem?

    Micro Vista works fine but I wanted to try Windows 7 on the laptop and everything works great except microphone.

    Best wishes in advance.


    I think that the reason why Windows 7 is only RC and not a final version that is on the market. I think you should wait until Windows 7's official published.

    However, you have installed the driver for the webcam and soundcard? You can try using the Vista drivers. It should also work on Windows 7.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200 - 170 PSAE6: the sound does not work after upgrade from Vista to XP


    I have a little problem with my laptop Toshiba A200-170
    Modelnummer: PSAE6

    I changed my system from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

    Everything but the sound at all to install worked at best does not. The driver runs up to the end, but after the restart is installed nothing.

    Please help me!

    One question;
    Have you read the Readme.txt file that is placed in the audio driver package which can be downloaded from the Toshiba page?

    Please do!

    If you install the driver of sound for the first time follow these steps:
    Driver installation during the first:

    Step 1. Before installing Realtek HD Audio Drivers, press on the
    [Cancel] button if Windows detect the multimedia Audio device.

    Step 2. Insert the "Drivers from Realtek HD Audio" CD into the CD-ROM drive
    drive and run the setup.exe program to complete the installation.

    Step 3. Click on [next/OK/OK] to proceed. If the context menu of Windows
    "Digital signature not found" message, press [Yes] to continue the

    Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [finish] to complete

    The system will reload the drivers and make some adjustments in the INF file
    file if necessary.

    Important: Please install the Microsoft KB888111 patch before installing the audio driver

  • Satellite P100 - 400 (PSPA6E): display driver does not work with Vista 64 bit?


    I have a P100-400 (PSPA6E) Satellite and I just got the new version of Windows Vista x64bits. I tried this version of Vista because this series of laptops in the 64-bit processors. Well, the problem was when I downloaded the drivers to display on the site and when I'am install the installer says I'm not a Windows vista OS.

    Well actually these drivers only work for Vista x32bits. And I had the same problem with the audio drivers. If Vista was running really slowly and noiselessly, perfect...

    What I am asking, that is, if you realize laptops with 64 bit, why aren't you drivers that work with 64 bit systems...


    In fact 64-bit Toshiba drivers are not available at this time on the Toshiba page.
    I think 64-bit drivers are not available because Toshiba doesn't provide any laptops equipped with 64-bit operating system.

    But as far as I know that the new 64-bit drivers should appear both text.
    I'm also looking for these drivers because I m an owner of the 64-bit version of Vista.

    It seems that we have to wait but I m sure that the drivers will be available.


  • iTunes 12 sound does not work with ac3 passthrough

    I have an Intel DX79/Xeon 2, CPU 0GHa with a NVidia GTX680 graphics card.

    I use an HDMI output directly to a Denon surround amplifier. Everything had been working well for a few years but recently I reinstalled Windows 8.1 and I found the passage of in surround AC3 stopped working with iTunes.  Movies of the source that I use have 5.1 channels and used to work.  Nothing the silence I fear when "Prefer AC3" is now selected.   The material has not changed - just a re-installation of Windows with the latest version of iTunes 8.1 and NVidia version 359.06.  The installation is completely vanilla flavored outside these two packages being installed.

    So, I added PowerDVD and tested with a couple of BluRay discs.

    PowerDVD works well with AC3 pass by - the problem seems to be limited to iTunes.  Stereo mode in iTunes works fine.  I tried the "Old video card" version iTunes without success and I tried without downgrading the video version card / audio driver for NVidia 344.75 (a version I know that used to work for about a year back) all to nothing does not).  I also tried version 12 iTunes and encountered exactly the same problem. I think that maybe iTunes and the driver NVidia do not play well together.  All the world is this problem?  I tried to contact Apple support, but it generates an error with a hexadecimal error code large enough and said "try again later...". ', Useful suggestions are welcome!

    Hey there,

    I just saw your post - I had the same problem and posted my fixed on a different thread, here: AC3 Passthrough works does not in 10 - bug and workaround windows

    I hope this works for you

  • Satellite R20: After Vista upgrade sound does not work


    I have a Toshiba Satellite R20 compressed and I recently updated for windows Vista premium edition. I had to install some drivers manually and everything seems ok, except that the Realtek speakers do not play anything (or they are, but very weakly).

    If I plug headphones into the Jack, that I can barely hear the sound. It's highest possible volume wise. Does anyone else have this problem? where can I get any help?

    Thank you

    If you can hear the sound through headphones the sound card works and it of not a driver problem.
    It seems that some sound controller can be assigned to the lower floor.
    I know you said that all is set to high, but nevertheless to check all possible controllers

    But a question: where did you find the Vista drivers for this laptop?

  • Satellite L20-183: PCMCIA Pixelview Tuner does not work with 720 * 480

    I have the following problem:
    I am the owner of a

    Toshiba laptop Satellite L20-183 (1.6 Celeron, 512 MB Ram, Ati radeon Xpress Mobile X 200)

    I just bought a
    Mobile TV Tuner PCMCIA (Prolink) Pixelview PlayTV havig the following specifications: TV%20Mobile.htm

    as you can see it it says he works at the frame size PAL: 720 x 576; NTSC: 720 x 480

    which is true, but not with my laptop
    It is functional on a laptop HP Celeron 2.8 Mhz, 512 Ram and Ati 9100 IGP

    on my laptop, it only works to the minimum framerate 320 * 288 (as I remember), but then the passage to the maximum framerate of 720 * 480 there are artifacts (horizontal lines) on the right size of the screen.

    I say it again on a similar notebook (talk configuration) with ATI 9100 IGP it works perfectly at maximum framerate.

    Someone told that can a card linked to overaly settings video problem, but it unlikely for me as long as lon semms as he worked on another laptop with ATI IGP 9100, which seems to be older than my video card. (By the way all the parameters and options are the same on two laptops)


    Check the BIOS on the toshiba. BIOS in the video settings, there should be a possibility to change the PAL or NTSC. If the value is NTSC I see problems that you described. So as if you right-click on the desktop and select Properties, click on the tab on the far right, a last and properties then go to advanced. Under these properties, it must have an option to NTSC or PAL. Make sure that PAL is thus selected here and see if that solves the problem. I hope this helps.

  • Sound does not work with headphones

    I have to attend an online presentation. We have checked all the settings of the sound card, but all I can do with my helmet is talk, but I can't hear anything in my headset if someone speaks. I need to first unplug the headphones to hear anything in the boxes of two speakers. I bought a new headset, but that did not help. I was looking for some drivers etc but can't find anything. Anyone know what I need to do to talk and hear the other participants at the same time with my helmet?

    Thank you very much


    Hello Nicci

    You already end solution? I put t know which model of laptop, you have, but they all work on the same path. Please check the volume control if it has disabled mute box (control volume and waves).

    In device manager there is no problem with the sound card, it should work properly. Check please properties of sound and Audio devices in Control Panel. I'm sure that some settings is not set correctly.

  • Sound does not work with Vista/Realtek!

    I use the Vista operating system.  I have uninstalled Realtek drivers when I was trying to get the sound to work.  Cannot make it work.  Speakers are not "enabled"!

    Hi Imharv,

    Download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's Web site or check the updates of windows

  • Satellite A660 - 11 M: the display does not work with nVidia drivers

    Hello world.

    First of all:

    I use the default pre installed SB (w7-64) and nothing more is installed on it, except the toshiba software.

    The problem is that, while I use the default driver installed that everything works well, if I update the nvidia drivers, I can't change the brightness more.

    It cannot be changed by fn + f6/f7
    cannot change it in windows through "brightness".
    no change in the power management profile.

    (I can put different brightness levels, but nothing is happening!) (I hope you understand what I mean)

    the only way to do it is using nvidia Control Panel.

    even if use windows utility to update windows drivers download the same drivers and there is the problem.

    the only way to fix it is to reinstall the default driver.

    but I don't want to use the prehistoric driver!

    How can I do to fix this? is this a known issue?

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Since the nVidia page nVidia drivers are not pre-tested and not certified by Toshiba, it s not recommended to use these drivers.
    You must use graphics drivers of Toshiba because the drivers are modified and created for the use of the laptop. These drivers support own device of thermal protection that protects the graphics chip.

    I think that the issue has nothing to do with the Toshiba FN button software because brightness can be affected, even using Windows 7 power management

    I recommend to go back to the original drivers Toshiba!

  • Sound does not work on HDMI on Qosmio G30-153

    I have a beautiful picture but no sound when G30-153 HDMI cable is connected to the LCD TV.
    Sound comes only from the G30.


    I studied a bit on the Toshiba site we and I think I found a solution.
    From Toshiba Web site provides us with some useful technical support documents.

    Check this one:
    Unable to hear the audio through HDMI on a Qosmio G30 connection

    It seems that it s only a problem of setting in the Audio SigmaTel Control Panel.
    Then follow the lines in the document and report your experiences.

    Good luck

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  • Qosmio G20-108 - does not start

    Just buying the G20 - 108 worked OK for about 2 months. Now, after being in charge of the day to the next, powers, gives the startup sound, the lights on the keyboard, power backlight the display but does not start. Sometimes after 3-4 minutes tune w

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  • Simple server status monitor (online/offline)

    Hello. Is there a rule + agent to SIMPLY follow the status of a server? I want an email if the server reboots, for example. It comes to vFoglight 6.7 PRO. Thank you!!!