Satellite L10-119: update the BIOS clears and RTC battery is not

I upgraded my Satellite L10-119 with new 250 GB HARD drive and the BIOS update. The laptop worked well.
After two months a probem follow arrived - only first 137 Gb(2^48) of the disk is accessible.
I've discovered:

1. If I flash BIOS again and the computer restarted after flashing, the upper part of the HARD drive is accessible for a short time or until I restart again.
2. a show of internal clock 01/01/1988 if I disconnect and connect a main battery.

So I guess that it is a problem with the RTC battery (L10-119 is 2.5 years old)

I tried to charge the battery of the CCF by connecting the laptop power for a long time, but this does not solve the problem.
Does anyone know what can I do else (except visit ASP)?

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Your guess was right, and I also, think that the problem with your BIOS settings always clear RTC battery.
In other words, the RTC is dead.

Battery charging will not succeed, because he can't keep the load.
It's probably not as easy to replace then with desktop computers, so I advise you to contact local ASP, and all must be dismantled.

I'm sorry to tell you, it's the only method I know to get your laptop to life.

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    Why you need to update the BIOS?
    I doubt that XP installation says that you need to update.

    Normally the update of the BIOS is a bit risky and must be that if she of really necessary. In addition the update of the BIOS can only be done from Windows. There is no DOS version, they available only authorized for service providers.

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    Hello Daniel,.

    I'm a little confused about your message from Mr.
    What do you mean with half of the bios is enough?
    What s wrong with the BIOS?

    The support from Toshiba said-> try a BIOS update.
    On the Toshiba page, you can download the BIOS for Satellite A40.

    It seems you didn't check the download page detailed because on this page you will find this statement:
    IOS & FID = TRO0000000b07

    The update of the BIOS has been detailed described in this document and that you follow these guidelines for the update of the BIOS.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 4320 - update the BIOS


    Can someone tell me how to upgrade the bios on a Satellite Pro 4320?

    I downloaded the update of the Toshibas files download area and read the instructions, but in vain.

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    Thank you



    It is a statement of the BIOS update:

    1. step:
    Use a (not bootable) 1.4 MB 3.5 "floppy and copy the BIOS files on it."
    2. step:
    Turn off the machine, turn it on by now pressed the F12 key
    and choose to boot from the diskette.
    For more recent machines, press the ALT key and the SPACEBAR
    The rest is automatic.

    If there is only a problem please read the information to update the BIOS on the Web site.

    Good bye

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    Get a new battery and will be all good.

  • Satellite Pro 4220 - update the BIOS does not start


    Please, someone tell me what is the problem with the update to v1.60 SP4220 BIOS? It does not start even do it according to instructions.

    I did the following:
    1 download/have unzipped the package v1.60 since the BIOS page on a non-bootable floppy disk empty
    2. put the floppy in the computer
    3. turn on the device with the F12 key

    With a floppy, I got the "non-system disk" error and another with a "EMBRL" error message missing. What is it, I'm not familiar with that one?

    Best regards

    Pete v.


    Can I ask why you want to update the BIOS?
    You have problems?
    If the laptop works well the update of the BIOS is not necessary! My laptop is about 6 years old and I have no day BIOS!

    However, I think that you didn't use the right update procedure.
    Please check this document before starting the BIOS update:

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    In the Middle, the procedure is stopped and from there, the laptop does not work it is on...
    I tried also with the procedures for the recovery of the lock of the bios...

    But I can not...
    I don't want to indicate another possible method?

    Thank you


    Do you mean that the laptop does not power upward?
    Are there any other reaction to the laptop?
    You can access the BIOS?

    If this isn't the case, then it seems that something was wrong during the BIOS update process.
    In this case, you will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

    Maybe the ROM module needs to be flashed again

  • Satellite P100: After updating the BIOS 3.8 I can't access MCE pressing enter


    I was able to enter XP MCE by pressing the Enter key when the Welcome screen. Now I cannot and must click on the photo of the small image. Is it because of 3.8 BIOS that I put in place recently or not? Can I do this option still works? Thank you very much.


    I put t know if you can restore this option but you should access the BIOS and try to define again the default settings t.
    Don t forget to save the settings if you exit BIOS ;)

    But I really don't understand why you have updated the BIOS. If the laptop is running without any problems a BIOS update is not necessary!
    Therefore, never change a system up and running, you know? ;)

    Besides as I know the P100 were not delivered with Microsoft XP MCE but with XP Home and Express Media Player or Vista

  • Satellite 1900-303: changed the BIOS settings, and now I can't boot from the CD drive

    Can anyone help, I inadvertently changed the BIOS settings, and now I can't get the CD player to boot the pc back to the default settings, Windows xp seems to work ok as is the cd player.
    If someone has the original settings, I would be grateful for any help.

    Derek has soon

    Hello Derek

    Use the F2 key to enter the BIOS settings and change the order of boot devices. This option is under the STARTUP tab. Otherwise, you can insert the recovery CD when the unit is turned OFF. Turn it on and immediately press the C button. keep it down for a few seconds and unit is forced from the CD/DVD drive.

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    Latest version of the BIOS for your PC back in 2007 so it will hardly make a difference with Windows 7 performance.

    What are you trying to solve with the update of the BIOS?

    Unfortunately, DELL only offers updates via Windows (XP only, in this case) and not via BACK like many others don't.


  • Satellite Pro U500 - update the BIOS does not start on Windows 7

    Try to update BIOS on Satellite Pro U500 PSU9CA. The download site says there is a new version available, after that download and run the program nothing happens. You can see the Winflash process in the Task Manager but it never appears"". If this has yet been tested by Toshiba?

    There are no instructions, no readme or whatever it is.

    Did somebody get the BIOS update?

    Hi torana.

    As far as I know Toshiba always test their drivers or updates tools before they will be released and I have never had a problem with the new updates, so I think that the problem is lreated to your laptop, maybe something wrong with your installation.

    In General before you start the update of the BIOS you have to decompress all the files in archive zip and launch the update as an administrator.
    Also make sure that the value added package is installed and no firewall is not blocking the update program.

  • Satellite L100 112 of the bios language and core issue.

    Hi people!

    I have a satellite l100-112. (brief model number: psla3e)
    I updated my bios to the latest version, that I found on the toshiba site. v: 3.20
    Its specification states that its language is: "universal" :)
    Well, actually it is japanease. So now I have a working bios, but I'm not convinced :)
    Unfortunately, I did not save the backup image of the bios. Can you tell me where to find an English bios or an older bios?

    The other thing is:
    I use debian etch os. I wanted to compile a new kernel, but I need a more detailed specification of equipment or a configuration of kernel source to do, because I don't know the exact of the ide controller type.

    If someone can help me, please do! :)

    I thank you,


    First as you probably don t know, Toshiba doesn't support the other operating systems like Microsoft Windows. This means that, also, the BIOS has been configured only for the use of Windows and not Linux.
    Secondly, as far as I know Toshiba public doesn't any BIOS details (source of the kernel configuration, etc.).

    > don t know the exact type of the IDE controller.
    The L100 doesn't support IDE controller but a SATA controller ;)

    See you soon

  • Satellite A215-S4817 - update the BIOS

    Hi, I'm trying to find the update of the BIOS for a Satellite A215-S4817. I tried several BIOS updates for numbers of similar but not exact model without success.

    In addition, this Web of Toshiba site does not recognize my serial number, and it cannot complete the application auto-defaut either. Maybe I have a more serious problem? The real problem is that my laptop will crash occasionally (screen goes completely black), but a hard restart to fix it. I was told I need to update BIOS, but maybe I need something different.

    Thanks for your help!

    > I'm trying to find the update of the BIOS for a Satellite A215-S4817. I tried several BIOS updates for numbers of similar but not exact model without success.

    It is a series of Toshiba laptops we.
    The BIOS can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page we:

    > In addition, this Web of Toshiba site does not recognize my serial number and he cannot complete the application auto-defaut either.
    This happened because this is a Toshiba US series and this site is for Europeans portable Toshiba!

  • Satellite C660D - after updating the BIOS, WiFi no longer works

    I have to post my message again, my old account was deleted because it bore the name of Toshiba inside.

    Here's my problem:

    I have a Tempro message asking me to do an update to the BIOS: 'bios-20120601184846. I did but it was not reinstalled the wireless driver, and since my computer can't find any wi - fi network. I still have an ethernet connection.

    I tried several ways to fix it and nobody has succeeded:
    -J' installed the driver "slate-driver-s1081-win7-wlan-1005.31.1222.2011".
    -J' installed from the toshiba Web site, the driver "realtek_wlan_win7_2000016L_20110523".
    -I turned down my anti-virus and firewall
    -J' tried a system restore on the eve of the update of the bios, but it did not because of a virus while it was off.

    The wi - fi card is always displayed in the Panel of the unit, and it is said in the work.
    The wi - fi network works on another computer or smartphone, so the problem comes from this computer.

    How can - I'm restoring my wi - fi connection?
    Thanks for your help.

    Technical information:
    Model: Satellite C660D - 104 Ref: PSC1YE-00Q001FR serial number: 3B097607K
    Wi - fi card: Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC #2

    (PS: Sorry if I don't speak very well, I'm not English.)

    Have you created a thread beginning here:?
    If so follow the first thread to avoid some misunderstandings

  • Satellite A500 - cannot update the BIOS (error message)


    I have a PSAR3A - 02U002 Satellite A500 with BIOS version 1.9 is installed.

    After reading several forums, I discovered that there may be a BIOS (v2.0) update available to resolve the current problem, these Satellites have with overheating cooling switch down.

    Excited, I have tried to install the new BIOS - this is what I get:

    "There is an error occurred, please check below the elements."
    BIOS version more than 200.
    Battery capacity more than 10%.
    AC is fixed. »

    First of all, my BIOS version is 190, no more than 200. Second, I find it very difficult to believe that the battery must be less than 10%. And third, I don't see what that remove the power supply cable will do.

    Please note that this update of the BIOS found on Toshiba's European website, but v2.0 claims to be a worldwide release. I then checked on the Australian site and there is no BIOS for my model. I don't know how to interpret this contradiction.

    Help, please!

    Hi umm_excuse_me,

    So I think that BIOS update is not available at this time for you. European and Australian models have different model numbers, so I doubt that the update of the BIOS is always the same. The pieces of equipment may also be different.

    In your case, I would wait until the BIOS was released on the page Australian too.

    By the way: where did you read that this update was release in the world?

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