Satellite L100 113 starts slowly after upgrade memory


Toshiba Satellite L100 113 PSLA3E-02401JRU starts slowly after upgrade memory with Kingston KTT533D2-512 (512 MB) of memory.
When I press the 'power' button, it flashes, starts the fans and HARD drive several times. Then it shows BIOS start messages by memory full 768 MB and starts Windows XP without a problem.
This behavior is noticed only after "shut down."
It does not happen with "restart".
What can I do to eliminate this long "attempts" to start my laptop computer?

Thank you
Novomir Kovalenko



This problem appears before upgrade memory?
Have you used exactly the same memory modules?
If this isn't the case, then perhaps there are a few compatibility issues.

Usually, after the insertion of the modules you must enter the BIOS and then save the settings. Please it and eventually the laptop will start without any problems.

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