Satellite L20-155 BIOS restore

The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.

I checked section Service and support but my (Dutch) is no longer on the current list.
Download laptop L20 refer to different models than my - 155.

Who can help me with a proper BIOS of restoring files, or can I use any BIOS L20?


> The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.
Why do you think that?

Satellite L20-155 belongs to the PSL2XE series and on the Toshiba Web site that is only available for version 2.20 update (you can see more information).

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  • Re: Satellite L20-155 crashes randomly


    You have a strange problem with the Satellite L20-155, about three years.

    During use, it just hangs. The mouse is not responding. No error message in the event log, using windows XP Professional Ed. Screen is frozen.

    I have seems to happen randomly. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes 10. Sometimes, it crashes then on the XP Welcome screen. \

    Open the folder to see if there was a lot of dust in the fan to avoid a temperature problem. This was not the case. The fan was clean and properly in the course of execution.

    Tried to start the pc in safe mode. Because in safe mode I don't seem to have problems, I decided to reinstall XP everywhere because I thought he might have had a software problem, but during the installation, the PC crashes also. Everything freezes. No response what so ever. He tried twice. In the copy of the files, the PC crashes.

    Has someone experienced similar problems?
    This sounds like a hard drive problem?

    I would like to know suddenly course where I have buy a new hard drive.

    Thank you

    Kind regards



    I agree with Abe. I had a similar problem with my old Satellite phone. I did HDD test and discovered that there were many defective sectors.

    Computer laptop start works well, but after a while I noticed the same symptoms as you. If possible, try to get the new HARD drive, Exchange and I am 100% sure that everything will be OK again.

  • Satellite L20-155: which Linux distribution is capable

    Top members Co,
    After several research reading etc in this forum and on the pages of Toshiba-Novell-Linux groups here in my country (Netherlands) I only found something on which distro is capable with my L20-155.
    My wish is to install an Os (Suse 10.1) and say a well-intentioned through window$ for the last years.
    Are there members with experience and/or good recommendation?

    Thanks so far


    I read this ad, and it seems that the distribution Linux Mandriva 2006 works correctly on the units.

    Unfortunately, the agent support Toshiba doesn't Linux and, therefore, you will find not all Toshiba for Linux drivers on all laptops.

  • Satellite L20-155 TV out does not work


    I recently bought a toshiba l20-155, when I attach to my TV, I get no image on my screen.
    When I choose in windows xp to enlarge my desktop computer for a second monitor, I still don't see anything on my television.
    also I checked on the ATI website for the latest drivers and I checked the s-video cable and my television channel.

    Please help me!

    Hello Thomas

    If your laptop computer is properly connected to the TV using just the FN + F5 key combination to switch to the TV. Also check that your TV S-video port is enabled.

    You don? t need all the drivers because preinstalled driver is already tested with TV and there everything is OK.

    On this path, I will also recommend to visit the page and under SUPPORT & DOWNLOADS you will find TROUBLESHOOTING page. You will find many useful documents in the Knowledge Base.

    Good luck!

  • Strange problem with keyboard on the Satellite L20-155

    My keyboard I am pushing the "Fn" key all the time!
    How can I solve this problem?

    + y 2eyb6ard th5n2s ' + - 4sh5ng the 'Fn' b4tt6n wh63e t5 + e8
    H6w can s63ve th5s-r6b3e +.
    (This happens when I don't push the 'Fn' key...)

    Thank you!


    Usually, if the function FN + F10 or FN + F11 is enabled if the function FN key are locked and you can use the small gray panels on the keys without pressing the FN key.
    In this case, please check if you can disable it.

    Good bye

  • Power supply does not work on Satellite L20-155

    When I insert the power chords in my laptop, it won't charge batteries. The light, which should be on when the powersuply is inserted, would light up.

    At first, I had to turn the cable some, in order to leave work, but since today it does even more.
    This means that the adapter is broken? How can this be? My laptop is only 6 months old!

    If I have to buy a new adapter, can I use an adapter that works on 19V?


    If the laptop is 6 months old the warranty is still valid. Contact service partner in your country. They will test adapter and if defective you will get a new. Do not buy anything.

  • Replacing the screen to Satellite L20-155


    With the models to screen witch can I replace my old a broken?
    Where can I find/order it?
    I want to replace by myself, because the warranty period has already passed a few months.
    It is a 15 "display...
    Type: TFT XGA display
    Internal resolution: 1024 x 768

    Y at - there someone here who can tell me where I can order it?

    Best regards


    You have answered your question yourself;
    It s a 15 screen and generally all 15 screens must be compatible.

    By the way; such screen cost a small fortune; the TFT screen is one of the parts expensive notebooks. I recommend looking for some of the second hand.

    But if you want to buy a new, then you can also order the ASP in your country.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L20-155 HARD disk upgrade

    Can I replace the real 60 GB HARD drive with a 120 GB HARD drive without any other upgrade?
    I use Vista with 1 GB of Ram. Thank you. Tony


    I think that this will not be a problem also without any other change.


  • Satellite L20-183 broken BIOS - Linux

    I have a problem with may Satellite L20-183. When I try to install the operating system Linux (Mandriva Linux 2006 official) after checking the HDD, cd... I see a broken 'BIOS' massage and only what I can do is to restart the computer.
    Why is this happening and what can I do to solve this problem.


    I'm don't know if you know, but Toshiba doesn't support the Linux operating system.
    In this case there is no information on these issues of Linux on Toshiba laptops.
    I have a tip for you. Why not install windows on your device and use a Knoppix Linux? You n t need to install Linux on the HARD drive. It starts from the live DVD and you can work with Linux as with Suse Linux.

    Good bye

  • Update BIOS Satellite L20-121 model: PSL20E

    I want to update bios v1.10 for v1.80. I downloaded the version of victory, but the following error:
    Part ID of the system BIOS and the new Image file are different (System = EW5 EW6 = lead). The system platform may be different from the Image file. You sure you want to continue?

    What should I do? Go forward or not?
    PS: I looked up the Bios updates with the model number of the laptop.

    Post edited by: newsalex

    Hello Alex

    I put t know how old is your device exactly but AFAIK Satellite L20 is fairly new to laptop and I really want to know why you want to update BIOS.
    You have problems with your device, or you want your device is updated?

  • Update BIOS question - Satellite L20


    I received an email from the forum tell me about updates for my laptop. I downloaded 3 of them and managed to run 2 of them. The transferred one is in Phoenix Winphlash and when I run it I get error message saying "the input file ' nao." ROM' can't be found. A valid file name must be specified for continue.
    I don't have any idea what that's all I was open the downloaded file and it ran. Can someone please tell me how to go to this topic here is the file that I downloaded?

    08/07/07 BIOS update Toshiba OS independent 2, 20 - WIN World Wide

    I have the Satellite L20.

    Post edited by: ADMIN

    The last step, you're trying to do is update the BIOS. To be honest you shouldn't do it especially if the laptop works fine and you didn t notice problems, especially if you use some external devices.

    By the way:

  • Question about new BIOS on Satellite L20 182

    HI :)

    I have a question: can I install new BIOS 2.20 on my Satellite L20 182 model No. PSL2XE?
    If I can't, why PSL2X users do this? Are there differences in the two models?

    Hello and sorry for my English - I'n not the best :)


    just for explanation: the bios you mentioned is good the machine bios. Toshiba is not writing the complete model number since there is a range of numbers of the same model, Don t so you need not worry, they are not different. Maybe the last digit, but it is not important to you.
    Why am I knowing this? Because many manufacturers are doing this and I've been several times confused when updating the BIOS from another manufacturer...

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L20-101: Question on battery & BIOS password

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have a Toshiba laptop satellite L20-101, so can u please answer my questions below.

    Is it better for the battery life to always stay connected to an electrical outlet when possible, or charge the battery and then use it until it needs to be recharged again? I mean what is best for the life of the battery, and I need to know if stay connected to AC power affects the battery life.

    How can I set a password for the laptop not windows? Because when I enter BIOS setup and set a password for user and supervisor. He just ask me about this password when I try to login to Setup again, but it is still continuous to the windows boot without asking me about a password.

    What should I do?

    Kind regards


    The fact is that you can charge/discharge the battery about 500 times.
    After this period, the battery will lose performance.
    More recent laptops and batteries use the latest technology of load.
    But I recommend to remove the battery, if you work on the DC for a long time.
    In this case, you can extend the life of the battery and the performance

    Please also check other topics on this topic like this.

    If you want to set the BIOS password and it should appear at the beginning, you must activate the password at startup option in the BIOS.

  • Satellite L20 - info on the system restore


    I hope someone can help.
    We have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L20 - to be honest it has not been used in recent times and I intend to send to my parents.

    The problem is it is turns VERY slowly - if the intention was to do a complete system restore and start from scratch.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to find the restore disc that would come with him.

    What are my options to restore the system to factory settings?

    Thank you

    You have two options:

    -order new media recovery under
    -install the OS through Microsoft own CD/DVD installations. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on > support & download

    Good bye

  • Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad work not but keyboard works in the BIOS

    On my laptop Satellite L20 not work keyboard and the touchpad and keyboard works in the BIOS, USB ports also does not (USB mouse).

    Can I get the BIOS update file (traditional update on the boot CD, no BONE!)

    Sorry for my bad English.

    If the update of the traditional BIOS is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact the nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

    But this problem of keyboard and mouse is really strange. can you use if you start the operating system in safe mode?

Maybe you are looking for