Satellite L20 - drivers for Vista available?


I use Satellite L20 with Windows XP. Now, I want to improve my OS to Vista/Windows 7. I've seen several people have not found drivers for L20. If I install vista on my L20 (PSL2XL-01R007), the drivers will be available?

Please help me.

Thank you.



> Now I want to upgrade my OS to Vista/Windows 7
You want to upgrade to Vista * or * Windows 7?

> I've seen several people have not found drivers for L20
I think that it s depending on whether Toshiba provides drivers for Vista or Windows 7 for Satellite L20. These drivers are usually placed on the official page to download driver of Toshiba.
Satellite L20 PSL2XL seems to be an Asian model, so I checked the Toshiba Asia page, but there are just available Windows XP drivers. The European page also shows only XP drivers :(

This means that only XP is supported, but you can try to get all the drivers yourself on external pages. Probably, you will find all the drivers you need. Here are some pages where you can perform a search:

Good luck! :)

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    Hello. I am from Russia and my English can be a problem. so excuse me.

    I have a Satellite M100-180.
    I installed vista on my computer and downloaded the drivers for vista for my laptop.
    But I have problems with display on the Ati Mobility Radeon X 1400 graphics card drivers.
    After installation the message that this driver installation. Please answer as possible))


    Satellite M100-180 belongs to the series of PSMA1E. Please download the Vista GPU driver for the right series M100!

    Also on the Toshiba European page driver you will find BIOS especially designed for Vista.
    So if you want to use Vista on your laptop, you will need to update the BIOS.
    But be careful! Do not forget that you have chosen the good BIOS and the right update procedure because the incorrect BIOS may damage the motherboards ROM module!

    Secondly, the installation instruction txt file has been on the site driver of Toshiba. This txt file shows you the right direction how to install the drivers of Toshiba.
    The proper installation order is necessary and important. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this document.

    Last but not least; the ATI drivers are also available for download on the * * site.
    The driver downloaded from this great short site on my laptop.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A300D-126 - need drivers for Vista Ultimate x 64

    Hello world!
    can someone tell me where can I find the drivers for vista ultimate x 64 can laptop? On this site, I couldn't find that for the 32 x.
    Is it works on x 64? It's urgent pls...
    Thank you


    You Satellite A300D-126 belong to the series of PSAK4E. Is this good?

    Well, as you say the European Toshiba page pilot provides drivers for Vista 32 bit and Win XP at this time.
    It seems therefore that the 64 bit Vista drivers are not available at this time!

    Therefore, you have to collect eth Vista 64 bit drivers with your own hands...


  • Satellite P300d 10v - found some drivers for Vista


    My laptop is Satellite P300d 10v and I coud not found some drivers for vista!
    I look in the page drivers toshiba and a find some drivers as a some other display drivers driver Bluetooth!
    When a driver install package value my easy touch keys does not work!
    Also a woona install win xp instead of vista, but a cant find any drivers for this laptop (p300d 10v) sata!

    Sews enyone had the same problem?

    Help, please!



    If he chooses the compatibility, he will lose a little performance. So, it's not a good idea ;)

    The best way is to load the SATA drivers. It can also create a clean Windows disk with nLite.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50-109: need drivers for Vista

    Abdoulaye all body...

    where can I find drivers for Vista...

    my PC is 'Satellite A50-109'

    Hi Alzaabi

    I wish that you check different threads here in the forum before opening a new topic of Vista drivers.
    Someone posted this link to the document from Toshiba:

    Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    As you can see the A50 is not listed ;(
    Therefore, you should check the various unique drivers of another series or visit device manufacturing sites to get the driver for vista
    Good luck

  • Satellite A300 - need drivers for Vista 64 bit

    Hi all

    I have the satellite A300 (PSAGOS - 03401C), I did a fresh install of Vista 64-bit, but unable to find the drivers for the device. Research on Toshiba driver support has not been successful.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you

    Hi married,

    Satellite A300 PSAG0S unknown to me, but on the European page, I created a similar model, PSAG0E. But the problem is that there is no drivers for Vista 64-bit, so I tried a Windows 7 64 bit and here I could found the more pilots. Normally, Windows 7 drivers should also work, they are compatible to Windows Vista downgrade.
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite A300 > PSAG0E > Windows 7 64 bit

    Check this box!

  • Satellite M300 PSMD4L Audio drivers for Vista 64 x required

    Hi all

    I'm looking for audio drivers for Vista 64 bit OP for a satellite M300, I bought in Asia - PSMD4L

    Ive tried the driver vista toshiba Asia but its not working, I think because only 32-bit. I think that it is a map its conexant

    Help or direction is appreciated



    See Toshiba us!

    You will find the Satellite M300/M305 series.
    There are some drivers 64 bit Vista published for these series, the sound chip seems to be Conexant and you will find the audio conexant driver as well.

    Check it out!

  • Where to find drivers for Vista for Satellite Pro L40 - 18W


    I installed Vista on this laptop, but get drivers because it is really hard. Download speed of [HERE |] is very slow. Is there another way to get the drivers for Vista?

    Thaks you for the answer.

    To my knowledge, you can download the driver for this Toshiba laptop European only Vista on the European site of Toshiba.
    Download speed seems to be slow. I think that the server is overloaded and I hope that this problem will be solved in the next time.

  • Qosmio G20 156: RAID drivers for Vista needed

    I just tried to install windows vista on my computer, but I can't choose any drive to istall turn it on.
    It says I have to update the drivers for TOSHIBA RAID.

    Anyone who knows where to find or is it impossible for me to install vista on my computer?
    Tanks for all help!


    Hey Magnus

    Really strange because I had seen the RAID for Vista driver on Toshiba page, I swear!
    However, googel one small little for RAID drivers for Vista, and you should find something interesting

  • Cannot find drivers for Vista for Satellite Pro A40

    I have the Toshiba Satellite Pro A40.
    I find no drivers for the Vista operating system installed recently, or find a way to report directly to Toshiba.
    Seeking advice.


    You can find some Windows 2 k and drivers for the Satellite Pro A40 XP in Toshiba Archive area.

    As you can see this series of mobile could be found in the area of the Archive because it s an old model of laptop. Because this series is a little older Vista drivers are not available and if you want to use the Vista on satellite Pro A40 then you have to collect the Vista drivers at your own hand.

    Good luck

  • Need drivers for Vista 64 bit - Satellite A100-847


    I'll install Vista x 64.
    First of all, I wanted to download the necessary drivers.
    When I use toshiba Web site there is no x 64 drivers for my model A100-847.
    Where can I find them? The drivers are included in Vista?


    Satellite A100-847 seems to belong to the PSAA9E series!
    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and unfortunately; 64-bit Vista drivers are not available for this series of laptop.

    However, there is perhaps a chance to get 64-bit drivers, I know that some series of laptops are equipped with the same features. This is why some unique drivers should run on the series of portable different too.

    You should check some other series where 64-bit drivers are available and try to install it maybe you're lucky.

  • Satellite A300-145 back still not update the display drivers for Vista 32

    (1) Intel published the new driver for internal and accelerator graphic GM965 Express X 3100 integrated in Toshiba Satellite A300-145 9 & lang = fra

    new version is 15.11.2 for Vista 32, but this Milkeficent I can not install - program say that ' it's driver is not check for you unit - call to make the device "-what is a problem?

    but on [to Vista drivers Toshiba support page: action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 781 & selShortMod = 694 & selOS = 26 & selTyp e = 11 & country = 30 & language = 34 & search =]
    still OLDER version (without OpenGL 2.0 support)
    -When can I update my display driver for version 15.11.2?

    (3) as the 3Dmark Vantage you say "back to video card not supported DirectX 10" - what is a problem?

    Toshiba Satellite A300-145 (PSAJ0E)


    Thank you all!


    Is this your first laptop?

  • Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E - can't find the right drivers for Vista 32 bit


    After you have reinstalled vista 32 bit, I can't find the right drivers for: Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E-00V011DU

    -VGA adapter
    -Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast ethernet
    -Controller SM


    Thank you already!


    Go to the page European driver Toshiba because it is European model:> support download &-> download drivers

    You will find all the drivers!

    Display VGA adapter driver
    Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast Ethernet LAN card driver
    SM controller might be chipset driver or driver card reader

  • Satellite A200 - 2BH PSAE6E - where to find the drivers for Vista

    Hi evrerybody

    I have a toshiba Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E-0HE049FR and I want to download drivers for windows vista.
    Problem: I can't find in the download page: s

    Can any one helpe me?
    I have a question othere how can I upgrade my vista to windows 7?

    Thank you

    You can find all the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    I imagine that check you didn t the Archives area.

    You will find the drivers.
    Product type choose Archive and this helps you to get the Satellite A200 PSAE6

  • Satellite Pro A10 - where can I find the drivers for Vista?

    I have a series A A10 PSA15E - 09VYL - EN SPA10 that came with Windows XP. Are there drivers I can use for my upgrade to Vista?

    The XP his works pilot OK (as far as I know) and I was wondering if there is no driver that would work with Vista 32 bit. I can't find, and the site indicates this model is not compatible with Vista, but I thought that maybe there is a solution...

    Any help gratefully received

    Thank you



    Normally, you can find all the drivers on the Toshiba European driver download page as you say: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    But for this model of laptop are only drivers for Windows 2000 and XP are available.
    If you're searching on external Web sites for pilot.

    For example:

    Good bye

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