Satellite L30-101: could not connect to Orange Livebox via WI - FI

Hi all

Bought my first laptop today, a Satellite L30-101 with Vista. I finally managed to connect to my livebox after filming of encryption and the Vista firewall. Now, I turned as well on I can not connect. I get a msg of error saying 'the settings saved on this computer do not match the requirements of the network. I tried to repair the i.p address and tried to change the security settings in the properties.

Ideally, I would like to completely remove the existing profile then the Connection Wizard may start. This is probably very simple, but I am new to wifi and Vista and would be grateful if anyone could offer advice.



Hi again,
Following the previous, I have more the error msg. I changed the Livebox WPA security only and on the L30, I put the WPA-personal security type and TKIP encryption.

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