Satellite L30-101 - it can not turn on


I had a Toshiba L30-101 given to me for my birthday in 2006, he initially had Windows Vista on it so because of problems with this program.
I was later forced to get rid of this program and to install Windows XP, and I have not had a problem since.

However, last night, I forgot to bring my laptop, normally I do not panic as it happens in sleep mode, and yet when I lift the cover (when I do this windows XP starts and allows me to reconnect my phone) I have met with a black screen, nothing has been loading, nothing has changed, I was faced with a black screen.
I pressed the standby key and nothing happened, nothing happened even when I hold the button for a bit longer.

I disconnected the battery, and although 2 green lights showed that I should be connected on the right, I was always with a black screen. I left him a little and he's always like now, only 2 green lights went and it seems that there is no life be it current. I can not turn on,
I tried to reboot and nothing has changed.

I don't know what to do as this has never happened before. I might add that, even if I changed the program for XP I didn't no problems with it for 2 years and a half, until now.

Could someone help me at all?



Have you tried to remove the battery and the AC adapter? Remove the two, wait an hour and try again.

If it doesn t work I think that there is something wrong with the motherboard. Maybe it needs to be replaced or another part.
Therefore, you can contact the nearest ASP and ask for help.

Good luck!

Welcome them

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  • Satellite L30-101 - Vista will not start all I get a black screen

    Hey can any help me please I have a toshiba satellite l30-101 (PSL33E) with windows vista basic hoe

    I was updating my BIOS on toshiba website and while he was installing the battery has been disconnected and when I turned on my computer laptop back I got was a black screen, the fans would start and thecd rom would turn

    Ive triyed al the keys F and all the FN keys to bu that nothing would happen that also, I tried an external monitor and the same thing I got nothing on the monitor is a black screen then when I disconnected the mnitor a blue box would come on the screen saying no video input please attatch cable

    allsoo ive tried running the recovery disc, I put the cd in the CD-ROM drive would begins to spin, but nothing would happen that I tried all the F keys while the disc was running, but still nothing would happen

    could sumone if you please help me

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    > I was updating my BIOS on toshiba website and while he was installing the battery has been disconnected and when I turned on my computer laptop back I got was a black screen, the fans would start and thecd rom would turn

    I m afraid the BIOS update has no procedure and therefore the ROM chip has not updated as it should. This is the reason why the laptop can not start correctly.

    I think that it of necessary to reflash the ROM BIOS module Once again, but this can be done only using a procedure of BIOS of crisis.
    As far as I know this can be done only through ASP because there is no traditional BIOS version by download.

  • Satellite L30-101 WLan card not recognized after installing XP


    I just finished my Vista to XP downgrade L30-101 and installed all the drivers I found were those that I needed, but now it's not recognizing the wireless and I do not know how to fix this...

    The wireless icon is not in the Internet Connections folder or anywhere else, but I have already downloaded a modem one try it and a network card, a...

    He had an Atheros card on it too I think, I downloaded the driver for this as well...


    Do you have the yellow marks or unknown devices in Device Manager?

    In your case I'd do an update of the BIOS if you n t have the most recent version, and Yes, you have an Atheros WLAN card, so you need Atheros driver.

    Please check if the switch wireless on the laptop is on.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A300D-152 - can not turn on the S-VHS output

    After I installed Windows 7 (32 bit), I can't turn on the S-VHS output (TV).

    Any solution?

    Hi Longhorn_1,

    First of all, you should check if the display driver is installed correctly. This means that in Device Manager it should t be any yellow exclamation point.
    New drivers, you can download from the official page of Toshiba.

    In addition, you use output S-video if you press the FN + F5 key combination.
    Generally you must connect the S-video cable first, before turning on TV/laptop. After that turn on your TV and select the S-video port and then turn on the laptop. FN + F5 key combination to switch between monitors.

  • Any ideas why my Satellite L30-101 is not turn on?

    I have a L30-101, which does not any power whatsoever.
    There are 19v from the Jack that goes in the back of the laptop but where it goes from there I don't know.

    None of the lights on the front of the machine to recognize any signs of power. It will not charge the battery is totally dead
    Someone at - it ideas? The laptop had no much use, as was a second device, but it just won't work and driving me crazy. He won't show signs of life at all.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    > It 19v come from the Jack that goes on the back of the laptop but where it goes from there I don't know.
    > None of the lights on the front of the machine to recognize any signs of power. It will not charge the battery is totally dead
    > Anyone has any ideas?

    How about a dead motherboard?
    Failure of the motherboard may be the reason for this

    It would be the worst case since the motherboard is some of the most expensive and deeper cases there s no need to replace it as a new laptop would be more expensive

  • Satellite L30-101: could not connect to Orange Livebox via WI - FI

    Hi all

    Bought my first laptop today, a Satellite L30-101 with Vista. I finally managed to connect to my livebox after filming of encryption and the Vista firewall. Now, I turned as well on I can not connect. I get a msg of error saying 'the settings saved on this computer do not match the requirements of the network. I tried to repair the i.p address and tried to change the security settings in the properties.

    Ideally, I would like to completely remove the existing profile then the Connection Wizard may start. This is probably very simple, but I am new to wifi and Vista and would be grateful if anyone could offer advice.


    Hi again,
    Following the previous, I have more the error msg. I changed the Livebox WPA security only and on the L30, I put the WPA-personal security type and TKIP encryption.

  • After downgrading from Vista Satellite L30-101 does not read DVD


    Like many people, I didn't like Vista and so returned to the use of Windows XP.

    In doing so, I lost a lot of things like the ability to watch DVDs and sound, most of these problems fixed so easily by downloading the drivers from this site.

    However, even after the DVD driver download I can't read DVDs yet.
    When you try to play through Windows media player I get say error message that I did not have a MPEG-2 decoder, in the section web site help, it suggests where to get one, but you have to play for each other.
    After having one in the first place, I don't think I should buy a new one.

    If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appretiated if they could let me know.

    Thank you

    PS I have a Satellite L30-101

    I think you have a codec problem, but I'm not sure. Maybe you should install the latest version of Media Player and codec Xvid, DivX and AC3. These are free (google it!). Or you can try alternative software, such as WinDVD or PowerDVD, you can try the demo versions.

  • Satellite L30-101 will not boot after memory expansion


    We have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101 with 512 MB memory

    We also bought 2 X 1 GB-compatible modules to extend the memory to its max.

    When we installed the two new modules the laptop won't boot.

    We tried to install one at the time and both work individually. I also tried 1 X 512 MB
    and 1 X 1 GB, which also worked.

    It seems that we are not the only one with this problem!

    1.5 works much better on le.5 but it doesn't seem to be a shame to have the autres.5 but its unusable!

    regards db

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    I think that you have incompatible modules for mode dual channel.
    What RAM do you have?

    A module is maybe corrupted and so he doesn t run in mode dual channel.

    You can check the module with a program like Memtest86: []

  • Can satellite L30-101 - I change Vista to XP


    I've been looking by changing from Vista to XP on a Toshiba Satellite L30 - 101.

    I wonder if this is possible, because I do not know abut driver problems. I found this site:

    Which has a list of drivers, including those of Windows xp to the L30. Before I try to make the change, I wanted to just make sure that it is possible and any issues i should know about.

    Thanks in advance


    As I m not wrong not the Satellite L30-101 belongs to the series of PSL33E.
    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and found this series of laptop and I also found the XP drivers.

    Therefore, you can change the Win XP and you will also be able to reinstall Win XP drivers!

    Good news. ;)

  • Satellite L500 - can not turn on the new wireless network card

    I have little problem with client model T. Satellite l500-1ek. I change orginal at BCM94321MC wifi wifi card mini pci card (rev 6). Card works well - everything is ok - driver installed ok.
    But I can not turn on wifi with FN + f8 key - Windows.

    This isn't a software issue - this button should work before starting any kind of system, but do not work. I tried everything, including the update of the BIOS. Card works correctly, but can not turn on wifi: (.)
    Can anyone provide another solution than to change the map?

    I have reinstaled value-added package and Flash utility support card - fn Panel works but buton f8 disappeared.
    I tested with another card from mnipcie and have same problem - can not turn on wifi - fn + f8 does not work

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    Hi Ipcur,

    Why you traded with another wireless network card model?

    He works with the wireless network card preinstalled Toshiba?

  • Satellite A200-1HV - can not turn on Wi - Fi


    On my Satellite A200-1HV, I can't turn on Wi - Fi.
    I pressed Fn + F8, but had always disable the Wi - Fi adapter.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.

    Before you use the key combination FN + F8 to ensure that WLAN switch is turned ON.

  • No games no install on Satellite L30 - 101


    I have a laptop Satellite L30-101, which happened with Vista.
    When I was with Vista I had none of these problems, but since I went down to XP install no games.
    The games can go on the menu when you click on install but nothing after that, it doesn't do anything.
    The screen will stay as it is and what can I do but no installer runs.

    I am sure I have drivers properly installed but not sure that more.

    No one knows the correct driver should I use, and if this is really the problem?

    Thank you.

    Satellite L30-101 has not been delivered with the Vista operating system.
    You have received a Toshiba with Win XP Recovery disk and I wonder why you n t use this disk.
    All drivers XP, tools and utilities are already preinstalled on the recovery disk.

    I recommend that you use this disk and then try to reinstall some games

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite L30-101

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101. I upgraded the RAM to 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) successfully, but I find it incredibly difficult to get information on the replacement of the processor.

    The laptop has the latest version of the BIOS on it (3.10 - WIN - 02/19/08), but trying to find information on whats inside I'm hitting brick walls. First of all the site >< doesn't="" have="" my="" laptop="" on="" it,="">
    Product type: notebook
    Family: Satellite
    Product series: Satellite L series
    Model:? unknown
    Short model No.:? unknown

    I hope I could paste in but with the ATI chipset Intel Duo, I'm sure that it won't work but once again without knowing what in the BIOS, compatible... I got lost. Single processor I can find who can work, same package, FSB, socket is an Intel Core Solo T1350 of processor which begins at 1.86 GHz, not a huge difference, and I don't know that it cannot be the only option of replacement.

    Could someone and please help me to get the hands on info from BIOS and compatible processors for my laptop. The current Intel Celeron M Processor 410 deporting the 1.46 GHz is not good enough for Vista (cert on laptop) and basic multi-task. His way of late too even after a good tune up, ram, HD 7200 rpm upgrade. I need an upgrade of the processor, but as mentioned it is incredibly difficult to get the information which would be compatible.




    In my opinion, your attempt to replace the CPU is false. Why? Satellite L30 is not designed to offer performance and it is designed for everyday use. Best evidence was the price. It wasn't so expensive.

    Can you please tell us why do you have new CPU? Do you use special software?

    Return to the replacement of the CPU. As you probably know laptops have limited upgrade options and it is related to the RAM and disk HARD upgrade. It's definitely not for CPU upgrade and it is not supported. Specific design, especially of the cooling system is designed for certain CPU.
    Because of this, you will not be able to find relevant info on replacement of the CPU.

    Check it please this Toshiba document -

  • Problems of memory on the Satellite L30-101

    I have a toshiba satellite l30-101 laptop and wanted to upgrade the RAM, so I bought 2 x 1 GB sticks to put in it.
    Now, I could not find all those at 533 mhz so I bought 2 667 mhz after a talk to a technical guy who said if I had 2 the same speed it will work very well.

    Only this isn't at all that I can put a stick and it works very well with the 533 mhz.
    The one I have in if I try to put the two sticks in it comes up with errors of memory and I get the bsod that restarts my computer and did not get my games or other programs.
    Is anyway to make sure I can have both new sticks in that I really need RAM and do not want to buy different ones.
    I mean if I can get another one we should probably work well work?

    Please help im crazy trying to solve this shit


    I think that the speed of the memory has nothing to do with the BSOD!
    In my opinion the BSOD appears due to the failure of memory!

    In addition the L30-101 supports only the FSB 533 Mhz. In this case you will not be able to run the 667 Mhz modules of memory at full speed.
    The modules will run at 533 Mhz only!

    So in my opinion, you must replace the defective module with one that works very well!

    Best regards

  • Satellite L30-101 starts with only the PXE message

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my Satellite L30-101 (33rd PSL)
    When I start this is the message I get




    I replaced the HARD drive, but I still get the same message

    Any idea?

    Thank you

    You replaced the HARD drive.
    That is fine, but did you install the operating system using recovery on this new HARD disk media?

Maybe you are looking for

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