Satellite L30 - button is moved to the original position, does not

I play an old Japanese game and the]< ]="" button="" (the="" game="" calles="" it="" select)="" that="" normaly="" is="" between="" left="" shift="" and="" [="" z="" ]="" is="" between="" right="" shift="" and="" the="" [="" -="" ]="" button.="">
When I play the game (on my L30 - psl33) it is played full screen mode. If the button does not work. The thing that is annoying me, is that the button is recuierd to play the game (BOF4).

What shuold do?
I can't change the setings for the button, and I can't use the keyboard of the screen?

Please help me.


Hello lah

Please don't get me wrong, but I have to ask you something: you have this problem in game only or you write us about a general problem with this button?
If some button doesn t react in certain game is not portable s manufacturer problem and you have to ask the help of game maker.
They have experience with the own product and this is the right place where you can ask for help.

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    I just had a Satellite P500 and am running Windows 7. I downloaded all the latest drivers and updated the system BIOS to version 1.70 (from Toshiba support website). Now, my numeric keypad of the keyboard does not work.

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    I removed the keyboard driver and rebooted to reinstall the keyboard driver, but has no effect. The keyboard has worked for a few days after that I flashed the bios but seems to have stopped since I started using a USB mouse. I tried to uninstall the USB mouse driver, but who have nothing do either (it was a Logitech driver).

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    > I did not upgrade bios 1.7
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    As another user has suggested upgrading the BIOS 1.7 helped, even if the end user has updated the BIOS twice

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    Press tilde (~) before turn is reflected in the remaining space screen (not even the home toshiba screen appears) and slow Zens sounds.

    Apart from that I can't really do nothing at all.
    I tried to reset the BIOS by disconnecting the battery CMOS/RTC (hoewever, we call it) of the motherboard for a while with no results.

    Turn on/off without the results of HD internal in a white screen with an ERROR 'IDE #0.
    I can always stop by pressing the power button, you don't have to bother on the external hard drive it past I don't even want it works more.



    I agree with Graeme. Your HARD drive is probably faulty. Sorry, but I don't think that you will be able to use the external HARD drive. The option in the BIOS is not for EXTERNAL HARD drive is just, I guess, for disk HARD placed in select Bay.

  • Satellite L300 has no sound and the modem also does not work

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    Is there something else I missed that I can try again?


    I agree, with Akuma. First remove the audio controller from Device Manager (can be found under audio and game controllers).

    Then update the Vista of the State. All patches and Service Packs must be installed.
    Then, restart the device and install the driver Audio from Realtek ALC268 from here:

    Should work

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    To analyze and solve problems for Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag (download and save to the desktop - ) tool
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  • Satellite C650 - error reading disk and the recovery disk does not work


    I have a toshiba Satellite C650, who has recently developed with a disc read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some possible solutions I've read on the internet.

    I made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which has also installed Windows 7 64-bit. When I use the recovery disk and it loaded the files etc it evokes just a black screen and the cursor.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
    I tried to start my computer acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine.

    As is - this does anyone have suggestions as to why I get the message "disk read error - press ctrl, alt and delete to restart?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to offer the exact diagnosis, but of course, there must be a problem with the HARD drive. Can you get a second one for test purposes and exchange it. Just to be sure if the HDD is troublemaker.

    But there is something else:
    > I made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other computer acer laptop...
    Sorry, but I don t understand this. Can you please explain what you did exactly?

  • Buttons to program and the Source monitor does not?

    I need to take a screenshot of my project, but NONE of the buttons of the program monitor work. I click on them, and it does nothing.

    I am posting this because none of the suggestions in the other discussions helped me at all.

    Screenshot worked perfectly when I used it YESTERDAY. Apart from the closure of the program, I can't find any other changes made to my computer or slim_thung.

    I have already tried:
    -Reloading slim_thung

    -Restarting my computer

    -Reset my preferences (Held SHIFT at the opening of the program)

    -Development projects and timelines

    -Add and remove buttons to see if it has nothing

    I am at a total loss...

    Is it possible to take a screenshot in the meantime while I tell me what's going on this issue?

    Work on 64 bit Windows 7 system


    This might help:

    Go to Documents > Adobe > Premiere Pro and rename the 8.0 to 'old8.0' folder and then launch it first.

    8.0 is first CC 2014

    7.0 is first CC

    Rename the respective folder.

    Note: by doing this, you will lose your custom keyboard shortcuts and custom workspaces.

    Report if it helps.

    Thank you


  • Satellite L30 - 10Y always starts with the message of repair


    Whenever I try to run my Satellite L30 - 10Y (PSL33E) I get the window with the message Startup Repair (Windows cannot repair this computer automatically).

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    Maybe the operating system is confusing upward
    Have you tried to restore using the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    Check if it works!

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    Right-click on the taskbar and unlock it. Take an empty place and slide it downwards. Lock the taskbar.

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    Drag the side down. Make a right click on it and UNLOCK 1. Sometimes it can be difficult to
    Take then try in several places.

    Move and resize the Windows Vista taskbar
    Unlock and move the taskbar

    How to lock or unlock the taskbar in Vista

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Check please the parameters for function keys mode. There are two ways to use the F keys:
    -Special mode use F keys only
    -Standard F1 F12 mode key FN + Fx

    Check settings please.

    By the way: do you use the original pre-installed Win8.1 that you got with your machine?

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