Satellite L30: The sound does not work on XP Sp2

Hi, sorry but I cannot well English.

I have a problem. I do not have CD with drivers, but I download from the toshiba site.

Yesterday, I reinstal windows, then I install all the drivers and I have a problem with the audio drivers.
In Device Manager is all good, his system is activated, drivers of instalation, I have no problem. But sound does not work.

You have any ideas?



If the sound does not appear on your laptop, you must first check the volume control on the side of the laptop. Turn it up to the max level.
Then check the sound devices and audio in the control panel if any controller is disabled or turned to the lower floor.

Additional connect headphones and check if you can hear something.

By the way: have you installed the correct drivers? On the Toshiba page, you will find two different sets of portable Satellite L30

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  • Satellite L30: audio sound does not work - WinXP SP2


    I just bought a new laptop (Satellite L30 PSL33E-02S01LBT). He had installed Windows Vista, but it was horribly slow.

    I installed Windows XP SP2 on it's updates. I installed all the drivers from toshiba site I could find for my model.
    Everything works fine except the sound. I tried to install the drivers found on the toshiba Web site, but it fails with this error:
    'No pilot only is supported in the suite of drivers' (AKA FRENCH: 'no driver no is supported in this suite of drivers').

    In my list of equipment I have this with a "?":
    (?) Audio device on High Definition Bus Audio

    I tried to install the Realtek drivers with version.
    Found the driver here:
    This driver has been installed successfully, but the sound still doesn't work.

    So, I removed this driver and found my "Audio on Bus High Definition Audio device"...

    What could I do? Is this computer model toshiba laptop has problems with XP and the sound?

    Thanks for the help...


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    Thanks for the solution Abe! :)

  • Satellite 2400 - 103: sound does not work after installing SP2

    I had to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 to keep my Windows Update. Unfortunately, my audio device does no more work because XP is considered a potential threat.
    When first, I installed SP2 last year and saw that I had no sound on my PC, I just uninstalled it because I didn't know what to do for my sound card.
    Now that I have to install it, I must do something for this sound card (as a music lover, I am not not to be able to listen to it).

    Could you please tell me if Toshiba has created a code for this problem? The devices dialog box tell a Code 48. I'll contact Yamaha?
    Thanks a lot ofr your answers.
    Good bye


    Have you checked the page of the Toshiba driver to update the audio driver?
    If this isn't the case, then do it!
    I visited this site and find a sound driver of Yamaha. The update is on 14/01/05 and all other drivers are since 2002. So I guess that the audio driver has been updated on the page.

    So download the driver and install it on your laptop!

    Good luck

  • Satellite A10 S203: sound does not work - just enough


    To my satellite A10 S203 sound does not work, I updated my sound card and the bios but nodifferents. Nothing in the system that says that I have something wrong whith my sound is just enough. I tried speakers headphones and challenging systemsounds, mp3, Auidi direct works cd... nothing.

    Any tip?
    [email protected]

    First check the status of the sound card in Device Manager.
    If there is a yellow climbing brand then you should try to reinstall the driver. (first remove it and after reboot, install a new)

    Have you checked the volume setting and the site of laptop? Eventually he s a very simple idea, but believe me, I read many comments here in the forum and a lot of guys forget this option simply.

  • The sound does not work on my XP system

    Hi the sound does not work on my Windows XP Pro system, while they were inspecting it stipulates that at least one of the following services does not work, Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder. How can I solve this problem?
    Thank you

    Hi GeraldSaurin,

    ·         How long have you been faced with this problem?

    ·         You did it last changes before the show?

    I suggest you to start the following services and check that it works.

    a. click on Start menu and enter service.msc and press enter.

    b. in the next window you will see the list of services.

    (c) in the list, locate the service and try to Start the services.

    Also run the fixit available in the link below and check if it helps.

    No sound in Windows

    I hope this information helps!

  • Internet and the sound does not work after uninstalling programs, System Restore also not work.

    I noticed that my computer felt a bit slow so I uninstalled a few programs that I knew were not very helpful so I restarted my laptop, and then the network and the sound does not work.

    I tried to use the system restore, but that does not work either and I tried to online solutions, but nothing works.

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • Satego P100-10F: Windows XP Lan, usb slots and the sound does not work


    I have problems with windows vista, so I checked the forum to get information on the windows xp installation.

    I downloaded the drivers windows xp since the P100 Satellite (pspa6e), my only problem is that the LAN, usb slots and my sound does not work.

    I hope someone has a good idea for drivers or to install another driver I have sound and LAN on windows xp.

    Ty and Greetz

    See European driver of Toshiba.
    Here, you can try to install several drivers of different portable Satellite P100.
    Try all series.
    Fact is that some units of the Satellite P100 and Satego P100 series were delivered with the same features.
    Therefore, it should be possible to use the unique drivers of these series.
    Check all.

  • Re: Satellite A350 - the lightkeys does not work

    Hello world

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A350, but recently, the lightkeys does not work.
    Can you help me pls?

    What do you mean exactly? Are that they OFF and you can not activated or you cannot use them with player for playback, pause and other functions?

    Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba Value added Package?
    If this isn't the case, please do. Remove the preinstalled version and after mobile download page restart install the most recent version of Toshiba.

  • Satellite A200 - 1 M 7: the sound does not work after the downgrade to XP


    As in the topic I have a problem with my sound card - it simply does not work under Win Xp (under Vista everything worked).

    In Device Manager I have two 'points of inquiry:
    -Controller\ PCI memory
    -Unknown device
    I assumed that the unknown device is my sound card, but still can't make it work :/

    I've already upgraded the bios and install page of toshiba Realtek drivers.

    Really need help.



    No sound after installing XP operating system. What to say man I searched here in the forum similar threads and it seems that it is a common problem.

    But you worry about don t; I think that I found the key ;)
    After installing win XP, you must update the latter State. Install all the patches and hotfixes provided by Microsoft. You must use the website to update Ms. The tool on this page checks the system and selects all necessary updates!

    Very important are the patches; KB888111 and KB835221
    These hotfixes must be installed before installing the sound card driver.

    The Realtek sound card driver can be downloaded from Toshiba or on the official website of Relatek page.

    By the way; It is very important to install drivers in the correct order. On the Toshiba page, you will find the installation instructions. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this doc.


  • I can't read the words of the security and the sound does not work. How can I complete the configuration of the synchronization?

    How anyone can read the enigmatic words for synchronization of the configuration is beyond me. Just audio does not work. If not, how can I transfer my cache settings, including passwords for sites in my new computer?


    You can try after some time. To check possible synchronization problems, please see this.

    Alternatively, you can manually transfer the necessary personal data.

  • Satellite A200 - 170 PSAE6: the sound does not work after upgrade from Vista to XP


    I have a little problem with my laptop Toshiba A200-170
    Modelnummer: PSAE6

    I changed my system from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

    Everything but the sound at all to install worked at best does not. The driver runs up to the end, but after the restart is installed nothing.

    Please help me!

    One question;
    Have you read the Readme.txt file that is placed in the audio driver package which can be downloaded from the Toshiba page?

    Please do!

    If you install the driver of sound for the first time follow these steps:
    Driver installation during the first:

    Step 1. Before installing Realtek HD Audio Drivers, press on the
    [Cancel] button if Windows detect the multimedia Audio device.

    Step 2. Insert the "Drivers from Realtek HD Audio" CD into the CD-ROM drive
    drive and run the setup.exe program to complete the installation.

    Step 3. Click on [next/OK/OK] to proceed. If the context menu of Windows
    "Digital signature not found" message, press [Yes] to continue the

    Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [finish] to complete

    The system will reload the drivers and make some adjustments in the INF file
    file if necessary.

    Important: Please install the Microsoft KB888111 patch before installing the audio driver

  • Satellite L30: CD player does not work with the new HARD drive


    Just bought a new drive to HARD drive of 250 GB to transform my L30-115 has a home server.

    My problem is when both the new HARD disk drive DVD/CD-RW drive of origin are inserted into L30, the computer crashes and I can not even get into the BIOS (I have the latest edition).

    However, when I disconnect the CD player, system boots fine in a system of operating "plain" (command-line only) - BIOS recognizes very well and everything is fine. Idem: as I disconnect the HARD drive and connect the CD player, I am able to work (for example with a live linux system).

    The question is: * how to install a Windows operating system to a new HARD disk drive *? There is no option to boot from USB. What else can we do? I'm not going to invest more money into this old machine. I would like to install the Windows Home Server in there. There is no need to use the CD player later (all other operations will be performed by the network).

    Person not answering, so I'll do it.

    I was able to boot from USB external floppy drive, so the solution is to boot from external CD drive and install the system.

    It is not an exact solution, because the internal optical drive must be removed, so I'm looking forward to see updates to the BIOS level or other solutions for Toshiba.

  • Satellite L50 - B - sound does not work unless I plugged headphones


    I'm having trouble with the sound on my satellite L50-B-1NM, I have nothing on the speakers, but it works fine if I plug in headphones, can anyone help? I tried following the advice of ladies of support and tried to uninstall, but it does not :-(all help would be much appreciated



    Go to control panel of-> sound-> the Read tab

    Here, you set speakers as the default device.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • After upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7, DVD player and the sound does not work on Hp Pavilion 6807us laptop.

    Original title: multimedia player Super Multi 8 X DVD±R/RW with Support Double layer on my computer is hp Pavilion 6807us laptop detects not.

    I have a multimedia Super Multi 8 X DVD±R/RW drive with Double-Layer drive that is not detected on my computer hp Pavilion 6807us laptop. The same day as my sound stopped working. My OS is windows 7 but was Vista when the problem started. Can someone help me? Buy the way, my sound and my cd/dvd device does not appear in Device Manager. My Dvd Player is displayed in order to start installation. Help please.

    HP doesn't produce the specific drivers for this model, only drivers Vista, win7, and as such it may not work properly.

    If the problem occurred previously under Vista must have been resolved then, as the upgrade, an o/s is unlikely treat a pre-existing

  • Deliver the sound does not work on the computer.

    So sometimes the sound on my computer works just simply. This problem occurred recently: after watching a few movies on the computer using a double headphone output (I was watching with my sister) it worked fine, no problem. A day or two later, I tried to watch a video (on headphones) and the left earphone wasn't working - no sound didn't go out. I figured out the headphones were very good, but it's the computer problem. He started to work again the next day, but then most problems - sometimes no sound at all. No speakers or the headphones. Ever since then, it's like Russian Roulette, sometimes it is sound, sometimes it does not. I just wish the best. I tried troubleshooting and he said that he could not detect any problems. I tried to it turn on and off again? Yes, several times.

    I'm desperate for help! Thanks in advance.


    If the computer has a separate sound card remove ALL power and then remove and reinstall
    the map. If it's built-in sound so either she developed a hardware problem or
    something interferes with him. If the device goes wrong it may be replaced if

    a separate device or it can be disabled in the BIOS or Device Manager and
    a card can be used OR a USB card sound.

    Check in the Device Manager - Sound - Driver tab - go to the site of the manufacturer of the audio device
    Download and install the latest driver.


    Sometimes 3rd part antivirus/security or another program may be causing interference.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7,
    or Windows 8/8.1

    Other programs to help:

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically
    When your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list
    locations of registry and files where applications can configure start automatic settings.
    Process Explorer - free - find out what files, registry keys, and other objects
    processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded and more. This unique
    powerful utility will show you even owned by each process.

    Check with support from the manufacturer of your system (manufacturer of motherboard for customized systems) their
    online resources and the drivers and ask questions in the forums about known problems.  Or
    with audio device manufacturers / real sound if a separate device/map.

    No sound in Windows - use the troubleshooting tool


    Check if you have the latest available driver. Download and install the latest driver.
    If you have the latest driver to re - install the same.

    More troubleshooting if necessary:

    Microsoft - hardware and drivers

    Why Windows is not find my device? ' t-windows-conclusion-device

    What happens if a device is not installed correctly ' t-installed-correctly

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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