Satellite L300-170 - no network card in Device Manager


I use Toshiba Satellite L300-170.
I install Windows 7 and realized that my LAN connection does not work.

In Device Manager, I have only the wireless network adapter which works fine.
My question is: is - nothing I can install LAN adapter manually and then install driver although my OS does not recognize LAN adapter?

Hi mate

First of all, please set the BIOS to default settings.
Then save changes, connect the LAN cable to the LAN port and reboot the device.
After that please check in Device Manager if the LAN Controller would appear once again.

AFAIK some newer laptops supports a new energy saving feature.
The LAN card is active and appears in Device Manager only if the LAN cable would be connected!

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  • Satellite L555 - no wireless network in my device manager card


    I work 2 days on WLAN, then lose connection and now I have no WLAN card in my device manager...
    I got the BONES to the State of origin, marked FW-implementation update 1.70, uninstall the battery, but no card WLAN...

    Within 2 days I see what fall Fn + F8 of WiFi/Bluetooth/WLAN... For only Bluetooth/Wlan.
    Can I change the WLAN status and the LED changes but no card WLAN in the connected device without WIFI Manager.
    I have other laptop that had WLAN-contact. I have Toshiba e-mail-contact but no answer, I am not happy.

    Who can help?

    Sorry, my English is not very good
    the elefant


    You sent an email to Toshiba? I wonder how. The fact is that if you have problems with your laptop, then you should get in touch with a local ASP (certified partner) in your county and do not send an e-mail to Toshiba.

    Back to your question;
    If I understand your question, the WLan card is not listed in the device under network adapters Manager; as unknown device or as a Ethernet controller.
    Is this correct?

    Well, it means that the WLan card module is not recognized

    I m wondering what Satellite L555-xxx you have exactly?

  • Satellite L300 - ODD has exclamation mark in Device Manager

    Please could someone help me with my Satellite L300 laptop?
    It has a pre-installed Pioneer DVD - RW drive, but in Device Manager it has exclamation mark and not show as a CD player and DVD player.

    I tried for days to find the right drivers but no success, it displays as: PIONEER DVD - RW DVRKD08A ATA Device in Device Manager, I am unable to watch DVD s, thank you.

    Remove the device from the list and restart your laptop.
    The problem again?

    What operating system do you use?
    You use your laptop to factory settings?

  • No network card in Device Manager

    Windows has started giving me BSOD about 2-3 weeks after the installation of new hardware (CPU, MoBo, RAM, sound card) with old hardware (GPU, power supply, HARD drive, more RAM). Why he gave me BSOD this long after the upgrade, I don't know, but I have an inkling that it may be due to a processor AMD will an Intel processor without reinstalling the operating system. I was also able to activate Windows (he has started to think it wasn't authentic) since slui.exe did not work. I changed the power supply because of the requirements of power increased and finally reinstalled the operating system and now have a new copy of Windows active and ready to go. No BSOD (so far) no driver issues, nothing went horribly wrong.

    In this context, I present you my current problem: just before I reinstalled the operating system, when a backup of my data, I noticed that I couldn't connect to the internet. It showed I was connected to the LAN but no internet. I got hurt like that before, but it was either something I could fix it by resetting the adapter or the DSL down. I thought it was just another thing that turned bad in Windows and that a reformat/reinstall would fix it, as it does most of the problems.

    The thing is, after reinstalling Windows, I noticed while I was installing drivers from the CD to the MoBo that the LAN driver was not clickable. I checked Device Manager and, of course, there was no topic network cards. Search the hardware changes do not work, and flashing the BIOS (via M-Flash) did not work.

    Since the MoBo is around the age of two months, I believe it is not a hardware problem, but is there another possible explanation? I'm going to RMA this mid-September if there is no solution at this moment here.

    My motherboard is a MSI 785GT-E63. I will give all necessary data to solve this problem. Thanks for all the advice I can get.

    There is no unknown devices in Device Manager, I installed all the drivers for all my hardware. I even downloaded the latest drivers from MSI site, including the network adapter driver, which I installed it without result on another computer.

    There is a setting to disable or enable the LAN, but it is set to 'Active '. I'm also leaning towards the network chip being broken due to overheating of the thought. It is a turn intermediate with a huge GPU and poorly ordered PCI/PCI-e slots. The single NIC that will fit must be PCI-e x 1 which are more expensive (about $30). I'm leaning toward move my computer to a larger Tower (the one currently resides in my brother's computer) or, as I've mentioned before, RMA'ing it.

    Thank you for your response. I'll see if there are any other ideas or suggestions before the agreed time.

  • Win7 does not detect not ethernet cable, no network card in Device Manager

    OK ive tried to solve this problem for 2 days now, I need help from others. Here's the problem: I plugged my ethernet to the slot cable and I can see the lights, but the computer does not detect I went to Device Manager and check if my adapter excist but I found no network card, I searched the internet and could not find any solution. I had a P5QL motherboard 4 GB of ram real processor 2.80 ghz of intel. Can someone help me?

    -Download a new copy of the drivers for the network card
    -uninstall the software of network adapter in Control Panel... Programs of... Uninstall a program
    -Uninstalling the card and software driver (right click... Device Manager Uninstall)
    -remove card installation and restart without the card.
    - then put the card in and reinstall the drivers.

    In case it is damaged, try another network card.

  • Satellite A300D-20V (PSAHCE) - Double card in Device Manager

    Hello, I'm trying to understand this for a long time, but I failed. I decided to sign up here and ask.

    I have Windows 7 installed and fully upgraded, everything works like a charm, but in my device manager, I have two displayed graphics cards
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series (works well)
    ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics (boot error, code 10 device) - well Yes, looked at the list of error codes MS, tried to update the drivers, nothing works

    Screenshot of the Device Manager:

    My question is what is this second device because it does not work properly, so the other question is if it is possible to combine the two devices to get more power in the graphics (like ATI CrossFire)? And if someone could post a link to the drivers who will be the best for this chart I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance!


    As far as I know on desktop it s normal behavior because the card will be installed as a primary and secondary card...
    But in Device Manager shouldn't t no yellow exclamation point.

    First you must make sure if more recent display of the official website of Toshiba driver is installed: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If it doesn t work it would be interesting to know if you can see the same (yellow exclamation mark) on pre-installed OS from Toshiba.

  • Should satellite L300-170 - I install the display driver?

    I have Toshiba Satellite L300-170 and I install Windows 7. When I go to the resolution of the screen (left click on the desktop) in the display writing "* display: display Mobile PC'* ' is this normal or should perhaps write" * Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family * "?
    What should I do to change this, if it's not good?

    When I'm working on Autocad 2009 go to work my laptop slow that he work on same autocad 2009 on Windows XP is only display driver or something else?


    Normally in the graphic properties where you can change the resolution of the screen you can see the type of graphics card. Looks like you didn't install the display driver

    To verify the Web from Toshiba site to download the driver: > support & downloads > download drivers

    After installing the driver, you might give us a feedback, what happened! :)

  • Satellite 1410-604: WiFi disappeared from the Device Manager

    On my Satellite 1410 604 wifi seems to be dead. Don't turn on. FN + F8 does nothing and it is not even in network adapters in Device Manager.
    Any suggestions?


    Did you use Wireless LAN in the past?
    I ask because the wireless LAN optional on this unit and you must upgrade first the unit with the minPCI wireless LAN card to work with WLan.
    Have you installed the card?
    This info is very important because I don t know whether or not there is a Wlan card.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300-2This - wireless network adapter is not listed in Device Manager

    PL. seated me in solving the WIFI issue in my newly purchased Toshiba Satellite L300-2This (PSLBGE 020004AR)

    1. me confirm - this model is equipped with WIFI as shown in the Web of Toshiba site but my device manager it is not displayed at all. (using Windows XP)-its only display Realteck LAN

    2. I installed the drivers from the site web of Toshiba - but always hardware WIFI not be picked up by any driver. Device Manager showing that a single 'Ethernet LAN' not installed-may be it is the WIFI card but once again on three pilots (real teak/intel/Ac..). which is the right selection computer-based laptop model No.? as none does not detect the hardware.

    3. confirm me - this model is NOT - equipped also BluTooth?

    Appreciate the quick response in this regard.

    Violaine Asim

    Hi mate,

    Just a simple question: have you activated the wireless network adapter using the hardware on the computer switch portable and key combination FN + F8?

    Satellite L300 is permanently equipped with wireless network card because a friend of mine had the same specifications.

    However, you should try to update the WLAN driver. Check the download page of the Toshiba driver for an update.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite U400-138 - wireless network card does not appear in Device Manager

    Hardware WiFi isn't in Device Manager.
    Win Vista 32 bit, Ultimate

    Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

    May I ask what is the problem with your laptop?
    You description is not really useful

  • Satellite L300-17N (PSLBCE) - wireless card does not work


    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLBCE) that came without any operating system and the dirvers. I installed WXP PRO SP2 above and downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba site. Everything has been installed ok and functional except for the WLAN card. The wireless network card, it is a Realtek RTL8187B but it is not recognized by my laptop: if I Check Device Manager it does not appear (it does appear that "Network controller" with yellow mark). Then I went to Realtek website and download new drivers from there and installed again... also with these dirvers WLAN card still not recognized.

    No idea this coud be the problem? I don't know that I have downloaded the correct dirvers from Toshiba Web site as well as the Realtek site... but none of them helped. The chipset drivers have also been installed and also the last BIOS version (my BIOS version is newer than the one on the site of toshiba with the drivers for this model)
    May this be a conflict with the other dirvers or WXP PRO SP2?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy

    Satellite L300-17N does not support Realtek RTL8187B but Intel 11 a/b/g (13ch) - Golan Wlan card.

    I recommend to visit the portal of Toshiba Europe WLan and recommend to download and install the driver Intel WLan from here:

    Here, you can try the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300 driver package!

    I would appreciate your comments

  • Satellite M100 - driver for network card does not work


    I have a problem with my Satellite M100. I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba Web site but for the network card, I can't find it works well!
    Tried to download from the site Intel, as suggested by the other mailing list, but still can not work well!

    Can order us a recovery disk with all the drivers for a specific series/model (i.e., Satellite M100)?

    Thank you.


    You have yellow excalamation marks in Device Manager?
    Normally, if you search on the Toshiba site for your model of laptop you will get a list of the different drivers and then you download the LAN driver.
    Also, do you mean the network card or wireless network adapter?

    Also, check the number of vendor as Akuma said.
    On this site, you can enter the vendor ID number and device. After that, you can find the right driver.

    Good bye

  • Problems installing Satellite Pro 4600 wireless network card

    I have a Satellite pro 4600 since 2002. I've never been checked his internal wireless network card. Today I'm trying to use it, but I am unable to even install it.

    1) there is a little left switch of the laptop. I do it ON the switch but it didn't not repond on that not everything on same desktop light next to this switch has.

    (2) there is not any link showing option wirless card I can update and install the Device Manager.

    (3) I have dual boot windows 2000 and xp. In the two I tried to install the driver of his CD moose. But there was no requirement for the office and even in network and Device Manager.

    Please give me an urgent response.

    I have a similar problem. The text of presentation for the Satellite Pro 4600 says 'model of communication center Mobile with wireless built-in on all Intel® Pentium® III, LAN module card integrated 10/100 Ethernet NETWORK and international integrated V.90 data/fax modem'. Mine is a model of the Pentium III. Operating system is W2K fully patched.

    I used the interface NETWORK built-in Ethernet and modem V.90, but so far never had the opportunity to use wireless. The wireless on the left side switch produces a light. Should this model use a wireless PC card? If so, where would be a?

  • Satellite C660 - 120 Wireless Network Card disconnect

    My Satellite C660-120 warning disconnect from the WLAN. It happens every two seconds. I tried different browsers and updated NETWORK adapter drivers. It's running Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network. Someone at - it solutions?

    > It runs Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network.

    Have you noticed the same problem with WiFi using another standard Wlan as 802.11 B or G?

    The laptop seems to supports the 802.11(b/g/n) of Realtek RTL8188CE WLan card.
    You can compare the version of the driver Wlan available including the version available here:
    the last seems to be: 1005.19.0420.2011

    In addition, it would be interesting to know if the WiFi network disconnects using only the power of dough or also use laptop connected to the power adapter.

    It would be possible that the system saves energy and this affects the Wlan functionality.
    In this case, you should disable this option in: Device Manager-> WLan card-> properties-> last tab (power management).

    You must also uninstall the TCP/IP v6 and must use only TCP/IPv4
    How to:

    Have you already to reboot your router Wlan?
    Make and check if the firmware needs to be updated.

  • How to access the Satellite Pro 6100 wireless network card?

    I'm cleaning a Satellite Pro 6100 for a customer and noticed that it has built in wireless card (something they didn't know). However, I just can't work out how to access. I pushed the little switch on the side backwardsa and I rocked forward, Fn + F8 and everything else I can think. But nothing happens.

    I even found the Switch Device Network utility, but that is only to show the LAN card.

    Any ideas?

    First of all please check if Device Manager in the laptop has an integrated WiFi card. The switch WLan available on the website of the laptop does not. Laptops are delivered with different specifications, and the WLan card is optional.

    I think that the WLan card is not installed in your laptop and so you cannot use it.

Maybe you are looking for

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