Satellite L300-190 - Wireless does not work in Ubuntu 8.10


I recently bought this Toshiba Satellite L300-190 (PSLB8E-014008N5) of the machine.
First of all, I tried to install Ubuntu 7.x, but which failed due to a problem of graphics card. So I try the new version of Ubuntu 8.10, everything works fine, except wireless. There is no detection wireless in there.

I tried through the Ubuntu forum, but still no luck. Please help me if you can provide me with a good driver or can guide me as well.
I await your response.

Great news. Thanks for the link.

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  • Satellite L300 (PSLB8C-0H901X) does not work

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB8C-0H901X, does not work, no power, no MESSAGE, nothing, lamp power and charge Get when pluged into anything else, any known issues? All the fixes, thank you in advance for your help.

    Of course, your laptop is completely dead. In such situation, there is no magic solution and I m afraid that you need professional help. If there is absolutely no reaction is maybe defective electronic power supply and the motherboard must be exchanged.

    As you know this is part more expensive so you need to check if this is the solution for you.
    Call, explain the situation and let it check your laptop.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 Wireless does not work after restoring from HARD drive

    After that restore disks for installing a new HD and use and to update XP sp2, the Wireless does not work and if the card is installed XP hangs then works in fits and starts. If the card not in place, not bad at all.

    Booting from a Linux CD, the card works perfectly! I assume that the driver is the problem. The wireless card is the original, an Agere MPC13A-20/R, with Toshiba p/n PA317U-1MPC.

    I have found some drivers Agere, but am not sure

    (1) if they are correct
    (2) how to install since the machine works in a way limited with the card in place.

    Any advice?


    I checked the page of the pilot and the only available for Windows XP WLan driver is the driver of v.1.11.108 Agere.

    (1) just try to install this driver. If the driver is not correct or is not compatible, then windows will not install the driver and you will receive a notification. You just have to try

    (2) generally you may reinstall the driver from the Device Manager. Open network controller tree, and then you can reinstall the driver.

    But this is only possible if the windows started successfully

    PS: Have you checked the information of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 update on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    I discovered that you need to update several utilities if you have installed SP2 on this laptop.

  • Satellite C660-108 - Wireless does not work

    Hey everybody,

    New to the forum, I had to sign up because of a problem with shame. I would like to apologize in advance because I know nothing about how computers work.

    I have a toshiba satellite c660-108, windows 7 OS. Yesterday I was updating it and I used it very well after that I restarted. He stops and went to bed. Today, I turned on and he did a system restore, don't know why. So all went through and then it wouldn't connect to the internet wireless, only ethernet cable ( - same problem as far as I can tell).

    I'm in the middle of my diploma thesis and word does not work now, so I did a full factory restore hoping everything would be ok. This isn't.

    Ive tried to download the driver toshiba wireless, just didn't work. It currently downloads Realtek but I'm sure it won't work either.

    How to get another wireless network card?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    The essential is that you it works again.
    So congratulations. :)

  • Satellite T110-121 - Wireless does not work after sleep in Win7 Home Prem 64


    I bought Toshiba Satellite T110-121, with Windows 7 Home Premium.


    1. after going into Sleep Mode, when he wakes up, my WIFI does not work, unless I'm in wireless network card setting, Advanced tab, then I change the Tx to say 100% to 75% power level, then the WLAN will work.

    2. I tried to adjust the setting for power management on the network card for maximum performance and does not disable during sleep and also in the Bios but nothing is

    3. I use Realtek 8191SE drivers have been updated (wireless card, Ethernet, Bios)

    Thank you

    As much I know Tx power level option must be set to Auto.
    Have you noticed the same behavior with Auto option?

  • Satellite L300-1BD - output does not work VGA


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 1BD (model PSLB8E). I've been usinng the VGA output to connect to my LG tv. It worked fine until last week. All of a sudden the TV won't not reckognized by cell phone. TV says no external device is connected. I tried different things: commissioning with the TV connected and not connected via the VGA cable, by pressing the FN + F5, removing the battery and pressing on the powerbutton, verified to the last videodriver, deleted the driver existing and installed new... unfortunately without result. I also tried to plug the TV with a different VGA cable, but no result. It is not the TV because I tried to connect the laptop to a TFT monitor and it did not work as well. Tested the VGA cable with my friends laptop: it works perfectly.

    The strange thing is: if I crochet TV up the laptop, I can hear the phone makes the his "new hardware found" and turns black same laptopscreen for a second, then everything appears on the laptopscreen. If I check the graphic properties with the right click on my desktop, I see they are no set for 'clone device ". As if the laptop computer knows, something is connected, but just cannot transfer the image to the TV screen.

    The graphics card is a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset family.
    The OS is Vista Home Basic (32).

    It's a shame that the VGA output seems to be down because I watch tons of videos and movies through my laptop on the TV screen. I don't know if this could be a software or a hardware malfunction. If someone has an idea or an idea, please let me know. Thanks in advance!



    All that you have done to test the functionality of a VGA port is good, but I assume that there must be a hardware problem and I recommend you to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider.
    Of course, on this path virtual, we can only speculate what may be the problem, but it should be tested correctly. If you want to last and ultimate test Exchange HARD drive, install original OS, you got with the functionality of your laptop and test with the factory settings.

  • C855 satellite - internet access Wireless does not work after upgrade to Win8

    Hello can someone help me?

    I have Toshiba Satellite C855 1HU. I just upgrade to Windows 8 and now I have no internet Wi - Fi.
    I don't see the wireless icon.
    I have downloaded the widipl - it din't work.

    Means Enyone help me?


    You laptop was equipped with card Realtek Wlan RTL8723AE
    I assume that you have installed the wrong driver Wlan.

    Check and try to install the Realtek Wlan driver released for the Win 7 system

  • Hot satellite L300 - function key does not work

    After the superb help I got from Jimi, I hope I can solve my problem last, I changed my OS from Vista to Windows XP Home edition and I managed to get all the drivers working even if some on the site of Toshiba don t work like Wi - Fi, I managed to acquire other places. Alone, I can't get to work is the shortcut keys, it says TOSHIBA COMMON MODULE NOT FOUND! Everything else works OK after using Nlite (cracking bit of Kit)

    My laptop is Sat L300 - 1AQ model PSLB8E-OOKOO

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Then, visit the Toshiba download page and check for common Modules. There is version 1.00.05. Download and install it.

  • Satellite Pro A200: Wireless does not work


    Got a Satellite Pro A200 2 weeks and the wireless worked well.
    Then after a week there was a problem, try to connect. I was able to reboot the pc and he was able to connect.

    Now it just doesn't quite work.
    I can connect through the LAN and I have another laptop that connects to the router with no problems.

    I checked in the Device Manager, the wireless card works correctly and I've updated the drivers for it but no. - GB.

    Any help would be great.
    see you soon


    Try to remove the network adapter from Device Manager wireless.
    Then restart the computer and reinstall newest WLan driver that you can download on the page of the Toshiba driver!

    Second, you could try to set up the WiFi network using an Intel ProSet Utility (but only if you have a Wlan Intel card.)

    If you have an Atheros Wlan card, then try using the Atheros Client utility for configuring Wlan

  • Satellite L300: FN F8 does not work to activate Bluetooth

    Thanks for your reply and sorry if I speak very well English.
    I bought 3 Toshiba L300 PSLBGE and after installing Vista, I tried to install the battery blueetoth.
    After a few minutes, the installation program ask for me to plug in the unit (it is built) and to do this I press Fn + F8 but it doesn't work.
    I'm sure that there is a built-in bluetooth device because it has the logo on the box (and also on the bottom of notebook).
    What can I do? Thank you.


    Make another function of FN keys?
    Have you installed all necessary drivers that would allow the FN button functionality?
    Installation of battery BT over properly?

    Why you do not use the Toshiba preinsatlled OS?

  • Satellite L300-11V - Internet does not work after you remove software


    Internet my brother no longer works. We believe that it is because he took off a bunch of software/programs to free up space.

    He said that the problem is
    ... "There are problems of hardware or driver with the network card"Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)"on this computer".

    Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem, or what to download?

    The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L300D-11V

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy

    This error message is that you need to reinstall the driver for the network card. You can get this driver on Toshiba page: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If you have installed the latest version of what the Internet should work again! :)

  • Satellite L300 PSLBGE webcam does not work

    Just bought my first toshiba laptop. After you install the Chicony webcam driver I see more info - that the system requires to install CNF7051 device driver. And in my device manager, I see such a photo.


    Please help me how to solve this problem?


    I don t know Russian and therefore, the screenshot is not really useful (because of the different letters)

    But you can use this provider PCI database to determine which device driver is necessary:

    Here you can search the Vendor ID and Device ID which you might find in device-> properties from the Device Manager

  • Wireless does not work - Satellite A300 model PSAGCA


    My built-in wireless does not work on my laptop. I called the customer service line, his fees to fix the problem but to no avail. Now, I have to use the wireless adapter to use internet which is not the way I wanted to. Can someone help me please how to do my job with built-in wireless?

    Thank you


    + The message was edited: model number added to the object.


    Please tell us which laptop model you have and what operating system is preinstalled.

  • Re: Wireless does not work on the Satellite L505-13N Windows7 Professional 64-bit


    I just got a Satelite L505-13N and upgrade to Win 7 Professional. The Wireless does not work. It seems that the driver is not yet installed.
    FN + F8, that should give me the option to turn on/off Wireless does nothing and the wireless on the laptop light is lit (orange color).

    What should I do?

    Thank you


    Wait a moment George.
    What do you mean with upgrade? Did you do your own installation of Win7?

  • Satellite C660-121 - WLAN does not work

    Hi all

    I have problem with Toshiba Satellite C660 - 121.

    I installed new windows, and now my wireless does not work. I downloaded all the drivers LAN, WLAN etc. and WLAN will not work, I put the internet cable in the laptop, but not by cable or WIFI internet connection: S

    Please can someone help?

    Edit: in the Device Manager, NETWORK CONTROLLER is not installed, but I can't find that anywhere and I can't find any Wi - Fi network!

    Which Windows version have you installed on your laptop satellite?

    At first check if the WLAN and LAN card card are installed and registered correctly in the Device Manager?
    If Yes, you must enable WLAN card by using the FN + F8 key combination. Can you do this?

Maybe you are looking for