Satellite L300-1F8 - how to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver?


I have Windows 7 on my laptop. Accidentally, I installed the saver of energy for XP and I can't uninstall it (error 0x7E).

Do you know how to uninstall it?

Hey Buddy,

Normally the Toshiba Power Saver is designed for XP only so I think that's the reason why you can t uninstall it.

In any case, you should try it with CCleaner. This freeware tool can also remove installed programs, as well as s worth a try! :)

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  • Satellite M60: How to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver

    Anyone know how to uninstall the Toshiba Power Saver driver manually (so that should not be able to perform a clean installation of Windows)? There is no automated uninstall for the GST driver (should not be confused with the Toshiba Power Saver that can be uninstalled without problem).
    Note: the recovery CD is not an option here, because the pilot of the GST is included.

    I want to do this to check if this is the thing that messes the keyboard or not (see posts on M60 keyboard problem). I just wanted to check on a new Sat P100 which has a similar keyboard, but guess what... the GST is not enclosed with it.

    You guessed it, the keyboard problem has not resolved the Toshiba service representative.

    Hi Sammo

    Unfortunately I have no solution, how to remove the GST driver but it will be interesting to know how it works after installing the full version of Microsoft WXP. If you do a few tests please let us know.

  • Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) where to find Toshiba Power Saver to download

    I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite - T2450 - A200, running windows XP and I badly want to run the program.

    I need massive help someone ' one/everyone hehe.

    I can't find the program anywhere.
    So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download?

    I would be very happy about that! Thank you!

    You will find on the page of European of Toshiba in archiving BIOS and utilities driver for this good old classic.
    But unfortunately, there are drivers XP no., or all the utilities to get that book from the stone age.

    Nothing to my buddy.

  • How to make Toshiba Power Saver working in Vista?

    Is there a way to make toshiba power saver works on vista?

    If not, is there any other 3rd party program that does the same thing? Or y at - it news that toshiba is developing this program for vista?



    you will laugh, but do you know who developed the powersaver for vista?
    It's toshiba (Yes :)), and all functions are adapted from current saver original toshiba XP. If you don't need to download anything, because all functions are already supported. :)

    So, just the question why do you ask? ;)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P300D - 15 c - cannot install Toshiba Power Saver

    TOSHIBA Power Saver for W - XP cannot be installed.
    Installation error messages: fatal error, abandoned facility. 0x2
    Try to remove the part which is installed (visible in Add/Remove Programs), gives the same error message 0 x 2.

    Under programs > Toshiba only the help file 'Power Saver Help' is visible, but is not accessible.

    Can someone help me?


    Hi mate

    Drivers and tools must be installed in the correct order!
    I googled a bit and found this order of installation for this laptop model:

    Windows XP Service Pack3 (RTM)
    2 KB898458 KB898458
    3 KB936181 KB936181
    4 KB936782 KB936782
    5 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment V1.6.0_06
    AMD 6 RS780M/MC, RX781 + SB700 Chipset Module V5.10.1008.8
    7 AHCI Driver V3.1.1540.61
    Processor AMD 8 V1.3.2.0 driver
    9 AMD video driver V8.479 built-in
    9 AMD M82 / M86 video driver V8.477
    10 Conexant CX20561 Audio Driver V3.47.1.50
    11 Marvell 8040/8072 LAN Driver V10.57.4.3
    12 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver V10.1.7.0
    12 ALPS Touch Pad Driver V6.0.305.11
    13 V7.73.0.0 Conexant Modem driver

    Reader of cards 15 O2 OZ129 V3.23
    16 modem region Select utility V2.2.3.2 (RST223MAC02)
    17 driver Atheros Wireless LAN Driver V7.
    18 Atheros Client Utility V7.

    20 V6.2.238.0214 Chicony camera software
    21 Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba V6.10.07T.2
    22 Bluetooth Monitor V4.02 (Build20080122)
    23 TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities V1.8.1.3
    AES1610 24 Authentec Fingerprint Utility V7.10.1.0/V2.1.11.0
    TOSHIBA ConfigFree V5.90.09 25
    26 TOSHIBA Assist V1.03.00upd4
    27 CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer V1.00.008
    PC Diagnostic TOSHIBA 28 V3.2.8 tool
    29 TOSHIBA Touch ED V3.0.3.0
    30 TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility V3.0.3.0
    V3.0.3.0 utility TOSHIBA 31
    TOSHIBA 32 Control Utility V3.0.3.0
    33 Toshiba Power Saver V7.04.02.Q
    34 Toshiba zooming Utility (smooth view) V2.0.0.24c
    35 GST Init V1.0.4.1

    * Note *: not all listed drivers or tools are released on the Toshiba driver page
    So install only those drivers and tools that are available on the page of the Toshiba driver and follow the order listed above.

  • Satellite A100-599: cannot start service Toshiba Power Saver

    I have A100-599 with Vista pre-installed. As you know there is that Toshiba Power Saver comes with mobile vista power settings. Not always, but sometimes when I turn on the computer and start windows I get this message "service Toshiba Power Saver could not start.

    When I checked in Control Panel-> system-> Services if the service indeed off I saw he did start and run.

    Can someone tell me why this message sometimes? It is a software issue or maybe there is a problem with the hardware?


    Maybe I m wrong but as I know Toshiba has not designed for Vista operating system energy saver!
    Vista uses a power options clean that looks like a little bit like the Toshiba power saver, but not energy from Toshiba!

    All laptop computers that are shipped with Vista have any preinstalled Toshiba eve!

  • Satellite A500-1GL - version of last Toshiba power saver

    The guy with the A500-1GL, please, tell me what version of Toshiba Power Saver do you currently have? It is displayed in the menu of advanced power settings.

    I ask, because, I suppose, that GST of the toshiba .eu site is pretty old and my laptop came with a newer version. Am I wrong?


    Why the version is so important to you?
    Important thing is that everything is working properly and portable saves energy if she runs with low CPU utilization.

    What operating system do you have exactly?
    If you use Windows 7 or Vista, Power Saver is a part of the package of added value.

  • Satellite P850-12BZ - how to uninstall Toshiba recovery media library?

    I need to uninstall to upgrade to win 8 on toshiba satellite P850-12BZ


    Check also this document -
    And here, you will find instructions how to proceed.

  • How to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver?

    Earlier, I deleted by mistake the eve of power of Tosh file.
    I'm assuming this command functions of STANDBY & hibernation because they no longer work, to the extent where I can not restart/recover either.
    So I downloaded the file pwrsav.xp7037i - .zip from the database of tosh, extracted, but cannot see how and where I have to re - install?
    Someone there did a similar thing and succeeded?

    I just want to see this zip file, but I just can't find no description of the model of laptop. In any case, it should be setup.exe file. Please open this file and installation should begin.

  • How to install Vista on my Satellite L300-1F8 (PSLBGE)?

    Hello guys. I have some problems with my laptop. First of all, certain details so that you know exactly what I'm working with:

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300-1F8 PSLBGE
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

    I had problems with several drivers (video, modem), but I managed to solve these stars with drivers from the Web site.

    Now, if I go to Device Manager, there are only 2 things with yellow triangle:

    OTHER DEVICES (that's the category)
    Ethernet controller
    SM Bus controller

    It seems that I can't do this work. Can you please specify? I read on the internet, but still could not find a good answer (or perhaps I looked in the wrong place).

    If you can provide me with some answers/links I would really appreciate it. TKS a lot for your time spent helping me!

    2nd thing to ask: How can I test my webcam included? I can't find any software to run? Let me know on this subject.


    Hello Razvan

    I hope that we will find the solution for you, but at first I have to ask you something:
    You bought your laptop computer without an operating system preinstalled?

    In any case, all the drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in order to good facilities. When you do this, everything will be OK. I just hope that you started with driver chipset. It must be installed first.
    I can't order exact facilities for your laptop, but if you want I can send you my P300 laptop. It is quite similar.

    You have installed the LAN and WLAN (Ethernet) drivers?
    Card reader installed too?

    Install the driver for the webcam. Features of webcam you can test with Skype or installed Camera Assistant software.

  • Vista 32 bit Toshiba Power Saver does not work - Satellite L300 PSLB0E

    I have problem with Toshiba power saver - it does not work.
    I have not found a driver for Vista 32 bit here.

    Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB0E-04R012RU VISTA HOME PREMIUM

    Thanks for your help


    What do you mean with it does not work?
    What energy savings you used?

    The Vista operating system uses clean power options and there is no special Toshiba Power saver for Vista as for Win XP

    Maybe you tried to install the saver of energy for Win XP?

  • Re: Satellite L300 - 17l - Toshiba Power Saver gives me error after installation

    When I bought my L300 - 17l all the drivers of Toshiba drivers download pafe worked out well.
    Recently, I have reinstalled my OS XP and now I started to install all the drivers again. LAN has been authorized, WLAN was ok, the display driver has been authorized.

    But when I get to install Toshiba Power Saver (URL: []) it gives me this error (it shows the error or after I cliquerai on finish the instalation or before installation began, as you can see in this screenshot)-[]

    I later tried this - i go ot Control Panel and open Toshiba Power Saver, but then it gives me another error: "CANNOT be opened because you do not have access rights to use 'TOSHIBA Power Saver'.
    I reinstalled my XP again and it still gives me this error... I wonder what could be the problem... Please help me


    Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE series.
    I chose this model number and found exactly the same energy saving that you tried to install.
    So I guess that you have chosen the right Power Saver utility for this model of laptop.

    But did you also install the common Module?
    This software must be installed first before installing other tools.
    Update you the Win XP for the State?

    Check it!

  • Fatal error of TOSHIBA Power Saver 0x51A on Satellite M115-S3094


    By the subject, that's the problem. Unfortunately, my computer which is Toshiba M115-S3094 has just recently a fatal error with the Toshiba Power Saver program like 3 days ago. The Toshiba Power Saver not only does not want to work, but it is even more present in the taskbar. First, I went to the properties to be able to restore the program, but nothing helped.

    Then I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the program, and he always gave me the same problem with the error: the program ends. Error fatal 0x51A. Right now, my laptop does not on the mode of power supply Toshiba but on common Windows system, such as the presentation or the laptop.

    So I need help to restore the Toshiba Power Saver. I run Toshiba M115-S3094 with Windows Media Center Edition.


    Satellite M115 seems to be a Toshiba laptop because of the 5 at the end of the number.
    In this case, you must use the Toshiba on the Toshiba site energy saving us. Did you?

    Maybe you used the right utility electricity saver, so possibly that some registry or system files keys are damage in this case install the new OS for the Toshiba Recovery CD would be desirable.

  • How can I install Power Saver on Satellite P100 with Windows XP


    I need help: how to install Power Saver on my P100 with Windows XP Home edition. I just bought new laptop with Windows Vista, but when I tried to work with him, he shows me blue screen. So I decide to delete Vista, because it is total c... and back to my old Windows XP operating system. Now, I have problem with Power Saver... I download Toshiba support, but it does not on my computer. What should I do?

    Thank you


    As much as I know Satellite P100 units has not been handed over with Toshiba power saver.
    May I ask where did you download the saver of energy for Satellite P100?

    I assume you want to install utility is not compatible on you P100 and, therefore, it of not possible to install it.

    Nothing to buddy

  • Satellite A100 - message: Toshiba Power Saver already started

    When I turn on with power supply connected, I get a false error message that says 'Toshiba Power Saver already begun'.
    How can I get rid of this message permanently?


    I guess that the Toshiba power saver trying to load twice.
    Akuma s suggestion should work.
    Once the energy saver has been uninstalled, all entries that control energy saver should be removed too.
    After this, reinstall the new energy saver

    The alternative might be disables a power saver in msconfig.
    To ensure that the access the msconfig (in RUN type msconfig) and remove the mark of an energy intake that you might find in the Startup tab.
    Then restart the laptop and check if it worked

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