Satellite L300 and error 0xc000000f

I had the windows did not start error. A recent hardware or software...
Say that you need to repair Windows installation disc.
File: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or damaged.
Enter = continue
ESC = exit

I can't start mode without failure or something like that. I have not upload anything recently or change anything. Just tried to start one day and got it. I have only the option of F2 or F12

OK, so I used my restore disc and went through "windows is loading files" up to the end of and then Microsoft corporation. It is not even asking for the language. Then nothing. Black screen with white cursor. Nothing helps. The cursor moves when controlled with mouse pad, but that's all. I can't use ctrl + alt + del or something else to get out. Please can someone help me with this. I have some documents that I'd rather not see it go. Are there other options apart from resetting to the factory settings?
Thanks in advance for your help.


> Are there other options apart from resetting to the factory settings?
If I've understood your right to post you cannot install recovery image.
What happens when you press F8 at startup? You can enter advanced startup options?

If you have some important documents stored on the HARD drive and then connect as another external to the other PC then you can all copy them to the PC.

What you can do?
Try to get somewhere Microsoft installation disc to see if the same problem occurs again. If you will not be able to launch the installation of operating system with this disc of facilities I assume that HDD is troublemaker and you must test the features with the other.

Maybe some friend of you has a 2.5 HDD so you can use it for testing purposes.

In the end, I have to say that most strange thing in this whole thing, is that you cannot use same disc of recovery for the installation of the OS. For me it is the best proof that there must be some hardware problem.

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  • Satellite L300 poster error 0xc000000f

    My laptop s son had this error yesterday and all day today, I tried to solve the problem and hit a brick wall.
    Here is what I tried so far, it is running vista, safe mode recovery F8, F12 boot from CD/DVD with recovery discs, F12 boot from CD/DVD with windows Vista recovery (downloaded today), all are for the same purpose, it will start to install the files, then just the screen goes out and hangs there until I restart the laptop.

    I still have the guarantee of a month left. It is best to give the pc world?
    Thanks in advance. Dean

    Hi mate,

    It sounds like a hardware problem... I mean if you can reinstall Windows using Toshiba Recovery disk because it shows some errors it can t be a software problem.

    I think the best option would be an authorized service provider. If your laptop is still under warranty, the repair should normally be free. Technicians can check the mobile and Exchange parts of defective material.

    Here, you can search the nearest SPAS: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite L300 and error recovery

    Hi all

    When you use the recovery disk I get the following error: HDD01 is missing.
    The laptop was fine before recovery

    See you soon


    Love all here: _
    If you are not able to recovery the laptop because your HDD recovery option doesn't work more or because you t n t have the recovery disc, then you have two options;

    You order a new Toshiba Recovery disk, or you use the original Microsoft disc to reinstall the Windows operating system.
    But there is little difference between the Toshiba recovery disc and the disc of Microsoft;
    TOSHIBA disk contains all the tools and the driver Toshiba but MS disk contains only a Win OS and you will have to download and reinstall also the tools and the driver of Toshiba.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300-EZ1502 - error writing to CD/DVD

    I have a Satellite L300-EZ1502 with Windows Vista ultimate. He has a stack of UJ-880AS * a DVD-RAM.

    Whenever I try to write a CD or DVD, there is, a mistake in the middle and the judgments of CD/DVD writing. I had to throw away dozens of CDs and DVDs because of this error. I tried different types of CD/DVD as Philips-DMS-Princo-Benq, but I got a write error. Sometimes it ends successfully, but do not know why the reason.

    I searched for the driver, but it is correct and working properly. I took the laptop to the official service, but they say he doesn't love all types of CD and nothing to to that.

    Have you ever imagined such a problem. You have a solution?


    In my opinion it s correct that not every disc is compatible with all brands of disc. I had the same experience and so I always use DVD - R Verbatim or TDK discs. Never had any problems with both types. Check this box!

    I recommend also to delete upper and lower filters in the registry. Just follow this work around Microsoft:

    If you have any other questions, please let us know mate. ;)

  • Satellite L300 and WXP - driver Webcam open fail


    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 with no OS installed. I managed to install windows XP and all the sounds/videos... drivers successfully, but after installing the driver for the webcam appears an error that says: Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.

    I rebooted the computer several times, but it still does not work. Please help me.

    Hi, I'm having a similar problem (see previous thread), you can actually see the webcam in Device Manager? There is also a known issue if it's just the driver, do a search on this forum, it seems to be a common problem.

    Kind regards


  • Written by Satellite L300 and DVD


    I want to ask how to put in place the DVD for best performance (Satellite L300 (PS *)).

    This laptop has the factorial DVD player, but when I want to read a DVD entirely, it required 1 hour...

    Yesterday I tried to write a DVD with Nero 6, and full time operation (with write/verification) is 02:20.
    It's horrible. In my corp DVD, writing is max 30 minutes...

    The OS is WinXP SP3, Nero is 6.0.x.

    What driver I need to sign up or anything I need to reconfigure to make effective DVD read/write this machine?

    Thanks for your IDEA of all.



    First of all for a CD/DVD drive, you don't need a driver. It s a part of the operating system (Windows).

    It is already an available update Nero 6.0.x. Please visit [] and install the latest update. As far as I know the latest version is

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 and high temperature - is this normal?


    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 11 (Intel celeron 550), I\m kind new to laptops, and I realize it's too hot. I used the CPUID hardware monitor software, and it shows that:
    -ACPI THRM temperatures going as high as 63c (145f)
    -the processor is going up to 65 c (148f)
    -the HARD disk goes up to 45 c (112f)

    My questions are: is this normal for a laptop to reach these temperatures? I mean the touchpad and the area around it is annoyingly hot all the time (especially in the summer time where its already hot weather)
    Other models or brands have similar temperatures?

    And is it a Toshiba tool to monitor temperatures, rather than using third-party software?

    Thanks for any help.

    I don't know much about the temperature of the Celeron processor.

    My Toshiba L300 came with Hitachi 120 GB HDD, CPU T2370 upgraded to T7100:
    -HDD: max: 45 (watching ripped DVD on hard disk), 30 min (surf the internet, play warcraft III), average: 38 (using Microsoft, Photoshop and programming tools)
    -CPU: 43 to 57, penalty going up to 63.
    -ACPI: Min: Max: 43: 56

    Hope that these figures will give you some tips.

  • Satellite L300-1AS - error PXE - boot error - will not boot from USB

    Startup error - error PXE-L300 1AS - will not boot from USB

    I recently bought a new HD to replace the original that my laptop takes an hour to load.

    I put the new drive hard at in the BIOS setting, I chose to boot from USB... USB is recognized as it appears on the screen of the BIOS. I disabled the LAN option as it gives me PXE error... I think that the USB files are not read. as I handed the old HD and attached to boot from USB but it just goes to the start screen.

    I thought that perhaps I bought the wrong HD, but a new appeared on the BIOS setting... I'm a bit confused and would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction...

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    New HARD drive has nothing to do with it. Problem must be your USB key.
    In your ad you didn t wrote what is on it, and we don t know if USB can operate as boot device or not.

    I put t know what OS you want to install right now but original recovery DVDs or use Microsoft installation disc and install Win7 32 bit. I ve installed on friends L300 and it works perfectly.

  • Satellite L300 and win 8 - How do I activate the Fn key for touchpad?


    How can I Activatet key FN + F9 to the touchpad in Windows 8.
    My laptop is Satellite L300 (PSLB0E).

    Any Solution for me?


    I didn t doing experiments with Win7 on old and not Win8 models supported but I m 100% sure that this old piece of hardware is not supported for Win8, so it can be problematic.

    Did you have a clean installation or upgrade Win7 Win8?


    I have DELL Inspiron 7535 with windows pre installed 8 and no cd drive. After downloading win 8.1 on auto, during the up-gradation, boot error 0xc000000f alarm persists. Advice any solution.


    Please see following fix and if she could help you:

    Hope this helps, good luck :)

  • I have a toshiba satellite L300 and would like to know how to reset it to factory settings?

    I have a toshiba equium l300 and there many problems tht, I did it by downloading a lot stuuf him. I would really like to know how to reset my laptop to its original settings. Help, please.

    Thank you Emma.


    Please the manual on using the Recovery Wizard included in this link for Toshiba systems:

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • Satellite L300-1BV - error windows could not start

    When I try to start the laptop it know
    "Unable to start windows. To address the recovery of insert problem disc etc, but I have nothing of this
    below it I got an error message

    file: \windows\system32\winload.exe

    STATUS: 0XC000000F

    Info: the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

    can anyone help?

    Of workaround I posted in another thread, but it should work in your case too.
    Try this:

    Press F8 immediately after that the laptop has been turned on.
    Then choose the first option called fix my computer.
    Then a new window should open and there you can choose the option called Toshiba recovery.

    Please note then this procedure would start the Toshiba HDD recovery and the BONE to relocate again. This would be to format the whole HARD drive and set the OS to the factory settings.

    Goodbye & good luck

  • Satellite L300-1AS - error when creating a recovery disk

    I am trying to create disk recovery for Sat L300-1AS,
    I tried a number of different DVD discs of high quality on DVD - R / DVD + R, but each time when the system checks the data, I get an error message 02016F - 3 c 00000000

    What am I doing wrong please help as frustration is really starting to kick now

    Thank you


    Die get the error not fully compatible DVD disc.

    I created a recovery disk using the TDK DVD-R disc. Some people, he suggested too.

    I think that worth a try!

    Welcome and good luck

  • Screen flickers on Satellite L300 and I am unable to create a recovery disk

    Hi all

    I just bought a model L300 PSLB0C 08R08C number.
    I was unable to create a recovery disk, I was getting an error message saying it cannot create disk because it is scratched or has dirt on it, I lost 5 nine DVD.

    I am went to the store and replaced by another unit, but had the same problem (I have not tried a different brand of DVD well)

    Second issue with this device, the screen flashes once whenever it is in a shutdown state.
    Number 3, the wireless card disappears from the Device Manager, until I restart.
    Laptop made in China ;-)

    Any suggestions are much apprecaited


    It is indeed strange that you were unable to create a recovery disk, and that the problem has resurfaced, even after permutation of the laptop with another unit of the store. However, if you have not tried a different brand of DVD so I suggest that if the laptop asks the disc is scratched or has dirt on it. I'm not sure if toshiba factory in fact blank DVDs, but if they do, it would be a starting point, as one would expect hardware toshiba would happily work with their own brand DVD media. However, if you can't find toshiba dvd then use another trust mark, for example, Imation and TDK. with my experience, I have tried many brands of DVD and have found very reliable TDK.

    regarding the second question, this may be related to the graphics card in the system, or could be due to the performance of the computer laptop itself. Check that you have the latest driver for your graphics card and all the settings on the computer are optimized / hard drives are defragmented and deleted unnecessary files. with your third question, this question could also be related to driver problems, check your regional drivers toshiba site for the latest drivers again. failing this, I would back up your data and then restore to a factory condition, then install the drivers immediately. I hope this info can help you somehow.

    Welcome to the forums and please leave helpful points or correct answer for any useful advice that has been given in response to your problems (e.g. to read the forum rules)


  • Satellite L300 and slow internet


    I have a laptop Toshiba L300. This week, I installed a Windows Update. Therefore, my internet is very slow. On a Web page I read an article saying that the network drivers could be the cause of an internet slow.

    But I have my doubts on this subject, because I guess that Windows does not update the network drivers for Toshiba, I'm wrong. So, what else can cause this problem?

    Thanks for your time and help,


    Hi Frank

    Can you please tell us more about the whole issue?
    Are you using a LAN or WLAN connectivity?

    What type of update you installed?

    Have you tried to roll back the OS to an earlier time before that you have installed this update to check if the problem will be solved?

Maybe you are looking for

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