Satellite L300 - no vertex shader and material & t on XP


I have my Satellite L300 - 11G 1 year and now I keep getting screens well blue of death (BSOD). I thought that his problem of RAM, and I used the memory diagnostic tools and no problem with the RAM.

I try to install another driver for Intel GM965 chipset, it gives me error saying "this material is not meet your system requirements" or something like that so I went to the website that is provided by intel [files\systemrequirementslab |], you can test the games that you can run on your computer, and there I was shocked! When I saw

Required that you have
Hardware T&L Yes No
Vertex Shader version 3.0 0.0

who's who? I thought that my graphics card does not support Vertex shader. I opened WINDOWS 7 with the same computer... Shocked again!
Required that you have
Hardware T&L Yes Yes
Vertex Shader version 3.0 4.0

Windows 7 my pixel shader and vertex shader = 4.0, Hardawre T & L = Yes
Under windows XP my pixel shader = 3.0, shader vertex = 0.0 and hardware T & L = NO
I NEED solution here is my description of the computer: -.

VGA card mobile express chipset intel GM965 256 up to 358
Bicoeur T2370 1.73 GHz processor

How do on XP as if was on Win 7

Hey Buddy,

First of all, you can t have Pixel and Vertex shader 4.0 on XP! Windows XP supports only to competition only on DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 .0c or more possible to use shader 4.0 s and therefore you need Vista or Windows 7!
So I think everything is ok and don t forget you don t have a high-end gaming laptop. That's why you should buy a new one, a Qosmio series for example.

> I try to install another driver for Intel GM965 chipset, it gives me error saying "this material is not meet your system requirements.
I had the same problem and the solution was simple: just install manual chipset driver through the Device Manager where you can choose the driver directory (Advanced installation).
Check it!

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    Hello world.

    I would like to know how can use bluetooth and how to install it on my:
    Satellite L300-204 SYSTEM UNIT
    model No.: PSLB8E - 06100ES4

    It is necessary to transfer pictures from my samsung mobile phone

    TKS a lot.
    Kind regards.



    This model of laptop doesn't support BT (bluetooth).
    There is no BT module and so you will not be able to activate and to connect a mobile phone using the BT connection.

    The fastest solution would be if external use BT USB dongle.
    This dongle is not expensive!

  • Satellite L300 - cannot enter Windows and recovery disk will not stand

    Good evening

    I have a Satellite L300. A month ago, I bought and install an upgrade to Windows 7 (I had Vista). Last night, my laptop was working fine and this morning when I opened it I got this error:

    BOOTMGR is corrupt. the system cannot start.

    I did some research and tried to boot from the recovery disc. Laptop computer the disc I get the windows is looding files screen and then a company Microsoft is displayed with a bar above it and then I get a blue screen that says:


    Now what can I do to reformat my computer and reinstall if I can't load the recovery disc!

    I tried to put my DVD of Vista I have for my other PC, but I have another error black screen...

    Can someone tell me what I can do now?

    Is it because I have a recovery CD for Windows Vista and not 7?

    Okay, so I read several post here and the only thing I can't think is the hard drive... but it had already changed a few months ago by Toshiba... now my laptop is not less guarantee more with Toshiba, but I have an extended warranty with my VISA... If anyone has any idea here, I'll try to bring it where they change HARD drive the last time...

  • Satellite L300 - very slow start and freezes

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite L300, who treated me well - but more 2 months ago really slow and freezes quite often. I have anti virus, spybot etc and come up with nothing.

    Last night I tried to reformat the system by pressing 0 did not work so tried with F8 which I would like to make a longer scan but no reformatting. I am now very happy that I failed to do the reformat because I bought windows 7 after the initial purchase of the laptop.

    Any ideas anyone - or any person with same/simular problems?


    This means that you have installed right now and not preinstalled version of Windows Windows 7?

    Well, in this case HARD drive recovery option is no longer available. You can do it on preinstalled only Windows.

    To format your laptop, you need Toshiba recovery disc.
    Did you create it?

  • Satellite L300 has no sound and the modem also does not work

    I have this Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLB8A - 1F004) an Australian model who was working perfectly until I changed the hard drive after he developed bad sectors.
    I installed Win Vista Business.

    I have all drivers (TOSAPINS file) provided with the original hard drive, but when I installed the drivers in the correct order. IE chipset, modules, audio, modem, and all the other pilots.

    There is still a little red x on the taskbar saying: "no audio output device is installed" and I also noticed that the modem is not listed in Device Manager. I also tried to replace a work from a cell phone same model modem card, but it still shows no signs of picking up the modem as well as his driver.

    I made the attempt to download the drivers from under the exact model and the OS and installed but nothing helps, the problem is still there.

    No sign of modem picked up and the little red x on the taskbar always shows "no audio output device is installed" and on Device Manager, is not to show the audio or modem. There is also nothing in the typical yellow marks and also I tried to show hidden devices but there is still no sign.

    Is there something else I missed that I can try again?


    I agree, with Akuma. First remove the audio controller from Device Manager (can be found under audio and game controllers).

    Then update the Vista of the State. All patches and Service Packs must be installed.
    Then, restart the device and install the driver Audio from Realtek ALC268 from here:

    Should work

  • Satellite L300-1 has 3 and WXP - computer laptop is very slow

    I installed Windows XP computer laptop Satellite L300-1 has 3.
    After portable installation is very slow, I think that the problem in the SATA driver.

    Please send me the driver SATA for Windows XP Home edition, or please give me the solution.

    Thank you


    May I ask how you installed Win XP?
    Did you change the SATA mode on compatible in the BIOS settings?
    If yes then this problem is related to the missing SATA drivers!

    You can find the SATA drivers in the Intel Storage Manager which is placed on the page of European disk from Toshiba!

    Launch the .exe with the settings file a p

    For example (the files will be unpacked in the storagemanager folder):

    c:\downloads\iata_cd.exe - a c:\storagemanager Pei

    An accurate description, you will find in the Readme! Read it!
    Then you will get the unique file which could be included for Win XP CD using nLite software!

  • Satellite L300-1AQ - password utility and the Firmware installation problem


    I recently reinstalled Vista after the first crash, then installation of linux.
    Now I installed most of the services Toshiba back packages on my laptop Sat L300-1AQ but firmware and password utilities are not installing back.

    Watch firmware available target error message is not available.
    Utility password displays the serial number is not correct.
    do not understand why these error messages come and how I can deal with that.

    Thank you

    Year s


    Firmware update should only be done if you notice problems with the ODD (CD/DVD drive)
    In addition the laptop was equipped with various drives and firmware on the Toshiba page seems to be designed only for some some sides.
    So if the laptop uses other ODD then the update of the firmware would not be supported.
    See more information on the driver page for some details on the update firmware and what are the chances are supported!

    I m not very well why the t supervisor password utility could not be installed, but I think that the message: bad series appears that if you tried to install a tool that was not designed for this model of laptop or the operating system.

    The L300-1AQ seems to belong to the series PSLB8E and you must ensure that you have chosen the right model on the driver page.

    PS: don't forget that the VAP has been installed everything first!

  • Satellite L300-1DN - blue screen and STOP 0 x 00008086

    Dear users of Toshiba

    I use Vista Service Pack 2, 32-bit on Satelite L300-1DN. My laptop does not start.

    I get a blue screen with a message at the end STOP: 0 x 00008086

    I tried F8 and Mode without failure and also the F8 and repair, but after I started downloading files is is stuck at "crcdisk.sys" or after obtaining the flashing green Co bar of Microsoft I get a black screen with a white pointer and then crashes and gives the same blue screen.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards


    Find the other thread you have created some time ago:
    Seems that you had a few problems with the OS in the past
    Have you tried to recover the laptop using the Toshiba disk?

    Maybe it was material nuisance
    Check the RAM and HARD drive.
    HARD drive can be verified using free software called Drive Fitness Test.

    The RAM modules could be removed separately and you can try to run Notepad using a module in each slot
    Maybe this help or new modules must be used

    Of course, it would be possible that the RAM is ok and the problem is related to the serious fault of motherboard

  • Satellite L300 - screen wakes up and flickers

    L300 screen fell asleep one day and doesn't wake up. Close the lid and then pop it open it again the shortcuts of the light for about half a second then flicks off again.

    Now, I have a secondary monitor attached and programmed to use as primary. Everything else seems fine. Except the laptop screen does not stay on. If I turn off laptop screen, then tell him to use, it's moving on for a half second, then distributed.

    Thus, the light does not work it just will not stay.

    When I first tried to remove the batteries and unplug everything, I came back. For 15 minutes, then he began to blink, then I lost it. Return to burst the quick cover buddies then using speculation and manipulation to navigate.

    Now, just pop on a light then went to start.

    (a) why it started flashing before she vanished to?
    (b) why it turns off as soon as it opens now when it can of course work
    (c) I bought another card of flv in case it has not been fed up there (did not work)

    This has started to happen just after I bought and installed a public service program, I found was to nibble nay chomping vigorously registry entries. So I don't know if it is a file which is is saying that don't turn off that is corrupt, software or hardware.

    Any ideas?


    > I have a secondary monitor attached and programmed to use as primary. Everything else seems fine
    This would mean that the graphics card is ok and the problem is just the internal display.

    In your case I would contact an authorized service provider because guys can make an accurate diagnosis and replacement of defective material. You can find a list of them here: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Don t get me wrong but here it s just a user forum of users and this virtual path it s not possible to solve any problems with the equipment or replace it. You need professional help.

  • Satellite L300 - Vista Home, business and home?

    I have a laptop L300 crashed & I was unable to use the 'restore the computer', so I had someone help me.
    They loaded Vista Business on it (there was Vista home initially).
    The ' reader seems to be affected as I had itunes on it & its still there more HARD drive partition section.

    Anyone know if I should try & use computer restore it works again with the original settings. a professional vista now written on the original vista?

    Let me know if I need to provide more information.

    > Is - anyone know if I should try & use computer restore it works again with the original settings. a professional vista now written on the original vista?

    I assume you mean on the restoration of windows own system that would set the OS to the previous time point
    No, you will not be able to use the original settings.

    If you want to use the laptop with the factory settings, you will need to use the Toshiba recovery disc!
    The recovery disk would be to format the whole HARD drive and would all set to the same State as on the first day of purchase.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 - fails to start and freezes


    I have a Toshiba L300 Salelite, comes up with the screen saying: Windows could not start because of a recent hardware or software change might be the cause, the options are to run the Startup Repair (which freezes when selected, screen goes fuzzy), or to start windows normally, which also causes screen freeze and go blurry.

    I tried to connect to an external monitor, but same thing happens.

    Op system is XP, laptop computer is about 15 months.


    If startup repair freezes too I think that Windows Setup is confusing upward and you need to reinstall the system

    You have the Toshiba Recovery disk? If so, you can start to recover to factory settings. The disk will wipe the entire HARD drive and reinstalling Windows all drivers with the tools of the recovery image on the disc. Just follow the instructions on the screen, most is done automatically, should click on next sometimes all that s! :)

  • Re: Satellite L300 will not start and cannot restore HARD drive

    I have a L300 which stops just to start (after that the screen flash BIOS) with a single cursor flashing when I boot from the HARD disk. I can access the bios Setup and boot from the CD. I took the HARD drive connected to my external USB adapter on another PC and I can see partitions C and D and read the files correctly. I noticed that there is a directory called 'HDD recovery' on the D drive, but I don't have a recovery CD or another program to restore it.

    I found a boot of Vista recovery disc and it allows me to start a version of vista recovery but when I check the windows system can't find any errors. Also, if I choose the system restore then he says that he has no restore file.
    I suspect it's the disk HARD restore being Tosh files and Windows.

    Help someone!


    Set the default BIOS settings and enter the Advanced Start parameters using F8 at startup.
    You can boot OS using the safe mode option?

  • Satellite L300 - no response keyboard and mouse after Windows 7 upgrade

    Hi all

    After a new Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my PSLB0E L300, I lost the use of the keyboard and mouse pads.

    I did the installation with a usb mouse, who also now works. I downloaded all the drivers connected to my machine using the virtual keyboard, rebooted after each installed drivre, still does not.
    I also updated the BIOS, 1.3-1.5, still does not

    The strange part is that I can't access BIOS with F2, or sequence of starting using F12 at startup, navigate through the BIOS, so the keyboard works, but no longer works when Windows 7 has started.

    I tried to put all the defaults in the BIOS, no change.

    Help! >.< going="" crazy="" over="">


    Have you installed additional drivers or tools for these external devices? If so you should remove, just check the software list in Control Panel.

    Normally the touchpad can be turned on/off with the FN + F9 key combination.

    In addition, it would be interesting to know what is happening on the factory settings. I mean the operating system preinstalled by Toshiba.

  • How do I uninstall Satellite L300 - 11 q Vista and install Windows XP


    Please help: How do I uninstall Windows Vista from my laptop and install Windows XP?
    Should I do something with discs and seized BIOS, or I can just format C drive and then install XP CD-drive?

    How can I make a recovery disk before you uninstall Vista?

    Thank you very much!


    It's very easy if you want to get rid of Vista simply boot from the Windows XP CD, format the HARD drive and install XP on partition C instead of Vista.
    That s it.

    I put t know what laptop have you but the laptop most recent are equipped with the SATA controller and the SATA driver must be installed or included in the CD of Win XP to install XP on the HARD drive. The SATA driver is part of the Manger of Intel Matrix Storage, which can be downloaded from the Intel site or page of the Toshiba driver.

    Just FYI; in this forum, you can find a lot of details in the various messages on the Intel storage Manger. Just use the search option.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 - cannot install XP and need drivers SATA


    Just download IMSM, I did nLite but still cannot install XP.
    I need good Manager Intel Matrix Storage Manager to Intel Mobile Chipset 45 or the SATA drivers.

    Please help me

    Intel Storage Manager, you can download on the Intel Web site. In the Readme file, you can see what chipsets are supported, but as far as I know the package contains drivers for all of the newer chipsets.

    The easiest way if you have a floppy drive, you must download the Configuration utility from floppy on Intel sites. This creates a floppy disk with the drivers.

    Otherwise, you must extract the .exe file. More information you can find in the readme file.

Maybe you are looking for

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