Satellite L300 - where can I get the recovery utility


I have the Satellite L300 laptop with the reinstalled Windows 7.
A year ago, I installed an original Version of Windows Vista, but I created a Windows 7 recovery disk.
I recorded all of the files on another partition recovery, but I need the recovery utility to create the installation disk.
Where can I find this utility?

Thanks in advance


You can not download it.
The Toshiba recovery disc creator is preinstalled and you should always create the recovery disk before you change the operating system or anything on the HARD drive.
Save files to another partition recovery won't help you because the recovery disk creator Toshiba will not recognize it

Now, you will need to order the recovery disk if you want to recover the computer laptop s factory settings.

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  • Satellite L300 - where can I get the Toshiba Recovery disk?

    I have the same problem! I bought my Toshiba Satellite L300 a month ago, but the Windows Vista recovery disc was not included in the package. Y at - it an option to backup or recover the Windows operating system, just in case I need to reformat my laptop?


    I read the user manual, you would know that you must create a Toshiba recovery disc yourself then please consult your user manual!

    And here you can learn more about the recovery of a laptop:

  • Satellite L300 - where can I download the recovery disk creator?

    Hi all

    I bought a L300 without OS and now his work well enough with Vista32. But I need to install Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on this laptop. I tried several websites of toshiba, but I am unable to find this utility on the web (s) tosiba. Please help me with that and I appreciate if someone can send the download link for Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator Utility.

    Thank you


    Boyfriend sorry but the recovery disc creator Toshiba cannot be downloaded.
    Normally the creator Toshiba Recovery disk it s preinstalled on your laptop if the laptop comes with Windows Vista.

    The only way to get a recovery disk is to order a new Toshiba directly:

  • Satellite C660 - where can I get the description of detail on the BIOS update?

    Where can I get the description of detail on new changes to the bios, updated as of 02/14/12, version 1.50 - VICTORY for Satellite C660 PSC1NE?


    Unfortunately this information is not available for EMEA laptops. Toshiba WE sometimes I found this info, but for the moment, there is no cell phone similar with this version of the BIOS update.

    Anyway, if all is K with your laptop don't change anything.

  • Portege A100: where can I get the recovery disk?

    Anyone know where I can get the recovery for my portege a100 disc as my one was lost in a recent move of House as well as all my other software.
    any help would be received with gratitude


    You can order the Toshiba recovery disks in the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    Before posting questions, you should use the advanced search for similar topics. This similar issue was published a long time here in the forum

    Cordially ;)

  • Satellite A300D - where can I get a recovery disk?


    I'm new here and I have a problem.
    my daughter bought an A300D-18 PSAHCE 00C00PGR in April 09.
    She says now, she tried to create a disc of recovery at the same time, but he failed.

    Now, I'm looking for a recovery for his vista disk Home premium SP2.
    Someone know where I can get a recovery for her disc?


    I can only say ;) to check your user manual

    If you don t have a recovery disc, you can order directly into a new to Toshiba:

    If the pre-installed operating system is still installed you can try create the recovery disk. I can recommend the DVD-R media, it worked for me.

  • where can I get the recovery disc for my hp pavilion a6863w


    I got a blue screen of death issue. So I was setting the pc to the factory settings using the recovery on the HARD drive system. During the process, the pc has picked up on and now it won't do anything. Right guard reboot, not even start in safe mode. My HP Pavilion a6863w did not come with recovery discs, a section on the HARD drive has been designated for this. Before this happened I was able to run diagnostics and everything going on. processor, memory, hard drive, everything passed. How can I get the disks to recover. I have a HDD Seagate Barracuda 750. Help, please. Thank you for your time.


    You can order a recovery ofSurgeons of the computerdisk.


    I'm not an employee of ch *.

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  • Satellite L750 - where can I find the Recovery Wizard?

    Hi everyone - when I turned on my laptop for the first time, it asked me to set up the Recovery Wizard, but because I did not really know what options to choose, I cancelled the task. I'm yet to find where, on my laptop the Recovery Wizard is, put in place new - can you pleae direct me where to look?

    Thank you very much [and remember, novice here, so the instructions profane thanks :)]


    Hey Buddy,

    If you press the F8 key before Windows starts, you can start the recovery of HARD drive. Choose fix my computer. Some files Windows will be charged and on the next window called system recovery options choose the latest Toshiba HDD Recovery option and follow the instructions on the screen. If you need a further explanation with pictures, see the official document of Toshiba on this procedure:

    Last but not least, you need to create the recovery disk Toshiba with preinstalled recovery media creator. In which case it would go something wrong you can restore the every time settings factory original and you are on the safe side :)

  • Where can I get the recovery for Satellite L20 CD

    Can someone tell where I can get a copy of the recovery for SatPro L20 CD, please.

    Hi Sean

    The Toshiba Recovery CD and all the other laptops and components can be ordered directly from the service provider authorized in your country.

    If you n t know ASP please see this page which provides information on ASP worldwide.

    Go here:

    .. .and choose * find an authorized Service provider *.
    Best regards

  • Satellite M300 - where can I get a recovery disk?

    I have the Satellite M300 and I need the recovery disk. My microsoft system crashed and I need to make a recovery.

    Can you help me?

    Hey mate,

    You can get a new drive for recovery of an authorized service provider. On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest so please check this!

    Alternative, you install Windows on a Microsoft disc, and then you can download all the drivers on the Toshiba page. Then you have factory settings too backwards, but it s more complicated than the Toshiba drive.

  • Where can I get the recovery CD of for my Tecra A3?

    It's pretty obvious, when I start my laptop it has some kind of virus or spyware on it. It takes about 13 minutes to start upward, whereas previously it was a very nice machine...

    I would like to know where I can buy some recovery CD, I do not really mind erase the hard drive, because I can put word here, and with the College begins soon I'll need the laptop so I can write essays.
    The laptop comes from my dad to business and handed down for me, but unfortunately they forgot to give us the recovery CD - which means that I now have to buy some.
    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me where to find some, or I'm in a lot of trouble next term!
    : D

    Each recovery CD, you can get from the Toshiba service partner in your country. Communicate with the guys and order this CD. It s not expensive

  • Satellite 220CS: How can I get the recovery CD?

    I lost my backup with opperating system win95 disks and need a new set (preferably win98) on diskette or cd.
    How can I get? If this is not possible the driver for USB port to help me already.

    Thank you


    You can buy the CD from recovery of the ASP.
    Also, if you want you can install the operating system from the original Windows cd and then you can install the Toshiba drivers you will find on the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A215 - where can I get a recovery disk?

    I had my laptop to format two weeks ago, unfortunately they did in Spanish (I live in Mexico at the moment).

    I researched the recovery disk restore my laptop how it was when I bought it. I lost me and I am in real need of this / these discs. Anyone know where I can buy? Or can someone give any other suggestions?

    I would appreciate it a lot.


    I think you should contact an authorized service provider and ask for a recovery disc. If it of possible to do it, they can tell you how to do this.

    Here, you can search an ASP: repair

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300-1BW - can I use the recovery DVDs?

    is it possible to use the recovery DVD on my laptop TOSHIBA L300-1BW without any recovery / hidden data on my HARD drive?

    As I want to update my player running more space


    I don't know if I understand your question right, but you can use the recovery disk for your laptop on every time Mr. He s not depending on the partition or HARD drive.

    For example, when you replace the HARD drive, you can install the laptop using the recovery disk.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • Equium P300 - where can I get the recovery disk?


    I have a Toshiba Equium P300 and who need the recovery disc for this.

    I rang toshiba directly, but they do not take my card of my cell phone is being repaired 3times now the 1st time was for a hard drive again when they returned it she came with Vista Premium top.
    2nd time in repair he went for a new processor and the 3rd time recently he went for new hardrive but when I didn't return this morning he has no windows on it at all.

    I couldn't do the recovery discs when I first purchesd the laptop or the other. Does anyone have the recovery disc for this model as if im not stuck without aid of computer laptop me please!


    > So I couldn't use one of me then Matt windows installation disk? I have my own key for it
    As you said Garrett t can use the wrench on the underside of the laptop with a normal installation of Windows that you can buy anywhere.
    This key is a key OEM and that means that it belongs to the version preinstalled Windows.

    Normally if you buy a copy of Windows you will also receive a key for this.

    So either you buy a version of Windows or you order a disk recovery Toshiba directly, but before that, you you must contact your bank on the credit card.

    Good bye

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