Satellite L300D - SP5802 and overflow protection

Hi, could someone confirm if L300D - SP5802 has overflow protection?

I need to buy laptops for a surgery environment.

Thank you very much



Hello Luis

As much I know protection overflow is offered with the laptops entered professional line as Tecra, Portege, but not for the Satellite L300D.
To be honest, I really wonder how find you it. You have somewhere info on protection overflow on Satellite phones?

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  • Satellite L300D-243 and WLAN - limited connectivity

    I just got a L300D-243 and it is especially beautiful, but... when I try to connect to our wireless internet, I get a notification "limited connectivity". I use pack system it is not the fault, known in the pack 2 system. It works fine when I use the cable from the internet, but which sort of defeated the purpose of having a computer that I can carry around.
    So, can someone suggest a remedy?



    Please click the link posted by Feliks. It seems that it could solve your problem with the WIFI connection.

    I recommend also to install the last driver Intel's WLAN. On my Satellite L300, I had some problems with the WIFI connection and a driver update could solve the problem! :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300D touchpad and keyboard doesn't work at all


    This Satellite L300D laptop isn't even a year and it gives me a heck of a lot of questions.

    About 3 times a week just touchpad will stop working (after around the crazy stuff & clicking its own)
    When I plug in a mouse, it works.

    Today the keyboard gave upward, after a re-start, it will allow me to type in my password, but after that its dead.

    Help, please.


    The laptop is not one that s good year because security must still be valid
    For me, it sounds like a hardware problem (problem of keyboard).
    But he s strange you can still type a password, however, that he sees as a hardware problem and therefore, you should get in touch with ASP in your country

    If the warranty is valid, then everything should be done for free!

  • Satellite U500 - 10L and password protection


    I have Windows Vista (service pack 2) installed on my laptop Toshiba Satellite U500 - 10L (PSU5EE). Recently, I encountered a serious problem; Password Admin Windows is vulnerable through the Start Menu (hit F12 when you turn on the laptop) machine, I mean anyone with a USB/CD boot can crack the password.

    Now I would restrict access to the Start Menu - or remove the boot by USB/CD options in the Menu. I just installed the updated BIOS (2.5 WIN), but unfortunately the BIOS provides no options to restrict access to or to modify the Start Menu. I find it is a major breach of security, is their anyway to deal with this problem?

    I appreciate your quick response.

    Best regards, John


    If you want to protect your notebook BIOS user password set -
    After than that nobody will be able to boot up your laptop and even pass BIOS check.

    This way your mobile phone will be protected.

  • Satellite L300D (PSLC0E) and WLAN slow speed

    Hello everyone and happy new year to you all the...

    I need to install Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer... is so fare...

    Problem is now:

    (1) can install Realtek 8187 B driver WLAN driver but cannot connect to my wireless LAN network.
    The discoveries of the network card and referring to it and intellectual property is to give my machine by DHCP, DNS is ok, gateway is OK

    Network speed from 54 Mbps but goes slowly to 1 Mbps.
    No problem with the cable network report.

    I tried to use different drivers, but nothing works.
    I have the driver for the initial installation and also tried to use... no lock...

    Someone who can help?

    Thanks in advance


    You have a low signal strength?

    Disable all security features in the hidden firewall as SSID, MAC address filtering.
    And try again.

    Disable certain options that could affect the WLAN in energy saving feature.

  • Satellite L300D - overheats and turns off

    If I want to start the computers and I have a play to play want it turn off after some time simply way. Ask emergency assistance


    To be honest, your ad is difficult to understand and I don t know what you mean exactly. In addition you should also publish more details about your operating system, drivers, BIOS and installed games or applications where this will happen.

    But if your laptop is overheating, I recommend cleaning it using the jet of air compressed according to the description:

  • Satellite L300D-10B - how to install Ubuntu

    Hello. I recently bought a Satellite L300D-10B and I need to install Linux in dual boot in this laptop.

    Also, I don't want to lose utilities backup of the laptop has preinstalled, in case of emergency.
    Could someone be so kind and tell how to install Ubuntu 8.10 without having to lose the ability to restore the system (for MS vista) during an emergency?

    I also read on the internet of Wubi and you?

    Wubi is an officially Ubuntu install for Windows. Wubi allows you to only install Ubuntu as a Windows application, in a simple and safe way.
    Check it!

  • Satellite L300D - cannot connect wireless Internet

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300D-202 and can, t connect to wireless internet. When I try to connect it only gives me not a wireless option, I only get cable or dial options. We have not seen all the wireless devices.

    When we passed by Toshiba assist/connect/conective doctor and pressed the radar message was peripheral wireless network is disabled please turn on the device.
    The wireless switch is active, the light is orange.
    Our other laptop is fine.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks for this info!

  • Satellite L300D - no network connection


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13s and I have been having some problems starting so have just formatted and installed windows vista on it.

    I have problems to get the network adapter to work, it is a Realtek rtl8101 Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC(NDIS 6.0). Of course the BONE there when I installed everything first were some pilots so I had the yellow! next to it in Device Manager.
    I downloaded the drivers rtl8101 which is yellow! disappear so many thought it should work, but all I get is "this computer has an installed and configured wireless network adapter".

    It does not work with a wired connection or wireless.

    I'd appreciate any help, its driving me crazy!

    see you soon


    You have installed Windows with the normal Windows Setup disk or recovery disk Toshiba?

  • Satellite L300D: changing in Vista keyboard language settings


    I bought a cell phone in Spain (Satellite L300D series) and I added to the 'language bar' option 'Portuguese' (my language).
    Usually I write texts in both languages - this is why I have not removed the "Spanish" option in the "language bar".
    However, the Windows Vista changing by "chance", the language of my keyboard. Let me explain:

    I opened the "language bar". Then, I opened the "Configuration" > "High Key Configuration.
    There is the option "access keys for input languages". It is possible to select the 'ALT', 'CAPS LOCK' and 'SHIFT' keys to change the keyboard language. But it is also possible to only select "key" - so, theoretically, any key should you press: the language of the keyboard will not change.

    That's what I did - but Windows Vista is not "obey" me...
    What should I do to stop this type of change?

    Thank you!


    OK, you use two for keyboard input languages, but you should know that when you set once there are no fix. If you use several applications at the same time for each running application, you must set the input language.

    I always use a single switch to choose between languages with left Alt + shift. The other two parameters are set to NONE. So when I use some application I can always check what language is set and change it quickly using left Alt + Shift key combination.

    That's all. Test it on your laptop.

  • Satellite L300D 242 how to restore factory settings

    My sister has a Toshiba Satellite L300D 242, and she is very unhappy with her because she seems to have more than enough problems.

    The problems, that she told me about all seem more like general maintenance would have prevented them, but I offered to files his laptop to its original specifications and she's happy with it.

    I'm a bit irritating to play with things for the first time, however, and that's because I've never reformatted a before Toshiba and I worry in case there might be an unexpected stumbling block that I'd better know.

    I have restored my Acer several times and it's been no problem, no problem at all. Is a Toshiba Satellite L300D 242 restoration as simple?

    Can someone tell me the procedure I should follow to restore L300D 242 sister, please? I don't know if she restore disks, in case anyone asks, I have him asked and I'm waiting for a response.

    Thank you very much.

    Hi waynum,

    If the original OS from Toshiba is installed you can restore the factory settings as described HARD drive recovery option here and in * user manual *:

    > I don't know if she has any restore disks
    Normally the laptop come without recovery disks, but you can create them yourself using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. Just start this preinstalled Toshiba tool and follow the instructions on the screen to create the recovery disks.

  • Satellite L300D - can't watch movies using a Toshiba DVD player


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L300D - 12L and the toshiba dvd player has stopped working.

    The laptop is always able to recognize the dvd as the 'AutoPlay' box appears when a DVD is inserted and says ' DVD RW drive (e :)) "at the top of the follow-up to the title of the film.
    I then click on 'play the DVD using a DVD TOSHIBE movie'... and nothing happens.

    I tried several different DVD, which I know work in other laptops or DVD players.
    I tried by following this link...

    and deleted the lowerfilters and upperfilters but that cause problems and I had to perform a system restore.
    I'm running out of ideas and I would like to be able to watch DVD on my laptop again because I don't have a TV or a DVD player.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    It seems that the CD-DVD drive can read the disc, but it seems that the Toshiba DVD Player cannot play video files

    Then maybe you should try to play the DVD using other software like Windows Media Player or VLC player download VLC player this small software and install it
    Then try to play the movie

    I recommend also to install the tool called DVD Player Update Check Tool that you find on the European driver Toshiba page.

    With this tool, you can check your laptop, if your DVD player needs an upgrade and if so, it gives you the download link for version upgrade needed.

  • How to type letters accented with Satellite L300D?

    I recently bought a Satellite L300D laptop and I need to be able to type in foreign languages.

    On standard keyboards I use the Alt key as the numeric keypad to achieve, but I can't understand how this works on this laptop (holding Fn and Alt don't work not done using the alternative which is Ctrl + punctuation mark method). Can someone enlighten me as to how to type accents please?

    Thanks in advance.

    As much as I know, you need to add your entry favorite languages and each of them will appear in the language bar. There you can switch between the languages selected.
    I mean this is the same for Windows XP Home edition and now Vista and it has nothing to do with some certain model of laptop.

  • Satellite L300D - 14G: ODD does not recognize music or discs softwear

    I have a Satellite L300D - 14G and used a 7 upgrade disks or disk softwear since when the dvd player does not recognize the music.
    There is no drivers on the toshiba site to download

    someone help please.


    You n t need all drivers! Windows 7 uses a drive CD/DVD from Microsoft.
    There must be another reason why the disks of music or software are not recognized.

    First of all I would recommend to change the registry.
    Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Reboot the machine and then test drives

    In addition, you will need to check if some 3rd party software like ITunes or other disc burning software would not affect the functionality of CD/DVD drive.

  • Satellite L300D-10B - need to replace the HARD drive


    I have a Toshiba satellite L300D-10B and I need to replace the broken hdd in my laptop.
    It is a hitachi 160 GB at 5400 RPM SATA.

    Is it possible to move to a greater capacity (500 GB) and a little faster (7200 RPM).
    is - that someone at - he had success with any particular model?


    In my opinion, is not a big problem to use a faster and larger HARD drive.
    The laptop supports the SATA HDD controller and this controller must be able to manage these drives.

    Welcome them

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