Satellite L305D suddenly stops

* Hello world *.
I have a problem with my L305D and maybe you could help me. I was working with my computer to my bed and it suddenly turned off. It is perhaps because the air at the base was not well in traffic. It's extrange because I used to do the same with my old A215 and nothing happens (perhaps more powerful processing capability of my L305).

The strange thing with this is that after the shut down, the power button does not work nor the battery signal. My power button is back after a few minutes later, but I have to use the connected computer because the slower to be battery. There is no protection for this computer system? is this normal? The computer is realatively new, I am really sad because I love the Toshiba computers and I also work in bed.

I hope you can help me with this question or made recommendations.
Thanks for your help.


Many people make this mistake and block cooling vents downstairs.
To be honest, I can imagine your laptop has reached the critical temperature of material and simply disabled.
Either way, one thing is not unclear to me. The battery completely empty when the laptop is turned off? Inside of the laptop, there are several temperature sensors, and when the critical temperature is reached for laptop computer will be automatically cut off. This will protect mechanism should protect against property damage laptop.

When this happens after a while, you should contact laptop AC power and be able to restart your laptop.

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  • Satellite L850 suddenly stopped running applications

    My Satellite L850 suddenly stopped running Apps. From the start screen, they show the image of opening for a while then it crashes and goes back to the start screen.

    Any ideas?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what may be the problem. Try as a first step to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool. Maybe that will fix it.

    If this is not the case, let us know.

    Did you do something that might be responsible for this? Have you installed something or some changed settings?
    One last thing: when you start the laptop in safe mode can start any application?

  • Internal speakers Satellite C640 suddenly stopped working

    Hi friends,

    My satellite c640, internal speakers suddenly stopped working but works fine when the headphones or external sources are connected
    Is this a hardware problem?

    I m using win 7 64 bit and I tried to install the drivers but seems to be a hardware problem

    Thanks in advance


    I don't know if it is a hardware issue of m.
    You may need to check certain settings.

    In Control Panel-> sound-> the Read tab.
    You should see the speakers selected as the default device.
    You can also click these speakers to the right and you should see a few options:
    Speaker Setup
    and so on.

    Test the speaker first. In my case, a short tone is displayed. You can also mark the speaker and click the properties button. You will see a second window with tabs. Check the second tab called LEVEL. Here, you can change the sound level.

    What happen exactly when you try to reinstall the sound driver? You get errors?

  • Satellite L300 suddenly stopped working - new motherboard needed

    My L300 Sat suddenly stopped working the other day.

    It kept freezing, then nothing. So I kill disked the HARD drive and tried to re - install Windows (XP).
    During the installation, he threw a message that some internal components had been installed incorrectly and has to be reinstalled.
    I was told to remove the memory cards and reposition the.

    It does not work. I thought that maybe the HARD drive was damaged, so I set up a new and started to reinstall Windows.
    Once again, same message. One of my colleagues at work suggested that the motherboard was probably U/S.

    So I've been trawling .net to find a replacement. Laptop computer out of warranty! I am told that some other mothers numbered series will work with this laptop. I really want to get a motherboard to find sound never go to work! My unit has a number of SPS to: V000138330.
    I am one with an SPS of offered: V000138390.

    Any ideas? This one will work?
    And if this is the case, it will give me the feature I used to enjoy?
    Sorry for the long history of sobbing.

    All the advice accepted with gratitude.


    Hello Andy

    Sorry, but can you tell us more about your laptop? What model do you have exactly (L300-xxx)?
    You have the European model?
    At your warranty valid for laptop?
    Maybe I've misunderstood something, but why you want to swap motherboard if the warranty is probably still valid?

  • Satellite 2180cdt suddenly stops


    I have a Satellite 2180CDT that when it is at room temperature and you install a program, it suddenly shut down and he won t start again until it has cooled. It also happens that he's hanging in the middle of an installation, so you must restart it and when that happens, it's very hot on the bottom. You can practically fry an egg in your knee :-)

    When I tried to install windows it hanged himself in the middle of the installation and then I needed to restart the installation several times. After several attempts, I tried to have the air condition of cold blow air 4 degrees on the computer and then the installation was finally good. If you have it on and it just happens, it happens that it stop then too, but it often hangs himself.

    I have never had this bad before we installed more memory RAM and I've updated the BIOS, if this may be the problem or is it just a coincidence that it happened after that?
    What can or what should I do? The warranty has expired and I don t an open mind but it doesn't do much good when I can t use any program without cutting or hangs himself.

    Regarding kindly

    For me it s case. All this sounds like overheating.
    This could occur if the laptop is a little older and fans cannot work properly because of the dust and debris inside the unit.
    You should check the cooling fans and try to clean it with the vacuum cleaner.
    In addition he s not advised to use the laptop on your knees. All the grids of fans autour and uner the laptop must be free.
    It is important for the circulation of fresh air!

    Please check this possibility!

  • Satellite A200 suddenly stops showing anything on display

    I have been using Satellite A200 for 2 years and it works very well. Recently, I have problems.
    When I use it all of a sudden it stops to show anything on the display but the power to the front lights are still on.

    This problem occurs often. If the motherboard is fried or there is overheating. I gave my laptop for repairs and they said that they had repaired the system board and cleaned the fan.
    But the problem still occurred. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful.

    If the service cannot help I don't know what kind of help you wait here.
    That's the big difference to discuss on a topic if you have laptops in front of you, or on this way where we can only imagine what the problem may be.

    It's really not easy to say why this happens, but there may be a problem with the display cable.
    This happens to you while you work or after display goes OFF mode (set in the power settings)?

  • My Satellite A35 suddenly stops

    Hello. I'm new to this forum...
    I have a satellite A35-S159. After working on this laptop for quite awhile, it automatically closes without warning. Need help in this regard.


    Just in brief: it is a typical symptom of overheating. The device cannot be cooled properly and when the temperature is too high unit stops suddenly without any warning. It is because of the material.

    Please try to clean the unit. Probably a lot of dust in cooling grill don t allow air circulation.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M200 suddenly stops

    Just a question, if someone has an idea of what is wrong with my laptop. I use satellite M200 + Vista home edition for like 6 months and it wasn't a problem before.

    Now, my problem is that my laptop turns off suddenly without warning or signs.
    My laptop can stay for about 1 hour, I activated the option to, and there is nothing wrong with the setting.

    So, if someone has an idea, maybe I can help.

    See you soon.

    There s nothing wrong with your power supply, battery or something else.
    This problem looks more like a laptop overheating.

    The laptop stops automatically to prevent the equipment from damage.
    I think the laptop overheats because fans don t run with maximum efficiency because of the dust and debris inside the laptop.

    What you could do is to clean the fan using a jet of compressed air.
    This spray is a professional cleaning tool and might buy at computer stores the most

    Good bye

  • Satellite - Wireless suddenly stopped working

    Hi, here is the situation:

    -model: Satellite 300 d-11V / Windows Vista
    -Wireless worked perfectly in the past and no update/changes made recently
    -Wireless turned on and orange
    -in home wireless works perfectly on other laptops + I can connect the faulty Toshiba but always ethernet cables
    -Classified Realtek wireless card working properly in Device Manager + says I have the latest player installed.
    - but windows is not find any wireless network more and cannot diagnose why.

    I ve tried to turn it back on, turning on/off switch wireless and modem etc.

    No idea what happened / how to solve?

    Thank you!!

    Hi angeh,

    What laptop Satellite you have exactly?

    To be honest it's not easy to say that the reason is. This kind of problems with WLAN have many different reasons, but as a first step, I would try a driver WLAN on Toshiba page was updated:

    You can also view other threads here in the WLAN forum. You will find lots of information and useful advice :)

  • Satellite NB10T-to-10F - webcam suddenly stopped working

    I got the laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE NB10T-A-10F
    The web cam has suddenly stopped working
    I tried
    Updated bios even without result
    Here is the picture of Device Manager

    In various cases, the webcam can be enabled and disabled in the BIOS
    This option would typically appear in the BIOS under: Advanced-> System Configuration
    Please check this box.

    Otherwise, you need to know also that the webcam driver installation isn't necessary if you use the system Win 8 or 8.1 win because such driver is already part of the system.

    If the BIOS does not have the power option webcam (Advanced-> System Configuration) I would recommend you to retrieve the computer laptop back to the factory to check settings if possible hardware malfunction would be responsible for this issue.

  • Satellite Pro L870 - Touch-pad suddenly stopped working

    Hi - the touchpad on my Satellite Pro L870 - 18G (Windows 8) has suddenly stopped working (after less than 2 months use of)-which makes the phone rather difficult to use. There is nothing wrong with the driver - according to the Device Manager, but I tried to reinstall when even (did not help).
    These things are not normally suddenly?

    Why device manager says that there is no problem when there is a very clear?

    Maybe the touchpad is disabled. Is there a any reaction when you use the FN + F5 key combination?

  • Satellite L50-B-1HU suddenly stops


    My Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1HU suddenly stops three times last month.
    Twice when the laptop is connected to food, at a time when it was not (just working on the battery).

    Overheating does not seem to be implied: the fan isn't really hot after these 'accidents '. The laptop can be restarted too many immediateley.

    This known issue is - and how to fix it?

    Thank you

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here and what can be the reason of these judgments.
    Have you used a certain application when this happened?

  • Satellite L50Dt - A - touchpad suddenly stopped working

    I'm not a part of L50Dt-A Satellite. PSKM2A. It is running Windows 8.1.

    Last night the touchpad suddenly stopped not working, no cursor on the screen.
    The little mouse on the touchpad indicator has not been and is not yet lit.
    So I pressed the Fn + F5 key so many times, but that didn't work back.

    I went to the mouse properties in Control Panel, and under the hardware, it is listed.
    In Device Manager, there is nothing under the mouse either.
    I went to the site of Toshiba and downloaded the driver for the touchpad.

    However, on installation, it says that this is impossible because the computer already has one.
    I need to uninstall and reinstall.
    However, I don't find the touchpad synaptics original anywhere to uninstall driver.

    Everything is updated via windows update and I ran the troubleshooting tools and that you have restarted, and so far, nothing has worked.

    I plugged in an external mouse so I can use it.
    But I'd like my touchpad mouse works again.

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    > Yesterday the touch pad suddenly stopped working...
    I ve never been faced with this problem, but try first to make back the OS to an earlier time using system restore just to see what will happen.

    In this whole thing that it is confusing that touchpad isn't listed in the Manager under the mouse devices and other pointing devices.

  • Satellite L300 - Built In webcam suddenly stopped working


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 with a built-in USB 2.0 camera and a windows operating system 7, the camera suddenly stopped working for about 2-3 weeks ago with unknown reason!

    I tried the system restore, uninstall and reinstall the camera driver, preformed a complete analysis by kaspersky internet antivirus 2012 (updated) and I also ran a complete system and drivers troubleshooting... and the problem persists...

    When I use windows live movie maker it gives me an error saying: can t record audio or video of the selected camera. Make sure that the device you are trying to use is properly installed and not currently in use by another program.

    The microphone works well on Skype, but the camera does not open!
    Please tell me how to solve this problem, what missing am me?

    > I tried the system restore

    You got the device using the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    In this case the cam should work

    Otherwise I would say that this unwanted material s.

    Some users here in the forum have reported a webcam problem and the reason for this was a loser between the cam module and the motherboard connection.
    The webcam is connected to a USB controller on the motherboard.
    If the connection does not exist, the webcam does not appear in the Device Manager it does not appear in your case? Check this box

  • Satellite L305D-S5934 - after the stop, the light is always on

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 two weeks ago.

    Here lately, I can't seem to stop completely. I select the closing down in the start menu. It seems closed down (the screen becomes black) but the power light is still, and I can hear noises inside as if it was still running.

    I am running Windows Vista.


    This question seems always? I mean is it a permanent status that your laptop won't turn on properly? Or is it that sometimes?

    To my knowledge the Vista default action for the power in the Start Menu button is sleep. If your laptop does not but would go in the mode 'sleep'.
    You can change it as described here:

    In addition, you should check if your BIOS is up to date.
    Choose your model of laptop (it seems like an American series) and download the compatible BIOS.

    Check it!

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