Satellite L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on

* L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on *.


If I want to make a backup of my external hard drive system
I have to start 3 or 4 times until I get behind my BACK.

first I so wait several minutes with a "_" on the black screen until I get to the xp-bootmenue.
If I chose the BACK, for the most part, I get a whitesceen and I have to go through the power-button.

the HD is a 250 GB "WD my passport essential.
formatted in fat32 ntfs and 32 GB to 200 GB

I think it's a faulty bios

the bios is a 1.40
Here, I can only find a
"28/05/08 - update BIOS - Toshiba - OS independent - _ * 1.20 * _ - WIN."

any ideas or similar experiences?

grobi Oxford


I don t think that the BIOS could be faulty
I see that you have installed the Windows XP operating system on this laptop.

To my knowledge, this series was pre-installed with the Vista operating system and I guess that the BIOS cannot fully support the XP operating system.

Why use the fat32 file system? XP supports NTFS also so I would recommend using NTFS on all partitions.

I m not a L350 owner but I have another laptop series. I ve also created a backup image of my system using Norton Ghost partition.
The image file is placed on the second partition, and if something goes wrong turn I can use this file to restore my system partition.

Good bye

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  • Installation of satellite L350D-10s WXP


    I bought a Satellite L350D-10 s with Windows Vista and I'm not a very big friend of this OS.

    Is it possible to install a Win Xp32/64?
    There all the drivers available?

    I checked the partitions with partition magic and paragon and a few partitions are not possible to get a hand on. So I think that I have zero all partitions before I can install a new system.

    The problem is, there might be no way to go if I do that.

    Would be nice if I could get some information before.


    Hello Grobi

    This new Satellite is not known to be, but I just want to write a review for you. I'm not familiar with the partitions on the new models of Toshiba laptops, but I heard something interesting from my local dealer. He told me that Toshiba in the future will lead not portable with recovery DVDs and each client must create this DVD only. Please check this on your laptop, and if the recovery image is saved to the HARD drive please create recovery DVDs before deleting all partitions. I can imagine that one of them is the recovery image.

    You need this DVD for the manipulation of the Fryer. It may happen that one day want to have Vista too.

    Return to Windows XP Home edition: on the Toshiba support page there are available drivers, tools and utilities for Windows XP Home edition. Select your laptop model and download it. For the installation of Windows XP Home edition, please use Windows XP SP2 home edition. It is very important. The order of the facilities is too important.

    Start with the Chipset utility, display driver and so on. Before you start to install the utilities and tools Toshiba install common modules first.

    I hope that you will be able to install Windows XP Home edition successfully.
    Yet one thing do not hurry with the installation of SP3.

  • Satellite L350D-118 - WiFi connection is not stable

    Instability of satellite L350D - 118 RTL8187b Wireless

    Since the first unstable connection. Closes in 30 minutes, sometimes repair itself.
    My other laptops have a stable connection.
    Each wireless connection is stable, this is not.

    Configurations are substantially the same... my ISP says that there is a problem with the wifi on the laptop itself.

    Windows Vista 32, have reinstalled the drivers several times, same Windows Update did a reinstall.
    Problem remains. Everything looks ok accept the title of the pilot, he says: it's USB 2.0 when it is internal.

    Someone at - it solutions?
    This machine is very good on other aspects, but I'll have to return if this problem cannot be solved...


    Maybe you need to download the Realtek page Realtek WLan card driver directly?
    To do this, and check!

    Then I recommend you to check the settings in the Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab WLan card.
    Disable energy saving settings and check if you might improve performance by changing some settings.

    Another idea would be the update of the BIOS. Check if a newer version is available on the page of Toshiba Europe.
    If yes-> updated!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350D-21 problems using new HARD drive recovery recovery disks


    I have laptop SATELLITE L350D-212 with windows 7 Home premium OA.
    He started to complain that there is something wrong with the hard drive so I went and bought another hard drive of the same size.

    I created the recovery disk when the computer was purchased and have backup of all the data in an external hard drive.

    After I changed the new hard drive to the laptop and tried to boot from the recovery disc, nothing happens eventhoug I can see it seems to be all Ok with the disc.

    Any ideas on how to get to run to the new hard drive recovery?

    I have the old hard drive attached as external drive via the USB port, but cannot boot from that too. It just stops at a certain point and told to stop.


    Usually, the recovery disk must format the new HARD drive but I recommend you to join the new HARD drive as an external device to another computer and format the new HARD drive before trying to recover the laptop.

    Once the HARD drive has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recovery disc

    Good luck

  • Satellite L350D - 20 d - how to make ADSL Plugi work in?

    Hi again... I want to ask for some small adsl connect on my Toshiba Satellite L350D-20 back

    Well I got it and I know its not broken or sometihnk but I can not connect with cable connected to this plug... what I shud do after conecting cable adsl as plugi...? I use a long cable to plug into the wall and I am conecting it stright to plug adsl laptop... but nothink arrived... I just want to test it in coonecting to the net...

    any advise what shud i do after the connection cable?


    I think you're talking about the LAN port and connection to the local network.
    I have no idea of what you want to do, but if you want to connect the laptop to the internet, then you must use a router/modem. The laptop must be connected to the router that is configured previously.

  • Satellite Pro L10-103 - USB ports not working not

    Hi, my Satellite Pro L10 - 103 USB Ports do not work. I tried different things and finally my Advisor rubbed my computer clean of all programs and operating system. After reloading of the set up disc and having lost my dear some programs I am no further forward. It still does not.

    Anyone know if this means that it is a mechanical problem with the computer? (I use Windows XP). Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    As wrote Akuma did you use the Toshiba Recovery disk or the Microsoft Windows disk?

    After installing XP, make sure that Service Pack 3 is installed. It contains important updates and can be downloaded on the official page of Toshiba.

    In addition, try to remove all the USB ports on the Device Manager, restart the computer. Ports will still be recognized and ready to use once.

  • Re: Trying to install Win7 on Satellite L350D

    Hi guys

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L350D and I try to install the Windows7 again questioned the screen went black, I decided to format and reinstall everything, but when finishes the installation of the laptop restarts, but the screen continues black :(

    Any clews?

    Can I make an update of the BIOS without a PC and this should it fix my problem?

    Best regards



    Are you trying to install the Os using a recovery disk or windows disk copy?

  • Questions about the record HDD Recovery - Satellite L350D

    Hello everyone!

    I have a Satellite L350D with Windows Vista.
    I'm in my mind to reinstall.
    All my data from the two partitions are saved with the exception of a folder on my drive E Data "HDDRecovery" who shouldn't be modyfied or deleted, or whatever.

    I wonder if all the data are removed from the hard disk due to formatting, how does appear that this same folder HDDRecovery remains safe on the hard drive?
    Or is that the hard drive is not really formatted and data on my hard drive are always safe and hidden?

    Thank you for answers!


    I'll try to explain how it works.

    Original Toshiba designed for your laptop recovery image is recorded on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery. This image should be used if you want to install OS and have the original state factory.

    For this installation, you can use this recovery image of the second partition or by using the recovery DVD. It is recommended to everyone to create this recovery DVDs. Have you created?

    If you use recovery DVD the whole HARD disk will be formatted and all data stored thereon will be removed.
    If you start the HARD drive recovery process only C partition is removed. This folder HDDRecovery is important if you only want to use HARD drive recovery facility. When you want to use the DVD only you can remove (I do not recommend you to do).

    I hope I could help a little, but if you have any other questions please let us know.

  • Satellite L350D - overheated, motherboard fade

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L350D, I got a year ago when it overheated and stopped. It would not start, and I sent it to a technician of will be checked. According to the technician he had overheated and the motherboard is melted. It was out of warranty and the guy was going to fix it with a new motherboard for £100.

    Does this sound right? It will be ok with a new motherboard or would I better get a new laptop?

    Thank you


    First of all, I think it's important to know why it has overheated. Second, I'm not very familiar with your laptop, but I don't think you can find a new motherboard for it for 100pounds.
    Why do you have only 1 year warranty? For about 2 years, I know that they were supposed to offer minimum 2 years warranty.
    If you can fix it for 100 pounds so it is not worth investing in a new. Only if you opt for an upgrade.

    Good luck!

  • Prozessor Exchange on Satellite L350D - 20 p

    The processor of my Satellite L350D - 20 p
    NO 99146058Q-series
    is defective.
    Please which processors can be used for this laptop?

    I searched a lot, apparently, there is this laptop in different versions.
    I don't know what are the processors can be used.

    Thanks for the help: Schwenk


    The replacement of the CPU is delicate!
    I can tell you a few facts:

    Laptop manufactures don't support upgrade CPU because of serious reasons.
    But in some cases the CPU would be possible in the case of the chipset and BIOS support the new processor.
    The model L350D - 20 p was equipped with a Dual-Core AMD Athlon X 2 processor. In this case, you can only use the AMD CPUS, Intel processors would not work.

    What AMD processor could be used?
    To be honest I n know and I guess no one can tell you exactly what AMD processors work with certainty due to the compatibility of the BIOS.

    But you should absolutely consult AMD processors, which are part of the same family.

    However, I do not recommend to do a CPU upgrade. Why? Because you won't see a performance gain. The performance increase is not noticeable.

    But you would notice performance upgrade using SSD drive instead of the HARD disk.
    I did these updates on my laptop and was very surprised by the performance gain.

  • Satellite L350D works for a few minutes and then stop completely

    Hi all!

    I'm having a weird problem with my laptop Satellite L350D-216
    I have used for a long time in a row and is starting to show some strange vertical lines on the screen and the kind of activity let go and then it went completely black
    Since then if I disconnect and leave it for a few hours switches normally and work for 5/10 minutes and turns black again.
    It happens after I worked on it for about 20 hours straight or Yes (can be linked)

    What I tried:
    -Turn on with battery only
    -Turn on only with the ca
    -Remove all and to hold off key for 1 min and then try again the two above

    When it comes on everything seems to work 100% without problem but don't lasts no more than 10 minutes as I said

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    I can't say for sure, but the problem may be material high temperature. Satellite L350D is not the latest model cell phone and if you use enough difficult I guess laptop is full of dust and cannot be properly cooled.

    Maybe the laptop needs to be cleaned.
    > When it lights up everything seems to be working 100% without problem, but does not last more than 10 minutes as I said
    One more thing: do the quick test. Start your laptop and enter the BIOS settings. Leave it for a while and check if the same thing will happen again.

    Please post comments.

  • Satellite L350D-131 - how to upgrade the graphics card?

    Hi I have a Satellite L350D-131 and have recently upgraded the RAM to 4 GB 800 mhz.

    I'm now looking into upgrading the graphics card and have no idea where to start or how to do. I don't want anything fancy, but better than the one I have, which is the technology Mobile AMD Turion 64, Radeon x 1250

    see you soon

    Sorry, but the graphic card cannot be upgraded. It s soldered on the motherboard and cannot be exchanged.

    Check this Toshiba document for more information:

  • Satellite L350D-20F - your high causing peep of headaches


    A few weeks ago, I bought a new PC laptop Toshiba Satellite L350D-20F.
    Someone acknowledges my problems with this laptop a constant * very high peep tone * causing headaches?

    It is not caused by the speakers, but comes from within the body of the laptop.
    What can I do?

    Thanks for any response.

    Best regards
    The Netherlands

    Hi Renate_1
    try turning off the microphone and speakers
    If the sound is still audible, this could be a coil broken on the motherboard.
    This must be repaired way new mainboard.
    consult a servicepartner.

  • Re: How can I improve the performance of Vista on a Satellite L30-10s?

    I have worked in Vista on a Satellite L30 - 10s for a while and get very poor performance. It takes several seconds just to respond to the movement of the scroll bar. I put Control Plan-> system and Maintenance... System Properties-> visuals to "Adjust for best performance", but it gave no noticeable improvement. The RAM is 446 MB - upgraded this would improve performance? If so, what would the good do & spec to buy?

    > It RAM is 446 MB - upgraded this would improve performance?

    Of course, it is not enough to run vista with good performance. 1 GB minimum Ram required to run Vista, better than 2 GB ram

    To the l30 product specifications:

    standard: 256 MB
    maximum scalability: 2 048 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)

    You can be upgraded up to 2 GB DDR 2

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  • A Wi - Fi connection does not work on my Satellite L350D


    I have a Satellite L350D with Vista 32 bit.
    After reinstalling, it s impossible to connect via Wi - Fi. With cable, connect properly.
    Everything seems to be ok.
    The Wi - Fi switch is active and the orange light comes on.
    Pressing Fn and F8 Wi - Fi will appear as active.
    The network card is a Realtek RTL8187B. Everything seems ok with it too.

    Check in the Control Panel, Device Manager, it shows that the adapter works fine.
    I tried to disable and enable, resettlement and the driver update.
    Could not get the Wi - Fi works fine.

    I remember when I got the laptop again, I got the same problem. I solved it the call to the Toshiba in-kind service and they gave me the solution, but now I can´t do it because the computer is not under warranty.

    Can someone help me?
    Thank you

    Your L30D detect your WLAN? Okay, I understand that the material is OK and active WLAN but I would like to know if your laptop can detect any WLAN or not.

    Have you tried to reboot your router? Have you tested it with a few other WLAN?

    To be honest, it's really strange. Maybe stupid question now but is WLAN option in your router ON?

Maybe you are looking for

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