Satellite L40-139 - cannot use function FN with Windows 7


I have Satellite L40 - 139 PSL40E computer laptop, I've been using windows Vista. When I was using Vista, I use the "FN" key to a sound or other, but then I have setuped the Windos7, but now I can't use the "FN" key for sound, becauze i cant find accessibility driver for Windows 7 to my laptop model.

What can I do? How can I find?



For the FN feature, you must install Toshiba Value added Package.
Have you already installed?

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  • Satellite L40-139 cannot boot from CD

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 - 139 that comes with vista installed!
    A month ago, I installed XP and it worked well!

    Yesterday I had to reinstal XP and I chose clean instal CD and an installation process, I pressed the button to open the dvd player and you finish her!

    Stupid mistake! From there if I try to boot Windows from a dvd player and the process stops at: check the configuration of your hardware! - and white screen!
    Nothing happens!
    What can I do?

    Evrything else seems to work ok!
    There is no problem with dvd player, because he reads a recovery for vista CD!
    Help, please!

    This is a really silly situation. I'm sure that this info on the suspended installation is recorded in the MBR. I recommend you do the drive clean HARD everything including MBR.

    After this try to reuse the CD of Windows XP Home edition installations.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite L40-139 - cannot stop because it still restarts

    Hi all

    I have a l40-139 with 2 GB of RAM & Vista Home Premium. Since I bought this laptop there was 1 single persistent bug. When I select (any method) shutdown the laptop reboots always.

    I have disabled all options "wake on" power.

    I've updated the drivers and BIOS. And I can't get Windows vista just to stop when required. He has always turned off then restarts 3 seconds later. The only way to ensure that it turns off and stays off it to press the power button for 10-15 seconds. Or delete lead battery & power.

    I googled and not found a solution.

    Does anyone else have this problem? and a fix for it.

    Thank you


    A friend of mine had the same problem. He solved the problem as it has disabled more upward on the LAN feature in the BIOS and Windows.
    Check the BIOS for this option and Windows you can find it in Device Manager > properties of network card.

    In addition, I will disable the function Sleep & USB support in the BIOS.

    I hope I could help you! :)

    Welcome them

  • Cannot use MS Paint tool - error with Vista on Satellite L40-139

    I recently reinstalled my windos vista family premium from the backup drive, because my laptop refuses to boot and start the recovery file not found...

    Since then, I have tried to load the application of paint and had an error: microsoft paint has stopped working.
    When I tried to access the event viewer to check the erros, I get another error...
    Management Console Microsoft has stopped working...

    I don't know what to do I need paint I have no office program and problems accessing a link of a site.
    I use regularly and need to send a screenshot...

    Any help would be much appreciated, I have

    Toshiba satellite l40-139
    Windows vista Home premium SP2 32-bit.
    1 GB of ram
    o free 31.1 Go Go 55.6 (c).
    54 GB of 54.6 GB free on (e)


    Just a tip;
    If you need an office application then I recommend OpenOffice.
    It s software open source similar to MS Office and you can use and download it for free!

    The issue of your pain.
    The painting is part of the Windows OS. It of not possible to uninstall it.
    File paint.exe is placed in the folder c:\windows\system32\

    There seems to be an error of operating system... maybe the system is confused upward...
    try to clean the operating system using the CCleaner...
    It cleans the registry and maybe it helps to get rid of this error...

    otherwise, you need to reinstall the operating system...

  • Satellite L40 - 139 - after watching the video, I can't use the virtual scrolling


    I own a Toshiba Satellite L40-139 under Windows Vista 32-bit. However, I think that this problem only applies to this model as other users are experiencing the same thing.

    I often watch videos online mode full screen (like on YouTube), but when I leave full-screen mode, I noticed that virtual scrolling stops working on the touchpad. This occurs in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. I can still move the pointer, but cannot scroll. I also note that the icon in the taskbar freezes, because it does not meet all the movements on the touchpad. I have the latest version of the driver installed (

    Is it possible for Toshiba to issue an updated driver for the Synaptics pointing device which solves this problem?

    Thank you


    It's the first time that someone has posted this question
    I checked this on my Satellite U400 and quest that; the touchpad works ok
    There may be a registry problem with your operating system who knows
    It would be interesting to know how the touchpad scroll function works by using the new OS installed

  • Problem with Windows XP on Satellite L40-139

    Hello Toshiba user community!

    I'm new here but I'll cut right to the chase with my problem.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 - 139 (PSL40E) model that was included with Windows Vista Home Premium installed and all perfectly installed software. I recently got a Windows XP Professional SP2 through MSDNA of my college (a Microsoft service for universities) and has installed because Windows Vista, although very looking shifted the laptop as hell.

    The installation went smoothly. I installed all the drivers that showed the question mark (as the display driver, audio, modem, etc.). I experienced a few problems. They are presented below as well as a few questions:

    1. I can't use the Fn function more. While Fn + F8 works, I can't turn the volume upwards or downwards using Fn + arrow up / Fn + arrow key or any other combination.

    2. the display driver although it shows that it is perfectly installed it seems that it is not.
    a. I do not have the optino of display properties when I right click on the desktop.
    b. I recently installed Gothic I, who had previously worked on my L40 and now after playing the intro, I do not see the menu. It's dark, but the sound can be heard as the navigation menu. If I manage to press new surprise of game, it's always black and sometimes it shows a random graphic error.
    I tried to install the Toshiba page display driver. And after that he has not changed a thing I downloaded one from the Intel site. Same thing!

    Do you know a sollution?

    3 another problem, although as unrelated to the laptop is the for my laptop model Toshiba download page only shows the "how to install Windows XP.pdf" file. " This is for the Windows XP operating system. If you change to Vista you get a lot of pilots. It would almost seem Toshiba would force me to HAVE Vista so that my Satellite wo works properly. Any ideas?

    4. do you know a good tutorial on how to install Windows XP for Toshiba L40 laptop? Especially for the L40 - 139 (PSL40E)?

    5. If Windows XP succeeded withought problem to see my hard drive is necessary to install the driver Toshiba mentions in his XP installation tutorial? I mean he should improve performance or not?

    Thank you in advance,
    I will adjust your answers tomorrow!

    Best regards!

    Robert Mocanu

    Hi Robert,.

    I think that there is no such thing as a tutorial for installing Windows XP on your machine. But you can count the installation instructions provided on the page to Toshiba, because WinXP installation is all about good pilot order.

    Have you tried to select as model number short "all"? You can find many drivers and I am sure that these will work very well for your laptop.
    I'd say reinstall with the Toshiba page display drivers and try again. And install the latest version of direct X 9.

    OK, Gothic I is not a new game, but worth a try anyway.
    Ditto for the FN keys. Just follow the installation instructions and download and run driver configurations.

  • Cannot start XP installation on Vista Home Premium preinstalled Satellite L40-139

    Here's the problem:

    I bought a new Toshiba Satellite L40-139 in Austria and comes preinstalled Vista. OK, Vista is in German, and I don't know German. But I made a choice to learn German and to start using a Vista. After a month Vista drives me crazy (no language, just for Vista) and I want to just install XP. I didn't need something more.
    I spent more then five days trying to archive this, but without success and I am disappointed, much.

    I put aside all types of teaching and I did a lot of things, but none of them helped me.
    So the problem is like this:
    I made the partition for XP, so I have two partitions as: Vista (C), (D) XP and Datas (G) and my CD/DVD (E :).
    I activated just boot from the CD/DVD, but when I insert the CD and start the installation of Vista it tells me something like this:
    Press any key to boot from CD...
    When I do that, I get a message, which is very fast where it says something like that, (I'm not quiet sure what it says because it's fast):
    Checking your configuration...
    After that, nothing happens, don't know why, I just get black monitor and CD/DVD does not work anymore?

    It's driving crazy me and I can't install XP.
    It seems that does not recognize the CD/DVD, and I tried with several XP bootable CD/s and they work on my desk.

    Can someone help, please, because I'm going crazy?

    If you have installed XP on this notebook L40 Vista you need a BIOS update to the XP version. All that s

  • What card Firewire works with Satellite L40-139?

    I have Satellite L40-139 under Vista Home Premium.
    The laptop doesn't have a Firewire interface. He has a 54mm Express card slot. I would like to add a Firewire interface, so I can import video from a camcorder. If I understand correctly, it should be possible to install an Express card (34mm or 54mm will fit) which will provide the Firewire inputs.

    Although there are a lot of these cards on the market, there are also many stories of them does not not with Vista or some Toshiba laptops.

    Can someone advise please a card that is known to work with the L-series and with Vista?

    Thank you in advance.


    > I would like to add a Firewire interface, so I can import video from a camcorder. If I understand correctly, it should be possible to install an Express card (34mm or 54mm will fit) which will provide the Firewire inputs

    This is right.
    Satellite L40-139 supports ExpressCard location and so you can use an Express which has been equipped with a firewire interface card.

    You should google a bit, there are a lot of offers on the internet

    For example something like this:
    [Express Card + Firewire ports |]

    See you soon

  • Satellite L40 - 139 with the combination FN + volume problem

    at first, I want to say sorry for may English. It's so good, but I'll try to explain my probblem.
    Yesterday I installed the XP system and everything works fine. After installation I can't press FN with the volume I want to say, some with works of function FN buttons, but some of them don't work. Only those function don't switch (FN + volume) volume of work and increase the volume level up/down(FN+ up/down arrow)

    Someone know how to fix/repair it?


    Satellite L40-139 belongs to the * PSL40E * series.
    Where did you find the Toshiba XP drivers for this laptop series?

    To my knowledge at THIS time the XP drivers are not released on the Toshiba driver page and so I guess that a driver missing XP or is not compatible BIOS might be the reason for you question.

    I think you have to wait until all drivers XP and BIOS XP will be available for you series!


  • Cannot run the CHKDSK - Satellite L40-139 process

    When I start my laptop (Toshiba Satellite L40-139) always starts to run chkdsk
    He completed the phase 1 and then when it is at 30% through stage 2 it just goes directly to the login screen.

    I was wondering if someone can help me correct what I want to start the whole process.

    Thanks in advance.


    You can run chkdsk after Windows has started.
    Type in the CMD COMMAND.
    The console should open and there you can use the command * chkdsk *.

    That's all.

  • Satellite L40 - 139 - I want to upgrade the RAM

    My laptop is Toshiba Satellite L40 - 139 PSL40E model, operating system Windows XP SP3, 1 024 DDR2 RAM (667 MHz) (512 + 512).

    I want to increase the RAM memory using 2048 DDR2 RAM (1024 + 1024).

    Laptop manual can not find if support * _dual-channel memory_ *, which requires a dual-channel-capable motherboard. Theoretically, this technology double data rate of the memory.
    Someone has the manual for this laptop motheboard, or may indicate the site for download?

    Apologies for my bad English.
    Thank you.


    Satellite L40-139 can be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. You can buy two modules with 1 GB of capacity with the specifications of DDR2 at 667 MHz.
    If you use two modules, they run in dual channel mode.

    The manual of the motherboard or repair for Toshiba laptops cannot be downloaded. They are only available if ASP.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L40-139 - possible to disable the low battery alarm?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40-139 it comes with Windows Vista running. I think the battery is now a little age, because it does not load when the computer is plugged in - although the computer itself is capable of functioning when it is plugged in, which is how I use it.

    Battery sank to about 10%. For this reason, the computer will sound low-battery-warning beep every fifteen seconds or more. This seems to come from the computer itself and not the operating system, it sounds different from low battery alerts in Control Panel > sounds.

    I would like to disable this beep - it is not to tell me anything I don't already know. Until now, the only way to achieve this, I have found is by inhibition of the laptop altogether. But is not ideal, because it means that I can't use any other sound feature on the computer.

    I tried, without success, changing the settings in the control panel > power settings, including lower low and critical battery levels and fix warnings for low battery to "off".

    Any ideas?


    Please check the BIOS settings.
    To access the BIOS F2 press Mobile start upward.
    There should be an option called something like low battery alarm
    Remember to save the changes before exiting the BIOS.

  • Satellite L40-139: new graphics driver is causing the problem after waking from sleep

    I have a three month old Toshiba Satellite L40-139 (PSL40E) with 1 GB of RAM with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed. This laptop worked very well for me for the basic headquarters far tasks, and I would have no problem recommending.

    In the last days I've updated the software and drivers from the Microsoft Update web site.

    Since the update driver Mobile Intel(r) 945 Express Chipset Family (to version, dated October 18, 2007), the screen resolution at 800 x 600 after awakening from the sleep state. The only way I found to fix it is to restart the PC.

    Other articles published on the web, I understand that this particular driver (Mobile Intel(r) 945 Express Chipset Family driver version) has caused many other problems on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

    Does anyone have a definitive solution for Satellite L40?

    I looked at four options.

    1. let the new installed driver and restart Windows each time after waking up from sleep mode. Rather, I must not do this.

    2. using the Restore Point created by Windows Update before the update of the driver, roll back to an earlier time. This seems to be a good course if it works.

    3 download an older version of the driver and reinstall it. I don't know which version would work but note that others have had success with the version. I guess a similar version could be included in the driver Package that can be downloaded from Toshiba Europe site, but have heard that the time required to download this software can exceed ten hours and am therefore reluctant to try.

    4. the fourth option is not really possible. I should be able to "Roll-Back" the driver in Device Manager, but the button is disabled.

    Although only a minor problem, it is very irritating and I would like to address them without causing other problems. Does anyone else have this problem? Someone has fixed it successfully?

    Hello Peter

    If I understand correctly, you use your usual laptop for daily work and you don't need any computer high-performance notebook. If I'm right I have to say that you should be happy if the laptop works well and stable.

    I don't really see any reason why you wanted to update chipset driver. In any case, you should try to roll back the BONES of time earlier and I hope everything will work again. There is absolutely no risk, and you can test it.

    Please post the result.

  • Need hardware drivers WXP for Satellite L40-139


    It seems that there is no XP drivers available for Satellite L40-139.
    Is could someone please tell me where I can download drivers for the following devices:

    -Satellite L40-139
    -Audio equipment
    -Graphics controller
    Controller - ACPI!
    -Some chipset drivers (?) (Subsystem PCI or something)

    I would really appreciate any help!

    Kind regards!


    There are no drivers of toshiba for the moment, but you can try to use the generic drivers from the manufacturers of the equipment
    (for example if the soundhardware is a realtek sound card download then drivers and so on..) and operate the machine with these drivers.

    Here is a link that might help you:

    Video drivers

    Chipset drivers

    Audio drivers

    I hope that you can find the drivers you need...

    Welcome them

  • Question about the battery life of the Satellite L40-139

    It's maybe a stupid question, but I have a portable Satellite L40-139 and the battery lasts less time, is this correct.
    In the power management, I chose energy-saving. I used to be a mobile system and it could take 2-3 hours. The answers would be great.

    The laptop uses Vista. Am I wrong?
    Well, I don't wonder that you can run Notepad only for an hour approximately.
    Vista needs for more resources as a BONE at the beginning. In addition, there are a few bugs in Vista, who have a bad influence on the performance of the battery!
    You can perform a search in internet for Vista and the problem of battery on laptops and you will find a lot of information.
    The same laptop with XP runs twice as long on battery as with Vista.

Maybe you are looking for

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