Satellite L40 - 13G: Bios update is not on Vista SP1

I have a Satellite L40 13 G and the latest Bios update refuse to update.

I'm trying to update my BIOS because the laptop freezes randomly in time and I have problems of "graphic design" where the lag games where there is no form of explosion such as gunshots or a bomb.

There are no instructions, not in the exe and certainly not on the screen. If I didn't know how Flash a BIOS I would certainly not choose the .bin BIOS file in the directory between all DLL files.

Thank you

Hello Jako

Can you please tell me what your problem is now? What questions are you writing about?
If I understand you well you have correctly updated the BIOS. Am I right about that?

And what now? What do you mean?

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  • Satellite L40 - 12K - BIOS update failure

    Hi people,

    It is the second Toshiba laptop, I've managed to screw up. I don't know why, but it seems that Toshiba is especially prone to spectacular failure of BIOS.

    This laptop (Satellite L40 - 12K, short model PSL40E) has a bios made by FRIEND and Toshiba has an update on its Web site for windows that uses the tool of WinFlash.exe made by ASUS.

    The tool only works for 32-bit operating systems, and I had installed a 64-bit version of Windows, I could not pass the laptop.

    Then I thought: we will try to update the bios from MS-DOS, using a bootable flash drive!

    I went to the ASUS ftp site and downloaded the latest AFUDOS (2.41). This is a special version of the afudos FRIEND tool, specially designed for ASUS.

    I ran the tool under MS-DOS, and it will make sure the BIOS automatically confirmed that the binary file was compatible with the laptop model and automatically starts the process of flashing.

    But it crash in the phase of "flash erase". He was stuck there for HOURS, so I turned off the computer and tried to turn it back on.

    Not at all, the laptop won't turn. It does not even ANY SOUND. NO LIGHTS, NO NOISE, NO FAN, NOTHING.


    So, there you have it. I have flashed dozens of computers (servers, laptops, workstations, etc.) in my life, and I've only had TWO failures.

    TWO of them were with Toshiba laptops. Geez, Toshiba is really the King of the failures of BIOS flashing!


    I would never try update the Toshiba BIOS with a BIOS from other support pages for computer laptop manufacturer
    What to say; I found one from Toshiba victory of the BIOS and traditional BIOS Toshiba U.S. driver page:

    Maybe you could try to Flash the BIOS using this version of BIOS
    If this is not possible, then only a service provider authorized Toshiba would be able to help you.

    By the way: I've had three different Toshiba notebooks: A210, U400, and now Tecra A11.
    The BIOS update has worked perfect for all series...

  • Satellite L40 - 14Y Bios Update with HARD drive empty

    I need to update the Bios of my Satellite L40 - 14Y / PSL48E-01F01UGR of Version 1.60 to 5.50 (for Windows XP). The HARD drive is _ * authorized/empty * _.

    My problem: the 'solution' as given

    [Http:// IOS & FID = TRO0000000b07]

    is unreasonable/erraneous. The instructions provided in this site for the "traditional update: BIOS is updated using a floppy ' lead 'procedure 7" for a Satellite L40.

    7 procedure is however simply: copy the 5 files, such as listed in the respective "bios -" zip file on the disk ("+ extracted the zip file containing the upgrade of the BIOS to a formatted floppy + '). This disk is - of course - _ * bootable * _ and its usage with the error message "NTLDR" not found as shall be provided.

    We know a solution to this problen other than the installation of an operating system for the current object of updating the Bios from an operating system?

    Additional note: the attempt to install the 5.50 Bios by running winflash.exe (which is the single executable in "bios -") failed because it "does not in DOS mode. But he could start with a few other disk started micro operating system, such as, for example, Caldera back. We know something about that? The statement: "run the *.exe extracted to the temporary folder. .... . A BIOS update diskette will be generated"as given for other than blackness L40 laptops means that a * _bootable_ disk is"generated ". Other laptops with the same Bios 5.50 as the L40?

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    Hi jetztkommich,

    Don t do so complicated: anything that can be downloaded from the Toshiba site, you will find. If there is that only a basic Windows Update the BIOS, you can run the update of the BIOS under Windows. I think that s easy to understand.

    As Al - Ex worte, you can try the update on a Windows disc packed with bart PE.
    Check this box!

  • Once the Satellite L350-172 BIOS update will not boot

    Satellite L350-172 Bios setting bios-20090203164614 bios-201002250 updated

    I just lie down the BIOS of my notebook to 1.60 to 2.20. Now, the laptop no longer starts.
    'He was arrested for reason not to damage the computer' - blue schreen.

    How can I downgrade the bios again? Or - that I have to change in the bios settings?

    >.. .which I change in the bios settings?
    If I understand you just can't start your laptop so enter the BIOS settings is not possible.
    Can you confirm this?

  • Satellite L40 PSL48E - BIOS update fails on VISTA 32 bit SP1

    The 2.0 with latest downloads BIOS update failed.

    After adjustment of the rights of the user and Disabling UAC is remaining the following command line error:

    C:\TEMP\BIOS>winflash.exe P20B200. BIN
    Cannot copy the BIOS image. (File name error?)
    C:\TEMP\BIOS >

    No idea how solved it, file name is correct?

    You unzip the package to update the BIOS first?
    It is very important that the BIOS package will be unpacked first.

    Then, you can update the BIOS the winflash.exe execution.

  • Satellite 2800-400 Bios Update - will not start

    I hope someone here can help me.
    I just did an update of the bios on a S2800-400. The machine worked perfectly up to this point, has never had a problem at all. (should have been better I guess)
    Anyway, he is been 192 MB of ram and a 60 GB drive upgrade and works happily in this config for some time. The change I wanted was the ASPA compliance, but for some reason, the machine pours just as soon as he's trying to start now. The update of the bios has been according to the instructions and successful that the messages show. Do not know what to do now... Where can I find the old bios files? return to orig
    Thanks in advance


    As far as I know old BIOS version can be installed just in Service partner. Another possibility is to try to reinstall the OS from restore CD. Maybe using.

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite L40 - 13G

    I need audio drivers for windows XP for satellite L40 - 13G? I try to download it from the site intel and Analog Devices Web site, but it does not work.

    P.S. sorry - but my English is not very well ;-)

    In my opinion, it takes a bit. Toshiba has begun to support of Windows XP Home for new preinstalled Vista laptops but obviously your Satellite L40 is still not on the list. I'm afraid you have to wait his turn.

  • Satellite L40 - 13G has 667 memory but works at 533

    Satellite L40 - 13G have original built in 2 x 512 667 of memory but memory works only at 533, why is this?

    I flashed the latest 2.20 bios of the Toshiba site.
    I did an upgrade on this model by changing its processor,
    Original image was celeron M 440 and now is core 2 duo T5600,

    The chipset on this model is 945GM and it supports core2 duo processor.

    Now main FSB is 667 for the cpu but memory works only at 533 dual Chanel
    and it's strange because the memory is 667?

    BIOS doesn't have a Setup for memory clock.

    Thanks for the help!


    If you have read your question, you will get a response.

    Your machine comes with a Celeron M, which has a FSB of 133 Mhz. This means that the whole machine has been designed (including the BIOS!) to work with that CPU and JUST with this CPU regardless what the chipset is capable of. This means that no matter what CPU and memory you´ve installed in your machine, the FSB will collaborate in the FSB 133 Mhz (533 Mhz), but your Coreduo needs another front bus.
    And because the BIOS is programmed to put the FSB 533 won´t never be able to do your mem running at 667 Mhz. Maybe if you can reprogram your bios.

    Welcome them

  • BIOS update is not possible for Portege M700

    I tried to update the BIOS to my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

    However, it fails with the error "the BIOS update is not taken in charge of operating system. No support for operating system or service pack installed. »

    In the "more information", I have read "OS independent.
    This is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 unsupported?

    What is the problem?
    What BIOS is right for my system?

    Please help me!
    Thank you very much.


    It seems that the OS Vista was preinstalled on this laptop.
    This means that you have installed the Windows 7 system to your own hand.

    The point is that BIOS update requires a few essential tools of Toshiba.
    For example, the package of value added is an important software package and must be preinstalled on the laptop.

    VAP is installed?
    If this isn't the case, install the PPV before trying to update the BIOS.

  • Satellite A350 - 22Q - BIOS update crashed

    I have a big problem because of Toshiba update official Bios for the A350 models.

    After downloading & unpacking of the Bios Update WinPhlash just started upgrading the Bios without PROMPTING. This is NOT acceptable! After 10 seconds or if the laptop froze just straight up. Stayed that way for 3 minutes or more. The only way to turn it off was by removing the power cord & battery. Cranking up again gave me nothing but black screen.

    I tried various recovery options, for the most part Phoenix crisis disk Build. But unfortunately no luck.

    Calling customer service of Toshiba (Netherlands) is not really useful at all. Tell me a bios update is not a smart thing to do. My answer-> then why you put it on your website and an update of the BIOS is sometimes necessary for the upgrade of the machine. After that the guys asked me to send the laptop to a notoriously bad service center (for laptops) DYNAFIX. Of course I wouldn't do this if I don't want my laptop is still more damaged.

    Now I probably have to replace the BIOS chip. It will cost me my own tithe that my laptop is no longer guaranteed.

    I'm very angry at Toshiba to put such a method of updating the dangerous bios on their website. I am an advanced user and rarely have questions, that I can't fix on my own. BIOS updates must be made in the DOS environment, not with WinPhlash Windows.

    If Toshiba or anyone who believes that it was my mistake, by all means try it yourself. Also google the problem, you will see tons of users of Toshiba laptops posted on the forums with this problem of WinPhlash.

    Please Toshiba, remove or change the bios update and find a solution for the customer to chip away at. I'll be happy to hear from you with a solution.

    Hey Buddy,

    I'm sorry to hear that, but I must say this can happen from time to time. Nobody is perfect, also no perfect software. But may I ask why you updated the BIOS?

    Of course, in some cases, it might be necessary, but to be honest, if everything worked correctly in the past and you didn t have any problem I n t see a reason to make such update. Your laptop will not work faster with the new version of the BIOS, it s a little bug fixing but that doesn t mean that each update of the BIOS needs to be done because nobody uses really all the functions of the laptop.
    As is the saying: never touch a running system! ;)

    If you make an update of the BIOS, check the following things before:
    -Disable the antivirus and firewall
    -Close all running programs
    -Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator
    -Unzip all files from zip archive

    I made such a function BIOS update Windows 5 times now and everything worked and no problems at all. Update was made in a few minutes and laptop restarted correctly. After updating the BIOS that I loaded the default settings to ensure that the new BIOS settings are correct.

    In any case, now it s too late and your only option is to reflash the ROM module as MannerhagenVPO has already written. This can be done a service allowed because they have special tools for this case and specially designed for this model of laptop. With these tools, they can recover the BIOS and bring your laptop to life.

    Then get in touch with the guy and ask for help. They can help you get rid of this problem.
    Moreover, I don't see a reason why Toshiba should remove this BIOS update. All updates will be pre-tested if they work or not. Also from my own experience, I can say that the updates are always ok and don t causing problems.

    I think that you you will find similar discussions on failure update BIOS when using Google, but who cares? Can you tell us that these users quite correct (closed antivirus, firewall, etc.). I doubt that
    The next point is that you will also find these Google results if you search for other models from other manufacturers of portable computers. This isn't a matter of Toshiba, it s in general risk of update of the BIOS and no one can give you a guarantee that this update will be correctly. :)

    Good day!

  • BIOS update release notes


    I have seen that there are several updates to BIOS, version 6.50, 6.60 and 6.70 but no grade version with documentation on new features or resolved objections.

    Doesn´t Toshiba provide this information?

    I expect to have enough information to decide on the update by myself.

    Someone of you has the most information?

    Kind regards

    Unfortunately on European page Toshiba Toshiba doesn't offer these tickets, just the BIOS update.
    What you can do is to check the version of updating BIOS on page US -
    You will find info what's new in some update of the BIOS.

    In any case, if your laptop works well and stable BIOS update is not necessary.

  • Necessary product for satellite L40 - 13G recovery disk

    Need recovery cd of product for satellite L40 - 13G.

    How and where can I get 1: 1 current says boot mgr missing or corrupt and 32 file system unable to load, please help


    You can try recovery disk command on

    Check it out.

  • The update of the BIOS on Satellite L40 - 13G

    Hello everyone!
    I want to update my BIOS, but don't know how to do it. I looked at the instructions on a site:

    Option 2: update with CD-ROM

    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    2. in the folder temporary three subfolders will be generated. "docs", 'Update - 3.5' disc', 'Update - CD - R or CD - RW"
    3. how to make a bootable CD-ROM please read the *.pdf file in the "docs" folder
    4. make sure that the laptop is plugged into the sector.
    5. turn off the laptop.
    6. place the CD-ROM containing the upgrade of the BIOS in the optical disc drive.
    7. turn on the laptop with the F12 key.
    8. the BIOS boot menu appears. Select CD/DVD or CD-ROM symbol with the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    9. the notebook starts from upgrading the BIOS CD.
    10. a boot menu is displayed. Select the point of updating the BIOS by using the arrow keys. Press "enter".
    11. the BIOS update process begins. Do not turn off the laptop during the update.
    12. If the update is complete, follow the instructions on the screen.

    Downloaded this update to the bios: bios -
    Page with the updated file:

    Then I unzipped the zip... and don't see three directories, who wrote in the statement (from above).

    Help please, I have to do. Or how can I update my BIOS?

    Thank you!

    Hi Alexey

    Can you please tell me why you need BIOS update? As far as I know Satellite L40 is the new laptop of the L series. Maybe a few days and necessary BIOS update. Why?

    Have you noticed any problems?

  • Satellite L40 - failed to update BIOS


    I have Win XP on my Satellite L40 - 14F and I download BIOS update and... * nothing *.
    Only invites to the splash screen for a second and nothing more.
    Please help me!


    What to say. It seems that something was wrong during your BIOS update procedure.
    Have you chosen the right BIOS and did you use the correct procedure to update the BIOS?

    The point is that the BIOS package that was downloaded from the Toshiba page must be unzipped first. It is very important that you would have to decompress it correctly.

    In any case, always is the module Rom BIOS has been flashed properly and so the laptop will not start.
    Unfortunately, the ASP is your last resort.
    Ask the guys and should ask for further handling.

    Good luck

  • The BIOS update does not work on the Satellite - cannot load PHLASHNT.sys

    "Cannot load the PHLASHNT.sys driver.
    It gives then a few silly respons to check if you have admin rights or not.
    Under windows, very nice everyone has admin right here, that the problem with this :-/

    Hello Clemens,

    PHLASHNT. SYS is flash Phoenix NT driver that is necessary if you're updating a Phoenix BIOS. However, you don't tell what Satellite phone model you update or what version of the BIOS update you are using (Windows or traditional). Please send additional information so that we can try to help you with your problem.

    Kind regards

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