Satellite L40 - 18W - USB ports does not work after format HARD drive

I formatted my laptop "L40 - 18w" after that all usb ports do not work.

Could you please help me on this issue

Thank you

Ben is right. After the installation of the operating system as a first step, you need to install driver chipset.
Please see the download page for Toshiba under
There you can find all the drivers for your model of laptop including driver chipset.

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  • Satellite Pro 6100: USB port does not work after the return of the mode "Eve"

    I have a strange error on my USB ports on Satttelite Pro 6100 with XP SP2.

    Two USB 1.1 ports work fine after cranking up what the laptop goes into mode 'sleep' (automatically or manually).
    The restart afret optical mouse connected to the USB port does not illuminate and the XP system displays the error message on the device not recognized on USB port.

    Plug the mouse on or off doesn't change anything. Only restart helps.

    Any ideas?

    It's very strange, but it will be interesting to see if the same problem persists with other USB devices. Can you test and post again on the results?

  • Satellite A135-S2286 - USB ports does not work after BIOS update

    I recently had the dreaded BIOS password prompt problem. I checked online to the toshiba support site and took the laptop to a toshiba authorized service center and is fixed by getting the updated BIOS updated to 1.60, but after update BIOS, none of my USB ports work.

    When I connect a USB device, a warning from yellow pop up comes up unrecognized USB device. The same USB device works fine on other computers/laptops. I searched online for a solution and found on a lot of people have the same problem, but did not find any fix for this error.

    It will be useful, if someone has a solution for this error.

    Hey Buddy,

    Is there yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager next to USB ports or they appear correctly?

    If you notice a yellow exclamation you must remove the USB port and restart the computer. All USB ports are installed automatically, you do not need an additional driver.

    I hope that it helps :)

  • Satellite L650 - 12N USB Ports does not work

    My satellite L650-12N usb port does not work. I did everything that I could and it does not work.
    It shows a yellow exclamation mark on my system.

    I try so many ways, including the recovering auto troubleshooting, formatting and system he could not work.
    Under the key USB gives error code 43, I do not understand.

    The webcam and the wireless card no more.
    This boot problem after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Please can someone help.
    Thank you


    > This problem start after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Because other devices don't work properly and because procedure didn t get it back help you solve this problem, I think that the problem is related to the hardware malfunction possibly that the motherboard was hit by lightning, which would explain the problems

    I think you should ask the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country to check the motherboard.

    But in my opinion, that the warranty does not cover the issues of environmental impact maybe your household insurance could help you

  • Satellite A10 s203: USB ports does not work

    Hello! All of a sudden my usb ports do not work on my satellite sa10-s203. Tried everything (even restarted the ashes of l-top nothing happened.) Enybody can help me? Kris...


    If the USB ports are properly recognized in device then as Quad Manager said it could be an external problem. The USB port is 500mA power. If the external device requires more power to work in this case, it of necessary to use the external power supply.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M300 - left USB port does not work


    I have a M300 Satellite, with a USB port on the right and the other on the left side. The one on the left has never worked with anything. Its never bothered me until now - I bought a portable HD and I need to connect it and a mouse at the same time...

    Interesting note though that when I put the laptop HD in the left USB port, the led lights, hard disk. The lappy himself made no sign he knows its there and I cannot access it, however...

    Any advice? Thank you very much!


    I guess, it is burning or something like that. You can buy a USB hub, it's a device that develops a single USB port into several so that there is more available ports to connect devices to a host system. It's not expensive and you connect many devices.


  • Satellite A200-13O - USB port does not work

    Can you help me? I have a new Satellite A200-13O, USB does not work.

    Hi Gilbert

    What do you mean exactly with the USB does not work?
    You plug the 3rd USB external devices advantage, which cannot be recognized?

    Have you installed all necessary drivers for these devices?

    What operating system do you use? If you are using Vista are you sure that the external USB device is compatible and supports the Vista operating system?

    Please post more details!

  • After Windows Vista update, the usb port does not recognize the external hard drive

    My external hard drive still worked, but once I have updated Windows Vista USB Port do not see at all. Once I plug it into the laptop (HP Compaq) the port next to the port I plug the also work stoppages which is a usb mouse. Usually, when I have something plugged into the usb ports the laptop would also a sound signal which it does not.

    Understand the Extras in Windows Vista and Windows Update info is at the link above.


    Remove the Vista updates; two ways to do this:

    1. a System Restore to before the updates:

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > System Restore > restore time/choose your own date > next

    If you use Norton, disable it before using the system restore.

    If it is impossible to enter the Normal Mode, do a Safe Mode system restore:

    Press F8 at the startup/power and the list of startup options, use THE ARROW key to select Safe mode > and then press ENTER.

    System restore steps according to the info above.


    2. click on start > right click on computer > properties > Windows updates down the lower left corner > updates installed in the lower left corner in the next window

    > then click the one that you don't want > uninstall will appear at the top > uninstall it.


    In addition, on the page where you clicked "Installed updates", click on change settings at the top left corner it

    > Change update settings in the next page of AutoUpdate to "check for updates but let me choose etc" > OK ".

    When you take a look at pending updates, you can either download/install them one at the time, namely the update causing you problems.

    > or if you do not need an individual > right-click on > UAC prompt > hide it

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • HP Pavilion 17: mouse pad does not work after replacing hard drive


    After replacing hard drive and installing windows 8.1, I can't use my mouse pad.

    I installed the Synaptics driver but it didn't help.

    How can I check that mousepad device is not damaged when replacing the hard drive and which also can I try to fix the mouse pad?

    USB mouse works fine.

    See you soon

    The only way to be sure is to open it up and see if the touchpad cable was disconnected during the upgrade of the hard drive. That's my bet. Easy to forget when you're winding. You don't provide complete model number, but many of the recent models Pavilion 17 require removal of the cover together to get hard disk that requires disconnection of the touchpad cable.

  • Windows Update does not work after the hard drive has been replaced

    I have the same problem, replaced in my Toshiba HD, rebuild from Sysimage, Windows Update does not work. A ran "fix the problem with the Microsoft Windows Update is not working.
    Problem still exist.
    The message that I got while trying to update: "Windows Update cannot currently check updates,
    because the service is not running. "You may need to restart you computer.
    Stop and then restart the service, still no luck.

    I ran Windows troubleshooting. He finds two problems with Windows Update components, it corrects.
    The problem still exists.

    The other post:

    Another interesting fact:
    After the reconstruction the new disk, user account control does not recognize Windows programs.
    for example: execution of Perfmon.exe, the Publisher is unknown! However, when I download the program Windows FixIt, Publisher is recognized as Microsoft Windows. It seems that user account control does not recognize the Windows programs that had found the new HD, but acknowledges those who is downloaded from the internet.
    I guess there is a problem with the license, Windows was preinstalled on the Toshiba and replace the hard drive could have caused a few conflicts of licensing.

    Separated from the:

    The same problem. Cloned old HD on a larger hard drive. Everything worked perfectly except NO indexing and update WITHOUT windows - the two recurring problems that seem to appear on the forums after a change of hard disk.

    INDEXING resolved with change to "Intel rapid storage technology." Google what I put in quotes, choose the Download Center and get the specific to your OP and the controller software.

    UPDATES have been a little more frustrating. The microsoft .fixes and convenience stores were without help.

    Go to control panel / system and Maintenance / administration tools

    Select Services

    Stop the Background Intelligent Transfer Service

    Stop Windows Update

    In 'My Computer' go to Windows / Software Distribution

    Right-click "DataStore" folder. Rename it to Datastore.old

    Rename the folder 'Download' Download.old

    Return to Services and restart the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and Windows Update.

    Look for the updates. It will take some time because you deleted the database.

    I hope this helps!

  • USB ports does not work after automatic update in Windows 8.


    There was an automatic update that occurred a few nights ago on my computer that I never knew until after that I turned on my computer back the next day. The computer starts up, then stopped and restarted about twice more - a total of three reboots in all.
    It is really annoying, because my Bluetooth has also stopped working a few days before. So I'm completely paralyzed - I've been using USB keyboard and mouse since the Bluetooth went bankrupt. I can not connect.
    The computer starts as usual. The 'numlock' keyboard lights, like the optical light under the mouse; This happens just before the Windows loading screen. However once windows loading screen comes and the "pearls" downstairs begin circulating, the mouse and the keyboard go quiet. I am sure that there is no hardware problems, and the keyboard and mouse work on my Mac very well.
    I tried system restore and PC options refresh on the Startup Options page, but unfortunately, my hard drive is unlocked, and system restore won't work; It says that I need to specify which Windows Installation to restore. I also tried my options with the Windows CD.
    Do a complete restore of the system is not really something I want or feel that I can do. Being the sidenote, I have school work on this machine in question, and it was already over. Otherwise, I would have not had any problems.
    Anyone had this problem before?

    Hi, I just have this problem, but I have noticed that the driver has been disabled, when I activated, it works fine now.

  • Windows 7 Windows update does not work after replacing hard drive

    Win7 Home Premium and HP Pavilion DV6-2150US.  Failed hard drive.  I bought a Seagate 500 GB replacement (original drive was 250 GB) and used my purchased HP re - install DVD to re - build Windows and reinstall the OEM software on the new hard drive.

    Everything starts fine, but he won't deal of Windows updates (. e. is a big red X on the screen of windows update).  I tried Microsoft "Mr Fix it" download - but it error and none of the other suggestions Microsoft not work either.  When I had the chance to talk with a MS tech support person, she suggested that somehow windows on the new drive is not authentic, etc...  Although windows on the new drive hard indicates that its active and authentic... is there some kind of checking a number of the hard disk 'really' activate windows?

    Just to make sure that my reinstall was not corrupt, I deleted the new hard drive and began in everywhere... I have the exact same result... it boots fine, but will not update through windows update.  The only other change to the laptop was that I had better buy double the memory to 8 of 4 when I bought 2 years ago... once again, do not know if there is a kind of material exchange limitation before disabling the windows software.

    Help, please!  I'm really stuck.  THX JimmyC

    Thanks for your post... I solved my problem by installing the update driver Intel rapid storage through this link:

    I suppose that as long as the hard drive is lower 250Gig you need not the new driver.  But when I replaced my hard drive failed with a disc 500gig hard - when I did restore HP to Win7 and the OEM software from the dvd, I bought - it put the storage driver original in Win7 - which works very well with a 250 GB drive, but causes the windows update doesn't work is not for readers more than 250gig.   When I installed the driver from the link above file, Windows Update started working - and you can imagine there are many, many fixes since my PC has been restored to original Win7 - doesn't not even Win 7 SP1.

    I hope it helps someone else... thank you for your message.  JimmyC

  • Windows 8 Pro key does not work after changing HARD drive

    I had bought a Lenovo machine without installation of the OS and installed a Windows 8 Pro (and not an upgrade).

    After activation ( laptop settings-> activate Windows ) and control, the copy of Windows has been properly activated.

    The machine worked fine for 7 months before the hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. (Without recovery).

    On installation the same Windows 8 Pro on the new HARD drive again, it shows " this key did not work." "If please check and try again or try a different key"

    Please suggest a solution to this problem.

    If my copy of Windows would have been an upgrade version, it would not have worked the first time.

    Have you bought a copy of manufacturer of OEM of Windows 8 Pro system? Because there was no full version boxes retail copies of Windows 8 Pro. The following work around to try to see if it works with your copy and then try the phone activation;

    Activation of the phone:

    1. press the Windows key + X , and then clickrun, and then type: slui.exe 4

    2. then press the ENTER"" key.

    3. Select your "country" in the list.

    4. choose the option "activate phone".

    5. stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.

    6. explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Windows Update does not work after new hard drive

    After you install the new hard drive, when I click on windows update, it opens, makes his scan, then I get the message, (the website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page) I have a Dell Optiplex 745 running XP Pro, Explorer 8, have tried several times and restarted, please help.

    What do you think of will be without safety last cumulative update for IE8 be manually downloaded and installed before going to windows update to nothing at all.  What will happen is the CPU at 100% and a whole lot of nothing else of fortification.

    Do not go in line with the hopes of getting the updates of windows after the installation of SP3.

    Disable automatic updates in Control Panel > automatc updates > disable automatic updates

    Start > run > wuaucpl.cpl > disable automatic updates > apply (if the setting is changed) > OK

    Get the exe to install offline full download for IE8 [should represent approximately a 16 MB file] and then install IE8 after SP3 and the decline of the ability to download updates for IE8 at installation time.

    Then manually download and install the current cumulative security for IE8 update and restart the computer.

    visit Windows Update through your browser link in the start menu.  Consent to any ActiveX install queries and validation / advantage genuine offer and cross your fingers.

    It is possible that you may still have questions, but this will reduce some of the problems if you follow the recommended sequence.

  • Re: Satellite L40 - 14N - Ethernet port does not work


    My ethernet LAN doesn't work anymore - laptop computer signals that it is fine - when I plug a cable in there still says no cable attached.

    I've updated all the drivers - is their a FN key that turns off? or can someone help me?

    What laptop Satellite you have exactly?

    The LAN port can t be enabled or disabled with a FN key. It is possible that wireless (FN + F8).

    Have you tried to update the BIOS? You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

Maybe you are looking for