Satellite L40 don't stop with power connected and is not in sleep mode

Hello world. I hope someone can help me. Basically, there are two problems: one with judgment of the laptop (Satellite L40 - 17U (Vista 32 bit Home Premium SP1)) down when power is connected and the other with closing the lid and put it to sleep.

1. in recent weeks, it all of a sudden won't stop, whenever power is connected. When it's on battery, it will stop. When the power is connected, and I try to stop, it seems that it closed down (all activity stops and the led goes off) for about 1 or 2 seconds, then it goes back.

2. when I close the lid (all settings in Vista are set to put the laptop in a State of 'sleep' when the lid is closed), the laptop enters a State where it cannot be recovered by stopping by pressing the power button for 10 seconds to close completely. When closing the cover, only the battery LED continues to Flash orange (the way it should be), but apparently the laptop keeps consuming power, because when I restart later (first having to close as described above) tends to be quite an empty battery as it was before the next redΘmarrage it (like go from 100% to 65% in 30 minutes as "standby mode"). Also, when I open the cover, the other LEDS will on new (green), but nothing happens.
After the restart first by pressing the power button for 10 seconds to close, I often get the message that Windows cannot be started and run the system repair.

I just do a completely clean install with the product recovery CD (has not installed SP1 yet), updated to v1.90 BIOS, but the problem remains.

I'm afraid that my only option will be to bring him away for a warranty repair, but knowing that these repairs can take weeks, I'd rather try a solution here could someone recommend me first. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thank you
Daniel Breslauer


Hi guys

Never had this problem on my laptop, but with regard to an other users here in the forum the BIOS might help solve such strange behavior for laptop
To be honest the closed question is unclear for me I noticed a problem before on my laptop but the update of the BIOS helped.

This is why I recommend update BIOS first.
If the problem still appears, the ASP should take a look in the notebook.

Good luck

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