Satellite L40 - failed to update BIOS


I have Win XP on my Satellite L40 - 14F and I download BIOS update and... * nothing *.
Only invites to the splash screen for a second and nothing more.
Please help me!


What to say. It seems that something was wrong during your BIOS update procedure.
Have you chosen the right BIOS and did you use the correct procedure to update the BIOS?

The point is that the BIOS package that was downloaded from the Toshiba page must be unzipped first. It is very important that you would have to decompress it correctly.

In any case, always is the module Rom BIOS has been flashed properly and so the laptop will not start.
Unfortunately, the ASP is your last resort.
Ask the guys and should ask for further handling.

Good luck

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  • Re: Satellite L40 - black screen after BIOS update

    Hello world

    I have exactly the same problem, as shown here:


    My laptop is a Satellite L40 - 150 (model PSL48E) it came with Vista and BIOS version 1.60

    I updated the BIOS to version 5.50, because I wanted to install Windows XP. The BIOS update process went well and the computer restarted automatically. After the reboot, I entered the BIOS (by pressing the F2 key). I pressed F9 to load the default settings and you exit the BIOS, saving the changes.

    Restarting the laptop and the screen is now completely empty. Nothing appears in it.

    I tried to remove and then reinsert the RAM modules, but it did not help.

    So, I guess the only option is to return the laptop to a service center?

    Why Toshiba do that? They are this deliberately or what?

    Kind regards.


    I put t agree with Leolo and put I t too agree with you.
    The point is that there are tow updated BIOS for the L40.
    One for Win XP and one for Win Vista;
    But the two BONES work on with the two BIOS but some functions such as the FN buttons wouldn't work if you n t use good BIOS for the good OS.

    The BIOS on the Toshiba page is not defective. But of course, it is always possible that something will go wrong during the BIOS update procedure because the BISO update is always risky!

    One of my friends has updated the BIOS on this laptop and everything went well!

  • Failed to update BIOS on Satellite Pro P200-156


    I has been updated the BIOS by using the update downloaded from the Toshiba downloads and get the following error when updating

    BIOS update failed! New BIOS is not compatible with the current system BIOS.
    New BIOS part number doesnâ? t match part number for the system BIOS.
    Error code:-120
    See Help for troubleshooting.

    I have a P200-156 and it seems strange that I chose the P200 range and saying Ca? s not for this laptop!

    AI? m have some sleep/hibernation problems, getting some blue screen errors and Windows has recovered from a serious error messages. Pretty regularly it Walter? t get into sleep/standby properly extended and just stays on and I held down the power button to turn off and restart that I get no output of the laptop. AI? ve made a recovery of costs also and still the same problems.

    Can anyone help please, if you need any additional information here? LL give as I'd like to fix these problems before Uni! I thought that the update of the BIOS it'd but Ca? s is not compatible apparently and when a new version to intervene?

    Thank you



    Have you used the good BIOS?
    I recommend you to check the serial number that is placed at the bottom of the unit.
    The first 5 digits and characters are important.
    Then compare it on the page of the Toshiba driver and use the good BIOS!

    Please note that bad BIOS or bad BIOS update process can damage the laptop. I would recommend so double check the BIOS version prior to execution.


  • Satellite Pro L300D PSLC9E - failed to update BIOS

    Hi all

    I got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D Windows Vista Business, this isn't that four months, recently, he began to break up and whenever he did, I got a message to upgrade the BIOS.
    So I went to the Toshiba Site and I downloaded an updated BIOS yesterday and installed even today, during installation the PC frooze.
    I left it on and it stayed like that for four hours, then it turns off.

    Now, when I turn it on all that I get is the fan turns to nothing else.
    The powerleader was connected to the laptop all the time.

    Do you have any ideas on what I can do, I have heaps on the laptop I would not loose.

    Model is PSLC9E Satellite Pro L300D

    The case is clear buddy update the BIOS has no procedure
    Perhaps the BIOS might not be updated correctly because the laptop crashed until the update procedure could be completed.

    Well, I can tell you that you will not be able to fix it yourself it's a serious issue and ONLY the ASP (certified partner) would be able to help you!

    So contact the ASP technician and ask for later handling.

    Good luck

  • Failed to update BIOS on my Equium A60-155


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to solve the Equium A60-155 was made an update of the BIOS when my 4 year old pressing a few keys of success has been the computer turned off and whenever I turn it on it makes 3 bleeps shut down once again.


    BIOS update failed and the BIOS is screwed now.
    I'm afraid, you need professional help with this m so contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask for help.

  • Satellite 3000 - X 4: update BIOS

    Attempt to upgrade the BIOS on Satellite 3000 - X 4 to help update BIOS downloaded 160 today. Using the method recommended (Windows).

    Extract the files in the desktop folder and run the exe file. This runs request a diskette and continues when inserted. At the end of the writing process on diskette, a statement disc error error message and try a different disk. I tried 10 different lots disc every time the same mistake.

    Use the method traditional, but cannot find my machine listed.

    Can anyone help.


    Satellite 3000 - X 4 is a UK machine, so I think that you can find the BIOS update TRANS on-site of the United Kingdom!

    As far as I know the 3000 hs - X 4 a special BIOs that also needs a display updated driver at the same time!
    I mean the BIOs upgrade was also to implement an update of displaydriver which must be run before a upodate BIOS can be done!

    Good bye

  • Satellite L30 - 11 d: update Bios to boot from USB

    I have a Satellite L30 11(d) bought Sept 07.

    I'm interested in trying to boot from USB, at the present time, my bios does not.
    I am looking to update my bios. There is a updated bios updated for me to download (3.10WIN).

    I have 3 questions:

    (1) 3.10WIN allows to boot from USB?

    (2) is 3.10WIN related to the use of MS Vista? (Looking at this article , it seems that the new phoenix / toshiba bios only allows panoramas...?)

    (3) how to settle?

    (with ubuntu 7.10 works well... aside from the sound)

    As to the question;

    (1) No, it is not possible to boot from a memory stick USB HDD or USM

    (2) each BIOS for each series of Toshiba notebook is different! Please don t no matter what other laptop computer BIOS or fixed PCs. Satellite L30 - 10 d belongs to the series of the 3,10 and PSL33E BIOS is OS independent. If your laptop comes with XP then the BIOS supports XP completely. Of course, you can try to install Vista but it is possible that some features of the laptop as FN keys will be does not work

    (3) the BIOS should always be done in the Windows operating system. As you can see on the page of the Toshiba driver the BIOS version is called 3.10Win - version


  • Satellite U300-11v: cannot update Bios - error code 5 - without administrator rights

    I have recently bought a laptop Satellite U300-11v and use Tempo of Toshiba alerts.

    He advised me to update Bios driver - I have downloaded on my desktop.
    When I try to run the program I get the following message - "cannot load the driver, C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\bios-2007 1023123728\PHLASHNT. SYS -"Please verify your account. If you have no privilege administrator please log in again.

    I checked and there is only one user on the laptop - Sue and I am also administrator.

    Please tell us what to do. Thank you very much

    Click with the right button of the mouse and choose Run as Administrator option. Can you please point out if this helps or not?

  • Satellite L40 - 16 d: update CPU & PC card question


    I have Satellite L40 - 16 d PSL48-E and I want to know who is the fastest processor I can put on?

    In the upper right corner, I have a dummy card. What can I put on this decision?


    Don t think you could improve the laptop with a faster processor due to overheating problems. A faster CPU produces more heat, and this leads to overheating.
    But as I know the Dual-Core CPU T2310 1.46GHz was installed on this notebook.
    Theoretically, an another Dual-Core CPU could be inserted but practically it of desirable and in most cases the wouldn t stable performance specifications.
    Last but not least, you will lose the warranty!

    With regard to the issue of card slot;
    Well, some Web sites said that this laptop runs the Express card. That is why it s an ExpressCard slot ;)

  • Failed to update BIOS 7020 OptiPlex

    Running 64-bit Windows 7, updated to date.

    It is impossible on multiple systems, update BIOS 7020 OptiPlex by using the update for my Windows version found here.

    When I try to run the O7020A08.exe file, I get the following error message:

    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are using. Check your computer's system information to see if you need a x 86 (32 bit) or x 64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher.

    I checked the MD5 checksum, so I am confident that the file downloaded correctly. Google results based on the error message seem especially related w / old software works is not on a newer OS.


    It pays to check the BIOS version before attempting to update. My BIOS is updated.

    But I can't imagine that this behavior is simply a funny way of showing that the BIOS update is not necessary.

  • Satellite Pro U300 (PSU31E) standby & hibernation fails after updating BIOS


    I wonder if it is common that after the upgrade of the Satellite Pro U300 (PSU31E) of the BIOS 2.50 at BIOS 3, 70 - Win or 3, 90 - Win, do sleep modes and Hibernate the * completely locked laptop computer? *

    After the upgrade, when I try to enter sleep or hibernation, the laptop turns off the LCD and gets locked so it isn't help to press and hold the power button, open/close the cover, press Fn - F3 or F4 - Fn, the only way is to disconnect the power supply and wait until the battery runs down, or simply be very rough and * disconnect the battery *.

    While the Pro U300 is locked, I hear that HARD drive and fans are also swivel - as soon they were when entering standby or hibernation mode. Very ugly behavior - you can FRY your laptop with something like that. I thought that BIOS 3.70 was faulty but unfortunatelly version 3.90 also worthless.

    Furthermore, I can't yet understand why large (70% of the zip file) file of the package to upgrade the BIOS (3.70 and 3.90)... is the portable other flashers log file?

    Your ad, I understand that the screen does not wake up after its entry in the standby or hibernation mode.
    Am I wrong?

    I noticed that Toshiba has released a new version of the Intel graphics driver.
    At this time the update is 02/20/08 and the version is

    Maybe you should try to update the display driver too check to see if it would help to get rid of this annoying display problem

    I recommend to remove the old version of the graphics driver first, then install the new downloaded driver.

    Mate good luck

  • Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E: How update BIOS


    I hope someone can help please?

    My Sat Pro L40 was entering into an infinite loop of BSOD, and I think I This reduces up to an update of the BIOS that I need.

    I downloaded the correct one for my laptop model: PSL43E.

    I saved on the desktop and extract the files to a folder on the desktop.

    The instructions on this site say run the *.exe file

    I see only 2; that which is a small file winflash.exe.manifest and the winflash (and has an icon of chip next to him) to research in the properties of this file, it says it's an .exe file so I tried to run it.

    File pos up to with the "is it the right of a warning" I click ok and about 15 seconds later, a box appears looking for a file name and in the name of box says "here for the Fill bios image file.

    I'm at a loss what to do next because I can't get the update of the BIOS works properly.

    The laptop opens in safe mode on a user account inactive that I've never used (it does not open in safe mode in my own user account and enter the BSOD loop).

    Help, please!

    Great tips Maurice! ;)

  • Satellite X 205-S9800 - update Bios failure of process

    Hello guys, I have a very big problem

    I have or at least I got a TOSHIBA Satellite X 205 - S9800 laptop with 4 GB 667 ddr2 sdram installed, fsb and I downloaded the new v2.5 update of the bios from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I started the process of update in windows vista using the phoenix Toshiba bios update utility and while the utility has reached line 2 of 18, there was a vista blue screen of course followed by a system crash. I should mention that I had problems with before blue screens because of the ram I think.

    In any case, I had no choice but to disconnect the power cord and remove the battery, because the power wouldn't button? t is longer, and now when I try to turn on my laptop, it powers just up to the graphics card and cpu coolers and power led light.
    Of course, the screen remains black, the second I take my finger on the power button it turns off. When I plug in the power cord, it does the same thing, but without pressing me the power button.

    I wonder what should I do, because obviously the bios has failed, and now I have to reschedule, my question is, where he is on the motherboard, or if someone knows the part number. I have some skills in electronics.
    I can replace it, because I have find a new somewhere, or is it possible to remove the chip, connect it to an Eprom special peripheral reprogramming and actually write the image of the bios again. Or is there any life in the chip?

    I mean it would help if I find a USB floppy and try to reprogram this way.
    For any help or suggestion would be gladly appreciated, because obviously this is a terrible situation, and I made a terrible mistake, which can actually be deadly.

    Thank you in advance, I hope I have this issue

    OK guys, I found the eeprom part number (CSI) W (I) 16-16 k CMOS EEPROM 24 c series with 128 pages with 16 bytes each, ca? s 2048 KB, packed in a box of 8-Lead SOIC, so I should be able to remove the motherboard, attach it to a serial interface and reprogram (still doing some research on it).

    By all means if you have any suggestions, they are gladly appreciated.

  • Satellite A210-199 - after updating BIOS only seeing yellow on

    Hi all, help is needed.

    After a BIOS updated with the help of Toshiba TEMPRO laptop Satellite A210-199 stopped working. The updated spent normally, but when it was turned off is more responsible. All this time the yellow indicator Burns power only. In a few minutes a laptop trying overloaded, but has no outside effect and so constantly.

    How is it possible to correct?


    Well, it seems that the BIOS update has failed or something else. Maybe the ROM module must be reflashed by a technician of the laptop.

    But you can try this workaround first:
    Remove the battery and the AC adapter and wait an hour. Then reconnect both devices and try to start the laptop.

    If it doesn t work on the Toshiba site, you can search for nearest authorized maintainer: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good luck!

  • Pavilion H8J91EA #ABU: failed to update BIOS on H8J91EA #ABU

    Has had a major disaster last night.

    Tried to update the BIOS on a Pavilion H8J91EA #ABU failed; Displays the boot block update message (or something like that - don't remember exactly) message stayed on the screen for centuries and then blacked out.  Now, the machine seems totally dead.  I tried the method of recovery of bios key 'Windws-key' and 'B' without result.

    Does anyone know if this feature is supported on the #ABU H8J91EA

    Thank you

    It sort!

    After failing to install the new BIOS understandable machine does not start.

    The option Windows key & B to retrieve the original BIOS is supported on this model but would not work.

    If you leave the machine off for a few hours the BIOS recovery works fine the first time try you it. but once the BIOS has loaded the system was unable to restart to complete the installation. Returning to the State where you cannot call the BIOS recovery feature and the machine is completely dead.

    Solution in my case was...

    • Power down machine
    • Leave for a few hours
    • Turn on, all holding the key windows and 'B '.
    • Wait for the BIOS recovery to start and release the keys.
    • Answer all questions and wait for the reboot to start.
    • If it does not start, turn the machine off and leave for a few hours.
    • Turn on the machine, and with a little luck, the boot will continue.
    • Answer any questions that you are asked, and wait.
    • Breathe a sigh of relief...

    I hope it's useful to someone.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello I have developed a problem with the Snaptics touchpad on my Satellite A200. Despite the use of different versions of the driver (original, later from Synaptics) showed intermittent problems with the right button. Sometimes, the green light on t

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