Satellite L40: When official XP drivers will be published

How are you!
What will be the drivers for XP (satellite L-40) OFFICIALS?


Who knows?  :|
I've waited a long time all the laptop A200 XP drivers.
There is the same thing with XP for L40 drivers.

Looks like it takes but I m sure that pilots will be published in the next time I hope

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  • Satellite L40 - 17U - need SATA drivers for installation of WXP

    Someone here these drivers? I looked like 5 hours already trying to install win XP.


    Download matrix storage manager. I think that the SATA drivers must be there. Test it please.

  • Re: satellite L40 139 windows xp drivers

    I can not find in anywhere. I guess that toshiba has stopped support.

    can someone help me? I have no sound, wireless etc.

    Thank you

    Have you checked here?

    [Toshiba drivers |]

  • Satellite A300-20V - not all drivers Windows 7 published?

    There are some drivers Windows Vista HW unpublished for Windows 7?

    This means that missing drivers are combined with other drivers...?
    It would be published later...?
    Drivers of HW can I vista can be used also for windows 7... ?


    Satellite A300-20V belongs to the PSAGCE series and so already a lot of drivers for Windows 7 is released and also for 32-bit and 64-bit.

    What drivers need you exactly?

    And Yes, you can use the Vista on Windows 7 drivers. Many of them also work.
    On my Satellite A300 Windows 7 works really well. I got all the drivers for it and it works better then Vista in my opinion.

  • Re: Where can I find drivers XP for Satellite L40 - 13 G PSL40E

    Please help me, where can I find drivers for L40 - 13G (PSL40E) for Windows XP?

    In the service
    I have found that the 'Installation Instructions' with WinXP filter.

    It seems that XP for L40 PSL40E drivers are not being released at this time.
    It seems that you have to wait until XP drivers will be published

    In any case if you wish, you can try a few singles XP drivers of another series of L40 that several series of laptops are equipped with the same features and sometimes the same drivers, for example, WLan, LAN, sound driver can run on many different series notebooks


  • Re: Satellite L40 - 18Z - keyboard does not work properly

    I have Satellite L40 - 1BZ and only vowels will work when you try to open a session?

    I turn the laptop on and I tried to enter the password (using Vista home Premium) and it will just hit me the vowels and Caps lock?

    Help someone mention I could download the BIOS but I put t really know what I m doing.

    I imagine you have this L40 longer and it will be interesting to know since when you noticed this behavior strange keyboard.

  • Satellite Pro A300-1NT - need drivers Vista 64-Bit


    I bought the laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1NT, which came with Windows Vista 32 - Bit pre installed and a XP Recovery disk.
    I bought the 64 bit Vista edition, but I found all the drivers for Vista 64-bit on your website if it is 64-bit capable.

    How can I get them?


    It seems that 64-bit Vista for A300 series drivers are not available on the page of the European driver Toshiba at this time.

    That's why you have two options;
    Either you will wait until these drivers will be published on the website of pilot or you try to collect these drivers to your own hand.
    You can search and try for example such single drivers out for another series of notebook and could search also site of manufacturers of chips like Intel, Realtek, etc.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500: When will be released Windows 7 64 bit drivers


    as the new owner of toshiba A500-132 immediately, I installed Windows 7 64 bit and I only just now realize there is still no driver for it.
    This is when they come out because I can't wait! and I refuse using vista!

    I installed most of the 64 bit vista drivers, and most of them seem to work with exceptions that seriously annoy me. the first is the toshiba ECO utility doesn't work at all, and also the Fn keys do not work. the strange thing about the Fn driver, is that the buttons work when I manually turn the process of Flashcards TCrdMain.exe

    I created the register, which automatically turns on the SLIM process but his ineffective as the process should be opened twice...

    Someone at - it iny idea how to solve this problem, or when will be released Windows 7 readers?:

    Hi mfucek,

    I also don t know when Toshiba released drivers for Windows 7, but you could contact Toshiba directly by phone or e-mail. Do you have already?

    But I think that they will be released in time net because each day more and more drivers will be present on the page of Toshiba. It takes some time because not all drivers can be programmed and tested on one day only, I think.
    In order to check the Toshiba page from time to time. ;)

    Alternative you try the Eco utility and other other Toshiba laptops. Maybe they also work on your Satellite A500.

  • Satellite L40 - windows xp x 64 drivers


    I recently bought a laptop Satellite L40 - 14H. As I understand it, Windows XP x 64 is not officially supported. Nevertheless, I managed to install the operating system, by integrating the x 64 I found in the CD to install drivers (downloaded from the [search drivers |] page). Currently I have working drivers for the wired network adapter and wireless, integrated sound, display and of course the SATA drive. However, I can't seem to find the drivers 64 bit for the integrated modem PCMCIA (?) card reader - not that I need that wrong, but it would be nice to get rid the two small yellow question marks in the XP Device Manager. (Windows recognizes one of these devices, as the modem, the other is an unknown device with identifier ACPI\ATK0100).

    However, is there any x 64 version of the application that makes the Fn keys work? I assume that the x 86 versions will not work with the 64-bit XP, especially if they rely on the installation of additional drivers.

    On another note, is it possible to make the utility Intel display stop adding its entries (those the names of properties and graphics Options) in the menu that appears when I right-click on the windows desktop?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    As you say doesn t Toshiba supports the OS 64-bit at the moment.
    This means that all 64-bit drivers, tools or utilities don't exist on the Toshiba driver page.

    If you want to use the features of the laptop as for example the FN keys you will need a special driver. But as already mentioned drivers 64-bit don t exist and therefore, use of the FN keys is not possible running 64 bit OS.

  • Satellite L40 PSL48E: Downgrade to XP - warranty will be valid


    Laptop: Satellite L40 PSL48E, 1Gig ram, 160Gig disc, P4 Dual core clocked at 1.6 Ghz Intel centreno

    Help, please

    1. If I format the hard drive (VISTA pre loaded) and install XP PRO it voids my warranty.
    2 will XP run and what drivers should I download that is working very well.
    3. If I format the drive recovery still install Vist if I need back. (Now, I think that it was a question of dum. I know thw answer...: o

    Help, please

    Hello hotshot.
    Recently I asked the customer service of Toshiba (Netherlands) the same question about warranty by phone. The guy said ' it's your computer, you can install what you like. ' " But if you need to send it for a problem, you will need to restore it to how it was when you got it. "I asked what happens if the computer develops a problem preventing you to restore it and the guy hohummed without giving an answer.
    XP should work, but you will need to find all the drivers beforehand.
    Third question, you did it.

  • Satellite L40 - 16 d psl48e is not in the list of drivers

    I'm trying to find the drivers for satellite L40 - 16 d psl48e I can't fint the model in the list of series L, or I am wrong?
    also I search with n serial and I can not find the ither model is: Y7040435R

    Why is not? THA laptop is false?


    Search the Archives of the driver download page!
    In product type choose Archive ;)
    Everything what it what s, you will find all the drivers!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L40-137 - need drivers Win XP

    Hi all

    I am looking for driver and software for Satellite L40-137 (PSL40E-02Q01FGR) for the sound.

    Problem I installed XP one by side of Toshiba Support, I had only Vista and Windows 7.

    All the other drivers that I found.
    Please help me
    Thank you


    Check the drivers for Satellite L40 PSL4CE series.
    There are some drivers Win XP.
    If some drivers work or not will be not available, you need to search with your own hand

    Good luck

  • Need all drivers for Windows XP for Satellite L40-139

    Need all drivers for Windows XP for Satellite L40-139

    Welcome to the club! It seems that the drivers of Windows XP Home edition are not yet available. Check the Toshiba download page days. Meanwhile try to find drivers Googling autour.

    Chipset - Intel® 943GML + Intel® ICH7-M
    Graphics controller - Intel 943GML
    Card sound - ADI AD1986A
    LAN - Realtek(10/100M)
    WLAN Atheros 11 b/g (13ch) XB63L

    Sorry, but you must be patient if you want to have all the tools of drivers and utilities. Also check the other topics L40. Maybe you will find some useful information.

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite L40-139

    Hello I need drivers Windows XP for Toshiba Satellite L40-139

    Model No.: PSL40E-02R02GRN

    There are only installation instructions in the download section for this model, no drivers for XP, only for Windows Vista

    Maybe the drivers will be included in the next time.
    Let's see

    In addition, you can try some single other L40 series drivers

  • Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40 - 12 X

    Hello. I have Satellite L40-12 X and I need drivers for xp... .can someone help me pls?

    After installation of all hotifxes XP and patches, you will need to remove the sound card in Device Manager. After restarting again the operating system should find the sound card and you must install the driver of his newest Realtek card.

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