Satellite L405D-11V - freezes and the screen goes black when you watch the video

OK, so I have the Toshiba Satellite L405D-11V, I had a breakdown, basically, the computer freezes at any time and the screen would go black, with the fan and lights still ongoing, this could be at the start, or a few hours using the laptop, so I decided to ring Toshiba technology support and they arranged for my laptop to collect and be expelled for repairs.

I was able to track repairs online via the tracking service and was able to see what they were doing to my laptop, he said that they have ordered a part, it was underway and the repairs are completed.

However, I got the laptop back today, I turn it on, all right, I start using the cell phone that everything is fine, so I decide to watch a video on youtube, and it freezes again, so I turned off now pressed the power button, hoping he wasn't that a large, I turn back to and load the video once again it freezes and the screen goes black again, after that whenever I am watching a video or a game, it causes the computer to crash and freeze as before the repairs. So there is always a mistake, but I'm not sure what to do

Its still under warranty, I bought the laptop from the Comet, but I really don't want to send the laptop for repairs again and find it comes back with the same fault, is it interesting sending distributed, maybe see if the comet will replace the laptop as its still less than a year to buy the laptop, or it'll just be useful to save all the hassle and buy a new laptop? If this fault happened to someone else, I could use you some help, and if someone could shed some light regarding what could be bad?

Thank you


Hey Buddy,

You changed something on the configuration after you got your notebook back from repair? You update a driver, or something else?
What operating system you use on your L405D satellite?

To be honest it is really hard to say why it happens because technicians test to check if your laptop is running correctly.

In my opinion you should try to update the display driver. Maybe it's the origin of the problem of s
If this isn't the case, I recommend installing Windows from Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. These parameters are pre-tested by Toshiba and should work.

If you still have the problem, you must contact the technicians again. I mean you could track the online repair and according to your assignment, everything worked well during repair, so in my opinion he should t be a problem to contact guys exactly.
Explain your very detailed problem. I think that everything can be clarified then. :)

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