Satellite L50 - A - 16 H - Webcam + microphone does not work


I have a laptop Satellite L50 - A - 16: updating win8.1 64 bit.
When I got this new laptop everything worked fine, but later it stopped working.
I sent it to Toshiba for repair and ofcouse they made and works (the MB has been replaced?), but now, I noticed that my webcam and my microphone does not work. If I try to open the camera it says 'connect a camera' or on Skype, he asks the same thing.

I read in the forums to look at the BIOS to enable, but there is no activation/deactivation button.
I tried to search for a driver for the Webcam in the Toshiba site but I couldn't find: c
and the microphone "working normally" but I when I try to call my friends can't hear me.

I hope someone can help me with this problem, thank you very much :)

You know what: best thing you can do as the ultimate test is to backup all your data and reinstall the original recovery image. By default the BIOS settings and install recovery image.
After ding that you will have to re-buy factory and absolutely identical situation after laptop settings.
Please test and send feedback.

In my opinion, if the problem persists it could be hardware related issue. Maybe is cam not connected correctly.

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    I'm under Linux Slackware 14.1 with kernel 4.11 on a Satellite L50-B-166.

    Webcam and microphone are not detected by the system, and I can't find the firmware and the module for them.

    Can someone help me?


    I get the Webcam work properly in Fedora 22 core 4.0.6 (Incidentally, kernel 4.11 does not yet exist, so what kernel do you use )
    I suggest therefore that you check the software for the Webcam settings is not simply disabled:

    F2 at the STATION
    Go to advanced > system configuration
    Make sure the Webcam is turned on.

    Tom BR

  • My webcam microphone does not work

    I built in webcam on my laptop. I turned off the microphone by accident and now it says is not there at all! I tried everything but ICAN can't operate more! can someone tell me how to repair or reinstall my microphone?

    Hello NekoAngel.

    Try to type device manager in the start search and see if his list he should there have listed under sound, video and game controllers.  If its been disabled at the level of the device, it must have one different icon to others, and will be one of the options in the context menu to enable it. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Announcement of Yeovil, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

  • Satellite Pro P200: Reinstalled audio driver - microphone does not work

    Satellite Pro P200, bought Jan 2008.

    Managed to disable onboard intervene somehow, trying to disable them so that when I got the USB speakers loud the built-ins would not interfere with the sound.

    Driver installed P200_X200_Audio_Vis3264_6015477_1.exe.

    Speakers work fine now - microphone is not.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Dave

    Did you check the audio settings in Windows Vista?
    Maybe the microphone is muted or the volume is at the lowest level. Did you check that?

    In addition, I would recommend reinstall the sound card driver. Remove the old version first and then restart the computer and install the latest version on the Toshiba site.

    You use the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • Satellite A215-S4747 (internal and external) microphone does not work


    I write about my wife by Satellite A215-S4747 running Windows XP.
    A few months ago as the built-in microphone and external microphone has stopped working.

    This made me think it was a driver problem, although no issue in
    Control Panel > sounds and Audio devices > equipment for all drivers.

    I went through the Troubleshooting Wizard, but that did not help.
    I went and downloaded drivers RealTek HD Audio (R2.67), but that didn't fix it.

    Any help is very appreciated.

    Thank you


    I want to emphasize that this machine is about 6 years old, making the possibility of some parts break most likely...


    Sound works. Right? Well well, in that case I n t think that it is an audio driver problem.

    First of all, I think you should check some basic settings.
    (1) mic device.
    Go to the control panel-> sounds and Audio-> Audio-> sound recording devices
    Here you check if device right microphone has been selected

    (2) mic volume
    Go to the control panel-> sounds and Audio devices-> Audio-> audio-> Volume
    Here you check if the volume is at max level
    Additional button Advanced should be available at the bottom of the mic volume control click that it and check if the mic push in checked.

    Have you installed some tools or software which may affect (disabled) the microphone?

  • Satellite L50 - A - 1 6: Synaptics touchpad does not work often

    Hi guys,.

    I have a problem with my touch pad. my laptop is Satellite L50 - A - 1 6.
    Often the key stop working when I use multi touch gestures, and a few seconds later it starts working again.

    But sometimes it stops work and I have to restart the pc.
    I think it's a driver issue, but I have reinstalled the driver, hard reset on my pc, but nothing.
    If use the pc without synaptics drivers, it's all ok, but I can't use the multitouch gestures.

    You have any ideas?

    Sorry for my English

    Thank you bye

    When did you notice this problem of gesture touchpad? Has ID been published since the first day of purchase?

    It would be interesting to know how the touch pad gesture control and multi would work using the original software/driver from Synaptics page:

    The comments appreciated.

  • Satellite L50-B-1EE - download the drivers does not work

    I am a user of a NEW Satellite of Toshiba L50-B-1EE and I can't download the drivers. Some admin fix the links because they are broken! EACH of them

    From my experience and I also, use Toshiba laptops I ve never noticed a serious problem with the Toshiba download page, it is so hard to believe there is a general problem with driver download.
    Can you please post a specific link or tell us what version of operating system you are using.

    I want to check download drivers and inform you if there is same problem when I try to download some of them.

  • Satellite L50-B-1DZ - wireless network adapter does not work

    So, my network wireless adapter completely stopped working. 2 days ago I couldn't connect to networks wirelessly without problem (although I've disconnected and will need to run the troubleshooter every few hours to reset it...), but yesterday I started to get the message "not connected - no connection is available. In broadcom 802.11n network adapter in Device Manager, the icon has a yellow warning symbol and the error message "this device cannot start. Code 10 ".

    I tried to update the drivers, but it gives just the same error message. I also tried to do a restore of the system since a week ago, but it has not fixed either.

    I found a youtube video that said that the problem can be caused by a software conflict and change value from registry, but that no longer works, and now I'm full of ideas.

    How have you tried to update the driver WLan?
    Have you tried to uninstall the driver first, and then after reboot again to install the new driver downloaded from Toshiba UE driver page?

    Try it!

    You said you reset the system in the past?
    How? Have you used the Toshiba recovery procedure and have you installed already preinstalled system once more?

  • Satellite L50-B916 - recording external Microphone does not work


    Connect an external microphone to * Headphone\Microphone combo socket *, still records through portable microphone instead of externally. Registration of external Microphone does not work.

    What Miss me? Please notify.

    Model: L50-B916

    I can't say with certainty what may be wrong here, but two things confuse me:
    -somehow your external MIC is obviously not detected because in the case when the external microphone is connected laptop switches automatically to it
    -I don't understand why there are two identical entries under recording devices.

    When I connect my headphone it is always a single entry (Conexant SmartAudio HD default unit), but my machine automatically goes to the external microphone only.

    Have you tested the feature with some applications like Skype?

  • Satellite L750D - Microphone does not work

    My microphone does not work, it says not connected.
    But it is an internal microphone, I already installed Conexant Audio Smart, latest driver, does not.
    What can I do?

    My microphone has disappeared when I switch to windows 8.
    But I'm in windows 7 once again, (64-BIT)

    Thank you

    Toshiba Satellite L750D

    > But I'm in windows 7 once again, (64-BIT)
    This means that you have installed Win7 using original recovery image?
    If you have installed the own version of Win7 have you installed the software of webcam too?

  • Re: Satellite Pro L500-1PU - internal microphone does not work

    I have a Toshiba L500-1PU, running on 32 bit Windows 7,
    The webcam works perfectly, but the internal microphone does not work correctly.

    I had an external microphone, so I had not noticed this problem when I am on Skype, but I recently discovered that when using the webcam of the person at the other end can hear weak my computer noises when I play music or watch a video clip.

    How can I fix this and get my microphone working properly I can control the volume and actually get a full service my laptop otherwise decent?

    Thank you


    Perhaps this Toshiba FAQ might help you:

    + Hissing on the Satellite L500 +.

    It s are the parameters.
    This problem occurs if the volume of the microphone in the speakers properties is enabled.
    After you turn off this point the issue with Larsen is no longer in effect.

    I hope this helps!

  • Satellite A210 (PSAEG) - Microphone does not work on Windows 7 64 bit

    Hello, the microphone does not work on windows 7 64-bit, the driver that I use is 64-bit Windows Vsta. The volume is implemented maximum and so is the amplification but no way to make it work with the software assistant camera Skype or toshiba.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Hi Largo09,

    Usually, you need to install the webcam driver and sound to get the microphone working. The microphone is a part of webcam

    As you wrote, Satellite A210 is not Windows 7 64 bit supported, so the only option you have the Vista 64 bit drivers

    In my opinion, you should check if the Microphone is turned on in Windows audio settings. There you can also activate the Microphone Amplifier, which can increase the volume of the microphone.

  • Satellite A500 - 14Q - Microphone does not work

    I have the Toshiba satellite A500 - 14Q for about 3 years. I changed the hard drive, keyboard, frame of the monitor until now, and I'm sick and tired of this laptop does not properly. Now, I've discovered that my microphone does not work. There is no problem in device, or with the driver manager. I hear that crackling noise when I try to enter any other micro device.

    Can anyone help please?

    P. S. I have windows 7 (64-bit)

    How did you test the mic feature? With the help of tool tape recorder?
    > the monitor framework
    Perhaps you have made a mistake and mic is not connected correctly. Did you do it alone or it was done by the Toshiba authorized service provider?

  • Satellite A300-1BZ - microphone does not work - need driver

    My microphone does not work & I can't find what kind it is to locate the pilot, can assits anybosy please?


    The internal MIC is part of the webcam.
    Next to the sound driver, you will need to install the Chicony webcam software.

    You could test the microphone using the webcam software there is an option that allows you to record the audio stream

  • Satellite A200 - 1 MB microphone does not work on Windows XP

    Hi all.

    I buy a Satellite A200 - 1 MB and when I install Windows XP everything was ok except a little problem:
    The microphone does not work.

    I installed all the drivers correctly, but the problem is the same.
    I read on the internet that many owners A200 - 1 MB have the same problem.

    Is one know how I can fix the problem?
    Thank you

    It's very strange. I installed Windows XP Home SP2 on Satellite U300 edition. It's the same laptop fine but a bit smaller and in my case works cam and microphone. I tested it with Skype. The sound quality is not very good, but it works.

    Are you trying to test also with Skype? Did you check the sound options?

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