Satellite L50-A01Q - bad video quality


I just got a L50-A01Q Satellite and can't watch youtube videos, it plays on low resolution automatically even if I changed the settings to play the best available.
I can sometimes change to higher but usually have to click on it 5 times before it works then the video freezes.

I received a notification to install an update of the display driver intel and even if its installed and says I have the latest version, it is always in the center of service with a peak of trombone next to him and said she has not been downloaded.
Any ideas?

Sorry I know this sounds so confusing! I just thought that a more than a $1000 computer should play more clear videos then those blurry it is.


Have you noticed what You tube or watch other and different video content?
Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop?

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  • Satellite L50-B-15U - video Flash don't play no not because of Conexant Audio Driver

    Hello world

    I bought this laptop Toshiba Satellite L50-B-15U , and lately I have had this problem. Whenever I want to play a video on youtube, or most of the flash videos in browsers, they load and buffer, but used to play and are stuck at 0:00. After brewing the button refresh to several times, sometimes I can play a video as normal, but its similar to 20 times 1. I know that it's because of the driver audio conexant because with the standard microsoft driver, this problem does not occur, but the audio is * ty.

    The strange thing is, when I try to look up from my laptop on the Toshiba site to download driver, I can't find the audio driver Conexant for windows 8.1, only those for windows 7.

    So far I have tried:
    -Restart the computer
    -Completely remove the Chuck (reboot afterwards)
    -Reinstall the driver from the toshiba website (windows 7 a)
    -Try the other conexant drivers I found on the internet.

    CHROME: Video support and pads completely, does not start
    FIREFOX: Video plays, but no sound at all

    Help, please


    According to specification for laptop, your laptop comes with Win8.1 64-bit which includes all drivers tested.
    Have you noticed this problem since the day where we?
    To be honest I can't imagine it, especially if that happen "lately.
    Maybe you have installed something, an update that might be responsible for this.

    Try to roll back OS a few days using the System Restore tool, just to check if the problem will be solved or not.

  • Satellite L50 - A - bad BIOS in the download section

    I downloaded the update to the bios for my laptop, L50-A-165

    The update indicates that bios model doesn t match the downloaded rom is for model vg10st while I vg10s.

    Can anyone help?
    Thank you

    > The linux kernel agrees with flashing:

    Does that mean exactly?
    Try you update BIOS under Linux OS?

    You must use the preinstalled Windows system in order to update BIOS!
    The update of the BIOS is not possible using Linux!

  • Header bad video quality - Muse.

    Dear user of Adobe!

    I'm here to ask you a suggestion for updating a video of poor quality on the head page.
    Something like: Service Cloud: Atendimento ao client | Salesforce Brasil

    Here is the video clip:

    Feel free to analyze and suggest me a widget!

    Thank you very much!

    Jose Z.

    I don't know if there is any widget that can convert a video of poor quality to high quality video, if that's what you're asking.

    If you have the video source, you can do it with a movie like Premiere Pro Editor.

  • Satellite L50-A01Q - WLAN not detected after installing the Atheros WLAN driver

    I have a C50-A01Q. I recently replace the hard drive for an SSD. I installed Win8.1 via a DVD downloaded from Microsoft. I also installed the Download Driver Atheros Wireless LAN from Toshiba. However, the system does not recognize the WLAN. Someone reinstall windows 8.1? How did you get the driver?

    Maybe your laptop has a Realtek or Intel WLAN card inside. Specification of your laptop does not for me so I can't say with certainty what WLAN card is inside.
    Try to install other drivers and check in Device Manager.

  • Satellite L50-A01Q: where to find the latest Intel graphics driver

    I brought a Blu - Ray external drive and tested to see if I could play blurays but the Intel graphics driver is outdated.

    I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    But the new driver is not available from Toshiba?
    There, because I can not play blurays.

    > I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    > He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    Of course, you can install the Intel driver downloaded from Intel page.
    You must download the zip package where only files are placed in the record of the driver.
    Then you have to unpack this package, then go to Device Manager and update the driver by using the Advanced installation procedure. This will allow you to point to the folder of the Intel driver you have unpacked (desktop?)

    This procedure worked for me

  • How to get rid of video quality poor/pixelated in windows 7 Professional?

    I recently installed windows 7 Professional and I'm having a good time with it, but a big problem I'm having is with video. I tried several videos (avi files mainly) through windows media, vlc, kmplayer player, but I'm getting pretty bad results of each player. I originally had windows xp, but when I installed 7, there was a noticeable difference in video quality. The difference is, when I maximize my videos, there is a minor pixelation in quality and I watch a movie in a smaller image size to get the same quality as if it was twice as big (twice as big would have better quality on windows xp/vista).

    I have a decent system
    -AMD 3500 2.2 ghz
    -2 GB of ram
    -32-bit, Windows 7 Professional
    -Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

    I also have the codec nvidia so that shouldn't be a problem.

    Is it possible to fix this 'pixelation' or 'bad' video quality?

    Any help is appreciated.

    We will try to watch a video after a clean boot to see if a 3rd party application or codec interferes with WMP.  Click HERE for the clean boot procedure, it is the same procedure, as it was in Vista, so do not be alarmed.  Once you have dΘmarrΘ clean, test it with WMP and let us know the result.

    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Poor video quality using windows 7 "play to" with DLNA Sony Bravia KDL-40EX700

    When I use the option "play to" in windows media player 12, everything works but the video streams on tv is of very poor quality!

    Most of the time the video is not yet play full screen. When I first set all and used television to find the video file, it played in the perfect resolution and quality, but now it does not matter if I have the video on the TV or choose play... two ways I get bad video quality.

    Are there settings for the streaming video quality in windows 7? I have the current firmware for tv update and tried on two different computers with the same bad results.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Mr. Goetz,

    There is nothing wrong with the drivers of your graphics card. The TV is one that makes the video file not the graphics card on your PC. The reason you have a bad video quality is the limited support of the multimedia formats that is supported by your TV. Generally, Sony's Bravia TVs have a limited set of media formats supported and for this reason, most of the time that the Play and Win7 will send transcoded versions of the video on television. Usually, the way Play works is the following:

    -Play questions the TV for supported media formats

    -If the TV supports the type of media you're trying to make, the Play sends native data flow to the TV. The quality will be provided by your video file.

    -If the TV does not support the native format, the Win7 also offers versions of the same video file transcoded: MPEG-2 and WMV for versions.

    -Play preffers to make reading possible at any time so he will choose a transcoded version if the native format is not supported. DLNA mandates support for MPEG NTSC or PAL MPEG formats, so this will be the common denominator.

    I tested several Sony's Bravia televisions in the last years of the development of Play, and several times reading transcoded. I guess that this is the case for you as well. Unfortunately, nothing you can do, unless Sony decides to support your media file nativelly. To make things worse, the qulity of the transcoded version depends very much on the quality of native files (win7 transcode in a lower resolution than the native.) It will be not high-end). If the native file is HD content, the resolution of transcoded stream will be pretty good for a TV 40 ". If the stream resolution is SD or smaller than (usually flows that can be downloaded on BitTorrent), resolution transcoded will be less than that. On a big TV screen, it will be stretched and the quality will be very poor. More the native file resolution and the resolution of the TV, the bad will be your experience.

    Therefore, could you please tell me what is your multimedia file type?

    Hope this helps

    Thank you very much

    [email protected]

  • Satellite P100 - 10 p: poor video quality with 3rd site nVidia Driver

    I have a satellite P100 - 10 p (PSPAGE) with 7900 GS and when I install the new drivers from video quality (163.76) of all films is bad.

    The image is rasterized with each media player (VLC, MPC...) and screen sometimes "POPs" for a second.

    Everything goes very well with 84,00 Toshiba drivers but I can not play games like BIoshock and Stranglehold with this driver.

    Help, please.
    Thank you

    Hey Drago

    It's a very bad situation. Toshiba with each laptop must product offering functional and because of who offer tested drivers. These drivers are suitable for each laptop model and also have the function of protection. This means that the graphics card will not forced to run at the highest level.

    As you can see with the original driver you have problems, play games. For me this is nothing unusual for laptops. Problem is that all of the updated drivers the only are not supported and tested by the manufacturer of the laptop. I recommend you to use tested driver Toshiba. In the end maybe you must compromise between game and watch movies.

    By the way: original DVD movies are also so bad while you use pre-installed WinDVD?

  • Satellite L50-A-161 - control performance of video card


    I bought a Satellite L50-A-161.
    The computer has two graphics cards: a processor intel integrated and a gforce 740 m with 2 GB dedicated.
    Is your computer often uses the video card intel automatically, how do I know the computer to use the gforce always because I often use 3D programs like autocad, photoshop, 3ds design, etc...
    In addition to the question: are we sure the gforce 740 m is a dedicated with 2 GB video card? due to various forums about this computer shared video card

    Thanks for your attention

    As far as I know it s ordered automatically and you do not have possibility to control GPU manually.

  • My Satellite L50 - B - 1 HM lags behind in youtube videos


    I bought a Satellite L50 - B - 1 HM a few weeks ago. When I try to watch a video on youtube, I have this little bit of lag. Basically, the image stop for a second and then works well again. I really often just for a second.

    I have installed adobe flash player but the problem remains. Should I install any video plugin or do I call a service tech?

    Thank you.

    I assume that your machine is busy in the background running of unnecessary applications or process. May is updated active Windows too.

    Check a little processes that are running in the background and test again. This question is not uncommon, when the HARD disk is busy to perform different operations at the same time.

  • Downloaded iPhone video do not play on my Satellite L50

    Hi guys,.

    Can you please help. I have a portable Satellite L50? (not very irritable hope this helps). Last month I downloaded pictures and videos from my iphone to my laptop and every time I have flip through photos and reach the videos I downloaded the laptop just fails and returns to the home page. When you go on the screen the pictures appear, but the video download with the little game sign on it just has toshiba a small sign in the corner.

    Just download more videos and photos today and they have downloaded and play very well. Can anyone help?

    Thank you becky xx

    I'm not sure about this, but it might be possible that the video standard is not fully supported by the video player...

    I assume that you have installed the iTunes software and QuickTime player... right?
    Maybe you need to reinstall the entire software once more... its worth a check...

    Another idea: try another player like VLC media player...

  • Bad video memory - Satellite 5200

    I have a scrambled on display problem
    a Toshiba Satellite 5200. The adapter is
    NVIDIA GeForce4 460 Go, 64 MB, integrated
    RAMDAC. A test of Micro-Scope shows a bad
    video memory. How to solve the problem
    (change the video, or only video memory card
    or is it possible to exclude a damaged part
    video memory)?

    Thank you.


    I read about this diagnostic software and it seems that this software is operating system independent, which allows the program to directly access hardware, bypassing the DOS or Windows, for faster and more accurate troubleshooting.
    But nevertheless, I recommend you to ask for help ASP. It may also start a diagnostic test and can give you an appropriate response.

    By the way: it of not possible to replace a graphics memory or graphics card.
    The graphics card is a small chip that attaches to the motherboard. In this case, you will need to change the motherboard. Well, but before you start to replace whatever it is ask for a care service

  • Satellite L50-A013 - internal management of video memory of BSOD


    Recently, I had several questions about my graphics card and the blue screen of death.
    Here is a link to my dump file, converted to .txt: download

    Specifications of the computer:
    Model - Toshiba Satellite L50-A013
    Processor - Intel Core i7-3630QM @ 2.40 GHz
    RAM - 8.00 GB
    64 bit
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 M (2 GB dedicated I think)

    Additional information:
    My computer did not have a problem of graphics until a few months ago. I had a different problem before that. I got a blue screen error called THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Rolling back my drivers fixed this problem, but after a few days, I started to experience lots of lag of frames per second (FPS) so I used the NVIDIA experience of re application - update my drivers.

    Now I get a decent FPS, but my computer like a blue screen.

    Any help will be appreciated.! kwIFEKrA! ECDW1kVVY... 6xC8W4feuCuzWQ

    Here are my logs to crash in DMP mode where you need

  • Satellite L755D - Webcam: very bad image quality?

    Hello @all,

    I have a SAT. 755 (OS: win7 64 bit). The webcam returns a very bad image quality and I noticed that the driver is from the year 2006 (Microsoft, Version 6.1.760.17514).

    I installied the last 'pilot' vom site of Toshiba (version, which actually just updated the CAM software.

    It is a fact, that this webcam is of very poor quality, or could someone please help me improve the photos, which are not only in poor Skype, but also when I just test the cam.

    Greetings from the Austria


    Please check the film in front of the lens is detached.
    I think that many models is delivered with a protective film in front of the goal and it is not too easy to do.

    See you soon!


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