Satellite L50-B-166: Webcam + microphone does not work under Linux


I'm under Linux Slackware 14.1 with kernel 4.11 on a Satellite L50-B-166.

Webcam and microphone are not detected by the system, and I can't find the firmware and the module for them.

Can someone help me?


I get the Webcam work properly in Fedora 22 core 4.0.6 (Incidentally, kernel 4.11 does not yet exist, so what kernel do you use )
I suggest therefore that you check the software for the Webcam settings is not simply disabled:

F2 at the STATION
Go to advanced > system configuration
Make sure the Webcam is turned on.

Tom BR

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    Connect an external microphone to * Headphone\Microphone combo socket *, still records through portable microphone instead of externally. Registration of external Microphone does not work.

    What Miss me? Please notify.

    Model: L50-B916

    I can't say with certainty what may be wrong here, but two things confuse me:
    -somehow your external MIC is obviously not detected because in the case when the external microphone is connected laptop switches automatically to it
    -I don't understand why there are two identical entries under recording devices.

    When I connect my headphone it is always a single entry (Conexant SmartAudio HD default unit), but my machine automatically goes to the external microphone only.

    Have you tested the feature with some applications like Skype?

  • Satellite L50 - A - 16 H - Webcam + microphone does not work


    I have a laptop Satellite L50 - A - 16: updating win8.1 64 bit.
    When I got this new laptop everything worked fine, but later it stopped working.
    I sent it to Toshiba for repair and ofcouse they made and works (the MB has been replaced?), but now, I noticed that my webcam and my microphone does not work. If I try to open the camera it says 'connect a camera' or on Skype, he asks the same thing.

    I read in the forums to look at the BIOS to enable, but there is no activation/deactivation button.
    I tried to search for a driver for the Webcam in the Toshiba site but I couldn't find: c
    and the microphone "working normally" but I when I try to call my friends can't hear me.

    I hope someone can help me with this problem, thank you very much :)

    You know what: best thing you can do as the ultimate test is to backup all your data and reinstall the original recovery image. By default the BIOS settings and install recovery image.
    After ding that you will have to re-buy factory and absolutely identical situation after laptop settings.
    Please test and send feedback.

    In my opinion, if the problem persists it could be hardware related issue. Maybe is cam not connected correctly.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L500-1PU - internal microphone does not work

    I have a Toshiba L500-1PU, running on 32 bit Windows 7,
    The webcam works perfectly, but the internal microphone does not work correctly.

    I had an external microphone, so I had not noticed this problem when I am on Skype, but I recently discovered that when using the webcam of the person at the other end can hear weak my computer noises when I play music or watch a video clip.

    How can I fix this and get my microphone working properly I can control the volume and actually get a full service my laptop otherwise decent?

    Thank you


    Perhaps this Toshiba FAQ might help you:

    + Hissing on the Satellite L500 +.

    It s are the parameters.
    This problem occurs if the volume of the microphone in the speakers properties is enabled.
    After you turn off this point the issue with Larsen is no longer in effect.

    I hope this helps!

  • Satellite L300-1 has 3 - Microphone does not work with Windows 7

    Hello, I have a problem with the microphone on my laptop.

    MIC comes with chicony web cam and Windows 7 camera works fine but the microphone does not work.
    Does anyone have the solution to this problem?

    Micro Vista works fine but I wanted to try Windows 7 on the laptop and everything works great except microphone.

    Best wishes in advance.


    I think that the reason why Windows 7 is only RC and not a final version that is on the market. I think you should wait until Windows 7's official published.

    However, you have installed the driver for the webcam and soundcard? You can try using the Vista drivers. It should also work on Windows 7.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P300-h-13 (PSPC4E) microphone does not work


    I am having trouble with my Audio and Microphone.
    The audio driver I installed works correctly but my microphone does not work and if I connect my microphone on my laptop the sound of my spreakers is still on.

    Is there a solution for this problem?

    Kind regards

    Dennis van Oers

    > mic in my laptop through my speakers is always on.
    As far as I know that the headphones or external speakers would disable the internal speakers and not the external microphone.
    So in my opinion it is not a hole...

    However, you can check the settings in the control panel-> SmartAudio
    It allows to switch between different options

    In addition, you can check the microphone settings in the detroit (Panel).

  • Microphone does not work under Windows XP Home - P100

    Hi all

    I am a new user of French a P100-473 series and games. I have it downgrade to Windows XP Home edition for the goal of the game.

    I use conexant high definition driver v 3.11 and its working fine but not the microphone plug on the front of the laptop. I tried all the driver conexant Web 3.12 3.14 and after and the problem is reversed, the microphone does not work very well "using the audio msn Configurator" but I have no sound.

    The driver is working properly, no error, but not sound under windows. Does anyone have a solution for me?
    I have worked on this for 1 week and I really want to resolve the thing, because the cell phone is a great product and on vista, it works like a 486.
    Thank you very much



    On the Toshiba download page there is unfortunately no driver audio Windows XP Home edition for this laptop preinstalled Vista. Read some other assignments that I found the same reports sound works but mic cannot be used.

    Sorry, but it is clear at the moment, there is no solution to this stupid attachment problem. :(

    Just one last thing: try to install your own Vista without Toshiba has designed tools and utilities and let me know how your P100. ;)

  • Satellite A100-906: why the microphone does not work?

    My built-in Microphone is not working but the microphone Jack works correctly.
    What is this problem?
    I use Windows XP pro SP2 (include all updates)
    and the update of the BIOS and other device drivers...
    so the problem cannot be resolved > I am checking all settings mic!

    Please help me!

    You ask for a tip?
    Your Satellite A100-820 does not support the internal mic! You must use an external! All that s and there is no other way!

  • Toshiba satellite pro U 400-18 microphone does not work

    I install windows 7 on my laptop Toshiba satellite pro 400-18 U, after everythink is ok without a microphone does not, what can I do, please help

    I install windows 7 on my laptop Toshiba satellite pro 400-18 U, after everythink is ok without a microphone does not, what can I do, please help

    Please visit the Web from Toshiba site for the latest drivers for your sound card. Releasing it's easy: with Windows | ActiveWin | Laptops | Microsoft MVP

  • Satellite A300D-11 t - external microphone does not work


    I have the Satellite A300D-11 t, Windows Vista HP 32 bit SP1.
    After almost a year of functioning of the system, Vista decided to fail. So I reinstalled it.

    I downloaded all the necessary drivers and forgive me - no unnecessary waste, such as + help +, + acoustic silencer +, + Config Free + and so now (surprisingly fan slowed down and all the computer is colder).

    Now. When I plug the headphones with built-in microphone system does not automatically switch on this one.
    In + Control Panel / sounds + I can see that I plugged it, I can do a test and the test itself works perfectly with a helmet but + recognition + however receives sound from microphone.

    Also when music plays of any player, plug the headphones does not switch anything - music plays again from built-in speakers. The same situation with + Skype + and change any setting does not help.

    Initially, I forgot to install the audio drivers because Windows has done it for me, but adding it did not improve the situation.

    I'm starting to think that maybe I didn't install anything. Here's what I have so far:
    -lan drv - 20080715144843
    -modem drv - 20080403094119
    -realtek wlan drv - 6115011122008
    -utils sd card - 20080715144653
    -sd media flash drv - 20080715144631
    -his drv - 20090407140600
    -touchpad drv - 20080715144806
    -webcam drv & soft - 20080715144822

    Can someone help me with this?


    As far as I know that the laptop supports the audio chipset Conexant CX20561 then you must install the Conexant audio driver!

    Please install the SP3 of XP Win first before install you the audio driver.

    PS: If the newer BIOS version has been released then update also!


  • Satellite L50-B-281 - WiFi Driver does not work

    Hello world

    I have a problem that I can not find a solution

    I bought a L50-B-81, without BONES, because I have a free license of W7.

    I used the Driver download for Toshiba to look for the drivers.

    For my model (PSKTCE), I got two drivers for Broadcom and Aatheros one.

    The Broadcom Installer did nothing so I guess, I don't have hardware Broadcom.
    The only installed Atheros Bluetooth driver.

    Is there an easy way to determine what hardware is inside?

    Device Manager, where the works is not the devices are marked by this triangle warning sign, said he does not know the manufacturer.

    Thank you very much

    I bought a L50-B-81, without BONES, because I have a free license of W7.

    The L50-B-81 Satellite is not known to me... I guess you get the model number... Could you double check your model number and share the good name with us?

  • Satellite L50-B-2E2 - keyboard backlight does not work

    Hi guys. I have a big problem on my laptop with my backlight, so I have a Satellite L50 - B and the backlight, it does not. I tried Fn + Z but nothing... If someone knows how, please help me.

    Q1: The keyboard backlight has worked in the past?

    Q2: Can you see a small keyboard sign above the key Z or Y?

    Q3: Are you sure that the keyboard supports the backlight?

    More information on keyboard backlight, here:

  • My webcam microphone does not work

    I built in webcam on my laptop. I turned off the microphone by accident and now it says is not there at all! I tried everything but ICAN can't operate more! can someone tell me how to repair or reinstall my microphone?

    Hello NekoAngel.

    Try to type device manager in the start search and see if his list he should there have listed under sound, video and game controllers.  If its been disabled at the level of the device, it must have one different icon to others, and will be one of the options in the context menu to enable it. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Announcement of Yeovil, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

  • Satellite Pro P300 PSPCDE - internal microphone does not work

    Win7 Professional 64 bit German

    Helllo Forum,
    The problem seems simple but its delicate. The internal microfone is not working.
    I cannot find any topic in the deivce Manager.

    Is there perhaps a way to activate the Mikro as FN + X?
    "I've tried the standards such as ' Start +" Mikro ", right click on the speaker icon...

    Is there someone who had solved the same problem?

    IAM running low on ideas...

    Thank you

    How did you test the internal mic?

    Usually, the internal mic belongs to the internal webcam. So have you tested this in relation to the internal webcam?
    Pre-installed webcam software allows you to create movies and pictures. The film can be recorded with the sound and the internal MIC is used for this

    In addition the internal microphone should appear in Control Panel-> sound-> recording tab
    If it s not visible, then you must right-click and must check the options; Show hidden devices, see the disabled devices. You could activate the internal microphone and this could make as default device.

  • Satellite L50 - B - 24 c - touchpad does not work


    I apologize for my bad English, however, a few months ago, I bought a laptop Toshiba (L50 - B - 24 c) and after a few weeks, the touchpad no longer works. I have before, I had connected a mouse for your comfort for some programs.

    Now when I disconnect the mouse pointer disappears from the screen.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


    I guess that your laptop supports ELAN touchpad driver.
    I read in another thread that in the past, an update of the ELAN touchpad driver has caused a few problems and the touchpad is not working properly...

    That's why I recommend you to uninstall the driver for the touchpad MOMENTUM of the system.
    After that, restart the laptop and check if the touchpad would work again...

    In case the touch pad work, download the driver of the ELAN touchpad from the page of the Toshiba driver and install again.

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