Satellite L500-164 - has the touchpad scrolling feature?

I am interested in buying the laptop L500-164.

Can someone tell me if this phone has a touchpad with scroll function?
And so, only the page down, or "from left to right?

Thank you!



Yes, the Satellite L500 supports virtual scrolling.

But that's why you need the driver for the touchpad, this feature is software based on other laptops. It is not a problem because the driver is already preinstalled and more you can download on the page of Toshiba. :)

Fun with a new Satellite L500. A friend bought me too and it s really great and the price is also good.

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  • Satellite M35X-S163 - how to activate the touchpad scrolling feature?

    How to activate the functionality of scrolling on the touchpad of my laptop Satellite M35X-S163?


    The touchpad scrolling feature can be enabled in Control Panel > mouse.

    You'll find the option but don t forget that the driver for the touchpad should be installed and you can find it on the Toshiba site:

  • Qosmio F60 - cannot use the touchpad scrolling feature two fingers

    Hey there,

    I recently got a laptop hard drive to my Qosmio f60 replacement and windows had to be reloaded.
    Then my cell phone worked before I could two fingers scrolling on pages and others.
    Now, I can't, and I can't find a setting for this anywhere.

    Ive downloaded a driver called "scrybe" that allows me to do this,
    but I'd rather widely does not run a processor extra and just using the default function of portable.

    Can someone explain why my laptop before do me that and now cant? and how can I solve this problem?

    Thanks heaps!

    > can someone explain why my laptop before do me that and now cant?

    Maybe the Synaptics touchpad driver is not installed?
    Synaptics touchpad driver additional features.
    That's why I recommend you to install this driver.

    The settings are located in Control Panel-> mouse-> tab advanced-> avancΘs

  • Satellite L500-164: 15.6 "does not appear fullscreen in games


    I recently bought the L500-164 and installed Windows 7 64-bit. Everything works perfectly, just a thing which annoys me incredibly.

    Whenever I play a game (Counterstrike, Warcraft3, Warsow, soldier) is a big black band on the left and right, so basically the screen of the game resembles a quadrat. I saw even more on my old 15.4 "laptop, because he was able to view as wide screen.

    I installed the new catalyst, but is not possible within the REC to enlarge the screen of the game for the full amount...
    I really want to solve this problem and I hope for your help.

    Thank you!


    Normally, every game, you can change the screen resolution and I think that you didn t set the resolution of the screen to the right. As far as I know the Satellite L500-164 has a native resolution of 1366 x 768. did you choose this resolution?
    If you choose another resolution that uses another format, you have these bands on the left and right sides.

    In addition, you must use the Toshiba display driver directly. Other drivers are not pre-tested and don t have protection against overheating.

  • Satellite L500-164 - keyboard must change in English or Greek


    I am a student in Germany now and I was thinking of buying the Satellite L500-164.
    The problem is, in all stores, you can buy it only with the German keyboard I completely hate.

    Is it possible to change it to an English (or Greek)?
    How much will it cost? How long will it take?
    I thought to buy directly from Toshiba, but they don't sell, so I guess I'm stuck with buying it and immediately send it to the service of change of keyboard?

    Y at - it stores that sell with English keyboard or can change on demand?

    Thank you very much

    > I thought to buy directly from Toshiba, but they don't sell, so I guess I'm stuck with buying it and immediately send it to the service of change of keyboard?
    Well, this will be a solution the other would be to buy a Satellite L500 to the United Kingdom to get a keyboard with English layout.

    You could try to order it from some online retailers. There are enough shops online that provides Toshiba laptops

  • The touchpad scrolling has stoped working on satellite

    The touchpad scrolling has stoped working.
    I restarted / reinstalled the driver / reformatted hardrive 3 times (this works but the feature soon stop) / sytem restore / disabled firewall /?

    Can anyone help please it is really annoying me for the first time I'm having a problem with this machine that really gets to me.

    And what satellite you have? Is - this new model of notebook with touchpad buttons?

  • Satellite L500-164 - how to cut the speaker internal audio output mode?

    Hello Forum,

    If I want to hear the sound on a stereo external audio internal is always on! I have therefore two audio lines in my environment. Not really good.

    I have a Satellite L500-164. Is this normal for Toshiba laptops? How can I finally disconnect the internal speakers? In headphone mode everything is ok. Internal speaker is disabled.

    Hope for the quick responses, so I can return the laptop in the conversion period.

    Thank you very much for the help!

    PS: Sorry for my bad English.


    Check the settings in the control panel-> Realtek HD audio Manager
    There is no tab called speakers.
    On the right, you will find different parameters.
    An option is called Advanced Settings feature.

    Here, you should try a different as option:
    -Tie the same type input jacks
    -Separate all the independent input devices input jacks.

    Take a look here a game around a bit but

  • Satellite L45: touchpad scroll feature does not work

    OK, I have a laptop Satellite L45 and I need help.
    The functionality of scrolling on the touchpad worked for awhile and now it will not work.

    I've looked throughout the computer and tried everything and nothing seems to work.
    I don't really know too much about computers in a first time, and no one I know can help me.

    My father had the same problem with his computer, but he says it seems to work himself.
    Mine has not yet and it drives me crazy.

    If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.


    Have you checked if the touchpad scroll function has been enabled and configured correctly?
    I recommend that you check these settings before you to reinstall the driver for the touchpad.

    Do you know where to find these parameters?
    You can find it in

    + Control Panel-> mouse-> last (device settings) tab-> settings button.

    Here, you should check the * virtual scrolling *.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L500-164 - BSOD during XP installation


    I installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and everything was working fine... no probs. But now I want to install Windows XP (32-bit standard edition) on another partition, but it does not work?

    He gets in the installation CD, it loads the hardware drivers (the first step), but then, when he must step in partitioning menu or "where you want to install xp" - menu, it gives me a blue screen with information: (it's in German, I try to translate it):

    It has encountered a problem. Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If you get the error message for the first time, you must restart the computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Search your computer for viruses. Cancel the registration of any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Make sure that the disk is properly configured. Run CHKDSK / F, to determine if the disk is damaged.

    Technical information: * STOP: 0x0000007B (0xFA36063C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    I tried a lot of things. I formatted all partitions with a live cd of linux, so now the hard drive is completely empty, however, does not work. I guess that windows 7 (64-bit) caused the problem... but WHAT?

    Can someone help me please? I'm going crazy here... I just want to install xp, nothing more... :/

    Info: My laptop is a satellite L500-164

    Which WXP both of you are trying to install (SP?)?
    You have to load the SATA driver on startup?

  • The touchpad scrolling does not work after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hello world

    I used everything on my laptop Satellite uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 10.

    Now, toshiba applications disappeared.
    This isn't my problem.

    My problem is that on my touchpad scrolling is not working.
    Synaptics is gone and when I try to install a new driver (Touch Pad driver) it gives an error after installation.

    Synaptics is installed accept for the uttilities mouch.

    Someone can help me.

    Greetings, Jiska

    I don't know what model of laptop you have, but it turns out that not all series of phones are supported to win 10 upgrade.
    In this case Win 10 drivers will not be released on such unit...

    The touchpad scrolling requires additional touchpad driver...
    If your device supports Synaptics touchpad, you can also use the driver for the Synaptics driver page:

    But currently driver to Win 10 is not available... you can try to install and to use the Win 8.1 driver but I'm not sure if it will work properly...

  • Satellite L500-164 - memory graphics type?


    I'm new here. Today, I found the Satellite L500-164. I think it's a very good laptop. Especially the price is good.
    Now, there's an Ati Mobility Radeon 4650 with 1 GB of memory in the L500-164. But my problem is, each site there is another description for the type of memory, sometimes its DDR3, GDDR3 (which is of course preferable) could be. Can you help me with this issue? Do you know what memory graphic type is the L500-164?

    Would be nice if you can help me. (and sorry for my bad English ^^)


    You can try to GPU - Z as Akuma said identify memory.

    But theoretically GDDR3 and DDR3 is the same type of RAM. GDDR3 means * graphics Double data RAM *. So it's just memory specifically designed for use on graphics cards.

    Thus, the graphics card's own memory and doesn t share with system memory.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M60-164 has a Bluetooth?

    Fact the Satellite M60-164 were mounted hardware factory BT? The model No. East PSM60E - 02200 YEN.
    Thank you


    Satellite M60-164 has no BT module on board. Each unit with BT has a stick of BT in the lower corner.

  • Satellite L500-1DT - HDD the smart predict service failures


    I have a Satellite L500-1DT and the last days he started to say "your HARD drive has the smart predict function failures"-is that what I did for her or is it a problem to manufacturers? I only got two months.

    Anyone know if I can fix it myself?
    I have just in Spain and I'm here for the next two months.

    I'm useless with technology...

    Any help would be good.

    Thank you!!


    Please don't fix anything alone. New notebook has warranty valid so if something goes wrong the affected parts must be replaced and warranty will cover all costs.

    Visit THIS page and read what means SMART.
    In other words, your HARD disk goes wrong so please back up all your important data and contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

    I don't know where you live in Spain, but to find the nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer visit the Toshiba support page under > support & downloads > find an ASP contact them as soon as possible.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite L500 - cannot run the DVD-ROM games

    I am currently having problems with my Toshiba Satellite L500 series. The problem is, I can run purchased audio CD, as well as DVDs of the films, but I can't run games DVDrom. Music CD will automatically start Media Player very well, as well as films in their corresponding players... Games (like Dragon Age Origins and Left 4 Dead) DVD - ROM cannot read, or be recognized. When I go to "Computer" and try to access the game, it says "no available disk. Please insert disc into drive D: ". So from what I understand, the CD/DVD-rom may not be completely broken if he reads all types, except for games to DVDrom.

    Can someone help me with this please! It is quite frustrating because my computer is just now to a year! I wouldn't think that all computer companies sell computers that fall apart after a year... I was hoping that it was different with Toshiba.

    Once more, the CD/DVD-ROM can read CD and DVD of the film, but NOT the games to DVDrom. Help, please! Thanks in advance!

    Hi adecker,.

    Maybe it s caused due the upper and lower filters in the registry. You should try to remove as you can read in this article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    I had a similar problem that some discs can't be read more. And I went thorugh based forum to clean the CD/DVD drive lens with a microfibre cloth. Be careful if you do this and don't scratch the lens.
    Check this box!

  • The touchpad scroll not working no-Windows 8 updated

    HP Pavilion dv7 laptop computer that came with Windows 7, I've upgraded to Windows 8, but now the touchpad scrolling is not working.

    I tried;

    • update the driver
    • reinstalled the original driver
    • troubleshoot compatibility on the original
    • tried a battery remove / hold power button option

    They have not fixed my roll at all. No other actions are no longer works... The Synaptics driver devide score is installed right now.

    The only thing I can DO point-and - click on by touchpad.

    Appreciate the help.


    It is possible that the setting you need have not enabled by default, so you better check the following.

    Open windows control panel, open the mouse, select the tab "Setting ClickPad", and then click the setting button ClickPad.  In the next window, enter a check mark in the "Scroll" checkbox, then click on the word 'Scrolling' and you will see a cog on the right.  Click the sprocket to open another page of settings and enter a check mark in the box against "Vertical scroll".  Click on the close button and then click on apply and Ok in the previous window.

    You may well find other 'gesture options' can also be activated in the same way.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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