Satellite L500-19Z - recovery process is not complete properly?

Trying to reinstall my system Windows 7 on a satellite L500-19Z. When I insert the recovery disk it ends and then restarts.

When reboot it goes through the "system registry' and 'system settings' and then restarts. He said Athens 'set up for first use.
Then it comes up with a white screen and the box saying "the finalization of installation - will take a few minutes" etc.

However, after a while it just restarts and goes through the same sequence again - and again - and again etc.

I can reboot into safe mode, but it will not make a system restore point.
When I try to reboot normally it just goes back into the routine above.

I tried a number of recovery disks, but they all do the same thing.


> I tried a number of recovery disks, but they all do the same thing.
This means that you have more for this model of laptop recovery disk?
Did you use the right method?

I'm not very well why the recovery procedure ends correctly, but it might be possible that your laptop s equipment is affected m.
What was the purpose of a recovery? Something was wrong with the laptop?

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    Now, I'm done with a 32-bit operating system, which means that I can use only 3 GB of my 4 GB of RAM. Can I get a recovery disk for the 64 bit version of Windows? I created, when I got to the laptop, a repair for my 64-bit system disc, but, of course, if I try to use it he said, rightly, that I do not have a compatible operating system version.

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    Due to a problem, I had to reinstall Windows. The disc that came with the laptop was produced Recovery Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. Not realizing the implications of the re-setup using this.
    Now, I'm done with a 32-bit operating system, which means that I can use only 3 GB of my 4 GB of RAM.

    I didn't know that I had actually created a recovery disc at the point where I bought the laptop.
    I could use it to allow me to return to a 64-bit system?

    I would lose my data (I can back up) and I would get a 64-bit system on a system that is currently a 32-bit system?


    The use of the recovery disk would fix the laptop back to factory settings which mean that the HARD disk should be formatted at the beginning of the procedure.

    In this case all data would be erased from the HARD drive

  • Portege M200 recovery process does not work

    I want to re format my old M200 of 4 years using the original recovery disks (4).
    The recovery.txt file that is stored on the first disc advise me of a process for this, but also States that "this utility does not if the drive has been formatted or converted to NTFS.

    My C drive is NTFS, and the recovery process does not work.
    I'm unable to find any other documents or files on the drives to advise me what to do help.

    I would be greatfull for anyone who has experience with this issue who can advise me on the correct process to run my recovery on a drive formatted as disks


    May I ask what laptop do you have: is it a M200 Satellite or Portege M200?

    How have you tried to recover the laptop?
    Have you tried to boot from the CD?

  • Re: Satellite L500-19Z - how to increase the performance of the game?


    Basically, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-19z, with chipsets Intel Series 4 express. I know this isn't a particularly good game, but surely the performance of game should be reasonable?

    I get 80% of the time lag - while on my old laptop (which costs no more than £200) I could play World of Warcraft on it no problem (I played the Sims3 on this laptop and had very few problems. I'm playing Dragon Age, but it is almost impossible.) My laptop is not more than 8 months old.

    I just want to know if there is a way to increase the performance of the game? I thought that maybe to connect my laptop to a PC Tower, but that could lead to the worst game performance, so I said.
    I'm sure I can't replace the graphics card, I've updated my drivers, defragment disks and so on.

    Any help is really appreciated, thanks in advance.


    Is there anything to do to increase game performance. It depends on the graphics card and Intel cards are not designed for games, they are a good choice for mobile use because they don t need a lot of power.
    In addition, the peut t graphics card be exchanged, s thereby.

    It s always depending on the game that you can play. Therefore, check the system requirements of all the games you want to play and if your graphics card is supported. Not all games support all graphics cards.

    You must also use low graphics settings in each game. You can use the parameters of t.

    For example on my Satellite U400, possessing the same Intel graphics card, I can play Half Life 2 which has already 5 years but always low medium graphics settings.

  • Recovery CD does not completely load.

    I just replaced the hard drive and the recovery CD does not completely load. After having ejected the second CD, the file loading process stops at 12%. There is no error message and I welcomed as much as 5 hours for the load file to complete, but it remains at 12% after the first 30 minutes. HP Pavilion dv7-4165dx, Windows 7

    Well - here I answer to my own problem in case someone else has the same problem.  The second disk files recovery finally finished loading after 20 hours of waiting!  I spoke to two different technicians to support HP on the phone and neither one of them told me that it could take a long time to load the files!  One of them had me arrested and again after about 40 minutes of waiting.  I found it totally by accident after having frustrated and leaving it just stay there all night. Amazing!  The rest of the restore procedure went well after that - I think.  I'm always load all other software, files and updates, 2 days later.  The hard drive on this dog only lasted a year.

  • Cooling warning on Satellite L500-19Z


    I'm on a Toshiba Satellite L500-19Z and I get the "warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected." Message please turn the computer off immediately and return it for service.

    The cooling system apparently works very well: PC Health Monitor says the fan works, and using Speedfan, I see that the temperature is kept below about 53 degrees celsisus. I think I can hear the fan and the openings on the side and the bottom of the laptop are quite clear.

    I live in a cold place and do not use the computer for any activity of intensive treatment, so it would not be a reason for the hot computer even when, as far as I know.

    Help, please.

    It looks like a bug or software.
    In any case, it s good new that the cooling module must not be maintained.

  • Strange problem with touchpad on Satellite L500-19Z

    I have an older one month by Satellite L500-19Z running on Windows 7 64 bit.
    While using it to edit photos, he began to behave strangely. It was as if someone was quickly down the left button of the mouse. I have been unable to leave any program or use the Start Menu to restart.

    After turning off the power supply and the battery, I started it in Mode without failure, but the problem was still there. If I flew over any icon that he raised the window several times. By disabling the touchpad through Fn + F9, I was able to use a graphics tablet to re - start and it works normally. I hesitate to use the recovery of the system or the recovery disks that I created when I bought it because of the number of third party programs that I would lose.

    Everyone knows the problem please? What should I do to activate the touchpad see if it works fine now?
    Thank you very much


    Can you turn the touchpad by pressing FN + F9 as usual?

    In your case I would also update the driver for the touchpad. You can download it here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    If an external mouse works but the touchpad is still problems, I think that you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. After that, you have the same settings as on the first day where you bought the laptop.

  • Re: My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?

    My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?

    In my view, it has 4 GB (2x2gb 200 pin 1.8 v DDR2 SoDimm PC2-6400) memory standard (800 MHz I think). I want to move to 8 GB and I saw the following offer: -.

    8 GB (2x4gb) 1333 Mhz PC3-10600 memory Kit.

    My laptop will support it?

    I hope someone can help.


    > My Satellite L500-19Z does support DDR3 memory?
    Say the user manual?
    Did you check that?

    The support of memory depends on the chipset.
    If the chipset does not support DDR3 so you cannot use it.
    The chipset is Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset and AFAIK that support DDR2 800 MHz 8 GB max memory chipset.

  • Satellite L500-128 - FN keys do not work with Win 7 64 bit

    Satellite L500-128 - FN keys do not work with the help of the operating system Windows 7 x 64


    Satellite L500-128 belongs to the series of PSLJ3E.
    The European driver Toshiba page contains all drivers for this unit.

    Next to the installation of value-added package, you will need to install the Flash Cards Support utility v
    Buttons controls the FN Flash Cards!

  • Satellite L500-19Z still does not go to sleep

    I have a laptop L500-19Z and it is set to "go to sleep" when I close the lid.
    This works generally well, but sometimes when I close the lid it "crashes" and keys do not respond when I open the lid.

    The only way to get it is to force an end to the bottom and then restart. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
    I am reluctant to restore my system if I can help it.

    When to contact Toshiba all they can suggest is using the recovery disk and, if that fails, he sent back to be rebuilt.

    > The only way to get it is to force an end to the bottom and then restart. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    I think it is software issue s I mean that it is possible that some background processes are run and affect the sleep mode.

    The Toshiba guy is just. You should always set the laptop back to factory settings (restore the OS using the recovery or HARD drive recovery disc) in order to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

    This should be done as a first step
    Then do it and check how would the laptop!

  • HDMI does not not on Satellite L500-19Z

    I have a L500-19Z running Windows 7. Until yesterday, the HDMI output jack worked very well.
    However, now when I plug a cable in maintaining the screen goes blank and then back to normal.
    This continues for a few minutes and then when I try to output for example a TV it shows as not connected.

    Anyone have any ideas on what could be the cause?
    Device Manager indicates that the device is functioning OK and I checked that the driver is up-to-date.

    I am confused now!
    All responses may also be sent to [email protected]


    Have you tried the Fn + F5 option?
    This switch, the video output for external monitor or TV.
    You have to press several times to select the TV.

    The value also default BIOS and test again

  • Satellite A30 - 203 - recovery disk does not work

    Hi all

    I have an old Satellite A30-203 and have a problem. I tried to format my laptop but the product recovery cd does not seem to work in deletion the data on my disk, its becomes blocked during loading files of ntfs? Now I am not able to retrieve a windows session would I need a new product recovery cd and would be able to get it?

    Thank you

    Hi dimation,

    It is difficult to say what is the reason of this but made is either it s a laptop problem itself or the recovery disc (e.g. scratches) causes this problem.

    In my opinion the best way to check this using a Microsoft Windows disk. If the installation completed successfully, you need a new recovery disk. As a result, you can ask a service provider authorized in your country! :)

  • Satellite L500-11V - Recovery Disc Creator hangs on disk 2


    Brand new Toshiba Satellite L500-11V, first thing create discs of recovery TOSHIBA, disc 1, no problems but disc 2 never ends it gets to halfway through and everything stops. Even left during the night and nothing!

    Eventually leave the program and leave, I now have 4 copies of disk 1? !!

    Any ideas people?
    (also fully abreast of updates of windows)

    Thank you very much


    Windows updates are not relevant for all this.

    That empty media use you, DVD-/ + R/RW?

  • Satellite L500-1DT: recovery of Force to return 64-bit Win 7 32-bit


    I've created with my l500-1dt. I used the win 7 32-bit supplied shop toshiba recovery disk, but I want to get back up to 64-bit (installed on the laptop).

    I created 2 dvds with the toshiba recovery media creator but as my current 32-bit version of Windows 7 is not actually broken, it doesn't seem to start any recovery process when I put the disc and restart.

    I tried taking 0 to start HARD drive recovery too and seem to have the same problem.

    Is anyway to force the departure of recovery to the top and install windows 7 64 bit?

    Thank you


    I guess that the Win 7 was already preinstalled on your laptop.
    If the HARD drive recovery option must always be available on the HARD disk is it true?
    I guess you didn't change anything on the HARD drive and in this case, you can try to recover the laptop with HARD drive recovery option.

    In this case you need to press F8, then you should obtain advanced startup menu.
    Here you choose fix my computer.
    New window will appear, and here you have to choose HARD drive recovery!

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