Satellite L500-1CQ - updating the graphics card driver

I need update for Toshiba L500-1CQ graphics card driver. I can't find anywhere that I tried on one of the sites of toshiba to find, but they did not have the 1CQ series.

So please I really need this update of the driver.

But they should have PSLS0E model.
Check again please.

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    I am looking to buy the laptop Toshiba A100-207 and it comes with 128 MB shared graphics.

    I would like to play games and I was wondering if I could update the graphics (for example, a nvidia card I could buy and put in) or the fixed graphics?

    I just want to know if I am able to upgrade?

    Thank you


    In my opinion the graphics card or processor is not welded on the new generation of mobile phones. The parts must be simply plugged into the card.
    But this does not change the status of the upgrade.
    Eventually, you will be able to remove the graphics card but I m sure that you will have problems of compatibility with other hardware.

    Fastest graphics card produces more heat and the temperature will automatically increase to a higher level. This would lead to overheating in the question and the laptop would be either closed or not starts.
    PC desktop technology is simply different as on laptops. You can also compare different graphics cards. Laptop factory uses only graphics card chips what don t supports a clean cooling module.

    It simply says s not possible to update the graphics card.

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    Hi George

    It of certainly not possible to update the graphics card. The technology of the laptop is a little different and you should not compare it with the current desktop PC.
    The GPU is fixed and not removable.

  • Is it possible to update the graphics card in the Satellite A200-195

    Is it posible to upgrade this card for me to play the game of MSTS?

    Usually it of not possible to update the graphics cards installed in notebooks!
    Laptop technology is simply different!
    The graphics card is attached to the motherboard and it of not possible to remove it in a simple way.

    I have always recommended to use the computer to play the game!
    If you need the computer for hardcore games you should buy a desktop computer.
    Why? Because the latest games need for most fastest graphics card and the desktop PC can be upgraded much easily as a laptop.

    But finally it of your choice what you use ;)

    Best regards

  • update the video card driver

    try to play DVDs on windows media player and will not play.  Is MSG says error video card driver update, a download available for this?

    try to play DVDs on windows media player and will not play.  Is MSG says error video card driver update, a download available for this?

    To update your graphics card driver: -.

    1. click on the Start button.

    2. in the start search box type: Device Manager and press the Enter key.

    3. expand to see what graphics cards that the graphics card is there.

    4. visit the website of the manufacturer of the graphics card.

    5. download and save the latest compatible driver (eg.on your office):-

    a] either you can do it manually by finding product Type, product lines, product, operating system etc.

    [b] automatically find drivers-left a little about java script what graphics card is and what version of the driver for your system needs.

    If you have an nvidia graphics card: -.

    If you have an ATI graphics card: -.

    6. once the download is complete, double-click the file to run it and follow the instructions on the screen.

    [Note: make sure you download the correct 32-bit or 64-bit as well as a version of desktop or laptop pilots]

    Codec problem regarding: -.

    You may need to download and install necessary codecs

  • Can I update the graphics card in my iMac end 2012?

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    # You don't have a 'card' in this model. Starting with 2012 models graphics hardware was inseparable and soldered to the logic board. Looks like this:

    {image from}

    Small bumps under the person holds the heat sink are all your gfx hardware.

  • Can Tecra 9100-how I update the graphics card?


    I have a S3 Graphics Supersavagecard 16.0 MB display memory.

    It is not enough to play a game.

    How can I upgrade or buy nested one?

    Hope you can help me.
    Thank you


    Usually it of not possible to update the graphics card. You can't compare the laptop and desktop pc technology. The graphics card on the laptop is a small chip that attaches to the motherboard.
    Please read some other assignments in the forum on this topic

    Good bye

  • Equium A60: Is it possible to update the graphics card?

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    No, it s not possible to update the graphics card to another.
    As you certainly know, the laptop technology is not the same as the desktop PC simply. It s the motherboard technology all just different. You know that heat is a bigger problem for every laptop and generally of designer, developer and manufacturing. In addition, the various interfaces are not equal.

    For example: what do you think, why Intel doesn't produce chips with speeds of 10 GHz, 100GHz, or 1000GHz. Because of the heat.

    I think that the graphics card performance will produce more heat, and this could lead to overheating problems.
    The other graphics card needs another module of cooling and the cooling module must be compatible with the motherboard. Everything needs to be changed (the case design, interfaces, etc.) before the upgrade might be possible. In my view it is simply not possible at the moment.

  • Is W550s - possible to update the graphics card on laptop?

    Is it possible to update the graphics card on a W550s?

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    Moved to post on the correct Thinkpad forum for better response

    Hi, lawless,

    Looks like it's not. (HMM) hardware maintenance manual says about p.82 the microprocessor and the GPU is soldered to the system board. It is in the section on replacing the system board.

    If you give a code anything you try to doa or who need to, here another user may be able to tell if the chart Nviidia or Intel is capable of this.

  • Is G560 - possible to update the graphics card on laptop?


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    now my question is, is it possible to update latest Nvidia GTX graphics card? If so what graphics card is compatible with my system?

    your comments are very much appreciated... Thank you in advance...

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    the short answer is no. Only laptops with a removable graphics card can be improved, and your system is is not these slot machines.

  • How can I update the sound card driver

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    Hello computer patrick,.

    Please provide the make and model of your PC. In addition, to update the sound card driver, please see the link below:

    How to update a driver of sound card in Windows Vista and Windows XP Please let us know if you need more assistance. Thank you
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • I have a Compact PC of CQ5210F and I was wondering if I could update the graphics card

    I have a Compact PC of CQ5210F and I was wondering if I could update the graphics card

    Here are the specs of your computer CQ5210F. Based on these specifications, you can install a PCIe x 16 graphics. Also, unless your replacement card does not require more than one power supply 250 watt system, you will need to upgrade your diet as well.


  • Satellite P10 and the graphics card driver updates


    I'm a newbie on this forum, but let's get to the point. I have Toshiba Satellite PSP10E (PIV 2.8HT 800 Mhz, 1 GB of system memory bus speed and UNFORTUNATELY a GF 5600go...).
    My (not only) problem is that Toshiba use engineering video BIOS version and it does not have the latest drivers for the geforce series. The most up-to-date driver that really works is the last of the series 5xxx... so you can see that none of the newer games can be run with a performance on this map... because older drivers don't use really not (available at directx9.0) 2.0 pixel shader. It would not be a problem if Toshiba would give an update not only BIOS system, but also the bios video (new system BIOS contains the same old video bios.

    I really had to settle for playing games that are 2 years old? First of all pay a lot of money for a witch of the computer has enough power to run some new but don't care support Toshiba for this...

    I was the proud owner of a Toshiba laptop, but I'm not! If I had to choose again, I decide to buy computer Toshiba...
    My Question: is that Toshiba will do something with this problem? Someone knows how to help? Thanks for any help (I have not found such a problem in this forum, sorry if it has been the front sign) and sorry for my English (hope that's understandable)
    My video Bios is: v4.31.20.56.A6

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    We know that you can not install the drivers downloaded from the download page of GF because of the restriction of material. It's not only the Toshiba models, but also on other producers of portable and if you visit the download page of graphics cards, it is always recommended to download drivers designed by the manufacturers of portable.

    I think that nobody can explain why it's because I'm sure you know the reason. The performance of the graphics card will always be a topic of discussion and you will always want to have maximum performance for games with laptop, although performance may not be the same as on the desktop where you have the possibility to change the graphics card and install the latest drivers.

    Because of this, I think that it is really unnecessary to some turbulence here. Believe me, you can buy what you want, but after two or three years you will be always satisfied with something.

    In any case, good luck and enjoy life!

  • Satellite L500-1DT: can't play Grand Theft Auto because of the graphics card driver

    I use my laptop for a number of games.
    I just downloaded GTA4 but can't play.
    I get a understood to "re - install DirectX and/or insert the latest video card driver.
    I reinstalled DirectX, but I'm not sure of the video card.

    Any ideas what driver I need?

    Hi mate

    This unit supports the Mobile Intel GL40 graphics card.
    The latest graphics card driver can be downloaded from the Intel page.
    See the Intel Web site.

    The installation of the graphics card must be made in the Device Manager.
    Here, you use the Advanced installation procedure which allows to point to the driver files downloaded from the Intel page.

  • Sat Pro 2100: the graphics card driver updates

    I bought a laptop from Toshiba in 2002 (satellite pro) and they have just updated the VGA driver once...
    I bought a toshiba, then because they had the graphics card, I'd need for my study (virtual design) but now because Toshiba somehow don't think that new drivers are important I can't use certain features have new drivers and my chip does not support, but I have not the driver for them.
    Is this normal?
    If it is then maybe I should get another brand in the future.

    Gaga Hello

    As you know Toshiba have many different models of laptops, and I think that it is not easy to design and test many updates especially for older models. In my opinion, you should check what new portable has the same or similar graphics card and try to install the latest driver designed by Toshiba.

    Unfortunately I put t know one you have and don't know if the new driver will be working properly, but you can try anyway.

    Good bye

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