Satellite L500-1XD - why the screen jump when running on batteries?

I recently bought my L500 and it works very well when it is connected to the electric network, but when I running on battery the screen jumps and flickers.
I was told to look at the BIOS but that seems fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Jumps and flickers?
The same happens when you use different power management?

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    After the start from standby mode, the screen is fine for 3 or 4 minutes, and then I notice a fast blink. This becomes worse and worse until I got then to restart the laptop, or put into hibernation and power up again. I tried to gently move the screen to see if the connection is loose, but the screen just keeps blinking like before. The flashing is random, it's like watching the CPU flash light but its my going fullscreen. It seems to happen after the mode 'sleep', it happens every time, but I would say more than 50 percent.

    This happened to someone else? I wonder what I should do next, or the contact person. I've only had the laptop in July!

    Thank you very much in advance for any advice you can offer.

    Hello Anna

    Have you noticed this behavior from the first day?
    You know, sometimes some Microsoft updates can have a negative influence on the standard functions. For a few months, I noticed a strange situation on my laptop satellite. After sleep, I get a stupid error and mouse is dead. I don't have it in the past.

    What you can try is to install the new OS by using the HDD recovery procedure and to test the feature with the factory settings. I am sure that with its own OS preinstalled, everything will be OK. If the problem persists perhaps you should contact the closest service Toshiba.

  • First time installation on Satellite L500-1XD was interrupted

    I turned on a Satellite L500-1XD for the first time this morning and during the first installation, the current was interrupted. It now takes an age to complete the installation.
    Is this normal?

    Is there something I can do?

    Thank you.

    What to say?
    One thing is clear here: power failure while the first installation runs is not normal and should not happen.
    So, now, how to tell if this is normal or not when it should not happen at all. Do you believe that none of us in the intention just to see how it works?

    Anyway, there is no other choice for you except to wait and hope that everything will be fine.
    Unlike the pre-installed recovery image is destroyed and you won't be able to install it at all.

    Please send some feedback soon.

  • Satellite L500-1XD constantly restarts & display recovery blue screen

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD from an Argos store in August. Shortly after that I got it occasionally rebooted itself and displays blue screen of recovery saying that the laptop has recovered from a hardware failure. It has become more common recently and he often stops, displays the blue screen, reboots and done over and over again.

    I do not have many new programs on the laptop and that you have installed all updates. I deleted programs I have installed with the exception of Microsoft Office.

    Another thing that could be linked so that when the laptop starts, he says the Toshiba Service Station has stopped working and trying to find a solution to the problem.

    I'd appreciate any advice on how I might remedy this

    Thank you in anticipation

    Hi katrina_1,

    This means that the pre-installed Windows version is still installed, right?

    Well, I think that it of difficult to say why it happens it could be a hardware or software malfunction. The two may be possible.
    The reasons of the majority of blue screens are drivers or hardware itself are all properly installed devices in Device Manager or do you see yellow exclamation points?

    In your case, I'll try to reinstall Windows. Maybe it s only a software problem or driver
    Also if you have installed both modules of memory long live, test it with a module only. You can also use Memtest86 or another tool of diagnosis of RAM to test the memory modules RAM for failures.

  • Re: Failed to create of the media to restore Satellite L500-1XD

    I have a new Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD. I tried to create the support of recovery twice now and both times he failed on the first two discs with the following error;

    Cannot open the following file.
    (Error Code: F1-02013-00000000)

    I'm using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I use standard DVD + R 4.7 GB discs.

    Any help would be useful.

    Thank you.

    > I use standard DVD + R 4.7 GB discs.

    I recommend you to use media of high quality like verbatim or Tdk. Voyez_ you, it can cause problems with weak brand, drives.

  • Satellite M30: random characters came on the screen even when installing


    I have problems with my Satellite M30. It shows random characters or signs on the image. Other than this computer works well. I thought it could be virus, because I can see the Toshiba and the fine Centrino Logo, it starts happening during Windows loading.

    So I reinstalled it but random characters came on the screen even when installing. If anyone can advise what this could be?

    My thoughts are either bad graphics card or a Ribbon of a cable LCD screen mobo.

    >... I can see the Toshiba and the fine Centrino Logo, it starts happening during Windows loading.
    > Then I reinstalled it but random characters came on the screen even when installing. Can someone advise what this could be? My thoughts are either bad graphics card or a Ribbon of a cable LCD screen mobo.

    For me it also looks like a GPU malfunction... what you is to connect the external monitor to the laptop. If the same strange signs, characters will be visible on the second screen while the GPU is defective...

    Well, it would be the worst case, because the whole motherboard must be replaced in case of malfunction of a GPU chip...

  • Satellite L500-1XD usually power up

    My Satellite L500-1XD wont power up.
    Power supply failed. Received a replacement power supply, but all that happens when I plug it, that it is in the flashes of light (DC IN) (green) also makes a slight clicking noise.

    No indication of battery or something else ideas? The book says something to do with the heat dispersion system

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    You see a BIOS or Toshiba splash screen?
    Nothing is visible on the screen?

    If this isn't the case, I guess that your laptop developed a serious hardware problem and I think that the parts must be checked by an ASP in your country.
    Theoretically, it could be related to memory, processor or motherboard
    So first the RAM modules must be verified, and if the RAM modules are ok, then, the technician should follow with processor and motherboard.

    Welcome them

  • No output HMDI Sound of Satellite L500-1XD

    I have a satellite L500 - 1xd

    I plugged on HDTV & image is great, but have no sound.
    When I checked the user manual it suggested that I go into the Realtek HD Audio Manager and to change the device default to something else, but there is no option that is available to me.

    Am I missing something?

    Read this

    This is for Vista but can be applied for Win 7 too

  • Re: Satellite L500 - 1UU BIOS Splash screen not visible anymore

    I activated the FAST Boot in the BIOS on my Satellite L500-1UU.
    The STARTUP SCREEN of my motherboard DOES NOT SHOWUP.



    Why you n t set the BIOS back to default settings?
    Turn on the device, press F2, and then choose the default settings in the BIOS (I think you need to press F9).
    Save the changes and reboot.

  • Portable satellite L500-1XD stops


    I have Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD. last week, a laptop stops completely when charging the battery turns off. I can see battery appears as 100% charged however laptop are not left on without recharge the battery.

    I suspect I need to change the battery but would be good to know if anyone else had this experience with L500-1XD.

    Thank you
    K * ij

    I think that this model of laptop is not new. Purchased laptop already used?

    It is possible that the battery must be exchanged. When you remove it, you will see the Toshiba label with part number. You can use this part number and order a new one.

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    You can try a reset. Hold down the sleep and home button until you see the Apple of money, then let go and let it restart. But if it continues or who does not make an appointment at your local authorized store aple or service provider and ask them to check it out.

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    Furthermore, you closed and restarted Windows because this problem first occurred? Just in case where some component shared Windows crashed.

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