Satellite L500-208 does not automatically go to power saving mode

Dear guys,

I have a Satellite L500-208 (Serial: PSLS9E) with pre installed Windows 7 64-bit.
For some time, the laptop does not automatically energy saving mode (as configured in the Power Options).

Automatic change "Energy saving" worked some time ago and all of a sudden, it stopped.
However, I do not remember what changed and probably caused the problem.

Everything works fine and a manual of hitting on "Energy Save Button" also works very well...

Before you guys suggest an update of the BIOS, the BIOS is version 1.60.
Current version is 1.90 (or same 2.00?).
Well, I missed an update and from the Toshiba Web space seems to be very rare, they offer only the latest version of the BIOS.

Can someone points me to older versions of BIOS, or any that may give a clue to the strange behavior power?

Kind regards


Maybe there's something wrong with the Eco utility.
I recommend reinstall this tool.
On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find this tool.
After the new installation, please check the settings provided by the Eco utility.
Eventually, you will need to activate the energy saving mode automatic

Good luck

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    1. have you made changes on the computer recently?

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  • Re: Satellite L500 - Wifi does not work after Windows Update

    The wireless on my Satellite L500 worked perfectly before you update windows. However, after the updat when you try to connect to a wireless connection, it says that "no connection is available.

    I then clicked on fix to try to find a solution. Then the message "the diagnostic policy service does not work. Using Ctrl + Alt + Delete I went on services and attempted to start the DPS manually, but the message "Diagnstic political service on Local computer started and stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs. »

    This message puzzled me enough as it is said that the Wifi is infact on however in a attempt to FN + F8 F8 option does not appear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    For Satellite L500, there are already some threads here in the forum:

    Additionally, make sure that the DHCP and DNS services are running. Type of startup is set on "Automatic" and try to restart both services.

  • Satellite L500-1TC - does not start and the screen stays black


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1TC and since yesterday it no longer starts.
    The picture freezes and it restarted. Given that I can push the power button on my laptop and the LED indicates that it is on, but the screen remains black.
    No idea what I can do?
    The warranty is still active, so can I send it to Toshiba?
    Kind regards
    (Sorry for my bad English)

    Hey Buddy,

    What you can try before you contact Toshiba official service is the following:
    [What steps must be followed if your Toshiba laptop does not start? |]

    If it doesn t work it seems to be a hardware problem, then contact an authorized service provider. If your laptop is under warranty, the repair is free :)

  • Satellite L500-1EK does not illuminate


    my laptop closed suddenly, and now it turns on again. When I press the power button, the light is on for a few seconds but nothing works. It happened again in the past that I could open it after a few hours and another time, I couldn't open it at all. Can you help me?

    Toshiba Satellite L500-1EK

    Hi AkisM

    To be honest, it looks like a serious hardware problem.

    I m not very good if its RAM or card mother question related, but in case of malfunction of the RAM, this problem could be solved easily.

    RAM replacement isn t very delicate. For the most part its user described in manual and in my opinion, that the modules must be verified in the first place.

    Of course, card problems mother, the replacement of RAM is not very useful.

  • Satellite L500-1DT does not start


    My laptop Satellite L500-1DT start it is placed in the Startup Repair process automatically look at a diagnostic and repair details that it says it cannot determine what the problem is.
    If I select advanced options, I am asked to choose a key board but then I get a message that says that you must login to access repair features and everything I can do then is to restart.

    If I press F8 and try safe mode I just get the same functionality of repair. I don't know what to do to proceed as the options take me to the same place. Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

    When you press F8 at startup until you see the option to fix my computer?

    You created the recovery DVDs?

  • Satellite L500 - keyboard does not work


    I have Vista L500 with a dead keyboard. This machine has not been abandoned or anything it is spilled on it. I plugged USB keyboard external that works. The laptop keyboard does not work. I flashed the BIOS, update drivers, held shift for 10 sec (read on another forum), reset computer, check the updates of Windows Vista and ran 3 checks of Virus.
    Everything is perfect, just no keyboard?

    What should I check? What is a motherboard problem?

    Thanks for any help :)


    Can enter you the BIOS (F2 key) with internal keyboard?
    If it isn't the internal keyboard seems to be defective and must be replaced

    I don t think you can do more. I mean you've tried everything what is possible and if an external keyboard works the installation of the OS should be ok.

    The keyboard can be ordered and replaced from an authorized service provider. Do you know how to contact the guys?

  • Satellite L500-13W - does not load correctly

    HI - he's two months bought new Satellite L500 - all wells and then last week began to have problems charging.

    As usual, I allowed the battery to run down to approximately 10% of capacity before plugging the power cable. While work noticed immediately that the load would stop for about 2 seconds and then reconnect. After a few minutes, he would do it again.
    It is the battery, but it is now flicking on and off quite frequently - 5 to 10 times per minute. Besides being boring as the screen dims, I am sure that this can only get worse on a regular basis.

    I tried another adapter - my son also has a Satellite, and the problem is still there, this isn't a problem with the cable.
    I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions. I can take it back to the shop where I bought it, but it is about 1 hour drive, and I need my computer every day, if I can't leave with them for a while, before driving another hour and return to perceive.

    Hi merriman.
    hope that is not related to a hardware failure...

    Try the following:
    -machine boot without a network, only battery
    -while booting press F8 and choose no matter what option, the screen will remain (better is to do it with a startup back disc but..)
    -Leave the empty battery
    wait about an hour and go through the same procedure
    This period of time should be much shorter!
    -Plug the and leave it 24 hours without using the machine, do not turn on battery charge (I think that 12: 00 will also be long enough)
    After this execution machine without power until the system requires 'more power'
    avoid loading in short cycles, each charge cycle decreases the capacity of the battery
    allways ac-power: each 2 minutes battery is checked and reloaded, that means in a year, the charge cycles are lost...

  • Satellite L500-1DT does not illuminate

    My laptop does not illuminate unless the switch the off market cable is disconnected and the connections are bridge on the motherboard. Any suggestions please?

    You start your mobile phone if the battery is removed and the laptop connected to the power supply current only?

  • Satellite L500-164 does not start sometimes


    For most laptop does not start on the first attempt. The Power LED lights up, the cooler and the HARD drive start (it looks that they rotate exactly once) and that's it. After a few seconds the laptop turns off again. There is no screen and the LED on the HARD drive also not would light up. If that happens, I start the laptop again and again. In most cases I need to start 2 - 3 times, but once I had to start 20 times until it worked.

    I also tried to start just with the power supply (I hope that's the right word for it, I'm German = D) and took the battery out of it, but the result was the same.

    But when the laptop finally started, it works without problem.


    It is not easy to say what the problem is but it certainly is hardware related issue and your laptop must be verified by the authorized service partner Toshiba. With the help of diagnostic tools that they can find out why this happens.

    Here in this virtual world we can only speculate on the possible reasons.

  • Satellite 1800-814 does not start if the power adapter is plugged

    I have a problem with my 3 year old, 1800-814.
    It all started with the sudden Windows crashes. He ran sometimes smooth, sometimes he just hung up. So I decided to reinstall the laptop. My problem is when it is plugged by pressing the power on button does not start the laptop. Just the green light is on nothing else happens. Sometimes it starts after a wait of 3 or 5 seconds. On battery it starts every time. What can I do? A defect material or just dust somewhere?

    Thank you

    Jens Grieger


    It could also be something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    It s is not possible for the user to fix it. In such cases, the best way is to contact Toshiba service in your country.

  • Satellite L500-1XL does not start successfully - stay in loop

    The above machine was working fine until today.

    Then when I turned on, it just sat on the Toshiba page, asking me to press F2 or F12.
    I didn't know what to do so I ran the recovery disk (factory) which all seems to install ok but...

    Now when I turn it on, it displays the original Toshiba start screen and stays there until I manually have to press F12 to select boot from the hard drive.
    From there, it takes me to the Windows Boot Manager and I have to select the windows operating system 7.

    Next, I get the "start windows for the first time" screen for a minute or two until it restarts and I have to press F12 again.
    It repeats just all this and more in the loops.

    I tried the recovery disk, but the same thing happens.

    I went into the bios and made sure the hard drive is set as the first boot device and I put the bios by default, but nothing seems to make any difference.

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

    > I've been into the bios and made sure the hard drive is set as the first boot device and I put the bios by default, but nothing seems to make any difference.
    Hmm. It was my idea I thought that maybe the HARD drive has not been chosen as first boot device, but it seems that this is not the case.

    I m wondering why you should choose Win 7 in the Boot Manager. Usually, there is only a single OS installed and boot manager should not appear but Win 7shoudl automatically load

    I think you should form the HARD drive once more should be deleted all partitions and then you should try Notepad recovery using the recovery disk
    If that is not enough then I recommend you HARD drive. Perhaps it fails and the new HARD drive would be necessary.

  • Satellite L500-1R1 does not work on AC

    Hello world

    I have this model for about 3 years now.

    It stopped working and is not problem AC because I checked with both new...
    Although there is a green light when it is connected to the electric network. Battery is not so.

    Can I say goodbye? ;(

    Have you checked the RAM modules?
    Faulty RAM memory would prevent the laptop to boot the system.

    Since its very easy to replace the RAM modules, I would recommend trying this.
    Otherwise, it could be a severe motherboard issue and I guess in this case, the laptop repair can be a very costly affair.

  • Satellite L500-1XD does not load

    Laptop won t cool. With fully charged battery & no power laptop power starts without any problem.

    When I plug the charger cable the DC in and the battery light (on the front of the laptop) and plugged in and charging is displayed on the screen.
    Battery light and indication on the screen turns off, then back on battery only however dc in the indicator shows yet. Laptop works normally until the battery is flat.

    Charger and battery have been checked and are fine.

    > Charger and battery have been checked and are fine.

    You use the latest version of the BIOS? Otherwise, update the BIOS

    But to be honest, the whole story seems really strange, and in my opinion there is not many options or likely to be affected parts

    I think it might be linked to the motherboard maybe electronic power supply problem.
    In my opinion just a technician can help you

  • Satellite L500-1XD does not illuminate

    I have used my laptop for 2 weeks and now when I try to turn it on there is no sign of life other than the power to the front lights when plugged. It is not only a problem of screen - there is no humming noise or anything when I try to turn it on, I just get nothing.

    So far I have tried:

    Power off
    Modification of the power supply and the battery of the same computer of my father.
    Remove all RAM, two sticks one at a time, repeat the cycle of power and trying to turn it on.
    Disconnect the DVD player and lighting.

    None of them worked.

    Someone at - it ideas?


    > Removing each of RAM, two sticks one at a time, repeat the cycle of power and trying to turn it on.

    What you might try to power the device using the RAM modules that are used in identical s Dad for laptop.
    In case this is not enough, I guess that some sort of dysfunction of the motherboard could be the reason why the laptop cannot be turned on.

    How to solve this problem?
    I guess you don't have a lot of options; the defective part must be replaced. But I think it's a question of costs

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