Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


Who are you? Ttime for some great upgades for this laptop and some few questions and I'll be happy to answer for me.

1. is there an empty space to install a second hard drive SSD?

2. If there is not can put off the hard drive DVD and in the empty space to fit an SSD? I need something like that? ---> fb4d
This is an adapter.

3. the quantity of RAM max supported Satellite L500D? I installed 2GB and I have an extra plug and I want to install a single 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM total

Its sounds good to you this idea? I thank you and have a nice day


As you can see on the underside of the laptop doesn t supports a second HDD because there is no second Bay HARD drive on the underside.
The map you posted is unofficial so no one can say whether it compatible s part or not. For laptops Satellite AFAIK there is no CD/DVD Bay adapter, but you can ask a provider of service authorized for more details.

The maximum RAM capacity depends on your phone model correct. L500D was delivered with different hardware, so you must post your exact model laptop number.

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    I have two question about upgrading my laptop. I use it for web surfing, movies, some excellent/word work etc... for the most part on a regular basis.

    (1) I have seen that my RAM can be upgraded to 8 GB. Currently, I am working at 1333 MHz 4RAM. If I buy 2 x 4 GB 1600 MHz will it work on this laptop, I went into the BIOS and have not seen that I can change the speed of ram anywhere nor has seen how much can this support for portable computers, so should I buy 1x4Go 1333 MHz instead if it only supports 1600 MHz.

    (2) can I put my disk HARD 700 GB Seagate 5400 RPM SATA II 3.0 Gbps with Samsung 850EVO 250 GB SSD? I know that SATA III drives are retro-compatible meaning can work on SATA II but is it useful, how much speed will I use if my laptop does not support SATA III.

    Laptop computer product number: B4E42EA

    Chipset: AMD A70M FCH

    CPU: Improved A6 4460 M to 4600 M A10

    Thank you!

    It will not run at 1600 mhz just so buy another 4 GB of DDR3-1333 memory. The SSD is the best upgrade you can do. Certainly worth. SSD SATA-III will work fine on a SATA-II bus. There is very little difference in actual operation.

  • The SSD and RAM upgrade

    I have the 13-inch Retina Display early 2015 model. It contains 128 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

    I wanted to update both of them. Is this possible? I agree with HARD drive even if that is supported. 128 GB is not enough for me actually.

    Help, please.

    Without the SSD and RAM are both not upgradable.

    One option is to sell your computer and use the money to buy a new one with the features you need.

    There are two options to add an HD card to your card HD slot. Both options will be flush with the case.

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  • HP 15-AC053TX: 15-AC053TX of HP linux dual boot and RAM upgrade question


    I want to buy HP laptop computer 15-AC053TX for VMS running on the science of data/data. I have the following questions

    (1) will require computer support dual-boot Linux OS like Ubuntu and CentOS 64-bit?

    (2) can I upgrade RAM 16 GB? Can I pre-order with a configuration upgrade or should I upgrade later through Service to the HP customer care?

    All entries will be appreciated.

    Thank you


    It has 8 gigs in a single module, so all you have to do is add another module of 8 GB to 16. This particular model is a specific configuration and HP do not at this level off the coast of this issue of model, but you can order the same thing as a custom to order and get 16 gigs. If not upgrade memory isn't too hard on that one, and the upgrade, it'll be cheaper.

    See p. 46 here:

    Repair manuals

    Manual specifications say it tops out at 8 gigs, but this has been proven incorrect and tackling the 16 concerts if you put two x 8 concert DDR3L-1600 modules.

    Yes, you can dual boot a modern Linux distribution. Ubuntu 64 bit 15.04 and 15.10 will work off UEFI and Secure Boot for example and allow you to install right next to Windows 10 using the grub bootloader to choose your operating system at startup.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • 1030 dv6 U.S.: DV6 1030 we SSD and ram upgrade

    Is like installing a SSD and update the Ram to the maximum limit. What does exactly. Thanks in advance


    Procedures for changes to the RAM and the hard disk, are detailed in the manual, the maximum supported 8 GB 2 x 4 is not so good cheap to be more old DDR2 SODIMM


  • SSD and RAM upgrades

    Hi, I own a macbook aluminum unibody (MB466LL/A) at the end of 2008 running el capitan right now and im planning to upgrade the 160 GB HARD drive for a 128 o 256 gb ssd. Question of HT is the next, what could you not apple community, buy a new SDS (samsung crucial, clean) or buy a used secondary market poem toshiba apple ssd. ?

    And with the RAM, what yo brand recommend they, im planning to improve from 4 GB to 8 GB (with brand do you recommend)

    Community of Apple thanks and greetings

    OWC specializes in Mac upgrades.

    For the RAM, I'd go with either OWC

    or crucial.

    For the SSD you could also get OWC. you

    I have a Macbook Pro in early 2011 and I use a Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB and it works very well.


  • Pavilion dv7t-3300: weird behavior after adding the SSD and RAM upgrade

    Has just added a new HD SSD to my note as "disk 1"(the former one is 'disk 0', he has a Win. " 8.1 works). Installed Win. 10 in the new drive and everything has worked well so far. I tried to upgrade the memory, so I bought two Crucial DDR3 1333 with 8 GB memory each, the previos configuration were two 2 GB memory (4 GB total).

    The question is: If you use a single memory (8 GB) everything looks Ok. If I add the other (16 GB total), the new SSD is not recognized, but the old man works as usual. The new drive is not yet recognized after botting from the former (not even from the Disk Manager). Already tried to drag the disks with no luck. There seems to be something with the memory, since everything works with a memory of 8 GB or with two 2 GB memory, but with two memoirs of 8Gb the new SSD seems to be dead

    Advice or similar experiences? Is there something that I am missing?

    So much worse... the SSD seems to be broken or something similar. Does not work on the other PC, then... I guess that this has nothing to do with the memory

    BTW, the 16 GB are works fine

  • Satellite A100 - 003 PSAARE - Ram upgrade question


    I have a Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit installed and 2 GB of RAM (1024 + 1024 DDR2 533 MHz).

    I want to improve my system with 2x2gb DDR2 667 MHz Ram.
    When I use 2x2gb Rams, my system recognizes them?
    Or he will recognize less than 4 GB?

    Is there a link between the ram and 32 bit OS?
    What are your suggestions?

    Thank you.

    > When I use 2x2gb Rams, my system recognizes them?
    > Or it will recognize less than 4 GB

    You use the 32-bit Windows System. This means that your Windows operating system can recognize 3.2 GB of RAM max. It's max possible RAM for 32-bit systems.

    But as far as I know that it takes in charge max 2 GB of RAM. Has been mentioned in the page manual user 22 and 33

  • Pavilion DV6 2138ca: Pavilion DV6 2138 ca - SSD and RAM upgrade

    Hey people,

    I want to improve my lapotop hp (pavilion dv6-2138 core i5 M430 2.27 GHz), 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD HD.

    Will it work on this laptop?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, it will be.

    Pages 4-10 and - 11 of this manual:

    Repair manuals

    You need 2 of them:

    4096 MB, 1066 MHz DDR-3 DIMM 579156-001

    Any SATA 2.5 inch SSD will suggest working and I have the 250 gig. A concert 128 is a bit of containment and not much cheaper:

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  • Satellite U300 - help hardware upgrade to SSD and RAM

    Hello world
    I want to completely upgrade my toshiba satellite U300-140, mount VISTA and default the technical features, posted above.

    I need your help to choose the best (and economic) device SSD and RAM slot. It is very important for me to know what is probably compatible with my device. Please, could you help me in your experience?

    And... an SSD is worthy, at the speed of my laptop? I was thinking about kingston 120 Gb or 240 GB V300

    According to specification for laptop, you can be upgraded up to 4 GB RAM in order to use 2 x 2 GB of RAM. The compatible RAM modules have PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    I think with SSD, you shouldn't have any problems. I updated my old P500 with 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD and it works perfectly.

  • SSD and RAM on my W530 installation will void the warranty?

    SSD and RAM on my W530 installation will void the warranty?

    Adil is correct. The RAM and hard drive are considered "replaceable consumer units", which means Lenovo allows not only, but expect end users to manage any updates of these components by themselves.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 6c51ea: upgrade of the dv6 6c51ea ssd and ram wifi card

    As of late I thought the upgrade or replace my laptop, but I have a few questions to help me decide.
    First ram cited the speed of the processor is listed as 1066/1333 hz, however I can not check it on the site of hp and the crucial site recommend ddr3 at 1600 hz, the site hp also says is that 8 GB however apparently due to the fact that it was released on Windows 7 However the processor can support 16 GB max memory support and since upgrading to win 10 my system would be doing, is this correct?

    What kind of improvements I see by installing an ssd (Samsung evo 850) 500 GB?

    And finally the wifi card could be readily available and upgraded to the new ac wifi to use the router to HQ and speeds mon is provides and I pay!

    So basically will be the ssd, 2 x 8 GB 1600 mhz sodimm ram, and a wifi amd card equipped for the £300 it cost would he give me the jump in performance for his money as the cpu and gpu are rather dated now (i5 2450 m and radeon 7470 m) when a new system with an i5 4th gen with 1 GB graphics , 500 GB and 16 GB of ram, ssd would cost about £900 what would be the main benefits

    Thank you very much


    I stand well partially corrected. The 8 gig RAM max was on the technical page of HP and the maintenance manual says maximum 16 concerts. As you note, it will run at 1333 mhz, but yes you can install 16 gigs and upgrade to Windows 10 made no difference there. You may installed 16 concerts with all 64-bit operating systems.

    Here is the Manual:

    Your repair manuals

    Page 28 - 29 a the list of supported wireless adapters EXCEPT the

    Module Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 WLAN 631956-001

    a mistake is well-documented. The part number is actually a single band card Ralink and other versions of HP of the 6230 Advanced-N used in some business models will not work in your laptop. We beat this horse dead on many posts here.

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  • Satellite A110-174 - RAM upgrade questions


    I have a Satellite A110-174

    I want to buy a RAM module (it uses ddr2 ram, 533 MHz), but it seems impossible, in view of their.
    I can only find the frequencies of 800 or higher.

    I can use them or they give me problems / incompatibilities?

    Can I mount 1 module or to buy 2 modules?

    The motherboard will read up to 4 GB or need a Bios Update?

    Thank you

    Satellite A110-174 can be upgraded up to 4 GB of RAM.

    In order to use a feature of dual channel RAM, two modules must be used.
    This means module of RAM 2 GB in each slot.

    The 4 GB RAM limit is caused by Mobile Intel 945 GM Express chipset as well as the Intel Core CPU T1350
    The processor supports the 533 Mhz FSB (front side bus) and the RAM modules will run max at 533 Mhz.

    Thus, you should use the DDR2-533 modules

    But sometimes, you should be able to use the DDR2 - 667 Mhz modules. In this case the 667 Mhz speed module will be clocked at 533 Mhz

  • Satellite A105-S2051 and XPSP3 - upgrade RAM and hot key error

    Merry Christmas together,
    Please can some mention help: have Windows XP HOME SP3

    1. recently tried to improve my Satellite A105-S2051 950Mo to MAX 2 GB RAM. I have x 2 places available.
    2 a RAM problem, pc would not even turn when the two new ram sticks have been installed.
    3. If x 1 old used module and x 1 new stick of ram, pc would not record even installed extra RAM? After discussion with the manufacturer recommended to also upgrade my old BIOS suppliers, I did it via the load - SAME support.
    4. then they recommend - sent back 4 RAM chip, they returned with the type of chip 8,.
    5. upon receipt, PC would not turn on once more if the two 1 GB installed? While could then install x 1 old + x 1 new, pc recognizes the additional ram 1 x, 1.36 GB memory stick.
    6. have you tried to load keyboard shortcuts available on download media files to find error - Toshiba ACPI common Modules (TVALD) missing?
    8 tried to load files TVALD, to then find error - TVALZ DRIVER FAILED? aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    Any help would be most appreciated, Please help!

    Kind regards


    There is no reason to discuss on the RAM upgrade, because things are clear: RAM upgrade will be successful if you use only compatible modules and module 1 GB for your laptop with PA3411U-2M1G part number.

    Use two of them, and everything will be OK.

    Back to WXP stuff.
    Installation of WXP can be quite complicated as all things, especially specific tools Toshiba and public services must be installed in the correct order. Before you begin to install Toshiba stuff, you must install common modules. It is a fundamental tool, and it must be installed first. Problem is that we support for your laptop model page, I can't find common modules for download.

    What you can try is to install from the European page. You can find it HERE. Check it out.

  • Satellite S3000-214: HD and RAM upgrade

    I want to upgrade a Satellite S3000-214 with a new hard drive and RAM.
    Anyone know how I can upgrade the HD? It is currently only 20 GB.
    About the RAM, I tried to upgrade before but abandoned after Misco sent me upgrades wrong a few times. Does anyone know a supplier who could have a sales team could sell me the good memory?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    It is possible to upgrade the HDD up to 30 GB.
    The BIOS should recognize this format without any problem. You can use a simple 2.5 bus master IDE HDD.

    It is also possible a memory upgrade for max 1024 MB

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