Satellite L555 - no wireless network in my device manager card


I work 2 days on WLAN, then lose connection and now I have no WLAN card in my device manager...
I got the BONES to the State of origin, marked FW-implementation update 1.70, uninstall the battery, but no card WLAN...

Within 2 days I see what fall Fn + F8 of WiFi/Bluetooth/WLAN... For only Bluetooth/Wlan.
Can I change the WLAN status and the LED changes but no card WLAN in the connected device without WIFI Manager.
I have other laptop that had WLAN-contact. I have Toshiba e-mail-contact but no answer, I am not happy.

Who can help?

Sorry, my English is not very good
the elefant


You sent an email to Toshiba? I wonder how. The fact is that if you have problems with your laptop, then you should get in touch with a local ASP (certified partner) in your county and do not send an e-mail to Toshiba.

Back to your question;
If I understand your question, the WLan card is not listed in the device under network adapters Manager; as unknown device or as a Ethernet controller.
Is this correct?

Well, it means that the WLan card module is not recognized

I m wondering what Satellite L555-xxx you have exactly?

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    According to HP Partsurfer, your lapotp came with Atheros AR9565 802.11bgn 1 x 1 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter combination WLAN. Also, your laptop came with FreeDos and I guess currently installed Windows 8 64 bit OS, I am correct?

    The Support page for your machine, doesn't show that the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 8.

    Please download, save & install the Dirver and restart the system, check if the wireless works.



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    Is it so difficult using the forum search? ;)

    Don t get me wrong, there is a lot of discussion here in the forum about WLAN on C660 so I m wondering why you didn't find similar topics on this behavior.

    Please check this thread:

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    Did you use Wireless LAN in the past?
    I ask because the wireless LAN optional on this unit and you must upgrade first the unit with the minPCI wireless LAN card to work with WLan.
    Have you installed the card?
    This info is very important because I don t know whether or not there is a Wlan card.

    Good bye

  • HP Pavilion G6-1215ex: could not find "Wireless adapter" in my device manager.


    I recently formatted my HP Gseries laptop and reinstalled all the drivers. Towards the end of it, I couldn't find my adapter wireless listed in my device manager. I can connect to the internet via a connection fixed but the Wireless does not exist. When I try to install the wireless driver, the Setup program cannot detect the wireless network card.  I tried the following, which none has seemed to work:

    Turned on the wireless devices. Bluetooth works. Wi - Fi nope.

    Checked for possible compatibility problems drivers.

    There was something a little "unrecognized network controller" in the "other devices" category, which I assume is my wireless adapter. Therefore, I have included the hardware below id if this would be of any help. Please help me find the appropriate patches for my problem.

    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1795103C & REV_01

    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1795103C

    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_028000

    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_0280

    Thank you in advance.


    Please try:

    Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows:

    Kind regards.

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    Clues or ideas you can share would be much appreciated!

    Hi CozyB,

    ·         Are you able to connect to wireless internet?

    If you are able to connect to wireless internet, then probably it is just a mistake to start because of some party 3 program or service interfering with the process of starting Windows.

    If this is the case, I you suggest trying to set up the machine in a clean boot state and then install the update.  Follow the given article to set up the machine in a clean boot state.

    Note: Please make sure that the computer is configured to start as usual according to step 7 of the article: how to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7:

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

  • Satellite L300-2This - wireless network adapter is not listed in Device Manager

    PL. seated me in solving the WIFI issue in my newly purchased Toshiba Satellite L300-2This (PSLBGE 020004AR)

    1. me confirm - this model is equipped with WIFI as shown in the Web of Toshiba site but my device manager it is not displayed at all. (using Windows XP)-its only display Realteck LAN

    2. I installed the drivers from the site web of Toshiba - but always hardware WIFI not be picked up by any driver. Device Manager showing that a single 'Ethernet LAN' not installed-may be it is the WIFI card but once again on three pilots (real teak/intel/Ac..). which is the right selection computer-based laptop model No.? as none does not detect the hardware.

    3. confirm me - this model is NOT - equipped also BluTooth?

    Appreciate the quick response in this regard.

    Violaine Asim

    Hi mate,

    Just a simple question: have you activated the wireless network adapter using the hardware on the computer switch portable and key combination FN + F8?

    Satellite L300 is permanently equipped with wireless network card because a friend of mine had the same specifications.

    However, you should try to update the WLAN driver. Check the download page of the Toshiba driver for an update.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite U400-138 - wireless network card does not appear in Device Manager

    Hardware WiFi isn't in Device Manager.
    Win Vista 32 bit, Ultimate

    Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

    May I ask what is the problem with your laptop?
    You description is not really useful

  • Satellite Pro A660 - wireless network adapter issues

    Hi guys hope you can help!

    I have a Satellite Pro A660 - 11 M Windows 7-64 bit

    The wireless network adapter does not work...

    I tried to reinstall the bios and the driver wireless.

    The wireless button is lit to Yes as the key Fn + F8 doesn't show not relevant wifi is turned on/off as usual!
    It shows also in the Device Manager and BIOS.
    Is there something I missed? Or is it a faulty card?


    > It shows also in the Device Manager and BIOS.

    First of all, you won't find any WLan entries in the BIOS.
    But you should see the local network card in Device Manager.
    If good WLan driver has been installed, the local network adapter device should appear in devices-> network cards Manager.

    If WLan driver has not been installed properly, you'd still see an entry under network adapters, but it should appear as unknown device or Ethernet controller.
    You can this inscription?

    In addition, the WLan driver was released on the Toshiba UE driver page.
    The question is; have you chosen the right Wlan driver.
    As much as I know that the laptop supports the BROADCOM 802.11(B/G/N) BCM94313 WLan card and, as a result, Broadcom Wlan driver should be used.

  • Problems installing Satellite Pro 4600 wireless network card

    I have a Satellite pro 4600 since 2002. I've never been checked his internal wireless network card. Today I'm trying to use it, but I am unable to even install it.

    1) there is a little left switch of the laptop. I do it ON the switch but it didn't not repond on that not everything on same desktop light next to this switch has.

    (2) there is not any link showing option wirless card I can update and install the Device Manager.

    (3) I have dual boot windows 2000 and xp. In the two I tried to install the driver of his CD moose. But there was no requirement for the office and even in network and Device Manager.

    Please give me an urgent response.

    I have a similar problem. The text of presentation for the Satellite Pro 4600 says 'model of communication center Mobile with wireless built-in on all Intel® Pentium® III, LAN module card integrated 10/100 Ethernet NETWORK and international integrated V.90 data/fax modem'. Mine is a model of the Pentium III. Operating system is W2K fully patched.

    I used the interface NETWORK built-in Ethernet and modem V.90, but so far never had the opportunity to use wireless. The wireless on the left side switch produces a light. Should this model use a wireless PC card? If so, where would be a?

  • With a Satellite Pro 2100 wireless network connection

    Even though my work laptop has a switch (power) wireless and DIRECTED on the side (under the floppy drive), it does seem to pick up a wireless connection, or have wireless options on the corresponding section of the control panel.

    Is it a hardware problem (that is to say he is ready wireless, but has not installed) or a Windows problem?

    Thank you


    The WiFi card is optional on the Satellite Pro 2100.
    In this case, it is possible that your device has all switches but no card WLan.
    I recommend you to check the Device Manager. There you should find the WiFi card network card is installed.

  • Satellite C660 - 120 Wireless Network Card disconnect

    My Satellite C660-120 warning disconnect from the WLAN. It happens every two seconds. I tried different browsers and updated NETWORK adapter drivers. It's running Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network. Someone at - it solutions?

    > It runs Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network.

    Have you noticed the same problem with WiFi using another standard Wlan as 802.11 B or G?

    The laptop seems to supports the 802.11(b/g/n) of Realtek RTL8188CE WLan card.
    You can compare the version of the driver Wlan available including the version available here:
    the last seems to be: 1005.19.0420.2011

    In addition, it would be interesting to know if the WiFi network disconnects using only the power of dough or also use laptop connected to the power adapter.

    It would be possible that the system saves energy and this affects the Wlan functionality.
    In this case, you should disable this option in: Device Manager-> WLan card-> properties-> last tab (power management).

    You must also uninstall the TCP/IP v6 and must use only TCP/IPv4
    How to:

    Have you already to reboot your router Wlan?
    Make and check if the firmware needs to be updated.

  • How to access the Satellite Pro 6100 wireless network card?

    I'm cleaning a Satellite Pro 6100 for a customer and noticed that it has built in wireless card (something they didn't know). However, I just can't work out how to access. I pushed the little switch on the side backwardsa and I rocked forward, Fn + F8 and everything else I can think. But nothing happens.

    I even found the Switch Device Network utility, but that is only to show the LAN card.

    Any ideas?

    First of all please check if Device Manager in the laptop has an integrated WiFi card. The switch WLan available on the website of the laptop does not. Laptops are delivered with different specifications, and the WLan card is optional.

    I think that the WLan card is not installed in your laptop and so you cannot use it.

  • Satellite M300-D4316 - wireless network detected but cannot connect

    Previously, I could use LAN wireless on my laptop but last week because I signed up to a bluetooth connection, Wi - Fi connection no longer works.
    It can even detect a wireless network around me; I don't see every time when I try to connect, & it asks me to diagnose the problem & said something like "the signal is too weak.

    I'm sure that is not the problem of wireless service - all my friends can connect to him!

    What should I do?

    Maybe the wireless LAN tipped off?

    Try to press Fn + F8 to toggle wireless devices.

    Also make sure that the wireless switch is turned on in the front and the sides of the laptop.

  • Satellite A30 - what wireless network cards are supported?

    Have a computer Satellite A30 laptop-404, I wonder what kind of card Mini-PCI Wireless would be compatible with my PC?

    Found this one for example.


    Anyone who knows what other types could be used?


    Hmm, well I've never heard of Gigabyte WLAN cards and I don't know laptops that are equipped with these cards.

    I checked Toshiba Web site and some Satellite A30 models shipped with a card Atheros and Intel WLAN. So, I recommend buying a those manufactures wireless network card.
    For example Wireless LAN Mini PCI card (2, 4 GHz, 802 11 b) PA3212U-3MPC should be compatible.

    Good bye

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