Satellite L650-11R: I can not disable the WiFi using Fn + F8 module


I have a rather strange problem: I can not disable the WiFi using Fn + F8 module.

It happens after reinstalling Windows. I installed Windows 7 Pro SP1 x 64 (MSDNAA). I installed the driver Broadcom WLAN, then Toshiba Value added package and Bluetooth Stack from Toshiba Web site.

When I press Fn + F8 there is only a Bluetooth icon, I can enable and disable. And there is no WiFi icon.
Wireless network card is listed in the Device Manager, it works.

Before you reinstall Windows, when I had used pre-installed Windows 7 HP, it worked correctly: there were three icons, I could turn off/turn on WiFi, BT and the two WiFi + BT by pressing Fn + F8.

Does anyone have a problem like this?
Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm generally the FN + F8 should switch on / off the Wlan correctly.
Maybe the WLan driver must be installed again even if the wireless network adapter is already visible in Device Manager.
Try it

Welcome & good luck

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    I found my driver and Utilities disc provided with my computer and found the touchpad on the disk driver and installed it on my computer and after restarting, I went to my mouse and presto, now I have the RIGHT driver, so I'm HAPPY to REPORT that THIS has been RESOLVED!

    Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • Satellite L650-11R - its is trolling when the screen is off

    Hello people.

    I have an interesting problem. In fact, I have a Satellite L650-11R and TV Panasonic TX P42X10Y.

    When I connect the laptop and TV via HDMI and everything works as it should be, games, movies, but everything works fine until the screen of the laptop is open. While it is closed or if you switchmake the TV your main screen or the office, the sound in the movies is bad.
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    PS Sorry for the English


    To be honest, I never heard such a problem. For example if I connect my laptop to TV cable HDMI I always have good sound quality, even I use two monitors or monitors only.

    In any case, what operating system you have? You use the version preinstalled Windows or another?

    First of all I would update the audio driver. His most recent driver, you can download from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • Satellite Pro L500D - I can not install the ATI from Toshiba page display driver

    I reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
    No, I have the problem, I can not install the Ati (HD 4100), downloaded displaydriver from Toshiba for my Notebookmodel.

    > Now, I installed the displaydriver of the model Satellite A500d.
    .and? Doing a job?

  • Anti-Viris. I can not disable the window security alert

    I can't disable the window security alert x I've tried everything! How to get that down... Help, please.

    Moved from feedback

    Original title: Anti-Viris.

    Hi Mike,.

    Please answer the following questions:

    1. what version of Windows operating system you have on the computer?

    2. What are the steps you tried?

    3. when exactly you get alerts?


    You can go through the link of the article to know what operating system you are using.

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    Windows 7:

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    How is the Action Center research problems?

    Windows 8:

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    a. press the Windows key + W and type Action Center.

    b. Select Action Center and click then on Change Action Center settings.

    c. uncheck the check for spyware and malware protection box and click OK.

    Get back to us with answers, so that we can offer you the exact steps to disable the Windows security alert.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not disable the firewall - see the key for the

    "The application has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall which is not allowed by your policy" "

    Please help me...

    Hello Nurulfy7,

    Welcome to the community,

    Yes, you get this message because you under BES account and you can not disable it.

    Take care

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  • Re: Satellite P500 of USA - can not read the local DVD


    Sorry to appear such a luddite acquired but this laptop great USA from eBay.
    User manual appears to indicate that the player is going to adapt to the locality of the drives I want to play.

    Not had any luck with playback at all to this day, the error message 'not compatible' etc., any guy of suggestions?

    See you soon,.

    Hi mate

    I think that the portable player s (optical disc) DVD region is set in the United States and therefore you can not read the DVD released for the European market.

    To resolve this problem, you must change the option of DVD region 2 region.

    My computer-> drive CD / DVD-> properties-> Hardware tab-> choose the CD drive / DVD-> properties-> DVD region

    Notes; You can change this settings ONLY 4 times. After that the parameters is no longer editable.

  • Satellite Pro A100-622 can not read the card SD and Memory Stick with Windows Explorer

    I have a Satellite Pro A100-622 running MS Vista Home Basic Edition. I tried to use the card reader integrated with SD and Memory Stick card but cannot view the contents using Windows Explorer.

    In both cases, the laptop recognizes the card and try to install new hardware. Unable to do so, he asks the drive of the software provided with the cards. Any software not provided with a card and I cannot find drivers to make the drive work.

    The only application that I can find on the laptop that is associated with the player is a module of SD formatting, but I don't want to format the card (s) I want to just read the current content of them and add files.

    Any ideas?


    You can download the drivers (and especially in your case for the sd-card-reader) here:

    and here

    So the other point is the service of the SD card must be enabled in the start menu-> Control Panel (change to Classic view)-> Administration-> Services-> Chip card (at this point, you must activate the service and configure it to start at windows startup).

    If you have any other questions, just ask. ;)

    Good bye

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not disable the device password!

    I was playing with my Storm the weekend and decided to apply a password to the device. Now I can't turn it off and I hate that I am constantly asked for her. When I go to 'Options', then 'password' it has not the ability to disable the password feature. The toggle button at the top of the password page is soft gray with a tiny tiny red lock next to her and I can't click on the button. The only thing I can do is to change the password. Any suggestions? !!

    I solved my problem. I did a reset of the handset and that got rid of the option activate the password. However, when I did a backup of subsequent restoration of the handset, I was careful to choose only what I wanted really saved (address book, calendar, etc.). If oyu make a full backup that you will get the active password once you restore again.

  • Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E - can not find the drivers for the wifi for Ubuntu Linux

    Hi, recently Ive instaled linux ubuntu as the OS second after preinstaled vista (my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300-13R PSLB0E-02H00SEN), but as I can't find the drivers for wifi as the topic title says. Anyone know how and where to find them?

    Name of the wifi on vista driver is Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802. 11b / g 54Mbps USB 2.0

    All the best,


    Toshiba doesn't support Linux for this model of laptop, and you have to try find the driver somewhere on the net.
    Have you tried to search with Google?

  • Satellite P100-257: How can I disable the pagefile


    I have machine P100-257. I added 1 GB of RAM and now it has 1.5 GB of RAM.
    Perhaps that the system will feel better do not slow page file use?

    The question is: my machine really must a page of a cylinder of such size file?
    If not - how to actually disable page file with the help of (just disable file sharing or need some registry tricks too)?

    Thanks in advance and would be greatfull for explanations 8)))


    I assume you are using Win XP?
    Well, XP gives you the option of not using the swap file, if you have more than 512 MB of RAM. To disable the page file, perform the following steps:

    -Start the control panel.
    -Select the Advanced tab.
    -Under the performance section, click settings.
    -Select the Advanced tab.
    -In the virtual memory section, click on change.
    -Select No paging file, and then click on set.
    -Click OK.

    That s all ;)

  • Satellite C660 - 2-3: can not enter the BIOS


    I activated the quick start function that ignores the Logos and boots only from the HARD drive, but now I need to install a 32-bit Windows for the school, but I can not enter or reset the Bios.

    I tried every combination of buttons, I can think.
    Is there a way to delete this feature again without disassembling?
    Existing windows are not the original, so no toshiba software is installed.

    Thanks for help.


    Have you tried pressing the F2 key while turning on the laptop?
    Press F2 repeatedly in line if this will not help press first "INS" and then F2 to enter the BIOS

    Good luck

  • I can not disable the software at startup on my T61 agroenvironnemenaux

    I disabled the fingerprint software and the power of password in the bios. I rebooted and checked. The display shows both are disabled. However when I powered the xp splash screen appears, then a box with a graphic of fingerprints and the message "Please login to registration of fingerprints. Or press Ctrl-Alt_Delete to you connect using a password.

    When I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete sometimes I det the windows login screen. Since I have no password by pushing the back allows me to use my machine. However, it is an annoyance and sometimes Ctrl-Alt-Delete is ignored and I have to turn off and start again.

    Guy 7661-D28 S / N L3 - xxxxx 08/09

    Any ideas?

    Note of the moderator; s/n, edited for the protection of its own

    It's been a while for me also on XP, but you deleted digital data within the application of fingerprints?

    In Win7 there is a flag says "Show at startup" (or similar), if the XP version has a place too then try turning off as well.

  • Can not disable the windows messaging

    I am trying to install anti-virus software, but the installation stops because the windows mail is running. However, windows mail does not work. I checked in the Task Manager, and it is not running. I opened the program and the fact that there was nothing there came out. Yet anti virus cannot install because he thinks windows mail is running. It's one of those stupoid programs windows do not have to uninstall and it does not appear in the list of features. So, how can I get rid of him. I need to get my anti virus running.

    Hello labirder,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    Have you tried to install your antivirus in Mode safe?
    To start the program in safe mode:

    1. reboot your computer and start pressing the F8 key (it may be a function key different on your computer) on your keyboard. On a computer that is configured to start to multiple operating systems, you can press the F8 key when you see the boot menu.

    2. when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

    3 log on to Windows by using the administrator account or any account of a user with administrator privileges.

    Note: In Safe Mode, your display system and the Bureau will look and perform differently than in Normal Mode. This is only temporary. To return the system to Normal mode, we can simply restart the computer.

    Please respond and let us know if this suggestions to get your software installed.


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