Satellite L650-12 q - slow very slow start & preformance

My laptop is a Satellite L650-12 q with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit, intel core i5 - 43 M and 4096 MB of RAM. It works very well but begins to be a little slow last weekend, I've defragmented it and it got a little better. Then two days ago you 22mins at startup (& login) and an another 7 minutes just to open all programs. It is slow to seriously.

I have defraged there once again, run the Tuneup Utilities (who says there is nothing to the difficulty to start), run my antivirus & anti-malware and it starts in safe mode. Even to start diagnosis and almost all startup programs off it makes virtually no difference.

In total, it takes 10 minutes to get from the start 'windows' to my login screen then another 5 to get to my office. If I want to open a document in word or firefox, then yet another 3-5 minutes so he can come and start running slowly. Does not better it's on, but not by much.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's to tell me that it's time to get a new laptop :)

No, it is not the time for the new laptop computer.
Of course we don t know how did you use your laptop, what additional software you installed and how you configured OS so in my opinion, better than you can do now is to back up all important data and install the OS by using original Toshiba recovery image.

After doing this you will own preinstalled OS and everything should be OK again. Please test a few days without changes and post comments.

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  • Satellite A100 - Questions about slow start, not in the DMA mode CD drivers

    Hi all

    as you can see I have 3 questions:

    1. my Satellite A100-153 starts very slowly (current running avira antivir and sunbelt pfw only like on my other laptop which is older than this one, but not slow start)-anyone has any idea why (I would be very gratefull because I don't have reinstall win and all my stuff)?

    2 Nero tells me that my CD is not running in DMA mode - where can I check and fix this?

    3. drivers - am I forced the drivers supported on this site or can I use the drivers directly from the manufacturer (ATI for my graphics card, Intel for my chipset realtek for my sound and so on)?

    Help is welcome!


    For me, it will be interesting to know what operating system you are using. Anyway, I'll try to give my short opinion on your questions:

    -many other factors may be responsible for slow start. It is usually the OS configuration. I'll try to find an interesting article, how to make faster starting and I will post it here for you.

    --entrer enter in the device IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers Manager, enter the properties for secondary IDE chanel and open the Advanced Settings tab. Is under transfer mode DMA if available? If this isn't the case, set it to please and after reboot check if the problem persists. DMA if available is usually defined as a default value.

    -In general, you can use it but it is well known that manufacturers of graphics card don't support mobile graphics cards and laptop manufacturers are responsible for.

    I recommend you to use the Toshiba drivers only. All of these drivers are put to the test.

    Good bye

  • Satellite X 200 - 25i - slow start on


    This cute portable X 200 - 25i and everything you've just bought a few weeks ago works great. But I just realised, it this slow start. It will take about 3 minutes to load all the software, and I did install something special... everything is factory shipped Vista, antivirus software for my mouse logitech...

    I also replaced a disk, what WD 320, and the first with the OS is the original...

    Any help? Any ideas?

    Thank you all very much...


    My notebook booted up like a turtle. Do you know why?
    Because many applications have been installed in the autostart folder or in the registry, run entry and this affected the start-up procedure.
    I had Norton Antivirus installed and loaded always at the beginning.

    I read that this software needs of too many resources and slows down the performance of the laptops.
    I removed and instead of Norton, I use another program called Antivir antivirus.
    It s freeware and my notebooks starts much faster than with preinstalled Symantec Norton Antivirus.

    I recommend also using a small tool called CCleaner.
    It repairs the registry of the operating system and remove all garbage and junk of the system.
    It s really nice

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A300-28R: slow start and freeze on Internet Explorer

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro A300-28R and I'm very disappointed with the performance.
    (1) from the card, it looks like a decent laptop, but with the start time of 3 minutes, 'Please wait' it's probably not impress me considering the fact that I have nothing installed yet...

    (2) I will try to uninstall applications like tempro, but still I am intrigued by the slow response on the internet pages.
    For example when I go on google and start typing something more time, the cursor freezes and I have to wait a few seconds before I'm able to see what I'm typing.
    I only bought it last Friday, and I have not used a lot, but probably a bit disappointing so far.
    Any ideas why the cursor freezes on google or on the toolbar internet explorer?

    FYI, I use Vista Business OS and Internet explore

    any help welcome

    > 1) card, it looks like a decent laptop, but with the start time of 3 minutes, 'please wait' is surely not impress me considering the fact that I have nothing installed yet...

    I'll tell you how to reduce the startup time of your laptop.
    I think you are using Vista and the Tempro should be installed too
    You have two options: either you would update the Tempro or remove the system. Both should help make the Mobile QuickStart.

    (> 2) I'll try to uninstall applications like tempro, but still I am intrigued by the slow response on the internet pages.
    For example when I go on google and start typing something more time, the cursor freezes and I have to wait a few seconds before I'm able to see what I'm typing.
    You should update right Vista in the current state, and should also check if certain unnecessary processes running in the background.
    You can do this by using the msconfig.

    In addition, you should check if your antivirus software does not slow down the system.

    Just a tip; I m using the free software Antivir. It of free and it s really nice, it doesn't have a lot of material resources.

  • Satellite A10-131: really slow start

    It takes about 15 minutes (!) for my Toshiba Satellite A10-131 to start. It's really frustrating when you are in a train or some other place where you need your laptop for a short period. I've changed the original with fastest 256DDR ram 1024 GB, I installed all the drivers on the right and most recently, I tried several formats, etc., but doesn't change anything. Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing that I did not try to change have the BIOS setting, mainly because I have no idea how it works :)

    Thanks in advance!


    It s very strange because I've never seen a laptop that starts at 15 min.
    It would be very interesting to know if the cleaning Windows OS need also 15 min.
    If yes then I guess there is something wrong with the hardware (maybe the motherboard)
    Unfortunately, I put t know all the BIOS options that could reduce initialization time.

  • Satellite Pro A300-1PK - slow start in Windows XP

    Processor = Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 2 GHz
    RAM = 2 GB


    SATA controller is set to * COMPATIBILITY *.

    Time of installation of Windows XP SP2 is * 76 minutes *.

    Start on time without drivers is * dry.* 1 min 30

    Boot time with the East * 2 mins 45 dry.* drivers

    I tried setting the SATA AHCI controller and download the driver from Intel. By pressing the F6 key during initialization of the Windows Installer. Until I reached the window where I can choose to install WIndows, repair and release, the "Screen of Death" (blue screen) is displayed. Telling the hard drive.


    SATA controller is set to * AHCI *.

    Time of installation of Windows Vista (WITHOUT Service Pack) is * 45 minutes *.

    Start on time without drivers is * 1 min 10secs.*

    Boot time with drivers is * 58 dry.*


    I tried was trying to download the Intel AHCI driver, but all that show the same problem, BLUE screen.

    Any ideas.

    Thank you.


    If a compatible SATA mode then your HARD drive will always slow down the performance of the laptop!

    > I tried setting the SATA AHCI controller and download the driver from Intel. By pressing the F6 key during initialization of the Windows Installer. Until I reached the window where I can choose to install Windows, repair and release, the "Screen of Death" (blue screen) is displayed. Telling the hard drive.

    You need the right SATA drivers. You can find the right SATA files in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, which can be downloaded from the Intel page.
    Notes; There are different packages that supports different chipsets.

    After the right SATA driver was selected, you can use the freeware software called nLite to build a new XP CD and include SATA files.

  • Satellite P300D - 15 c is very slow to start WMI


    My pc (Satellite P300D - 15 c) is very slow at startup.
    When I look in the newspaper, there is a WMI wich tooks 2 minutes East service delivered with an error.

    After that, my pc on the screen fr jumps 'welcom' starts normally.

    So I turn the WMI service, but that there are other mistakes after the full boot (tosipcsrv.exe close).

    Is there another type of solution, except turn the WMI service?

    Sorry for my bad English,
    If you can answer me in Dutch or English basic ;-)
    With sincere friendships.

    Johan Nijsse

    Here's the (Dutch) log of the WMI problem:

    Logboeknaam: Application
    Bron: Microsoft-Windows-WMI
    Reference: 2009-04-06 22:52:53
    Gebeurtenis-id: 10
    Taakcategorie: Geen
    Level: who cares
    Trefwoorden: Klassiek
    Gebruiker: Derby
    Computer: PC_Fam_Nijsse
    Gebeurtenisfilter met query SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99 kan niet worden van naamruimte //./root/CIMV2 vanwege opnieuw doing 0 x 80041003. Mogelijk worden er geen gebeurtenissen via said thing totdat het clean filter is corners.

    0 x 80000000000000



    SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99
    0 x 80041003

    Very good thread on slow start up you will find under

    It will be interesting for you.

  • Satellite Pro - Slow start up and sound is messed up

    I had my * Toshiba Satellite Pro * with * Windows XP * for a good few years now. She has always worked like a gem and only gave me no problems until a few weeks ago.

    A few weeks ago I was downloading a program and with it the virus 'Antivir Solutions' very undesirable and unliked. I've done everything I can to get rid of this disaster (with the help of the support forums) and I think that I managed to get rid of it, but since my computer has not been the same.

    I had trouble downloading a PDF document, a few days ago and it froze so I tried to restart that caused the computer to have a hissing fit, remove my user account which meant I had to configure everything again from scratch. And, now, the computer takes a good 45 minutes from the moment you press the button "ON" when it is ready to start working. Not to mention, it takes a good 10 minutes every time you click on an icon for the program to start actually...

    I tried to defrag the system and you have tried to uninstall unused programs to speed up the computer, but it did not work.
    I also ran several anti-virus (e.g. Norton, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials) to make sure that I don't have wicked not spoil me, but they come clean.

    May I also add the sound is messed up also. If I use the built-in speakers or external speakers, the sound is disjoint and broken. Like any video I have play.

    I don't know what to do.
    I can't really afford a new computer, but I need my computer to be reliable. I use my computer for 12 of the 24 hours a day...
    * What can I do? *

    Hi nicoletrist,

    I put t know what laptop you have exactly, but I think that the slow start Windows is caused due to viruses you have or had.
    A few years ago I also had a virus and it was causing a very slow start to the top, he did take up to 10 minutes until Windows has been loaded and the only solution to get rid of this used Toshiba recovery disc.

    I would like to recommend you. Use the Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings and save your data, because everything on the HARD drive will be erased.
    I'm sure after using the laptop recovery disk will work like a charm again! :)

  • Slow start on Vista Home Premium - Satellite U400-15B


    I just bought Satellite U400-15B and am finding it takes very long to start Vista, I went into msconfig and disabled the things I don't use and stuff that I think is not necessary, but it is still having to wait ages before that I can use the laptop. I have enough RAM and processor speed, so I don't think that the specifications of the laptop are a problem

    Is there something that can be done on this slow start, any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    I think slow start or laptop slow operations depend on good configuration of the OS. I played with this last month and I am now convinced that Vista starts and runs on my laptop.
    I wrote about this in another thread and if you have time look under

    Please let me know what you think of this.

  • Slow speed by phone as a modem on the Satellite L650

    OK so I got this new Toshiba Satellite L650 and I was connecting to the internet via my phone as a modem (dial-up speed :()
    My phone says it is capable of download speeds up to @ 150 Kbps, but the connection is never active...
    It remains active for about 6 seconds, then drops off to start again and so on and so forth...

    So I bought a stick mobile broadband and the connection seems good... all full service bars and a so-called speed of 2mbps, but the same thing... it starts at about 200 Kbps and less than 10 seconds it drops to 400 bps and then stops...

    What the hell I am doing wrong? I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site and updated the bios? HELP Please?


    I doubt it has something to do with the laptop.
    I know that my mobile phone operator to slow down the speed to the GPRS standard after particular data traffic has been downloaded.

    This is perhaps the reason for this

  • Satellite U400 - color of the shell of edges and slow start of the housing

    Hi all

    Just bought a Satellite U400-15B and am loving the laptop itself but have the following two issues.

    First of all, regarding the case I noticed that on the edge of the high gloss base (where he meets the not shiny black plastic bottom) the paint is already peeling.

    It is mainly about above the left USB port, CD drive in Rabat and at the rear above the battery (only visible when the lid is closed). It is very minor and is only visible when looked at her carefully, but obviously I paid a lot for this so do not want to look all worn in a few months. Someone at - it? I took a look at a few display models and its mixed, some are worn in areas similar some are perfect. I would like to exchange it, but I'm afraid that the replacement can be another problem like a dead pixel or may have the same problem only worse?

    Second, I noticed that my laptop takes a long time to start compared to my old Toshiba A200 which also runs Vista. I removed a lot of bloatware and the Toshiba TEMPRO, which I heard is also causing problems, but I still have this problem. It seems to start fine until the Vista logo screen then it takes awhile, while displaying "Please wait".

    Anyone has any ideas on this?

    Hello MrAK

    If the laptop is brand new and you have a few days only I recommend you contact your dealer as soon as possible and. Talk with them and explain that you don't want to have replacement with dead Pixel or something like that. I hope they will understand you and help get new but 100% good laptop.

    Slow start is discussed several times. I have Satellite A300 and commissioning was horrible, but now, after a slight modification it starts after only 1.5 minutes.
    Check my ad under

    Bye and good luck

  • Slow start on Satellite L670D

    I have a new laptop Toshiba I bought in March this year.
    The model is a Satellite L670D-13f. The problem I have with it is it takes 10-15 minutes at least to get started towards the top for internet access. Typing does not it's like a reaction with delay, you must type pause to allow the computer's time to recognize what has been typed, it's very frustrating.

    My internet speed is very good, so I do not know what causes the problem.
    Can you give me any advice?
    Thank you

    Slow start is typical for new laptops. What you need is the optimization of the OS.
    Check it please, but a thread very interesting on the optimization of the BONE -

    It's older A300D, but the principle remains the same.

    If you have any questions, you are welcome.

  • Satellite A300-1MV slow slow start-up and ongoing execution place

    I recently bought a Satellite A300-1 mV it runs vista,.
    I have the trial running Mcafee and other preinstalled software that came on the phone. My problem is that the startup of the computer seems to take a ridiculous amount of time to start, once past the ORB of vista, that it says please wait which lasts about a minute until the password request is displayed.

    I had a quick glance in the problemreports in the Panel and concluded that the program of toshiba tempro was hung up at startup so disabled but doesn't seem to have any effect, I also find that when for example you double-click a photo thumbnail to view it, it takes about 30 seconds to appear on the fullscreen allthough, the window appears on the start menu to the low allmost bar immediately.

    I defragmented the hard drive, scandisk, memory checking, virus check etc... I compared it to a friends laptop dell which has less memory, but the same processor spec and vista and that seems to work 10 times faster... any ideas?, I wonder if it is a program of toshiba at the origin of the problem.

    However, I have a problem with acrobat reader from opening on its own and telling me it can't read the file (do not know what file)

    I uninstalled it and reinstalled but still have the same question...! Help!
    See you soon


    Very nice thread on slow start up you will find under

    To be honest I don't like McAfee and I installed other antivirus applications that needs far more resources. Please read this interesting thread and let me know what do you think about this.

  • Re: Satellite A505-S-6030-startup very slow

    I just bought mine 2 weeks ago (.) A505-S-6030) and im now using a program more > kaspersky 2011, Alcohol 120%, firefox, yahoo, IDM, Gom player, Oracle 11 g, sql developer

    How is it its very high spec... and that his slow start... it's still slower than my previous lap and it was much lower spec...

    Another problem... also at startup when I open the Task Manager, it says that 2 GB is used in the memory and 2 is free... i only open a program now (Firefox) it takes 2 GB? I have dono... PlZ Helpp

    Post edited by: azaher77

    I recommend editing utility Tempro, allows Windows so that it starts slowly.
    You have same edition.

    Just remove the startup option (msconfig)

  • Slow start up on Satellite Pro A60

    My Satellite Pro A60 EN takes forever to be able to use from initial startup and also what inversion of the users.
    I think about 12 minutes before you can use it from the market.


    This subject, you can find a lot of comments here on this forum. Please use the advanced search option and put a slow start as search terms.

    If you need more suggestions please post again.

Maybe you are looking for