Satellite L650: recovery partition is gone

Recently, I have my phone L650 back using the method of the hard drive. Then somehow now I only have one partition and the recovery partition disappeared.

The first day I got my laptop, I have already burned the recovery DVDs. So I still can do recovery in the future.

However, I still want my recovery disk partition hard back.

Are there procedures that I can follow to make a recovery partition?

Thank you.


You can not install the recovery partition.
When you use method HARD drive for installation of operating system, which means the recovery partition already exists, and that after the recovery procedure cannot be removed or deleted.

It may be just hidden and you won't see it in Windows Explorer.

When you use the recovery DVDs the same thing from happening again.

Open disk management and check if a partition with about 10 GB will appear here. It must be the recovery partition.

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    G ' Day alll.

    Been out of the game for a while, got a Toshiba Satellite P850
    I thought I'd set it back to factory default so hit zero key.

    Came with option erase hdd, Toshiba Recovery Wizard.

    I thought that big, it will be erased the hard drive then to let me use the hidden partition to reinstall the new copy of windows8 accompanying.

    Now I get up at startup
    Reboot and select proper boot device or insert pre start-up support and boot device selected any key.

    IM gob felt that his own Toshiba Recovery Wizard it would wipe clean recovery partiton...

    so now have no recovery partition as im aware by pressing the zero key is constantly with the above...

    think I've done a big Jeremy.

    Looking for best way & eaiest way to solve this problem?
    was soon macka.

    Ive tried to use my hiren & bootcd but wont even pick up after chaning boot order in the bios first cd player etc.

    everything keeps going back to
    Reboot and select proper boot device or insert pre start-up support and boot device selected any key.

    any help will be appreciated.
    Cheers again Macka. Am I missing something?

    Your biggest mistake was that you didn't create recovery media using pre-installed recovery media creator tool. With the support of recovery (DVD or USB key), you'll be able now to install original recovery image. It is also described in the document s user manuals. This backup is very important.

    It's that you can't force your laptop have access or install recovery image, if it is still saved on the HARD drive. Now, you can either install the clean version of the OS using installation disc of Microsoft or order original Toshiba Recovery disk for recovery image installation.

    I don't know where you live, but if you have the European model for laptop, you can order it on

  • Satellite L650 - recovery leads to deadlock


    I have a Satellite L650 my wife here. It has become quite slow and don't respond very well, so my wife asked me to re - install 'as costs of the store.

    Yes, I did a recovery DVDs! So, I put in, pulled up to the laptop and went through the recovery procedure. Only, when it comes to install computer file 10/10 askes me to insert the recovery with the file F:\\ZZimg\13462XSP10.swm media. But I have the DVD of restoration of a single, I don't HAVE a second drive with this file!

    Now what to do? Does anyone have an idea?

    It's pretty stupid situation now and, as far as I know, you can't do anything on this subject.
    It is possible that something goes wrong with the creation of recovery disks.

    I created a few models of Toshiba recovery disc and I need still two empty DVD for creation of recovery media. If you say by the creation of recovery media, you need a single drive only I believe you but unfortunately you cannot complete the installation of image recovery now.

    In my opinion, you have only two options:
    -to install the OS using the Microsoft installation disc (you must pay for the license) or
    d ' order new original drive by Toshiba Recovery

    Sorry, but I don't know what else you can do about it.

  • Access the laptop on a computer Toshiba Satellite A300 recovery Partition

    What main features press on to have Toshiba Satellite A300 to start the recovery partition?
    On a Gateway PC you need to press and hold Alt + F10, and then press Esc and Alt + F10 to access the recovery information on the hard drive without the CD
    I do not have access to the recovery CD and I just want the laptop to boot from the recovery partition and restore 32 bit Windows Vista OS.
    Your help would be appreciated!


    I hope that this document will help you -

    Good bye

  • Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make backup discs?

    Hi all

    Just a query
    My GF turned on his PC series portable Satellite C660 and it would not start, we have tried to open the restore from the recovery partition sequence but kept getting the error that progresses at the start (error said to a device USB has been disconnected).

    As you probably guessed that she never did the backup disks when you are prompted, everything I could think of used a drive to win 7 and reload this way then try to make recovery disks after (I didn't activate)
    so win 7 has been installed well and all the drivers of origin that was all last week.
    Now to the crunchiness, the recovery partition is here now, I do the recovery disks and install from those, win 7 I installed it will soon take activation
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    After clean install of OS you can't create more recovery disk and you cannot install recovery image using the disk HARD recovery option (F8 at startup).

    Best thing you can do now is drive original order of Toshiba and use it for recovery image installation. It is certainly easier to have factory again.
    You can order it on

  • Help! Went to format my D recovery drive and now the recovery partition is gone!

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading and I would really appreciate the help! I use a HP G32 laptop, Windows 7 operating system. n in the middle of trying to free up space on recovery drive D, I went to the format is gone and now the recovery and empty of my D drive partition! Tried to retrieve the file, but to no avail! No idea what I can do? Thank you very much!!!

    That's what does_removes put in shape all the files. You burn your set of recovery disks? If so, you can start their relocation back to factory specifications that will recreate the recovery partition. Please note that this format the entire hard drive, which means that you save the files, photos, etc. before the race. If you burn your recovery DVD set, that you can order from HP for about $20.

  • The recovery Partition is gone?

    The recovery Partition disappeared in El Capitan?  If they can create a recovery Partition?

    The recovery Partition disappeared in El Capitan?

    N ° why do you think it is?

  • Satellite A300 - recovery partition is lost

    Thanks to a recovery software, I saved the file "HDD RECOVERY" an all other files that were in another folder in C: D: (the corrupted partition)

    Now, how can I burn a cd/dvd of recovery from this folder?

    I have the Satellite A300-21w which came with a HD 320 split into 2 partitions: C: D & a Vista Home premium:
    The D: partition that contains the "HDD RECOVERY" folder was accidentally damaged by me and now the system only display the C: partition.
    I tried to run the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator but it shows the message: could not find file "hdd recovery."
    How can I restart my laptop?

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    To burn the recovery disk, you have the Toshiba recovery disc creator.
    This program is preinstalled on your laptop from the image of Toshiba.

    But that's why the folder HDDRecovery must be on the D drive as far as I know. Otherwise it s is not possible.

    If you create a partition of D again. Maybe it works.

  • Satellite L650-11F - how to access HARD drive recovery?


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650-11F.

    The other day I had a huge massive Goner virus (lol) and the computer is turned off. Whenever I tried to turn it on, it started to load Windows, and then restart. I tried to start Windows in safe mode but the same thing happened, just keep restarting. I tried to repair Windows (by pressing f8 and etc.) and without success, he kept restarting.

    So I tried to put it because it came from fabric and when I press 0 or F1 happears just 2 options: choose an opperating system to start or press tab to select a tool: Windows 7 tools: Windows memory diagnostic

    Can you help me please? Is there another way I can access the hidden hard drive recovery partition? Please :(

    Hi dakova,.

    Ist it Toshiba's original OS is still installed? I ask this question because it of necessary for the recovery of HARD drive. If you have installed another OS, you can access t HARD drive recovery option.
    In addition, recovery of HARD drive option is available if you press the F8 key before Windows starts. In the advanced boot menu, select fix my computer. The exact procedure is described here:

    Alternative, you can take the Toshiba recovery disc. This will also restore the original settings. :)

  • On the Satellite L650-116 product key recovery


    I am owner of laptop Toshiba Satellite L650-116. I bought my laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (OEM license) original. Unfortunately I am forced to reinstall my Windows 7 system, but I realized that my product key sticker is wiped out (I can't recognize any of the numbers). I don't know if I have the recovery partition (I know there is a way to reinstall Windows, if you have this partition).

    Are there opportunities that I can restore my product key without having to buy a new one?

    I would be grateful for a quick response!


    At first, I have to tell you that this product key that you can see on the Microsoft sticker doesn't help. This product key belongs to the original version of OS you have with your machine, it cannot be used to activate Windows if you install your own version.

    First try to install the original recovery, if possible. How it works, you can read on -

    Please post comments.

  • Issue of recovery on the Satellite L650-12n

    I have the Satellite L650-12n. I bought recovery discs out of this Web site to install on my Crucial CT256MX100SSD1. Installation seems to work but then after you restart the computer, this message appears.

    "windows cannot complete the installation. to install windows on this computer restart installation. »
    and sometimes:
    "installation of windows could not configure windows to run on a hardware on this computer."

    I tried twice and it's the same thing.

    I looked in the BIOS and the SSD drive is recognized. I tried to reset to the default values, but nothing seems to work.

    No matter what help get beyond this problem before I bin batch would be much appreciated!

    You said you use the SSD drive.
    I guess it could be the reason why the recovery is not working properly.

    Formats and create new partitions on the HDD/SSD drive recovery.
    Sometimes, it would be possible that partitions can not be created properly because of different HDD / sizes SSD.

    It would be interesting to know if you can complete the installation by using the old HDD.

  • Satellite L650-12 q - Toshiba HDD Recovery does not

    Toshiba Satellite L650-12 q
    Windows 7 64 bit

    I am looking to re - install Windows using the Toshiba HDD Recovery software on my hard drive to restore the computer to factory settings.
    I followed the procedure to do this in the System Recovery Options, but received the following message is displayed:

    "The recovery of the operating system is impossible!
    Not found the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive. There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer. »

    More details:
    Before you do the above, I supported the system and the files and folders using AOMEI Backupper. I then made the mistake of the merger of C: D: and E: partitions, E: contained HDDR files.

    After having tried the recovery above and receive the above message, I reinstalled the file system I had saved on an external hard drive, which resulted in a copy of the drive C: and E: drive with HDDR files.
    Unfortunately, when I tried to recover the operating system, the same message appeared.

    Then I tried to use a system restore disc, I had created a few weeks ago, but concluded that, for some reason that CD is empty.

    The good news is that the computer still works - slowly - and HDDR files seem to be still there, but for some reason, inaccessible.

    What are my options? I want to go back to initial factory settings so that I can go back and re-install the programs and files that I want to. (I backed up all my files and have records of installation for programs).

    If the worst comes to the worst and I have to buy a Windows 7 disc (if that's even possible - I don't want Windows 8), it would be possible to install on this computer and it would give me a clean install, without any of the garbage which is currently cluttering up my computer?

    Thank you for reading, and I would be grateful for any advice you can offer.

    In your case, the situation is clear: HARD drive recovery facility does not work?
    If you want to have the laptop with the settings you have an option only: for recovery image installation you must use the installation of recovery disc.

    If I understand right you don t, entitled?
    But you can order it on

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • Satellite L650-12 q - recovery of Windows 7 does not work


    I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) edition in my laptop Toshiba Satellite (L650-12 q) and after a new start the Windows stopped working. I have a recovery disk that does not load (I'm done with the pointer in a blank screen) and the drive to install windows 7 would not work either (same thing). Safe mode no longer works.

    This probably means that the partition has a problem I'm wrong? -J' used Ubuntu Live CD, which confirmed that c:\ cannot be mounted while d:\ can.

    The problem however is double: a) I'm not sure that aspect of my data is accessible or not (I can't check) and b) I can't reinstall Windows, as Windows 7 installation process does not work.

    Any ideas please on what to do next? I want to access the partition, have searched on the internet (even tried with a Windows 98/XP boot disk), but had no chance that the partition is written in a newer way, which is not detected by them...

    Thank you in advance.

    > I have a recovery disk that was not loaded (I'm done with the pointer in a blank screen)...
    Do you use it for the first time?

    In any case, try to start the recovery disk, follow these steps:
    -Launch the laptop model and when you see the Toshiba screen home press F12 repeatedly to enter the boot options
    -When the boot menu appears to place the recovery disc into the optical disc drive
    -in the menu choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
    ODD must start recovery disc playback.

    What happens when you do this?

  • Drivers of recovery satellite L650-11F

    Yesterday I bought the laptop Toshiba Satellite L650-11F, I want to create or make a recovery for the drivers but I don't know how it is, can you help me please?
    I have already created a recovery on Toshiba Recovery Media Creator (2DVD disc) but I don't know if it includes drivers of recovery, it's on Windows 7,
    Help me please
    Thank you

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    Toshiba disc creator recovery using you create the recovery disk/disks that contains the recovery image. It's a kind of footprint of the preinstalled operating system.
    With other words: this recovery image contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, specific Toshiba tools/utilities and some additional software.

    When you use it for the installation of the OS you'll have once again out of the box state.

  • Satellite 2HW C855: win 8-10GB recovery partition can be removed?

    For my Satellite C855-2HW with Win 8 OEM, I would like to a partition to separate data in addition to the OS + programs.
    At present 4 scores are already in use.
    First 450MO partition recovery, the second a third EFI 260 MB, of the score of 920 GB operating system partition, and the fourth a 10 GB recovery partition.

    Now that I've done of recovery with "Toshiba Media Recovery Creator" DVDs, I can remove the recovery partition right?
    Can you only do this for an external support as with Diskpart or Gparted?

    It takes to this partition for media files; Photos, documents, music, movies, etc.

    What is the best way of all this?
    Cheers, boris.

    > Now that I did with 'Toshiba Media Recovery Creator' recovery DVDs, I can remove the recovery partition right?

    Yes. After changing the structure of the partitions probably you won't be able to use the HARD drive recovery facility more. This was the case in the past. In any case, now you have recovery DVD and you can install the recovery using these DVD image.

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