Satellite L655-16F - Factory reset using Recovery Media discs

OK so I'll try to reset my Toshiba Satellite L655-16th back to factory settings, then he started giving me the out of memory error message, but I don't have that drives it asked me to do when I got the laptop, so when I do the F8 all start up and go to the screen with the Toshiba HDD recovery resetting thing and click on it It gives me this error message:

* HDDRecoGUI *.
Operating system recovery is impossible!
Not found the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.

I tried various different things; Press 0 - which gave me a screen asking you what operating system, I wanted to use (there is only Windows 7) then just continued to load as usual. Put the first disc in and restart my laptop (which I have pretty well every time anyway) - which did nothing. etc.
So yes, is there a way to create the file from HARD drive of mystery I need the disks, or maybe another way to use the disks that I have not already tried?

> Not found HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
> There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.
This message appears if you have deleted the recovery image or changed the structure of the partitions on the HARD disk.

If you have created disk or recovery disk that you can install the recovery using the recovery DVD image.

Start your laptop and meadows F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu.
Place the recovery disc into the optical disc drive.
In the menu choose the CD/DVD drive.
Press ENTER.
Follow the menu on the screen.

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  • Satellite L655 - missing file when creating recovery media


    I just bought two new Satellites a L655-1EM and a L655-17V (I think - pink and red). In any case I tried to burn some media of recovery - which I find a little cheapo, making do us it ourselves!

    During the process, he said there is a lack of file and hangs on. I tried this on the machines and the same result. I use discs double layer. Any ideas? Do Toshiba shell on a disc of recovery in such circumstances - I already DL three frisbees lol.
    I'm more than worried a little, as if something bad happens I have no confidence that I will be able to recover.

    Some tips/advice?
    Thanks in advance :)


    Have you ever tried 4.7 GB standard DVD?

    I used the Verbatim DVD-R 16 x 4.7 GB speed to create recovery discs and it worked correctly. I t n have no problem. The discs I've tested without any problem.

    You can test this please?

  • Re: Satellite T130 - 11H - Factory Reset questions


    I had to reset my Satellite T130 - 11 H to factory settings to try to stop the issues with my internet and computer in very slow summer and unresponsive, but now when it starts it states that it is "complete the installation may take several minutes" then restarts on its own starts again, then restart again and again!

    Now it is tell ing, the same message but just hangs and does not go on my counter top?


    Thank you


    I know during a recovery procedure you laptop will restart several times. So, don't interrupt and wait. If it restarts always for a long time, you can restore the settings to factory using recovery media, you did

  • Re-install Windows 7 using recovery media (DVD)

    Laptop: HP-430 Notebook

    OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)


    When I bought recently my laptop HP-430, I partitioned new HARD drive using some other third party software. I created an additional partition (M:\). Here's the info, how I've repartitioned...

    C:\ - 100 GB (changed from 284 GB to 100 GB).

    D:\ - have not made any changes.

    M:\ - 184 GB (created a drive by myself).

    Then after a few days of testing purpose I thought using the Recovery Manager. So I run the Setup and chose the first option (System Restore) who says he will only reformat the drive (C:\) system and will not issue any other HARD disk changes. But to my surprise it deleted/reformatted the HARD full disc, and I lost all my documents, music, photos and all my important files, I recorded/saved on M:\ (that I had created...)

    Can someone tell me why the hack happened...?

    So now, next point. After that the Recovery Manager has restored the operating system, I repartitioned again, but this time with the Windows disk management tool. But the Windows disk management does not shrink (resize) the C:\(Systemdrive) of less than 150 GB. So I resized C:\ to 150 GB of GB 284 and created a player more (M:\) 147 GB size. And I deleted the recovery disc (D:\), but I created the recovery DVD before you remove the Recoevery of my HARD disk drive.

    Now its time for me to reinstall Windows 7 using recovery media, I messed with some system files when installing a theme for Windows 7 and now my OS is completely unstable. So now I want to reinstall windows 7, but I do not understand what option selected in the Recovery Manager (when run from Recovery DVD)

    Options displayed in the Recovery Manager

    1 collect using Microsoft Recovery

    2 recovery system (the option that I had chosen for the first time and got all the stuff removed)... He said that he only reinstalls the OS and custom make any other change of HARD drive.

    3 minimized Image Recovery

    4. factory Reset.

    So now my question to you guys, it's what option do I have selected in the Recovery Manager so that all my saved content and my stuff on M:\ (I created) will not be removed... and the operating system is reinstalled.



    I don't think that all the disk recovery options will keep your partition custom - as far as I know, the only time where you will receive a prompt to keep a custom partition when you use the option "Recovery of Image is reduced to a minimum" to the recovery Partition D that you deleted.

    You can try the following workaround.

    Download the good Image of disk Windows 7 from the link below: it must be exactly the same version your OEM Setup - that is to say if your laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, it comes to the version, you must download.

    Windows 7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

    Use an app like ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly on a blank DVD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write an ISO on a disc is here.

    Use the disk that you create to perform the installation - when you get to the option to choose the installation type, choose custom and select the C partition.

    When asked, enter the activation key Windows located on the underside of your laptop, then when the installation is complete use the 'method of phone", described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system - this method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just that a new installation of Windows 7 without software load additional normally bundled with OEM installations.

    Additional drivers, you may need to find from here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite C855 - windows factory reset

    My wife bought me this laptop toshiba Satellite C855 for Christmas last year and it came with windows 8, but Icouldnt do for windows 7 ultimate had instead put, but my son has been so screwed up then that Ive been working away while I would do a factory reset and how would that work

    Disk recovery or recovery Flash Media key appeared in the past by using the preinstalled software called Recovery Media Creator described and mentioned in the user manual as?
    Isn't it?

    That s no good guy.
    In this case, you can simply follow the advice coming from Ilay.
    You wish to order this disc of the Arvato. Link above.

  • Satellite U400 and factory reset

    I'm having a problem regarding my HDD RECOVERY, which is not present in any option when I try to factory reset, no assistants or something...

    Here are some photos of HARD drive recovery, and as you can see the disk RECOVERY file HARD is in E (4 GB).

    Here is the picture of my computer management where you can find my recovery partition... uh when I try the F12 thing, there was recovery options the other 2 HARD drive but when I click on the HARD drive option, his does not.


    On this older machine there is not some sort of recovery partition. Recovery image is recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDRecovery.
    Recovery image installation can be started as described on-

    Start your laptop using F8. S repair your computer option available or not?

  • Satellite L750D and factory reset - HDMI still doesn't work do not

    Satellite L750D
    psk361 - 038008

    My hdmi suddenly stopped working, tried things usual fn + f5 / f8, win + p key, enable / disable lower resolution etc. so decided to factory reset but still pc hdmi does not graphics card.

    tried it on my panasonic usual tv nothing works, tested on samsung tv without result, the pc detects the tv and even sets the audio to my TV but no sound from the tv. tried unplugging tv cable and pc stop feeding and took out the battery for 10 sec, trendy everythign on all together, still does not work.

    I checked the hdmi cables with other devices and work on the two TV - using the shortest cable to test the laptop.
    honestly, I thought that it was a software problem because it can real detects the TV but no picture or sound work, which indicated the hdmi cables, but they work with my ps3.

    so, it is not the cable, not the TV, not the software, hardware maybe? but it detects my TV...?

    so I am really confused here more info please ask first time using the help forum :(

    8mnth old pc, who is sitting on a rail so it is not at all, overheating hdmi worked perfectly since the day I got it, I didn't have any changes when it has stopped working... > _

    any help much appreciated sincerely.


    If all goes well he material s no problem, but I m afraid it could be
    I think it might be a hardware problem, because you said that you have already configured the laptop back to factory settings and this has not solved the problem.

    I understand this correctly? You used the recovery disc or HARD drive recovery?
    Is this good?

    What you could do is to check if your BIOS is up to date.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find the latest version of the BIOS.
    Check if you can update the BIOS.
    In addition, I recommend setting the BIOS to default and settings to save the changes.

    At least a graphics card driver might be updated also. Its worth a check however, I m really not sure if this might help you

  • Re: L50 - B Satellite - 2 2 - where to find "Recovery Media Creator"?

    L50 - B satellite - 2 2.
    preinstalled Windows 8.1

    Where can I find the "Recovery Media Creator"?
    I found a description how to use but none where to find...


    Start please help Desktop > support & recovery > and you will find the recovery media creator.

    You can also find if you use search option.

    Check it out please.

  • Satellite L300D - corrupted hard drive, no recovery media, no windows key

    I have a Satellite L300D-11V I'm looking for someone who would not go further that a screen blank after windows start logo, and also when you run Startup Repair he would get at this stage even too. Now pressed 0 while starting would not bring to the top of recovery, only an option for Windows Vista.

    With the help of some high end diagnostic software I have diagnosed that the hard drive has several physical defects that could well be the reason for this purpose the reader is better off being replaced. However, because of the mistakes, I am unable to create images of the player via Acronis or similar.

    Buying a new drive no problem, but the person never did no recovery media so it appears I have to buy a Toshiba recovery.

    There is no Windows key on the case anywhere either.

    If I had to buy a Toshiba Recovery, it would be important that I have no Windows key on the presumption that the recovery would be an already activated installation of Vista for laptop?

    Thank you

    > If I buy a Toshiba Recovery, it would be important to have no Windows key on the presumption that the recovery would be an already activated installation of Vista for laptop?
    In this situation best way to solve this is to swap HARD drive, restore disk original order of Toshiba and install Recovery designed for this model laptop image.
    Recovery image should not be enabled. After the installation, it will be activated automatically if you n t need product key of Microsoft for activation.

    Original recovery disk can be ordered on

    By the way: Win7 32 bit works quite well on this laptop model then perhaps you should install has the version of Win7. Of course if you do this, you need legal product key.
    Anyway it has nothing to do with Microsoft sticker placed on Toshiba laptops. This key cannot be used for activation anyway.

  • Satellite Pro L875: Cannot burn DVD Recovery Media Creator and win 8

    I have a L875 Pro of the Satellite with Blu - ray burner.

    I tried to create the recovery DVD disc, the burn process stopped and error guest asked me to check if the disc is damaged or scratched. After the burning process, the DVD was not empty and some data wrote on this subject.

    I tried to burn the data disc in windows 8. the burner is not started. I'm only able to add files to the disc.

    I play Blu - ray movies and dvd movies, blu ray player was fine.

    I found information on the appropriate corresponding to the burning speed dvd disc speed.

    How do I know what speed the burner support?

    How to burn a DVD or Blu - Ray in windows 8? (I looked on the Microsoft forum, but the solution did not work.)

    It would be great if someone respond and make the drive burn discs.

    As a first step, it will be interesting to see why you cannot create recovery discs.
    Have you used vacuum on DVD-R media? Otherwise please use it and buy a product of high quality like Verbatim or TDK.

    Is there an option to create the USB stick recovery?

    Combustion under Win8? Have you tried to use some burning as NERO applications?

  • Satellite L850 bad DVD size and recovery media creator error empty

    I just bought my L850 Satellite today and I found that Windows Explorer reads a 4.7 GB blank as 1.3 GB, then creator of recovery media DVD return error code 0E01D0-3D-00000000.

    I'm afraid that my laptop DVD drive is broken! Are there any suggestions?


    Don t think that your ODD drive is defective.
    Fact is that there is always a problem of compatibility between the discs and the ODD.
    As far as I know manual usage provides some info on well tested and compatible CD and DVD.

    Recommend using a disc that were the compatibility has been tested.
    In addition, I recommend standard R TDK. My experience has been good in using these discs

  • Satellite-T230D fails to create a recovery media

    I have a T230D Satellite under Windows 7 Home Premium. When you try to create a recovery media using a USB key, the process begins by informing the Flash DRIVE will be formatted.
    At this point, it fails with the error code 040EAE-57-00000000. The USB key is left in an unusable state and cannot be reformatted by Windows.

    The HP USB Format utility is able to reformat the USB drive.
    Before you begin to create the recovery media application, I disabled VirusControl, firewall and Internet access to make sure that nothing got in the way. I tried this twice with the same result both times.

    Can you please tell us what USB device you are using?
    Have you tested with different keys memory USB flash?

  • Error when you use Recovery Media Creator

    Hello world

    I hope someone can help me please.

    We recently bought a laptop L750 and I tried 3 times to create the media recovery and just when I reach the end of the first diskette, it comes up with an error cannot write file or something like that, if anyone has experienced this problem and how they solve this problem?

    Thank you very much


    It's that you can't fix anything. Either it works or not.

    In General, if your laptop is in the factory and you didn t change anything, creation of recovery disks should work fine. What you can try is the use of different blank media. I recommend you to use high quality as TDK or Verbatim media.

    Please try again using one of these empty media.
    And Yes, please only use DVD-R discs.

  • Satellite T110-12 t - creation of recovery media

    I recently bought one handed to nine Toshiba Satellite T110-12 t and am trying to create a recovery on 2 x DVD media. It is now approahing 2 hours and the gas indicator is still about 50% of the first disc!

    Someone can you please advise me if this is normal or should I give up and start again? What is your experience of time?

    Hi OfficerDibble,

    Usually create the recovery media takes less than an hour.

    I put t know what s going bad on your laptop, but it could be related to low quality mediums you use. I have good experiences with the DVD-R media (NOT of DVD + R) of Verbatim and TDK. It still works fine and I recommend these high quality media.

    As far as I know Satellite T110 also offers an option to create files on USB recovery. Have you already tried that?

  • W700ds: Select RAID using recovery media created


    I am owner of a ThinkPad W700ds, but I guess my question will be answered there as well if it were a W700... Please, any help would be great!

    I bought a "used" W700ds with Windows Vista Business (COST and recovery partition intact, but no media provided). The laptop has been published with RAID0, but I was always doubtful that it has been implemented correctly. I spent some time he investigation this afternoon and noticed that the BIOS has not been configured correctly - it was set to AHCI instead of the RAID.

    I did the following:

    (1) created using the installation in the ThinkVantage software recovery media.
    (2) RAID enabled in the BIOS
    (3) entered in the RAID (Ctrl + I) starting at the top. I configured as RAID0 readers.
    (4) reinstalled Windows Vista using the recovery media created in (1) above.

    After completing the installation of Windows Vista would be failed to start - always BSOD'ing.

    I repeated step 3 & 4 above, select RAID1 instead. Exactly the same problem.

    I have since return to the setting of the AHCI BIOS and reinstalled Windows Vista using the recovery media and I'm back where I started (Windows installed, but in a RAID array).

    I did some research and it seems that in the RAID drivers are not included in the recovery media and this is the reason for the BSOD. I've included some of the many websites I read, both for your reading and, somehow, to check that I really spent some time to the consideration of this issue before asking for help.

    Media recovery that I created, that's all I have - is there a 'stand-alone' for me way to activate RAID? I prefer RAID1 (I would favour redundancy over the speed), but would be happy with RAID0 if this is not possible. It seems it is scandalous that Lenovo (aware - and obviously not "expected" as alternative installation media is considered a book 'around') offer the possibility to create recovery media, which does not have to reinstall Windows by using a configuration valid.

    It seems that it is not possible to maintain the RAID by Lenovo R & R, which probably explains why the seller announced the ThinkPad RAID, but it did not come to me as such (the seller has used the recovery partition to restore laptop to factory for me state before ending our sale - makes sense!). It seems a shame to have a laptop that offers RAID functionality and has the necessary equipment (RAID controller and two disks) and hit a sort of brick on software restrictions. Can someone advice how can I proceed to reinstall Windows with the disks in a RAID array, as I have only the Lenovo recovery media?

    Lenovo support are closed today due to the day Bank holiday UK but I'll try next time - but I'm afraid my fate is in your hands already, like the ThinkPad is out of warranty.

    Thank you!!


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