Satellite L655 (PSK1JE) - 100% after update BIOS fan speed


Yesterday, I do BIOS update since version 2.10 to 2.20. The update of configuration correctly but the problem is the fan, the speed is 100% all the time.

others have this problem with this version of bios?

Can I downgrade to the version of the bios?

Thank you and waiting for your answers

Hi kingofcopy,

Load default settings after updating the BIOS? Go into the BIOS, press the F9 key to load the default values.

Have you tested the behavior of fan with cooling optimized battery option? In Windows power management, you can define more low fan speed in power management to reduce the activity of the fan.

Check this box!

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  • Satellite Pro 4270: after update BIOS CPU speed at 250 MHz


    I have upgraded the BIOS to version 2.7 (downloaded on toshiba website) in Satellite Pro 4270 and after her, my bus speed decrease to 250 MHz, so now I have Celeron 250 MHz instead of 500 MHz. You have some suggestions? Where can I find the old version of the BIOS in v2.7?
    Thank you

    HI Artur,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to download an older version of BIOS on yout laptop since the BIOS update procedure is written to test later versions pre-installed and not too write.

    You will need to take your laptop to a Service partner certified to have a previous version of the BIOS re-installed.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro A300 (PSAG9E) - after updating BIOS Windows will not start

    Restart went well after update BIOS and Windows XP logo appears loads for a few seconds then a beep and restart - last good known or start Windows normally same effect.
    Reboot back to start - this is a new laptop - using the BIOS of Toshiba s official download site.

    Quite annoyed to try to find a way to upgrade or downgrade the BIOS.
    Took battery and RAM to see if I can delete it?

    Any ideas anyone?

    I think you mean BIOS * update * and do not upgrade ;)
    An upgrade is not possible

    However, you can try to remove the battery and the AC adapter and wait an hour. After that, reconnect the battery and the AC adapter and try to start Windows.
    Moreover I would load the default settings in the BIOS before starting Windows.

    If it doesn't work, it seems that your ROM module needs to be reflashed. In this case an ASP can help you.

  • Satellite Pro L300: BSOD after updating BIOS


    After updating the Bios of the Satellite Pro L300, windows will not start!
    His show the blue screen of death!

    What can I do?


    You are able to access the BIOS settings?
    I m not very well why this BSOD appears, but eventually the SATA mode settings have been changed after the BIOS update

    Usually the SATA mode must be on AHCI if the SATA drivers are installed.
    But if the SATA drivers are not included the SATA mode must be set to compatible.

    Please check this!

    In addition, you could set the BIOS default settings and may try to start the computer again.

  • Satellite A80-135 PSA80: after updating Bios keyboard will not

    SATELLITE A80 - 135 MS (MS is for Spanish)?
    model PSA80E-04C00JSP

    Windows xp sp3 Spanish

    -> Update of the riginal 1.5_ bios (bios ID EAT10 / EAT20 bios version: v1.50)
    for _v 2.8_

    Downloaded bios - of the Spain of toshiba

    Unzipped the file and found an excutable "windows installation" and "AT10280a.rom".
    Double-click on the installer and...

    .... Now the keyboard is used for nothing (strange signs instead of letters)

    During the update (windows xp) I think I saw something on a master (original rom backup) in c:/windows/temp
    but now I can't find the backup rom.

    Can anyone help?
    Would it be possible to 'downgrade' to the bios (1.5) original and if so... where can I find it?

    Thank you


    I don t know why it happened after updating the BIOS, but I guess that the language of the keyboard settings are not correct.

    Go to Control Panel-> Regional Options & language-> language (second tab)-> Details

    Here, you must choose the right keyboard (Spanish) language?

    Good bye

  • Satellite C55 - Has - after update BIOS fan turns faster


    I have been informed by Toshiba application this new version of the BIOS is available, I confirmed BIOS and it has been updated. Now I have the problem. Cooling fan runs faster than before and it is very annoying.
    Find old versions of BIOS somewhere and roll back? I didn't need it if it does not work properly.

    Now I have version 1.40. Y at - it a solution for this new version?

    Message was edited: assignment has been translated

    Driver Toshiba UE page provides only the latest version of the BIOS.
    In addition, the BIOS downgrade isn't possible using the update to the BIOS of win-bases.
    To downgrade the BIOS Toshiba unit, you will need to use the traditional method of updating the BIOS that requires a special version of BIOS. It is available only for the authorized service provider.

    On the other hand, it must be a good reason, why the cooling module run faster.
    Perhaps that the cooling method has been improved again BIOS just to make sure that the internal parts would be properly cooled.

    It s just a guess but I think it makes sense

    By the way: after each update of the BIOS, you must load the BIOS default settings and should save the changes. If you haven t done this in the past, it doesn't

  • Re: Satellite P850 sets a BIOS password after update BIOS 1.50

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite P850/040 and after the BIOS update to the new version 1.50 I checked that a BIOS password has been set up, if I can start the operating system.

    It's amazing. I am very disappointed with Toshiba.

    How can I remove this password? Perhaps with no matter what JCMOS rider?

    Thanks in advance.

    > How can I remove this password? Perhaps with no matter what JCMOS rider?
    Unfortunately, something like this will not work. Best thing you can do now is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

    You shouldn't be disappointed. I know it's stupid situation but make a call, explain the situation and the guy will help you.

    You will find the phone number?

  • Touchpad no longer works after update BIOS on Satellite A500-1GL

    Hello world

    I just bought my laptop Satellite A500-1GL today. I started at the top and plays a bit (nothing serious). The touchpad worked very well at the moment.

    Then I discovered this tool to update the material and the update of the BIOS that worked without any problems. After I restarted the laptop, BIOS, loaded the default values of the installation and recorded.
    After that Windows 7 (x 64) started the touchpad no longer works...

    I downloaded the driver here and installed again once, still does not. I went into the BIOS, disabled the touchpad (I thought that maybe it's a bug...) and started again. It still does not...

    I enabled it again in the BIOS, tried to push the function + F9, but it still does not... Finally, I used the recovery and installed a Windows 7 costs.
    But unfortunately it still doesn't.

    Now, I'm out of ideas, can anyone help?
    Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    Thanks in advance ;)


    It seems strange that after update Bios touchpad no longer works.

    > Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    To be honest, I don't know where to find. In any case, do a search on Google. Perhaps, other users of the forum can give you a link to download.
    The downgrade of the Bios is riskier upgrade procedure. So, be careful the next time...
    Advice for the future; Do not touch the running system.

    Good luck!

  • A series of satellite does not start after the BIOS update

    After update bios with the downloaded utility my laptop does not start.
    Do you have this case covered by the warranty?

    I'm not sure if this would be covered by the warranty. You must contact the ASP in your country for details, but I assume that it s not covered.

    PS: Did you try this work around:
    -remove the battery, disconnect the adapter
    -wait ~ 40 min
    -connect the two devices again and try to turn on the laptop

  • How to upgrade Win 8 on the Satellite L655 PSK1JE

    Want TO KNOW IF I update MY LAPTOP SATELLITE L655 - PSK1JE has Windows 8 and how it should do it


    Have you read this:

    * How upgrading to Windows 8 *.

  • Cannot use the recovery CD after update BIOS on Tecra 9000.

    Failed to retrieve the system (Windows 2000) after update BIOS on Tecra 9000. Recovery CD says "it's a bad machine. Can I go back to old BIOS? Another solution?


    Maybe chain can confirm, but I put t he seems the best idea to mix stuff designed for laptops Americans and Europeans models.

    Can you please confirm if the method described in the previous ad works?

  • Pavilion g6-2215sia: CARD without WIRE NOT DETECTED AFTER UPDATE BIOS

    Recently I have updated my BIOS on my laptop HP Pavilion g6-2215sia think he'll adjust the hardware acceleration feature missing in my system (there is no option in my BIOS to enable virtualization technology). My BIOS version was F.12 and I've updated to F.24, but after update BIOS all my wireless functionality no longer works (including my wifi and bluetooth), and still there is no option to enable virtualization technology in my BIOS settings. On my Windows 8.1 x 64 Pro wifi and bluetooth options are grayed out so I can't turn them on or off. I tried to reinstall my bluetooth driver, but the software says that it doesn't detect any bluetooth hardware. Even when I restart and boot in all my Linux distributions installed on my system (Ubuntu, Quina and Kali Linux) and my x 86 Android, they still do not detect my wireless capability (says Ubuntu, "wifi is disabled by hardware switch").

    To confirm that this was not a software problem, I has conducted an audit of start-up and tested for my wireless module and got this result, "without WIRE MODULE CHECK: NOT INSTALLED". The only way I can get my Windows operating system to recognize my wireless (wifi and bluetooth) is now by doing a hard reset, when I unplug my laptop from the power supply, remove the battery and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. When I turn on my system, then I can turn my wifi/bluetooth on my Windows. But if I restart my system the problem comes back and I can't turn on my wireless. So basically, I have to avoid questioning my system off and only Hibernate, so that whenever I turn on my laptop I can use the wireless. If I restart my system so I have to repeat the hard reset in order to use my wifi/bluetooth, which can be very annoying.

    The problem is that I often use my other Linux disributions and I have to restart before starting in them so that my readers will be mounted read/write, and when I do my Linux can not detect my wireless and it's a serious pain for me because I need to use my wireless often for internet connection.

    Please I really need help on how to fix this and get my wireless working normally without having to do a hard reset every time. I tried to restore my BIOS F.12 unfounded but I don't have the image file (I extensively searched the Internet to find, but does not). I've even updated again to F.26 but I still have the same problem (my current version of BIOS is F.26).

    If you see no updates the BIOS in your list of drivers - where do you have the updates to the BIOS, you used?

    Try here - if you do not see the list of the BIOS, use the "Edit" button to change Windows 8.1 to Windows 8:

  • Dell Vostro 5470 not get Dell Logo after update bios in Windows 10

    Dell Vostro 5470 not get Dell Logo after update bios in Windows 10.

    Laptop computer has restarted:

    1 Fireed power led,

    2 Powered hard drive for 2 seconds to turn it off.

    3. stops...

    No Dell Logo, no beeps, can't go in the Bios.

    Test LCD works OK.

    Remove the module of Ram, power on and listen to beep

    Pressing the END key and power for laptop has no effect.

    Any idea?

    Yes. I did it.

    Laptop have bios Phoenix.

    Phoenix Bios have restored the USB Flash procedure.

    This procedure to restore the BIOS:

    1. download USB flash less than 4 GB.

    2 format in FAT.

    3. get your flash update of the Dell store - xxxx.exe

    4. run cmd.exe and in the command prompt, run /writehdrfile xxxx.exe

    5 extracted copy of Bios.cap for the flash player.

    6. turn off the power to the laptop.

    Next 7,8 step may not be necessary but I did it.

    7 disconnected all perihpericals with battery and charger.

    8 disconnect the HARD drive

    9. connect the USB on the laptop on the right side.

    10 press and hold the END

    11, Pluged the power cable and the relase the END key 1 second after the power cord is in.

    12 USB led on stick flashed quickly and we see the process of recovery of the Bios on the screen.

    13. After finishing laptop restarts and worked well.

  • Re: Satellite C55-A-1JL - the fan spins at high speed after updating BIOS


    I've upgraded the BIOS of 1.20 to 1.40 and my computer started to automatically restart after a few minutes. the fan continues to run at high speed all the time

    Someone knows why?

    Question: the laptop work properly not to mention that the fan is rotating fast?

    Generally after updating the BIOS you must always load the BIOS default settings.
    In the BIOS, press F9 (load by default), and then press F10 to save the changes.

    Try it

  • Satellite A-C50-K9K - after updating the BIOS, cooling fan is very loud

    Gas station proposed to update the BIOS. 1.00 to 1.30. After updating the cooling system is 90% of the time. Load the default settings BIOS do not change.

    No backup of the BIOS. Is it possible to download BIOS 1.00 or solve this problem?

    The downgrade of the BIOS is not possible because you n t have the first version of BIOS and even if you get the 1.0 version of BIOS, the BIOS update procedure is not possible because the newer version is already flashed.

    But I recommend you set the method in Windows to optimize power or better management the cooling battery life

    + Control Panel--> Power Options--> change the parameters of plan--> change power avancĪ˜s--> TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings--> cooling method.

Maybe you are looking for