Satellite L670-1DX is not restarting properly


Please I need your help.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L670 and when I turn on the laptop its stay at black screen:

I bought a new LCD (new) + New (second hand) + switch (used)

But still dosnt up properly: sometimes 1/5 turn and I can go to windows but freez or not no matter what rebbot = black screen on restart!

When I put the AC:
1-led CA arrives WE
When I push the button walk / stop
2 - led power coming

The HARD Drive LED is on for 2 seconds and OFF no = no more HARD drive detection

The continuous Cpu fan to spin, sometimes stops, sometimes go very fast and turn OFF directly.

Help, please

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You see a cursor blinking in the upper left corner or just a black screen?
The blinking cursor is an indicator of malfunction of the drive HARD or the fault of RAM.

But as you bought another LCD and 2nd hand motherboard, one of these parts may be affected also.

Are you sure that the 2nd hand motherboard is OK. I think it could be a troublemaker.

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    After that the BIOS updated (Satellite L40 PSL48E), reboot the machine and with the F2 key, I open the BIOS setup.
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    Thank you for the cooperation.

    It's strange because after that the updated BIOS update you can go into the BIOS.

    However, try to remove the battery and the AC adapter. Wait one hour and then put the battery back in and connect the AC adapter. Try again.

    If it doesn't work it is something wrong with the hardware or BIOS and must be checked by a technician for laptop.

  • Satellite P500-1DX will not accept password

    Satellite P500-1DX - Windows 7.
    Not connected this morning no problem, return to work will not accept password.
    Had not implemented the password reset disk, but have one created from my old laptop which is vista OS.

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    The laptop has perfectly to update Norton 360 on it is probably not a virus.

    All ideas


    What password do you mean exactly?
    BIOS or Windows user password?

    If you're talking about BIOS password then I have some bad news for you; You cannot reset a unknown BIOS password. Only a Toshiba ASP technician may remove unknown BIOS password.
    But if you talk to windows user password, then you could reset/clear the password by the new installation of the operating system for this you can use a HARD drive recovery option.

    PS: I found this article on resetting a password account user in Vista or Windows 7. I did not try it, but some people on the net reported that the account password could be changed successfully

  • Satellite L670 - typing is not good

    My English is not if good fr the laptop isn't so much goo, so forgive me for the mistakes.

    So you can see every letter i type on the text before that my laptop is not registry
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    Welcome them


    Which is a real and well-known problem in order to check the further discussions of the forum because you have updated the BIOS:
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  • Satellite A200 recovery does not work properly


    After making a few changes in the partition settings (when installing Ubuntu) Vista does not load (after the loading screen appears a black screen and nothing happens). I changed the Vista partition only by expanding its size.
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    I guess that's a problem with the parameters of partition, but don't know how to solve. Now, I have an original score with Vista (extended) and the other in the rough. How should I change it to properly run product recovery?
    I'll be grateful for any help.

    @ Salim Al-Ghaithi

    This error message is not known to me, but it seems that the application that has been installed on the recovery CD can not work properly.

    It's not easy to say why it happens maybe dysfunctions of restore CD or you partition the HARD disk is not going.
    I recommend you begin with formatting the entire HARD drive. You must also remove all partitions on HARD drive and then try to use the recovery CD and start the installation.

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    Dear Sir.

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    Kind regards


    I also have this problem. You can temporarily cure by going to Device Manager and update the driver for the webcam (perhaps automatically, I always choose manual and then choose video Chicony USB 2.0 or USB webcam device). Don't forget to restart.

    I say temporarily because I find that after another reboot, the camera will stop working again. I would like to know if you have this problem too.

  • Satellite L670 - touchpad does not

    A couple of days, the Touchpad and left and right click buttons stopped working.

    The computer works fine with a USB mouse. I tried restore all same back to factory State with no luck. When I look in the Device Manager it tells me that the synaptics pointing device works properly, when it obviously isn't.

    Help please.


    Akuma could be just so try to press the FN + F9 key combination to activate the touchpad.

    In addition, a BIOS version contains an option to disable the touchpad. Enter the BIOS setup and check the touchpad option if you can find it. If yes make sure that it s not disabled and also to load the default settings in the BIOS Setup.

  • Satellite 1100 keyboard does not work properly

    My old Satellite 1100 works perfectly, but suddenly the letter 'B' and the space bar don't work at all. I clean under the keys without making a difference. Please check the connection to the motherboard? (Why this should suddenly I don't know failure.)
    I plugged an old keyboard via an adapter to the USB port, but this material is not recognized (although the keyboard lights). Download a driver for my old keyboard from somewhere?
    Any other suggestions?
    Thanks for any help.


    First, there is no driver for the keyboard, because it s a main machine and it s connected via PS/2. If a keyboard that is connected to a PS/2 (and even in an internal PS/2 port of the laptop) won´t never ever need a driver.

    And with regard to the two keys: you can try it. There are just a few screws under the lid of the keyboard that needs to be unscrewed;), and finally, you check the cable. If you have not received some success
    a readjustment of the cable, then the keyboard is probably defective. In this case, it would be good to check ebay for parts for example.
    Usually, the reference of the keyboard must be printed on a sticker on the bottom of the keyboard.

    Please give some feedback, when it's...

    Welcome them

  • Drive DVD/CD on Satellite A100 - 920 is not working properly

    Almost every time I insert a new disk unused in the drive it will accept no photographs transferred etc. of the hard disk data.
    When I check the properties of the disc he recorded blue is not free space and right clicking on the icon on my computer IE says:
    Total space NILE
    Free space on the NILE
    Still very occasionally, he will accept a disc and I can't work on why it is so contradictory.
    I tried different brands of disk from well known at least known, and I still get this problem.
    Help please.

    Hey Buddy,

    When this error was published? You drive works properly before or have you had this error already if you have purchased this machine?
    So please give some comments and btw. can you tell me what kind of car you have (DVD - RW or just a DVD/CD-RW) and perhaps the model
    Description would be helpful (it's a toshiba or a carpet * an or what...)

    Would appreciate some comments.

    See you soon

  • Wireless connection on Satellite A60 743 does not work properly

    I can't get any connection to wireless internet with my laptop. How can I use it? This notebook should have wireless, but I tried to connect and nothing happens! Please help me!

    Best regards



    Don t be angry against me and sorry for my next hard words but these statements likethis laptop should have wirelessor I tried to connect and nothing happensare bulls * t!

    Do you know what is Wlan and how does it work?
    Regarding your statement I n t think so!

    First of all why you propose this notebook should support the WLan card! Who told you that!
    I checked the hardware configuration of this laptop and Satellite A60 743 was delivered WITHOUT WLan minPCI card!

    Why you n t check in the first step!
    You should check the WLan card availability in Device Manager. Under network adapters, you should see the wireless network card.
    If the wireless network adapter does not appear, you have no. WLAN!

  • Drive DVD/CD of Satellite a series does not work properly

    My computer sometimes starts fast and when it does recognize the DVD/CD player and functioning.
    However when she takes it the start time, it does not recognize that I have a DVD/CD player, when I look in Device Manager to see if
    There is no probs it simply says that the device is functioning properly?

    Does anyone has any ideas at all the

    Would be nice of you if you could give us MORE details; for example what operating system you have, what kind of machine you have and so on.

    It s hard to help someone, when that person said: my CD does not work, then it works then not again. It is not a description of the error.



  • Do not restart properly

    so my compaq presario cq57 running windows 7 has had this problem where when i try to restart, it turns off the screen but the power light is always on and a few other lights too. then just like that and it is not turn on or off unless I hold the power button. so everything is up-to-date. can someone tell me whats wrong?

    Please click here to download and install the BIOS update for your laptop

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    1. download the file by clicking on the button 'Download' or 'Get software' and save the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved).

    2. double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

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  • Satellite M70 - screen does not work properly

    Hello world

    My screen on the laptop does not work correctly. He sometimes starts to white and becomes inadmissible. I followed the problem down, I think of what I can only describe as a fluorescent light ballast in the upper left of the screen (when looking from the front). If I use a clothes pin and apply steady pressure in the upper left corner, it is achievable. That is to say I can still use it.

    But barely.

    When disassemble the screen there is a kind of metal plate on the side of the screen and there is a part called electw f-1 94v-0 coming in contact with this piece of metal. My guess is that the two pieces have shorted or well have become loose such as tightening this part of the screen made it work again. There are discolorations burned on the piece of metal and the underlying aluminum backup that spans the entire screen. There is also a very slight discoloration burned on the play in question also.

    But as I said that the screen still works if I apply the necessary pressure in the upper left corner (currently with a clothes PIN).

    I have no money and cannot pay to have this problem so I have to come with an eraser he togetether solution myself or end without a laptop.

    What is this part? Part of 94v-0 f - 1 of the Electw? It is manufactured by Tyco Electronics, but in a search on their site I could not find it. And Googling shows up nothing important. There are two of these parties behind the screen on my Toshiba. The one on the right and one on the left.

    They are sodered to two sons, one black and one white that goes down to the area of FL Inverter.

    I know it's a long shot, but I wonder what that these pieces don't and if there is no hope for a temporary solution that will alleviate me of having to use a clothes pin in the upper left corner of the screen to get the screen to work. Perhaps by folding the parts to better contact with this or that. I tried to move a party earlier that helped a little but not much.

    It's got so bad that it sparkles now... a little constantly. Very annoying. But... still usable.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    If the part is attached to the screen, then you will need to replace the LCD screen, or ask someone to fix it if possible.

    You can not buy the different parts of a strainer.

    If you are referring to the wiring harness/LCD screen, then you can buy a replacement at a cheap price. They are not expensive.

  • Satellite L670-1EE does not start after upgrading RAM 4 GB to 8 GB

    I'm trying to upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. If I replace two 2 GB of 2 modules of 4 GB modules, the BIOS (which is the most recent) realize the 8 GB, but does not start at startup. There is just the white cursor blinking not.

    When I put in the 1 4 GB module and 1 2 GB module the system starts without a problem and has 6 GB. I checked the two 4 GB modules, they work in any combination, but not when both are installed together.

    I couldn't find any rider or the settings of the bios for the RAM...

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    The last plausible explanation is that both modules are ok, but not compatible with each other.
    The laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM. This should not be a problem since the unit is supported by the Chipset Mobile Intel HM55 Express.

    So I think that you need to replace the modules Kingston modules are great and work without problem.

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