Satellite L670-1EE - reinstallation of Win 7 - key not readable series


I bought a Toshiba Satellite L670-1EE January 2011
Now the system completely crashed and I need to reinstall from scratch.

My problem is, that the first 5 digits of the product key Microsoft are not readable.

Are there opportunities to get the key, or can I use a special image of Toshiba to retrieve?

I can't access the installed windows, fails to start, I tried a recovery with a DVD of victory but it didn't work, so I need to reinstall it.


> My problem is, that the first 5 digits of the product key Microsoft are not readable.
This key cannot be used as part of the new Windows 7
It is an OEM key that belongs to the image of Toshiba. For the most part, these keys don't work.

The point is that Toshiba preinstalled system has already been activated in the image of the Toshiba.
But there is no need to be activated after the recovery procedure.

So if you want to use the own system of Windows, you must purchase a license from Microsoft.
In case you want to use the image of Toshiba, you must use the Toshiba Recovery disk that probably, you have not created in the past. Right?

In this case, there is another option: you can order this disc from here:

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  • Satellite L670-1EE does not start after upgrading RAM 4 GB to 8 GB

    I'm trying to upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. If I replace two 2 GB of 2 modules of 4 GB modules, the BIOS (which is the most recent) realize the 8 GB, but does not start at startup. There is just the white cursor blinking not.

    When I put in the 1 4 GB module and 1 2 GB module the system starts without a problem and has 6 GB. I checked the two 4 GB modules, they work in any combination, but not when both are installed together.

    I couldn't find any rider or the settings of the bios for the RAM...

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    The last plausible explanation is that both modules are ok, but not compatible with each other.
    The laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM. This should not be a problem since the unit is supported by the Chipset Mobile Intel HM55 Express.

    So I think that you need to replace the modules Kingston modules are great and work without problem.

  • Satellite L670 - 1EE tutorial overheating?

    I have a plea... :/

    My laptop is overheating when I'm using several programns or play and stops automatically...

    So please can you put a tutorial to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    > So please can you put a tutorial to solve this problem?
    In your life, everything has to be quite easy and simple, no?
    Why do you think that there is a quick fix to your problem?

    My tutorial for you is: optimize the preinstalled operating system and maybe your cell phone will work better and without overheating.
    I put t know what multiple programs that you use, but if you need to upgrade the performance more RAM.
    I also don t know where you use your laptop, but if you use block cooling vents I m did not ask something like this can happen. So please be sure that your laptop is placed on the desk, and none of the cooling vents are blocked.

    Sorry, but currently is not possible to give a few tips more.

  • Satellite L670 - the system HARD drive recovery does not start

    Hello together,

    I have a problem with my laptop. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    Now I want to restore the original Windows Home Premium. On the laptop is a second partition with a folder named "disk HARD recovery.

    When I hold the button '0' on start nothing happens. The beginning of doesn´t of system recovery.

    Can you help fix the problem.

    Thank you and best regards,


    This does not work because you have installed Win 7 64 bit as you said here:
    > I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    But have you tried also pressing F8-> fix my computer-> drive HARD recovery?
    Try this

    Otherwise, drive HARD recovery does not work because the boot manager has been changed or damaged as a result of the new install of Win 7 and this is why you cannot load HARD drive recovery.
    That is why it s always recommended to create a recovery disc before changing anything on the HARD drive.

    What to tell buddy you need recovery disks. I guess that you have a European model for laptop

    You can order the recovery discs here:

  • Satellite U300 PSU30E - 32 bit WIn XP does not see 4 GB of RAM


    I have two qustions about my U300.

    1. I have a 32-bit, XP Pro sp3 and 4 GB of ram. _PAE is enabeld_, Bios sees the 4gig to start, howerver XP does not work!
    What I read I should at least see 3.1 or 3.3 GB of ram, but no, I self 2.99.
    OK, so the video has borrowed the 256MB ram, but still why I can't get more ram memory?

    2. How do the video use not 256 MB but 358 MB (no option in the bios to do)

    I do not wish to use XP64 and Vista therefore suggests that it

    Thank you for the support


    The operating system 32-bit Win no matter if it s Vista or XP supports max 3.2 GB RAM
    The operating system can show a smaller RAM value, because the small part of RAM would be assigned to the memory of the graphics card.
    I think that your laptop was equipped with GPU Intel GM965.

    It supports memory system shared and own (128 MB) of video memory.
    The shared system memory depends on main memory.
    Using 1 GB main memory = 123 MB Shared System Memory (GPU)
    To the help of 2 GB memory main = 230 MB Shared System Memory (GPU)

    Then system memory = total available graphics memory shared + video memory system
    You have total 358MB memory (230 MB + 128 MB) graphic card

    3.2 GB 358 MB = 2.9 GB ;)

    See you soon

  • Re: Satellite L50-B05D cannot load Win 8.1 - not found boot device


    I have a C50-B05D Satellite and I recently downloaded the bios update and I applied it to my system. When I did it said it contained the update already. Having been on the laptop for a while, I closed the lid and it turnt. When I turnt back on Windows would not load and a bootable device not found message occurred.

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you

    You can enter the BIOS settings?
    If Yes check it please if the HARD drive is listed and recognized correctly. By default the BIOS settings and try to restart your laptop.

  • Satellite L670-134 - recovery to factory settings is not possible

    Hi all

    1. Install of Win7 64 bit is dead and has been reinstalled at the same time another installation of WIN7. Now it's getting back to the original stand. Due to a regular WIN7 version has been (re-) installed, I can not exceed the recovery "TOSHIBA HDD RECOVERY" option!

    The HARD drive got D: drive with the folder of HARD disk RECOVERY.
    Is it possible to return to the original install of WIN7 from Toshiba?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help.


    > Due to a regular WIN7 version has been (re-) installed, I can not exceed the recovery "TOSHIBA HDD RECOVERY" option!

    This means that the BMR is eliminated and changed and so the HARD drive recovery option isn't appearing any more in the start menu.

    The option can be the use of the recovery diskette.
    You can order a disk to recover here:

    See also this thread:
    Perhaps, it might be useful.

  • Re: Problems with Win7 boot on the new Satellite L670-17 x

    Hi guys,.

    Three days ago I got my new Toshiba Satellite L670-17 x. Installing Win7 was not a problem, but now (after the start of the third or fourth) I suddenly a big trouble with the operating system.

    When I turn on my laptop, it loads up until I can see the Windows loading screen. Then - both - the laptop stop working... I can only see the loading screen, but nothing happens. Turns off the light litte to the frontsite (which shows that the specifications of load/work). No error message.

    I want to avoid using the Toshiba HARD drive recovery, because I saved (important) documents on the desktop (I know... not very smart). I ask you to help me with my problem.

    (By the way: I already tried Windows repair system, System Restore memory diagnostic tool and start Windows Mode without failure).

    Thank you very much for your answers!

    If you cannot boot OS in safe mode, that, in my opinion, you have a big problem. I'm afraid only installation of HARD drive recovery will help you in this m.
    The question is what to do with this data.

    Perhaps you should remove the HARD drive and connect it to another computer to have full access to all of these external data. Copy them, replace the HARD drive in your Satellite and install the OS by using HARD drive recovery option.

  • Satellite L670 Fn keys do not work after the upgrade to Windows 10


    I ve upgraded my Win7 L670 to Win10. After upgrade do not work key Fn. is it possible to recover the functionality of these buttons in Windows 10.



    Each cell function requires special tools and utilities.
    In the case of FN keys, Toshiba software controls this feature.

    But as far as I know that the Satellite L670 won't get any utility Windows 10 so probably this key will not work running Win 10.

    Here the details on the 10 Windows upgrade:

  • Satellite L670 - after Win 8 upgrade WIFI does not work properly

    Afteer upgrade to Win 8, the WiFi of my Satellite L670-128 has stopped working properly.

    The connection only works some time, usually only a few seconds before the connection is lost.
    After a few seconds or minutes the connection is restored, just soon to be lost again.

    Cannot download large files or even to see larger photos on normal web pages. Is there any Win8 driver for Broadcom coming 802.11n network card, or should I throw one 2.5 year old computer in the trash?

    Buy a usb-wlan card is not an option, as wireless mice is already "permanently" reserving one of the three usb ports and wlan card it would be just to the left...

    To my knowledge this L670 series isn t Win 8 taken in charge and this means that there is no special Win 8 drivers for this device, so I put t think you will find an another Win 8 driver for this WLan card.

    But do you really want to throw this laptop in the trash just because the wifi does not work properly running Win 8?
    The device was working properly under Win 7?

    I would recommend running a few Wlan test.
    For example; Disable wireless encryption on your router and Wifi connectivity with the open network do that just for testing purposes, perhaps you will need to change the type of encryption to test.

  • Satellite L670 - unrecognized USB keys

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L670 with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.

    Recently, I bought 3 keys usb SanDisk Cruzer, 2x8Gb, and 4 GB. Have you tried multiple USB ports on this computer, but the same result. The computer recognizes that the SanDisk Cruzers, because it makes the sound when the USB drive is plugged into the machine, but it does not appear on the file manager or Explorer windows of this machine, so can not use the USB.

    I moved that the USB stick to a two other machines of Windows 7 (Home Premium version). The USB is immediately recognized by the Office else opens and is available in the windows Explorer, with no problems. I found a temporary solution of desconecting my Toshiba of the cable of power supply and after reboot, the sticks are recognized, but only for 10-15 minutes.

    very delicate situation, please help!


    Well, if the USB is recognized from another computer USB sticks seem to be ok and it must be a problem of your laptop.

    Have you checked the Device Manager if all USB ports are recognized correctly or is there a yellow exclamation mark in the Device Manager on the USB ports?

    I had a similar problem with the USB ports, so I removed all the USB ports in Device Manager (right click > uninstall) and then I rebooted the computer. After that, the ports have been recognized again and I could use my USB devices again. :)

  • Satellite L670 - is there an order to install drivers for Win XP


    I have the Toshiba satellite L670 model.
    I want to install Windows XP (32 bit) and I wanted to ask you if there is an order of installation for the drivers for laptop (who goes first, second etc.) after the Windows Setup. I can not find anythink on that of Toshiba Corp.

    Thanks in advance!

    Well, normally you produced with common drivers as driver graphics card, chipset, LAN, WLan pilot, pilot of the touchpad, card reader controller, etc.
    After that I recommend as follows with the Toshiba control driver software, controls, Hotkey Utility, Power Saver Driver, energy saving, etc.

    On the right, you can find more information. You will find details on each driver, software

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200-1EE - Vista stuck on the homepage


    * My Satellite P200-1EE is stuck on the progress bar Windows Vista since yesterday morning * and I'm unable to contact my office.

    I tried several solutions using the F8 key at startup.

    1 / safe mode

    2 / startup repair. "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.

    3 / the system restore. "No restore point.

    4 / windows complete PC Restore. "No restore point.

    5 / Windows memory diagnostic tool. It is said that there is no problem of memory.

    So I am only left with the options of 'Restore the full Windows operating system' and the 'command prompt '.

    But I'm not too sure of the latter option. That's where I need your advice.

    * If I go for complete Windows restore, the entire hard drive fade or just the partition where I have windows (for example, "C:")? * I have several years of family photos on another partition (D or E) that I would not lose enough.

    Obviously, * I do not lose data or software on C:, but not personal stuff D or E.*
    Could you advise me on the best option?

    Thank you


    > If I go for complete Windows restore, the entire hard drive fade or just the partition where I have windows (for example, "C:")? I have several years of family photos on another partition (D or E) that I would not lose enough.

    Depends on the disc that you would use if you want to use the Toshiba recovery disc, then the whole HARD disk would be formatted, including all partitions on the HARD drive.
    If you want to use the disk in Microsoft Windows Vista, you can choose which partition has been formatted and where the Vista must be installed.

    > Clearly, I do not lose data or software on C:, but not personal stuff on D or E.
    > Could you advise me on the best option?

    If you n t want to lose the data stored on the D partition and if you don t have a disc of Microsoft Vista, install the OS of Visa then I would recommend, remove the laptop HARD drive. Then plug the 2.5 SATA HDD with a USB-SATA controller then this HARD drive to another computer.
    Usually, you should be able to access the D partition and would be able to move all the data to another computer.

  • Satellite L670 - 1 L 4 - gambling with the combination keyboard/mouse problem

    I have a problem in game with my keyboard/mouse combination.

    When I run it, I can't draw.
    I changed the keys, mouse, connected to an external keyboard, checked drivers mouse and keyboard. Any extract, which makes me think that it is a driver/hardware problem. First time I noticed it, I thought it was a bug in the game. Now I have a new problem.

    The games that I have encountered the problem: Borderlands 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Satellite L670 - 1 L 4
    Windows 7 operating system
    Mouse: Trust model #16336


    As far as I know the mouse and keyboard drivers are the drivers Microsoft and Toshiba doesn't offer drivers for these devices except the driver for the touchpad to improve the touchpad options. I don t think that Toshiba is testing the feature with different games.

    Confused, it's that you have noticed the same problem using the external keyboard and mouse.
    Is there a possibility to test it with some older games?

  • Satellite L670 - How can I connect my TV to HDMI port?

    Recently bought a Satellite L670 and now I am trying to connect to my HD TV.

    Checked the manual and it says to go to "display settings" then "change the appearance of display you" then "Advanced settings" then "list all modes" and change the settings for one of the HD modes for example 1920 by 1080 etc etc. None of them are available in the "list all modes"! higher is the true color of 1600 x 900. This means that the HDMI output is not available on this laptop?

    Also tried the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" option and the "monitor / TV Settings" says it is not supported! Assuming that this laptop "not" support HDMI output (why have a HDMI port, otherwise?), can someone advise a step by step procedure that will work.

    I just thought that I would press a FN key + and TV out turn... it seem as simple.




    Normally, it is possible to use the screen 1080 p with HDMI output resolution if the external monitor supports this.

    What operating system you are using?
    You have reinstalled display driver with the latest version on the official page of Toshiba?

Maybe you are looking for