Satellite L670 loses internet connection

Hello, since a few days my laptop loses its internet connection when I move a few meters or put me behind a window. In this case, I am sitting the router to 2 meters maximum. The power of wireless transmission is very good according to the screen, but there is no access. If I go back inside and once again, I have Internet.

Should what drivers I replace to make sure that my setup is correct? Either way, I also found that the Control Panel, the network card freezes from time to time if I try to change the configuration.

The laptop my wife works correctly in all cases.

Modellname Satellite L670
Serial number 9A572922K
BS-Version Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 6.1.7601
BIOS Version 2.30
Processor Intel (r) Core i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53 GHz
4096MB RAM Arbeitsspeicher


Something like that shouldn't happen.
Do you use original pre-installed BONES you have gotten with this laptop?

According to tender specifications that there card Broadcom BCM94313 WLAN indoors. Try to install the latest driver from

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    I have a wrt160n connected to a Motorola ATT DSL Modem.I only have intermittent internet connectivity. He worked awhile then lose internet connectivity on my XP computer plugged directly on the router, as well as on my laptop vista home wireless. I worked twice with the Linksys support and followed their suggestions of reconfiguration, but the problem persists. The modem ip address is Linksys said to change the default address of the router to I did, but it didn't fix it. Some of the messages on the forum said to change it to I tried and still intermitttent only connectivity. I can bypass the router and go directly to xp destop and it runs rock solid, so the problem is somewhere in the settings of the router. I'm about to renounce it and sell it on ebay and buy an ATT modem/router combo. The Ant is my last resort. Another thing, I downloaded and installed the latest version of the firmware 2.0.02 11.

    I'm under the router with DHCP. I use my own SSID with personal WPA2, AES encryption. Linksys support had me change the standard channel to 2,452 GHZ and disable any filtering of the internet. Now, I use an IP from

    I am courious to see if anyone has had this router to work on a DSL ATT modem. Also, anyone have any suggestions on where I go from here?

    Thank you

    If you have version V2 of this router, you can downgrade the firmware.  See here:

  • How can I remove the "crumbs" of an uninstalled spyware that brought me to lose internet connectivity?

    This problem is not specific to Vista. Last year, I bought a new laptop of Dell Studio with XP SP3 installed. Everything worked very well; but was my former spyware removal software is more of his work. I could tell my internet experience slowed but the program did not come with any spyware/malware to remove. So, I went back to a program that I used about 5 years that seems to work for us: Stopzilla. I could tell immediately something was wrong, because while the program seems to work fine while I was online, when I tried to use it to search for existing infections stagnant 1% fine and would never go any further.

    I tried an uninstall. The function of "uninstall a program" Windows would not be set up Stopzilla for uninstall. Of course, I was in trouble. Used another 3rd part of the program of cleaning of registry problems, etc., but it also uninstalled programs. Apparently, not good enough. I then did a "search" for all the files/folder (hidden or not) that had attached to it Stopzilla and remove results. Still nothing.

    As I've studied how to remedy this problem, I found many references to lose internet connectivity wireless due to the remains of these types of programs related to system functions.

    I did all the basics: checked the connection itself, checked my network settings, check the configuration of the router, ping the ip address, renew the ip address, checked the DNS server address, etc, etc.  Even gone beyond that and used the ip address 'reinstall' difficulty and even tried track things directly through the registry. Nothing. Still unable to connect to the internet using ANY browser and can only use it locally.

    I am about to take the computer to a PC clinic but really won't be without the phone for days because of a major project deadline.  Is there anything I can do to get my wireless connection working again?

    Thank you - gstrumberger

    STOPzilla says on its site that its compatible with win98 through win 7, which could lead me to suspect its validity, and since you were unable to uninstall it, well...
    I suppose you have a restore point for a period prior to installation?
    And if not how comfortable you are with the registry change?

    malawarebytes can be a useful tool

  • Re: Satellite L670 loses the wireless connection


    I have a Satellite L670 - 1 H 1, a new laptop that runs Windows 7, with all the drivers and software uptodate, including the wireless card.

    I have a BT Home Hub 3 with an Edimax EW 7416APN v2 300 m range extender to help boost the signal in the kitchen area.

    The laptop works fine when I stay in the room where the reception centre. If I move in the kitchen the laptop will usually lose the wireless connection after a few minutes and I cannot get it back unless I turn the LAPTOP works and return to the Home Hub.

    I see no obvious reason to this problem. Two other laptop computers used in the home, more a smartphone stay connected with full signal in every corner of the House, at any time.

    I have to use the range extender, but is it possible that the laptop Toshiba just don't hear well with it?

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you

    Hello Canton

    As you know quality of connection WLAN depends on different factors is not easy to say why you have this problem, WLAN. I use Toshiba laptops for a long time now and I didn't notice in the past some serious question of WLAN.
    For example I'm 4 router with standard g and have very good signal even in the cellar too or out in the back yard.

    If possible, try to test the WLAN connection elsewhere. Maybe your friends have WLAN routers so you can test it.

    You have a new router or old?
    What WLAN standard do you use (b/g/n)?

  • Satellite L350 - Vista loses internet connection

    Hi all

    From time to time (in fact quite often), I lose my connection to the internet
    Problem appears as follows:

    I run for example Outlook, Firefox (2 or 3 tabs) and Skype
    As soon as I have a Skype conference while surfing a few pages, my connection is broken for a short period...
    Firefox can't open or sites Web support and Skype is down for a few seconds...

    It is the first time when using this laptop with vista installed!
    My other laptop (Toshiba too but with WXP) doesn't have this problem!

    My connection is LAN and 6000 MB Wireless

    I just want you to:
    My laptop WXP works well enough (for years)
    The problem now appears under Vista...

    I like to keep Vista...

    Please get back to me!

    In your case, I'll try to update the BIOS and the driver WLAN. The two you can find on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    In addition, you must turn off the power save in Vista the WLAN card. This document could be useful for you:

    Last but not least make sure that you use the same standard WiFi router. For example, 802. 11 b, g,

  • Satellite L750 - droping internet connection Wi - Fi

    I bought a laptop toshiba Satellite L750 yesterday, I've updated all the drivers, but nothing change still a hub connection fall super media Virgin (netgear router).

    Its right in the same room but the other room drop-down from 5 to 1 and sometimes I internet.maybe to lose someone had the same problem and give me some advice on how to fix it.

    Thank you

    > Whole in the same room but in other room to drop down from 5 to 1 and sometimes I lose internet.

    It looks like WiFi signal isn't strong enough and this is the reason why interrupt the WiFi connection.

    As Feliks mentioned; It might be possible that wireless network card does not receive enough power while running on battery then change the WLan settings in Win 7 power option for maximum performance of energy saving

  • Satellite P850 - no internet connection to help to win 8

    Can someone help me?
    I have just upgraded to Windows 8 on my Satellite P850 and now, according to what I'm trying to do, it is sometimes said that there is no Internet connection.

    I certainly link strong, because it works very well in the new application of Internet Explorer, Norton 360 and Windows itself. But it won't work in other things on the desktop, such as iTunes, the Toshiba Upgrade Wizard, Internet Explorer on the desktop, Safari etc.

    Why is this? Of course the most important thing is the Toshiba Upgrade Wizard, but that's not very far because she needs an Internet connection.

    Please help as soon as POSSIBLE. If you need additional information, let me know.


    This happen using LAN or WLan?
    If you have problems with internet using WiFi, I recommend that you check the connection to the local network.

    In addition, you must make sure that your software installed and other affect t tools don with that 8 to win in some cases it could be a problem software that are not compatible with Win 8 preinstalled.

    I also see that you have Norton installed check if installed security tools don t affect the internet connection!

  • Satellite L670 - unable to connect to the Bluetooth


    I am trying to connect to the bluetooth on my Satellite L670. The driver is downloaded but it not to finalize the installation. He's always asking to connect to the laptop computer, a bluetooth device.
    This laptop have bluetooth? If this isn't the case, I can use a USB bluetooth (all?) to connect a bluetooth device.

    Thank you for your support


    > This laptop have bluetooth?
    What model of L670 you have exactly?

    You can check the specifications of the laptop on the official page of Toshiba.

  • Satellite Pro C870 - Internet connection fails after a fashion 'sleep'

    SATELLITE PRO C870-19N. Internet through an ethernet cable. Windows 8.1


    My problem:
    I turn on the computer. It recognizes the connection internet (Ethernet cable). I work without any problem... and I left (a few minutes)... I come back. Black screen, computer sleeps. I wake it up - I have to enter my password - and he says there is no internet connection... I have to stop it and restart it.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you.

    This problem occurs using only the LAN connection or have you noticed the same situation using Wireless LAN?

    In case this happens only by using the LAN connection, I recommend you to check if you can update the LAN driver.

    You can also right click on the network icon (in the taskbar) and could choose to diagnose and repair.

  • Satellite C660-258 - Internet connection issues

    Recently, my laptop started to suffer serious problems when you try to connect to the internet.
    My download and upload slow to a crawl (only for laptop)

    Usually (according to I get around a download about 4 but on my laptop it reaches maximum 0.09 dl.

    Whenever I restart my laptop it works kind of during about 10 minutes (I get about a 1 download), but then it slows down to a crawl.

    I confess that I am not the most tech savvy people so I only did the basics (turn it on and try again, other connections, reset the router, connect through a cable) but none of this has worked.

    Any help you could provide would be most welcome.

    Oh btw, my laptop is a
    Satellite C660-258


    To be honest I don t understand your problem you have a problem with the internet connection is slow?

    Usually, this is not a problem or computer in the system but the problem with the connection provided by the internet provider (ISP).

    However, you compared the speed using LAN and WLan?
    Did you check the internet connection by using other WLan hotspots or other WiFi network?

    Do this!

  • Satellite C660 - no Internet connection after updating BIOS

    I am a novice user and have a Satellite C660 under warranty that I don't use for surfing the net and Ebay so I hope I can explain my problem!

    Toshiba bulletin board said that the need to update BIOS, so I followed the instructions but since then I have no internet connection, and cannot restore the connection that I lost all help Toshiba Bulletin Board today lost and none of the programs to sort the problems work - e.g.set assistants etc. I did not yet create rescue disks, but if I try to create them now I'll be able to restore to factory settings?

    Can someone tell me if it's a failure caused by the BIOS update or I would return laptop to John Lewis for repair? Thank you very much for reading this

    Hey Buddy,

    The default settings in the BIOS load after update? If this is not the case, go into the BIOS and load the default settings. You can enter the BIOS if you press F2 before Windows start and then press the F9 key to load defaults. Then save & exit the BIOS Setup.

    You can access the Internet now?
    You try to access the Internet with LAN or WLAN connection?

    Also check device manager if all devices are recognized correctly.

    > I did not yet create rescue disks, but if I try to create them now I'll be able to restore to factory settings?
    You can create the Toshiba Recovery disk every time. Just launch the pre-installed Toshiba Recovery Media Creator and follow the instructions on the screen. You need just a few blank DVDs to create the discs. Disks contain a factory image of settings which can be restored each time and how many times you want to so with these disks, you are on the safe side ;)

  • Satellite L670 - unable to connect to my 802.11n WLAN router


    I have a new Satellite L670 with Windows 7 Home Premium. With this laptop I can connect to my network 802.11 g WLAN. Everything works very well. Now I wanted to connect to my 802.11n wlan (router: linksys wrt610n) but it does not work. Laptop can't see the network (ssid) and it does not work if I entered the ssid manually too. The network works with my mac mini perfectly if it is not a failure of the 802.11n.

    I have updated all drivers from the laptop, all the updates that are installed under windows and I tested the driver broadcom broadcom itself (once the driver from toshiba Web site and the other driver from broadcom site) but nothing works. Laptop can't see the ssid and a manual configuration do not work too.

    Can someone help me pls?

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    What Satellite L675 you exactly and what WLAN card there?

    On the Web from Toshiba site, I saw some L675 models they support project t N n

  • Satellite L655D - slow Internet connection

    I bought a new laptop because my old Inspiron 1501 has problems. The battery is dead, the R button does not work, the hard drive is 40 GB and the RAM maxed out at 2 GB. A Windows Vista.

    So anyway my new laptop has 3 GB, more than 200 GB hard disk, Windows 7 Home Premium. Why so my new laptop slower than my old? The most annoying question is my internet connection. The new Satellite keeps cutting out. In addition, the downloads and uploads are very slow.

    Here are the results of a speed test:
    Old computer: download: 5.02 Mbps, 0.73 MB/s Upload, ping 100 ms
    New Satellite L: download 0.09 Mbps, Upload 0.06 Mbps, ping ms 73

    Needless to say, I'm frustrated.

    Laptops are spaced only 15 feet, and I done speed tests in the five minute intervals. I use a WIFI connection provided by my apartment complex. The old laptop is closer to the window, but the new Satellite L says that I have an excellent connection with five bars. Then I don't understand what the problem is.


    It seems that WLAN Card power saving mode is enabled and this could be the cause he slow performance... In my case that was the problem.

    To verify the Windows power management options. You will find a WLAN Card for energy savings setting and you must disable or with other words, choose High Performance.

    Check this box!

  • Computer loses internet connection when I leave the room

    Please can any one help on what the problem with my computer loses its connection to the internet whenever I come out of the bathroom and it does not connect to the gaming sites only for war games all educational .and thing you think it's some technical problem maggot.or piracy which is demanding.  Need your help on this kids brake into tears... help!

    Original title: philip k653

    Hi Philippe,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    a. what operating system use?

    b. is the Internet - wired or wireless?

    c. What is the brand and model number. your computer?

    d. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    We need to know the version of the OS and the type of internet connection to provide targeted assistance. In the meantime, please visit the following links and tell us the results after following the steps proposed in the support links.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • lose internet connection after some time

    I connect to the internet through a router.  I'll be online for a while and then I will lose my internet connection. Resolve what I have to go to the task bar, click on the Internet icon (it is said that I am still connected, but I'm not), disconnect and reconnect.  From this point, I can pick up right where I left navigation.  I don't have to reopen a new browser.

    How can I solve this in all the time so this doesn't continue to happen?  My ISP says that there is no problem at their end.

    I connect to the internet through a router.

    Then, how the router connect to the Internet?   For example if you use a modem with PPP dial-up there is a kind of effect of idle time-out.   Then, so check with your ISP all you must check with your router diagnostics to see if it is what is happening.   Your symptom is certainly independent of your browser, but can also be independent of your link (LAN) and OS (unknown).


Maybe you are looking for

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  • DMA2200 and Windows 7, problem to connect

    Hello I used the DMA 2200 per year + with Vista 32-bit, version of PH, with no problems (major...). Now I have a new install of Windows 7 64 bit, also Home Premium edition. It seams like there is a connectivity issue between the DMA and PC. PC detect